Winner Takes All Chapter 1057-1058

Chapter 1057

The bustling streets.

The lights were bright, like stars falling to the ground, illuminating the streets as bright as day.

But the streets were still full of ragged, hurried people.

The lights could dispel the darkness, but not the stragglers who had taken advantage of the nightfall to wander the streets.

This was also the norm in every tribal city in the Great Snowy Plain after the night had fallen.

Shying took Chen Dong’s arm and the two of them walked among the crowd.

Every now and then, Xixing would drag Chen Dong into one of the shops.

Chen Dong did not object to this.

Although the memory opening had made him aware of the situation at hand, he was clear that, at least for the time being, he could not show his dislike for Xixing.

Even, from time to time, Chen Dong would deliberately feign a smile and greet Shy Xing.

However, compared to before, Chen Dong’s catering nowadays was a little more hypocritical and reluctant.

Luckily, Xixing didn’t notice and cheerfully dragged Chen Dong through the crowds and into the shops.

To her, shopping was the most wonderful thing, and it was probably in every girl’s nature to do so.

But in an hour, Chen Dong was already carrying a large bag in his hand.

“Xixing, did you bring me out to shop and relax, or did you bring me out to be a hard worker?”

Walking out of a clothes shop again, Chen Dong took a look at the big bags in his hands and said to Xixing in a fake aggravated manner.

Xixing looked back and shyly took Chen Dong’s arm and said, “Okay, let’s treat you to something delicious?”

“For the sake of your sincerity, I’ll reluctantly agree.”

Chen Dong nodded reluctantly.

Immediately afterwards, Xixing pulled Chen Dong through the streets, his eyes looking around as if he was looking for something.

With such a focused look, even Chen Dong was a little curious.

But when an old man holding a candy cane came along with a group of children, Xixing’s eyes lit up and she immediately greeted him.

At this moment, Chen Dong was suddenly not curious anymore.

His eyes were stunned as he watched Xie Xing take two bunches of sugar gourds from the old man’s hand, this stuff …… was just delicious?

Even though Chen Dong had lost his memory, he knew that this kind of food that was sold along the street was really not good enough to talk about for Xie Xing’s status.

“Here, this sugar gourd is the top delicacy on the Great Snowy Plain.”

While eating it contentedly, Xixing handed the sugar gourd to Chen Dong, “I only knew about it after an uncle from the domain gave it to me when I was a child.”

“An uncle from within the domain?”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment, but he instantly pushed down the distracting thoughts rising in his heart.

He took the candy gourd in Xixing’s hand and took a bite, the mouth full of sweetness, with the slight acidity of hawthorn, instantly filled his mouth with abandon.

“It does taste good.”

Chen Dong grinned and asked Xixing, “Xixing, I’m just a face of a person from the domain, and I don’t fit in with you guys, can you tell me about the things in the domain?”


Xixing was surprised for a moment, then shook her head, “There’s nothing in the domain, there’s nothing to tell.”

With that, she went to Chen Dong’s side once again, holding him towards another street, “Let’s go, go to another street and stroll around, there are all good food there, whatever you want to eat, your wife will pay for it all!”

Chen Dong’s gaze sank for a moment, but his heart was a little helpless.

If before, he would not have felt that there was anything wrong with Xixing’s words, but at this moment, with a trace of memory restored, he could clearly hear the strong perfidy in Xixing’s words.

“She is jealous of me recovering my memory!”

Chen Dong thought in his mind, but his expression soon relaxed.

The two of them headed towards another street together.

Only because of the distance, Xixing soon pulled Chen Dong into a slightly dim and apparently secluded street with few people.

“It’s too far, let’s go through this side street, it can be much closer.”

Chen Dong took a sober look at the secluded street, but hesitantly said, “Are you sure you want to go through this kind of street? It’s the middle of the night!”

“Gee, I know, don’t worry about the stragglers, if something really happens, the guards Father has arranged for me will take care of it.”

Xixing shrugged, “Besides, with you around, what am I afraid of?”

As she spoke, she was snuggling up to Chen Dong, giving the impression of a small bird clinging to her.

The reason for his hesitation was that he was worried that there might be stragglers in these streets.

During the daytime, those stragglers would try to hide in the dark and secluded alleys as if they were ghosts, and would only go out into the streets at night, looking for food to survive.

Normally, however, the day and night were so distinct that the stragglers did not have too much time to move around or too much courage.

As the night falls, the long hours of night cover their nerves!

Under the law of survival of the weak and the strong, night …… is the best time to hunt!

The street was so secluded that Chen Dong and Xixing could even hear their own footsteps as they stepped forward.

