Winner Takes All Chapter 1085-1086

Chapter 1085

The wind and snow cover the city.

Compared to the southern gate of the kingdom, the palace was relatively quiet and calm, despite the rush of people.

Kui Gang was in a hurry, like a ghost, taking advantage of the night and the wind and snow to wander quietly through the shadowy corners of the palace, dodging surveillance and heading quickly for the beast cage.

He wanted Chen Dong to leave, the only outcome he wanted most was to leave!

It was also the outcome that would maximise his interests.

It was just that the situation over at the South City Gate really made him uneasy.

Without exposing himself, he was even willing to open the door wide for Chen Dong and that mercenary, or to be precise, for that mercenary team to retreat peacefully.

For example ……

The beast in the fighting cage!

And that, the …… snowy lion that returned his heart to Chen Dong’s beast king!

The more chaotic the situation, the more difficult it is to control.

At the moment, in the information that Kui Gang had learned, Chen Dong was taken hostage by the mercenaries and was to be brought back to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to be executed by military justice, a deal he had made to cooperate with the mercenary team.

But …… Kui Gang only wanted the end result.

To reclaim his former glory and status at any cost.

By any means necessary, even ignoring the deal, it was enough that he ended up with a mouth full of grease anyway, dead poor.

As long as Chen Dong and the mercenary team were allowed to escape without incident, it did not matter whether it was Chen Dong who died or the mercenary team after leaving.

Even if it ended up in the wilderness and Chen Dong killed all the mercenaries, with his injuries, it would be as hard as hell to get back to the Thirteen Cities of the Huns in the middle of the extreme night, and the chances of dying would be even greater.

Letting that team of waste mercenaries, take Chen Dong out of the Thirteen Hungarian Cities, was the way to go!


Kui Gang avoided all the surveillance, avoided all the crowds, as if he was a ghost, and silently arrived outside the fighting cage.

Because of the special nature of the cage, it was rarely opened at ordinary times.

Only some of the beast slaves are in the cage all year round, taking care of the beasts.

Therefore, the surveillance and protection of this place is also the weakest.

For example, Kui Gang could stand in front of the cage without worrying about being detected by the surveillance or seen by people pa*sing by.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

Soon a window opened in the door: “A withered, lifeless face appeared on the window. ,”

“I am Kui Gang, I want to come in!”

Kui Gang spoke calmly, even looking at the withered face before him without the slightest pity.

In the Huns, and even in the Hundred Tribes, for slaves, it was never different from animals, or even more humble than animals.

As he spoke.

Kui Gang’s right hand quietly fished out a cold dagger from his waist.

Facing Kui Gang, the beast slave nodded, without the slightest intention to ask, and then opened the door of the beast fighting cage.

Only a crack was opened.

The look on Kui Gang’s face was as vicious as an evil spirit that had emerged from hell, and he pounced directly on the beast slave inside the cage.


The beast slave did not even have time to scream before he fell into a pool of blood.

Kui Gang turned around quickly and closed the door, which had only been opened by a human slit, once again.

The beast’s cage was a reaping of death, like a reaping of death.


The south gate of the royal city.

The battle was so tragic.

It was like the Nine Phenomenal Purgatory.

The sound of wailing, screaming, shouting and killing is like a tidal wave that rises to the sky.

Even without the loud noise of the hot weapons, it was not enough to scare the whole kingdom, but it was enough to scare all the Huns near the southern gate.

But under the King’s orders, all the frightened and terrified people were kept under “curfew” by the army and could not be investigated.

At this point, if one could look down on the city from above.

You could see clearly that the streets of the city were lined with armour and soldiers, and that even the stragglers were in clusters in certain places.

And in one street, an army could be seen, as if a hundred rivers were returning to the sea, heading towards the southern gate of the kingdom.

It was hard to imagine.

That one man, a small army, could draw so many troops from the Huns at the same time!

And at the South Gate, looking down, it was like looking down on hell.

The smell of blood, with the killing, was filling the battlefield fast.

Although the secret guards were all elite in the battlefield, they were unable to maintain the terrifying state of fighting with one against a hundred, given the huge disparity in numbers.

After a short period of stalemate and tug-of-war.

One by one, the guards were cut down in the midst of the chaos.

But as fierce as the dark guards were, even if they died, before they died they would definitely take a Hun soldier with them in their own way, if not more than one!


On the battlefield, there was a loud bang.

A small mushroom cloud shot up into the sky.

This explosion cleared the battlefield directly.

As Chen Dong swung his sword and charged wildly, his heart suddenly clenched when he heard the explosion.

It was clear to him that a secret guard must have died and detonated the bomb carried by the Hun soldiers.

The concealed guards were disguised as caravans in order to enter the thirteen Hun cities and were unable to carry heavy weapons and explosives.

