Winner Takes All Chapter 1079-1080

Chapter 1079

Rumble ……

The horses galloped wildly, roaring to the ground.

“Hurry up, all of you hurry up!”

Wang Yu was sitting on the horses with a cold expression at this time, his horse whip in his hand fiercely smacking the horses, his cold expression was even a bit grim in the tension.

There was no way out!

There was nothing else he could do, except for this way of surviving in death and breaking out of the Huns!

If Chen Dong had merely strayed into Xiongnu, he had a thousand and one ways to take Chen Dong away.

But even Wang Yu didn’t know whether this was heaven’s favour or heaven’s wrath coming down on him. Chen Dong arrived in Xiongnu and actually, in a short period of time, gained a supreme glory that even the Xiongnu themselves had never gained in thousands of years of Xiongnu history.

Glory upon glory, a halo surrounding him, the attention of all!

Such an identity, such a status, this radiance, even in the midst of the extreme night, doomed Chen Dong to the point where he simply could not manage to hide unnoticed.

The heavenly opportunity to escape three days ago was missed.

In the past three days, Wang Yu and his guards had racked their brains, but they could only think of this stupid way of fighting for their lives in the midst of death!

Without the heavenly opportunity to escape, Chen Dong’s every move would be under the gaze of all eyes, so what else could be done but to break in?

“Hurry up, all those who want to live, hurry up!”

Wang Yu grimaced, growling and roaring.

As the leader of the dark guards, all he could do at this moment was to make the whole team speed up to the limit as much as possible.

Only then could he make a time difference!

Before the Xiongnu royal court reacted, they would rush out of the Xiongnu royal city in a brutal and violent manner.

As for the chain of twelve star cities encircling the King’s City star city, Wang Yu had no expectations at all of being able to rush out with a time difference in a brutal manner.

After breaking out of the King’s City, what awaited them was bound to be a blood-soaked breakout to nine deaths!

If they break out, they will have to go through the snowy plains and raise their horses.

If they don’t, they will all have to die!

Just as Chen Dong and his guards were rushing towards the southern gate of the Xiongnu city, they were in the middle of the Xiongnu palace.

But in the Hun king’s palace, the mountains were already roaring and the sea was completely exploding!

“Greedy Wolf …… you have wronged me, deceived me, betrayed me, ah ……”

In the princess’s palace, Xixing’s miserable and painful cries exploded like thunder rolling.

Inside the room.

She was sitting on the floor, disoriented, with tears streaming down her face, but her eyes were dull and empty, as if she had become a walking corpse, except for the tears in her beautiful eyes, which could not be restrained from gushing out.

Her body trembled and her lips quivered.

At this moment, Xixing’s face was as pale as it could be.

On the ground, it was still a wreck.

When the female guards brought back the news, Shying’s entire body was dumbfounded, followed by monstrous shame and anger.

In a short moment, she smashed everything she could in front of her.

But it was still impossible to vent the shame and monstrous anger in her heart.

The man she had chosen!

The man to whom she had given everything, even herself, was now leaving so decisively on horseback.

It was as if a great sword had fallen from the sky, splitting Xixing to pieces in an instant.

All the work she had done was not enough for the slightest hint of affection!

In the midst of shame and monstrous anger, a great fear swept over Xie Xing.

Chen Dong’s sudden escape was not just directed at her.

It had instantly thrown the entire royal court, the entire Huns, into the crosshairs!

The triple crown had been bestowed by her father against the tide of opposition from the Huns, and the red colours were still wrapped around Chen Dong’s statue in the royal court square.

Chen Dong’s escape at this time was a terrible humiliation for all the Huns!

It was a severe slap in the face to the Huns’ royal court!

Once the news leaked out, the people’s grievances would rise up like a sword from the sky, tearing the heavens apart.

The truth that water can carry a boat as well as overturn it will then be demonstrated to the fullest extent in the Xiongnu court!

And what will the hundred tribes think of the Xiongnu when the man she has carefully chosen to fight against the God of War, Huo Zhenxiao, escapes at night?

If it had worked well, it would have been possible to maintain the plan of the hundred tribes to join forces in the south.

But if something goes wrong, it will be a total loss, a complete and utter collapse!

The Hundred will then nail the Hun court to a pillar of shame!

It’s over!

It’s over!

It’s going to kill the Huns!

In a flash of lightning, Xixing’s thoughts raced, taking into account all the consequences.

She lifted her right hand and wiped the tears from her face, only to have her eyes rage with tears again as soon as she wiped them away.

But at this moment, Shying’s pale face was full of determination and coldness.

Get it back!

We have to get him back!

Even if it meant death, the body of that heartless man must be left within the borders of the Huns!

That way, the damage could be minimised!

At this moment, Xixing no longer even had the luxury of hoping that Chen Dong would stay in Xiongnu and become a sharp sword to counteract the War God Huo Zhenxiao’s southward march in the future when the Hundred Clans went south.