From time to time, when pa*sing by dark, damp and even smelly alleys, one could clearly hear rattling in the alleys, and even miserable wailing sounds.

There were even more daring stragglers who, from time to time, would hear the commotion on the street and poke their heads out of the alleys, staring straight at Chen Dong and Xixing.

When they saw Xie Xing’s appearance, their eyes obviously changed.

This made Chen Dong feel very uncomfortable and had a bad feeling.

However, Xixing was as normal as ever, as a Hun princess, she already knew better than anyone what would be in the place where she grew up.

And yet.


A harsh, miserable scream, like an explosive thunder, boomed out and broke the secluded silence of this street.

Chen Dong and Xixing’s faces changed greatly as they raised their eyes to follow the sound.

In the distant alleyway, a wretched figure leapt out of it as if it were a mad dog.

And because of this scream, the rest of the stragglers, who were hiding in the darkness, also leapt into the street in fear.

The streets, which had been empty, were instantly filled with a dense ma*s of figures.

Each figure was dressed in rags and in disarray, with a fishy stench emanating from their bodies.

This scene was like a hundred ghosts walking around at night.

Even Chen Dong and Xixing, who had been prepared for this, could not help but feel a shuddering feeling at this moment.

“Grab it!”

In the midst of the wind and snow, an angry roar exploded violently.

Immediately afterwards, a tide of stragglers rushed onto the street, rushing towards Chen Dong and Xixing with a bang.

A clamour suddenly exploded.

“Women, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a woman! That woman is mine!”

“Don’t grab it from me, that woman, it must be mine, and that man, it’s mine too!”

“They’re rich, they must be rich, grab it, grab it so old me can go live in a house and change my status!”


Chen Dong and Xixing were both stunned by the scene in front of them.

It was also at that moment.


A strong wind whistling sound suddenly rang out from the crowd of stragglers.

A stone, like a meteor breaking through the sky, whistled and came directly towards Xixing’s face.

It was as fast as lightning!

In a flash of lightning, Xie Xing’s face changed drastically, his pupils suddenly tightened, and he even stopped breathing.


A figure suddenly appeared in front of Xie Xing, blocking her line of sight.


There was a muffled sound.

Chen Dong’s body shook and a mouthful of fresh blood, directly spurted out.

Chapter 1058

Looking at the figure in front of him.

Xixing was frozen.

Her delicate body trembled and her red lips mumbled, “You, why are you helping me block?”

Chen Dong did not even turn his head back, his gaze was cold as he gazed at the onrushing tide of stragglers, raising his hand to gently wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, “I am not in the habit of watching a woman get hurt.”

The words were resounding and incomparably firm.

Xixing’s eyes drifted for a moment, but he bypa*sed Chen Dong and looked at the raging influx of stragglers, each with fierce faces, and a chill emerged on his face.

The next second.

She turned around, took Chen Dong’s hand and took a look at the blood at the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth, as well as the broken stone chips that were vaguely present on his chest.

“Let’s go.”

Xixing said coldly and sternly, pulling Chen Dong around and turning back towards the previous street.

The footsteps were not fast, even as if the danger behind them did not exist.

It was only after two steps that Xixing suddenly burst into thunder with her tongue, “My man is injured, give me …… to clear the scene!”

The tone was overbearing and unparalleled.

It is hard to imagine that a weak woman would have such a bold and domineering scene.

The only thing is, when the word “clear the field” was uttered, the corner of Chen Dong’s eyes not only twitched and twitched.

He knew exactly what the word “clear the court” meant!

Only that Xixing had put the meaning in a euphemistic way, but when he felt the harsh meaning emanating from Xixing’s body, Chen Dong knew that the so-called “clearing” was an imminent ma*sacre!

“A lot of lives.”

As he stepped forward, Chen Dong could not help but speak.

“Before they hurt you, they were human lives, but after they hurt you, they are no longer human lives!”

Xixing said coldly, “If you can shield me from harm, I can kill them all for you to take revenge!”

The words had not yet fallen.

In the darkness around them, the sound of dense footsteps already rang out.

At the same time, under the light, a cold aura reflected in the darkness in a way that sent chills down one’s spine.

As Xixing took a step towards the street, Chen Dong, out of the corner of his eye, glanced at a figure holding a sharp blade, as if it were a ghost, at this moment, lurking directly behind him.

No hot weapons were used because the noise was too loud.

Chen Dong could even foresee the “silent” killing that was about to take place!


A scream rang out behind him.

Chen Dong subconsciously glanced back, but saw a straggler at the front of the tide of stragglers, stopping in place, his head tilted up, and a fountain of blood spurting into the air.

And all around him, a figure wielding a sharp blade, wordlessly, had wielded a butcher’s knife and lunged into the crowd.