But among these Xiongnu soldiers, there were mountains of people, and there were always three or two of them who were carrying bombs, after all, the incident happened suddenly, and some soldiers might not really be all armed with cold weapons.

To Chen Dong, such a scene did not surprise him.

Because just a few seconds ago, he had witnessed a concealed guard bite a Hun soldier to death as if he was a ferocious beast before he died, and then that concealed guard was then hacked to death by countless Hun soldiers.

“Hurry up, hurry up, the sooner we break the city, the fewer people will die!”

Chen Dong looked stern, his body exuding a monstrous killing intent: “They want to take me home, I want to take them home too!”

With his conviction, Chen Dong’s battle sword in his hand swung down like a fierce wind and rain, and a fountain of human blood rose high into the sky as screams of misery were heard all around.

It had only been a short time since the charge, but Chen Dong was already drenched in blood.

Countless Xiongnu soldiers came towards Chen Dong to kill him, but in the face of Chen Dong’s overwhelming combat power, they continued to push a little closer to the crossbow.

“Kill them, kill them for me, cut them to pieces!”

At the back of the battlefield, the Xiongnu general straddled his horse in a mighty manner and roared sternly, “Kill them all, cut them down to pieces!”

A roar echoed across the battlefield.

Chen Dong, who was advancing slowly and firmly amidst the tide of people, was now distracted by the sound.


Suddenly, Chen Dong raised his voice to the sky and let out a long roar, a monstrous killing intent that swept across the field, causing the surrounding Xiongnu soldiers’ faces to change and their movements to stutter at the same time.


As Chen Dong’s tilted head snapped down, his pair of cold, haunted eyes instantly locked onto the Xiong Nu generals at the back of the battlefield.

Immediately afterwards, his right hand brazenly threw the battle sword in his hand.


The sword tore through the air, swift as lightning, and broke through the air.

The Xiongnu general who was hissing and roaring suddenly had his sweat stand on end.

His pupils suddenly constricted as he saw a war sword coming from the air at great speed.


In his panic, the Hun general’s mind went blank and he only managed to let out a shriek.


The cold battle knife, breaking through the air, slashed, directly piercing through the neck of the Xiongnu general.

Blood splattered.

Immediately afterwards.

Terrified screams rang out.

“The Lord General, the Lord General has been beheaded, the Lord General has been beheaded!”


This scream, so terrified that it scared the hell out of them, instantly swept across the entire battlefield like a rolling thunder.

The Xiongnu soldiers, who had been fighting bravely, were all in a state of panic at this moment.

Chapter 1086

On the battlefield, the decapitation of the main general is absolutely shocking and bad news.

This is especially true for troops fighting with cold weapons!

The main general …… is like the lynch pin of the whole army!

The beheading of a general in front of a battle, whether ancient or modern, can play a vital role in a battle!

With the main general fallen.

The Xiongnu soldiers, who had been in a frenzy of killing intent, were in a state of panic.

Having lost their backbone, the Xiongnu soldiers, even though they had an absolute advantage in numbers, became weak in their attack with this panic.

This made Wang Yu and the rest of the secret guards feel much less stressed.

“Young master!”

Wang Yu, his face stained with blood, raised his hand to wipe a handful of blood from his face, but his eyes burned as he locked onto Chen Dong’s location and let out a loud roar, “Mighty!”

After he had rushed into the Hun soldiers, he had intended to rush deeper to find weapons for Chen Dong, but the Hun soldiers were so aggressive that they soon left him in a quagmire, making it difficult for him to advance.

But Chen Dong’s appearance was a long drive, destroying everything, and in front of tens of thousands of Xiongnu soldiers, directly cutting down the general with a single slash.

Such a domineering gesture was enough to ignite the beastly blood of every man on the battlefield!

As Wang Yu’s roar echoed across the battlefield.

All over the battlefield, Zhang Chao and the other secret guards focused their attention on Chen Dong.

After a second of silence.


A mighty roar emanated from the mouths of each of the dark guards, converging together to break the sky.

The beheading of the general in front of the battlefield had caused the Xiongnu soldiers to be terrified and caught off guard.

But the remaining guards were also killed, their blood boiling and their energy soaring.

The sound of their mighty voices echoed across the battlefield, and their pride and vigour rose to the heavens.

The roar of a few dozens of men was deafening at this moment, like a roar of the sea.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was riding on his war horse, his head in the wind and snow, his expression cold.

It was as if all this had nothing to do with him!

With the battlefield in turmoil, the secret guards shouted.

As Chen Dong’s legs clamped down on his horse’s belly, he charged straight towards the crossbow cannon, his sword in his hand whipping up streaks of shadow like a fierce wind and rain, rapidly falling on both sides along the way.

The terrified Xiongnu soldiers, facing Chen Dong, were like ghosts and gods, and in their panic and fear, they did not even have the courage to resist and were killed by the swords.

Blood gushed out and heads flew.