Even if she was foolish enough to escape at this moment, she should have realized that Chen Dong had recovered some of his memories and had been picked up!

All she asked was that Chen Dong’s body be left behind in Xiongnu!

On the one hand, she would be able to give the people of Xiongnu an account that was not an account.

Secondly, it can also avoid the disgraceful image of Xiongnu among the hundred tribes.

What’s more crucial is that …… the man she can’t have, she will never allow it to become the second township city after Huo Zhenxiao to stop the Hundred Clans when they go south in the future!

The pros and cons, in an instant, Xie Xing considered everything!

When Xie Xing arrived at the King of Xiongnu’s palace in his thin clothes, despite the wind and snow, he saw that the King of Xiongnu was also dressed in thin clothes, sitting despondently on his throne.

By the light of the lamp.

He could even see that in a short time, the King had aged to the point of dying, and his tiger eyes were bleak and full of tears.

This looked like a tidal wave of guilt to Shying, his heart was like a knife and his body was like a fire.

With a poof!

Xixing knelt heavily on the ground and cried out in despair, “Father, this is all a big mistake that Xixing has made!”

The desolate and desperate cries echoed in the king’s hall.

But the King of Xiongnu at this moment was indifferent and looked askance at Xixing, then waved his hand and said breathlessly, “It’s just that …… the King has already ordered the whole city to be sealed off, let the army suppress and block the news He must die in Xiongnu!”

The Xiongnu king’s indifferent and feeble response added to Shying’s guilt, shame and anger.

She fell completely limp to the ground, her body trembling and howling.

And with a command from the Hun King.

The entire Xiongnu royal palace’s various agencies went straight into top-notch wartime status.

A king’s decree was sent out directly, and in the midst of this extremely cold night, not only did the Xiongnu Palace explode.

The royal city blew up too!

And so did the twelve star cities!

With the order to seal the city, the four gates of the Xiongnu royal city were closed as quickly as possible.

But Chen Dong and his guards, who were running towards the southern gates, had no idea that ahead of them, instead of the gates opening wide, was …… a dead end!

Chapter 1080

As the King of Xiongnu’s royal decrees were issued one by one.

The entire thirteen Hun cities were abuzz and exploded.

A top-notch wartime state.

This was the only time in recent years that the Xiongnu royal court had mentioned such a wartime rank when Huo Zhenxiao had destroyed a city with one man, one gun and one horse, and had strangled the Qilian Mountains.

And now, once again, it has appeared.

Neither the army generals nor the city lords of the Twelve Star Cities dared to be the least bit careless at this moment.

With the speed of a thunderstorm, orders were quickly distributed.

Seal off the city!

It wasn’t just the Xiongnu King City that was sealed!

It was also the twelve Star Cities, and the chain of siege between them!

When the order to seal the cities was given, the entire thirteen Hun cities were formed into a barrel formation, surrounded by layers and layers, completely and utterly desperate.

Not only that.

What Shying Xing could consider, the Hun King could naturally consider as well.

As the thirteen cities were sealed off, a vast army, too, left their barracks and poured onto the streets, imposing an instant curfew on the thirteen cities in a domineering gesture!

In other words, all Huns, where they were, were not allowed to enter or leave!

Even the displaced people were restricted to fixed areas by the army.

The people of the Thirteen Cities exploded in public opinion at once.

The noise, the shouting, the chattering, echoed in every district at this time, soaring into the sky, plunging the Thirteen Cities of the Huns into a “bustle” never seen before in the dead of night.

It even overshadowed the snow and the wind and covered everything.

With an immediate curfew, public discontent rose to the sky.

From the barracks of the Xiongnu royal city, the most elite troops of the Xiongnu army rushed to the four gates.

No one could be sure exactly which gate Chen Dong and the dark guards would storm out of the city from.

The best thing to do was to block the four gates of the King’s City completely!

At the same time.

The elite armies of the twelve star cities also set off, gathering outside the King’s City with the mighty force of the stars.

This night.

No, to be precise, it was in the middle of the day during this very night.

The whole of the thirteen Hun cities were on alert, completely and utterly blown up!

And inside the King’s City.

At that moment the horses were running wildly, making an appalling noise all the way.

The frightened stragglers all around, fled in droves.

Chen Dong and a group of secret guards, did not know what was happening in Xiongnu at this moment, they could only hear the clamour that rose up to the sky, enough to tear the firmament of the night.

At this moment, no one spoke, even Wang Yu, the leader of the dark guards, kept his mouth shut.

Everyone was waving their whips and driving their horses to speed up!

It was clear to everyone that only by using the fastest speed and rushing out of the Hun kingdom would they have a chance of survival.

Otherwise …… would be ten deaths and no life!

Barbara was lying in Chen Dong’s arms in fear and anxiety, her little face as pale as paper, her clear eyes filled with fear.