The next second.

The screams of misery, like a tidal wave.

The quiet little street boiled over with noise.

It was like a purgatory, a one-sided ma*sacre!

The air was soon filled with the thick smell of blood.

Chen Dong withdrew his gaze and said to Xixing with some reluctance, “Kill them all, the impact is too great.”

“A woman’s kindness should not appear in your body.”

The moment she turned around to face Chen Dong, her eyes were a little red, and she slowly raised her jade hand to the spot where the stone chips remained on Chen Dong’s chest: “Does it hurt?”

“A little.”

Chen Dong said.

Xixing lifted her jade hand and looked at Chen Dong with tears in her eyes, eventually, her jade hand gently wiped away the blood from the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth: “Just because I am your woman, you stood in front of me just now? What if it was someone else? What if instead of a stone, a knife, or a bullet had flown across the room?”

A series of enquiries, however, caused Chen Dong to freeze for a moment.

Xixing had obviously misunderstood what he had just said, misunderstanding it to mean that because Xixing was his woman, he had righteously stood in the way.

Just ……

Not waiting for Chen Dong to say anything yet.

A dark alleyway in the slash suddenly resounded with the sound of dense footsteps.

“There are still escorts?”

Chen Dong couldn’t help but be puzzled, and Xie Xing coincidentally twisted his head to look at the alleyway where the sound came from.

Vaguely, a human figure could be seen coming towards the two of them in a hurry, and there was even a cold light flashing.

“The guards Father sent to me can’t be moving this slowly.”

Xixing’s willow brows furrowed as she murmured.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong and Xixing’s faces changed drastically at the same time.


Chen Dong grabbed Xixing’s hand and quickly ran towards the street where the crowd had swarmed before.

The guards were already slaughtering the stragglers, and according to what Xie Xing said, there was no way her guards would be so slow to act!

There was only one reason then …… these people, were coming for the two of them!

When the killing opportunity came raging, there was no longer any need for Chen Dong to think any further.

He was even less stupid to let Xixing escape alone at such a moment, while he himself met these killers.

With his current state, taking on a few killers was not a problem.

But the point was, the sound of dense footsteps in the alleyway could not have come from just a few people!

Not to mention, why fight when you can run?


Just as Chen Dong and Xixing ran not too far away.


On the street in the direction of escape, a black shadow with an upright figure and a strong killing intent was lined up across the street.

The blades in their hands even reflected a seeping cold aura.


Chen Dong and Xixing’s footsteps stopped at the same time.

“There are wolves in front and tigers at the back!”

Chen Dong’s expression was sullen and his voice was low.

And after being stunned for a second, Xixing snapped back and shouted, “Escort!”


At this moment, the slaughter on the street had already entered a white heat.

While the guards were recklessly harvesting human lives, they were also facing a group of stragglers who were like dead dogs, desperately resisting!

To them, they had no status, no identity, and they were even in a precarious situation.

But when faced with a sudden ma*sacre, most of them would resist with the idea that even if they died, they would spill their blood all over each other.

This is the fierce culture of the snowy plains!

Even though some of the guards had spotted the sudden appearance of the killers and heard the cries of Xixing, they were still entangled in the mire of the stragglers around them, unable to get out.

The killing intent descended.

It was as if the wind and snow in the sky had fallen silent.

I could feel the killing intent surging in front of and behind me, and I heard the sound of footsteps approaching fast.

She was a princess, and she was used to seeing great storms, but when she was unguarded and faced with death, her instinctive panic was difficult to restrain.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was searching around with a sullen expression on his face.


His eyes lit up.

“Follow me!”

Chen Dong grabbed onto Xixing’s hand and pulled Xixing quickly towards the high wall next to him.

As he ran wildly, Chen Dong suddenly shouted out, “Get ready!”

Prepare for what?

This shout caused Xixing’s face to change greatly and she was somewhat frightened and confused.

However, in the next second, along with Xixing’s shout, Chen Dong’s right hand lashed out and actually threw Xixing into the air brazenly.

As Xixing was thrown into the air.

With the force of the impact, Chen Dong stomped his foot on the wall and leapt up in the air, raising his hands upwards and lifting Xixing directly around his waist.

With the force of the lift.

In the midst of Xixing’s screams, Xixing landed steadily on top of the wall.

“Come on up!”

After landing on the wall, Xie Xing hurriedly turned around and bent down, reaching out to pull Chen Dong.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was at this moment, quickly backing up and preparing to a*sist in his jump.

“Come on, hurry up!”

Shying glanced at one of the killers out of the corner of her eyes, already close at hand, and was so anxious that she lost her face and her back was covered in cold sweat.