The screams of misery followed Chen Dong as he charged forward.

No one could stop him!

The battle was overwhelming!

A domineering and overwhelming gesture, like entering the realm of no one.

The Huns, already terrified and confused, had their guts ripped out.

“Stop him, stop him now!”

At this moment, the roar of a Xiong Nu lieutenant finally rang out from the chaotic battlefield.


Faced with Chen Dong, who was unstoppable at the moment, all this Xiongnu lieutenant had the luxury of doing was just stopping!


At the same time, Chen Dong slashed a Xiong Nu soldier along the way, and at the same time, he picked up the Xiong Nu soldier’s sword into the air, and with a twist in the air, Chen Dong’s sword struck the end of the Xiong Nu sword’s hilt.


The sword stirred the air with a whistling sound.

The Xiong Nu lieutenant, whose face was full of fear, suddenly had his sweat hair explode.

A terrifying sense of death swept through his body.

In his vision, a battle sword was coming like the sword of death, coming at breakneck speed.

As his pupils tightened, it was fast approaching.

It was so fast that …… the adjutant general could not even react in time.


The war knife directly penetrated the vice general’s chest, and blood flew across his body.

This scene, once again, bombarded the entire battlefield like a thunderclap.

The clamour and clamour was like a rolling wave that shot up to the heavens.

First the main general, then the second.

With such a fierce and overwhelming killing, even the remnants of the vice-generals were so pale that they dared not speak out again to control the battlefield.


The ultimate chaos!

With Chen Dong’s two slashes, the morale of the Xiongnu soldiers was completely shattered, and while the hearts of the Xiongnu soldiers were terrified, some of them even ran for their heads.

There was clearly a difference in numbers by hundreds or thousands of times, but at this moment there was a scene so bizarre that one’s jaw dropped to the ground.

The guards, who had been involved with dozens of men, were now wielding their swords and driving their horses across the battlefield, killing at will!

Chasing and killing the enemy, hundreds and thousands of times over, in a flurry of killing!

It was as if the dozens of dark guards had turned into tigers and lions, leaping into the herd of sheep and slaughtering them indiscriminately!

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was destroying everything in his path, his only sight was the towering crossbow cannon!

The thick and heavy crossbow arrows were the key to bringing his hidden guards home!

On the other side.

The Xiongnu Palace, in the King’s Hall.

A curtain draped over the king’s palace, a deafening sound of wailing and screaming as light and shadows flashed from above.

It was the sight coming from the southern gate of the king’s city.

The Hun King looked at the battlefield, the absurd scene that was now appearing.

His expression was bleak and pale, and his gaze was so obscure as to be unimpressive.


All eyes on!

But silently, the Hun King’s eyes filled with tears and his body trembled vaguely.

Two swords had cut down the courage of an army of soldiers!

To make even a few dozen men chase and kill tens of thousands!

This is the shame of the Huns!

“O demon lady ……”

The Xiongnu king suddenly lamented, slowly raising his finger to point at the curtain, “Look at this, how powerful and domineering this Xiongnu’s sidekick is, with the strength of one man, he has shaken our Xiongnu army to its knees!”

“Father ……”

The demon lady’s face was full of tears, her father’s words were like a sharp knife lingering on her body.

This absurd and bizarre scene, how good should it be if it happened on the battlefield of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?

Why, it was ……

“It’s just, it’s just ah, my king’s demon lady is indeed discerning, this person’s bravery is indeed the best match against Huo Zhenxiao na!”

The king of Xiongnu was in tears and raised his hand to wipe his face, “I blame my father for promising too much and being too hasty, such a dragon among men is a double-edged sword, and now my father has eaten his own fruit!”

The King of the Huns lamented his despondency.

At this moment, Xixing had never realised that his father was so old!

The curtain was still showing the strange and absurd scene at the southern city gate.

With one man’s strength, the Huns had been nailed to the pillar of shame!

And this, she, Shying, had carefully chosen!

Guilt, anger, hatred ……

In a trance, Xie Xing’s eyes suddenly became determined and ruthless.

At this moment, the stunningly beautiful and charming face was even colder than the extremely cold sky outside.

Silver teeth clenched, squeezing out a sentence from between her teeth.

“Father, he was chosen by me, and his life, I will also end it with my own hands!”

Saying that, Xixing got up and walked towards the outside of the king’s hall.

The Hun King, however, did not stop.

This man had shaken the Xiongnu, and the Xiongnu royal court!

This was the first disgrace in the thousands of years of Xiongnu’s existence!

And yet.

Just as Xixing was about to step out of the king’s palace, a strange change occurred.


Suddenly, a beast roar exploded into the sky and shook the royal palace.

The moment the beast’s roar reached the king’s palace, it rang in the ears of Xixing and the King of Xiongnu.

Both father and daughter, at the same time, were horrified.

“Something has happened to the beast fighting cage!”