What was before her eyes made her instinctively fearful.

But when she felt the embrace that enveloped her body, and the warmth that was so comforting, Barbara felt a sense of security and did not cry out in terror to the extreme.

She knew that with her uncle there, she would be there, and that he would not abandon her.

And she, too, was willing to follow her uncle to the world of the stars that belonged to him.

After all, no matter which starry sky Uncle had said, Abba and Abba and Brother were always in the sky watching over Little Barbara.

Barbara slowly lifted her head, the fierce wind blowing her eyes into slits as they blinked incessantly.

Even so, at this moment, amidst the wind and snow and lights, Chen Dong’s cold to the extreme, knife-like face was etched into Barbara’s narrow vision.

This glance made Barbara’s heart feel very solid and a little less afraid of fear.

The Huns’ palace.

The crowds were swarming.

Everyone was moving as fast as they could.

Both the King of Xiongnu and Xixing were doing their best to block the news and suppress it, trying to reduce the consequences of Chen Dong’s escape to the weakest possible level, so nine out of ten of these people in a hurry did not know what had actually happened.

But the King of Huns’ order cannot be disobeyed!

When the King’s order was given, even if they died, they had to die with their brains in the ground!

The entire Xiongnu palace.

The only person who could be described as relaxed at this moment was perhaps Kui Gang!

He could even be described as overwhelmed, overjoyed and excited.

The wind and snow howled.

The night was dark and the palace was brightly lit.

Kui Gang was alone, slowly following the path faintly revealed under the snow, comfortably enjoying the wind and snow battering him as he walked in the direction of the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

There were people in a hurry all around, servants, officials, generals ……

At this moment, no one could remain calm and maintain their usual poise and demeanor.

Kui Gang strolled forward, sizing up everyone, which gave him the feeling of viewing the stragglers in the streets.


It was as if all the bad anger that had been pent up in his chest had been spilled out at this moment.

Even if he could pretend to be solemn and serious when facing people, as soon as he turned his back on them, he could not stop the corners of his mouth from turning up.

He did not see everything in the street outside the gates of the palace.

For he was following the female escort and the escort squad.

While the female escort and the escort squad were hidden behind the gates of the palace, he was some distance apart, inside the palace.

So, he could not see outside, but he could see the female escort and the escort squad.

The female escorts, who were staggering in haste, and the soldiers, who seemed to be blown away, were all witnessed by Kui Gang.

The scene in front of the palace gate also made Kui Gang certain that the trading plan had really worked!

As for the aftermath, he did not want to care.

Without revealing himself, the final outcome did not affect him in any way.

The group of mercenaries had taken Chen Dong away, and he sat back and enjoyed his return to his former glory.

The group of mercenaries didn’t take Chen Dong away, and he wouldn’t lose the slightest bit, anyway. …… was already like that.

“Mercenaries, come on! Make sure to take that scum away, if you can’t, you must kill him even before you die!”

Kui Gang’s footsteps were brisk, the corners of his mouth couldn’t be restrained from rising as he murmured with a smile, “But a group of mercenaries killing that scum in the chaos, I guess it’s still a bit difficult, there’s no way my Hun elite will give them that many chances, and that group of mercenaries are the ones who took that scum, once I let that scum survive, my current situation won’t change in the slightest, and my once glory won’t return. ”

“So O Heavenly Wolf, please bless them with a smooth escape from the Huns, and let that scumbag return to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army so that he can be beheaded by Huo Zhenxiao’s military law!”

As he spoke.

Kui Gang had even conjured up an image of Chen Dong returning to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and being beheaded in public by Huo Zhenxiao for the crime of being a traitor under the watchful eyes of 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

This made Kui Gang soothed and satisfied to the extreme at this moment!

Only, he did not know that the capture Wang Yu spoke of was in fact a rescue!


The road was windy, tearing the wind and splitting the snow.

Chen Dong and his secret guards finally arrived at the south gate of the King’s City as fast as they could.

However, before they reached the city gate, Chen Dong and his guards had already noticed the blinding lights in front of the South City Gate.

The blinding lights were like the sun, illuminating the area of the South City Gate as bright as daylight.

This caused everyone’s heart to sink.

A sense of foreboding swept over everyone’s heart.

And as they quickly approached the city gates, their vision became clear.

The towering walls of the city looked like a dragon stretching across it.

And the lofty gates, which had been open day and night as they were remembered, were tightly closed, like a broken dragon stone, forging this direction into a dead end!

Despair instantly overwhelmed everyone!

Chen Dong’s face was sullen, his eyes stirring with hostility: “Is this the end?”

“Too slow, too slow after all!”

Wang Yu’s eyes were red as he stared at the deadly closed city gates, gritting his teeth.

Suddenly, he drew the pistol and long knife at his waist and let out an explosive roar that shot up to the sky.

“Dark Guards, listen to the order, charge to your death!”