Winner Takes All Chapter 1055-1056

Chapter 1055

It was a cold night, a bitter winter.

In the midst of this extremely cold night, the lights of all the families in the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court shone as brightly as the stars and the white moon that had fallen on the snowy plains.

However, even in the Thirteen Cities of the Royal Court.

But even in the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court, under the cover of the long night, some sordid and cruel things were happening in the dark corners of the city.

As night falls, people and ghosts walk together.

The evil spirits are in a hurry, and the pedestrians are taking their time.

Not to mention the long night and the cruel snowfields.

Even though the Huns had already strengthened their patrols in the thirteen cities, they could not prevent such chaos from occurring.

It also made it possible that even if something less noticeable happened not far from the palace, it would never be scrutinised.

For example, two people crouched motionless in the street not far from the palace would not be questioned by patrols.

This is because it is all too common in the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court.

In the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court, the people of the Huns gathered.

But in the dark corners of the city, there are also many people who live like ants.

Displaced and homeless, where do they squat if not in the streets?

One of the men squatting on the street slowly stretched out, “Let’s go, back to change the guard, it’s freezing.”

This man was, of course, Zhang Chao.

After calling up their companion, the two of them tightened the hoods on their heads and wrapped their black robes tightly, they headed towards the inn.

Since deciding to squat in the king’s palace, the secret guards had almost changed their shifts, with the aim of squatting until Chen Dong came out of the palace.

It was just …… this was simply too time consuming in Zhang Chao’s opinion!

It was also too much of a test of patience!

In the inn.

Wang Yu looked at the time and said to the secret guard members beside him, “It’s time for Zhang Chao and the others to come back, organize two people to go over and change their posts.”

“Alright chief.”

The secret guard member immediately got up, was with another companion and set off in full gear.

“Young master …… what exactly did you go through?”

Wang Yu frowned and murmured in a low voice as he pondered.

As the leader of the Dark Guards, he thought more than Zhang Chao and the others.

The Dark Guards were born because of Chen Daolin, and all of them were willing to die for Chen Daolin.

But as the leader, Wang Yu naturally hoped that everyone would live well and bring the young master back to the domain unharmed without giving their lives.

Of course, when it really came to a critical situation and it was necessary to give their lives, he and the group of secret guards would not hesitate in the slightest.

Squeak ……

Zhang Chao and his companions pushed open the door to Wang Yu’s room.

A blizzard of wind and snow swept into the room at once.

Once inside, Wang Yu was shaking off the snow and taking off his hooded black robe while complaining, “Chief, it’s not a good idea to squat like this, after one shift, one is almost frozen into a stick of ice.”

Wang Yu glanced at Zhang Chao, but his eyes fell on the short knife at Zhang Chao’s waist.

Under the light, a little bit of frozen blood could be seen on the mouth of the knife’s sheath.

“Moved the knife?”

Wang Yu asked, frowning.

Zhang Chao looked at the short knife at his waist and shrugged, “When the two of us were returning, we met a scumbag who jumped out and tried to rob me, so I gave him a slash.”

“Tell everyone to try to be careful in the future, and not to use knives if you can.” Wang Yu said calmly.

“It’s alright.”

Zhang Chao waved his hand, sat down next to Wang Yu, picked up a cup of hot tea and took a sip, the warmth in his belly surged, and he was much more comfortable, before he added, “The place where we were both robbed, and I wasn’t the only one who moved his knife, all the way here, in that dark alley alone, three gangs were fighting for their lives.”

Wang Yu wasn’t surprised; this was a real and normal thing in the thirteen cities of the King’s Court after the descent of the very night.

The barbarism and cruelty, even in the cities, seemed extremely clear and very different from the domain.

So after knowing that Zhang Chao had moved his sword, he was still able to remain calm.

Wang Yu rubbed his chin, “Be careful, we only have one chance!”

“Got it, just now it was also a narrow encounter, otherwise I wouldn’t be willing to move my knife.”

Zhang Chao nodded and gestured for his companion who had returned with him to go and rest, before he approached Wang Yu and said, “But if we crouch like this, in case the young master never comes out, this is not a solution, why don’t we both go into the king’s palace?” “I’m not willing to take that risk until it’s absolutely necessary.”

Wang Yu shook his head and said seriously, “Our first goal is to safely take the young master back to the domain and meet the family head.”

“But if we keep squatting, we don’t know how long we will be squatting, it will be much more efficient for us to sneak into the King’s Palace!” Zhang Chao had some blazing enthusiasm in his eyes.

“Do you know the time difference between the two of us joining the secret guards, why the family lord would choose me as the leader and you still have to listen to me?”

Wang Yu looked at Zhang Chao with a strange smile.

Zhang Chao shook his head, “There are only so many people in the Dark Guards, the family head can choose whoever he wants, I have no complaints.”

“Because I am more stable than you!”

Wang Yu explained with a smile, “The family head established the dark guards for survival, safety and defence, not risk.”

Zhang Chao shrugged helplessly, “Then keep squatting.”


“Is this night or day?”

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes, looking blankly at the lights in the room, and then slowly looking out at the night.

After the polar night had fallen, the dividing line between day and night had all but disappeared.

It made it hard to tell what time it really was.

“Where is the daylight, you were unconscious all night.”

Xixing responded, rubbed her swollen and dry eyes, went up and hugged Chen Dong from behind, her head gently resting on Chen Dong’s back, “I’m sorry, I was in too much of a hurry and made you appear in that kind of danger yesterday.”


Chen Dong’s eyes shifted for a moment, suddenly reacting that it must have been the matter of vomiting blood and pa*sing out yesterday.

However, the way Xixing was reacting now, it was obvious that he did not understand the truth about the matter of him vomiting blood and pa*sing out yesterday.

“Well, yesterday you were enlightening the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body and your anger attacked your heart, stirring up the injuries in your body and vomiting blood and fainting.”

Behind him, the voice of Xixing rang out.

Chen Dong instantly relaxed, such an explanation made sense, and there was no need to consume his mind to cover it up anymore.


Feeling the softness behind him, and the force around his waist.

Chen Dong’s gaze changed rapidly, and eventually became as deep as a black hole.

In his mind, however, a scene from yesterday before he fell unconscious came to mind, and even more so, Gu Qingying’s appearance came to mind.

In a trance, he suddenly had an indescribably strong sense of unfamiliarity with the Xixing behind him.

Even, in his heart, he was somewhat disgusted with the softness behind him, and the hands around his waist.

Such a movement …… was too intimate!

But …… my wife …… is someone else!

Xixing, not my wife!

Although Chen Dong remained unconscious yesterday, he also verified his initial speculation after enduring some huge pains that are unbearable for normal people.

Only by enduring one huge headache after another can one recover his memory a little bit!

Gu Qing Ying.

The great fool.

In his mind, he remembered everything clearly and after recalling Gu Qing Ying’s appearance.

The girl called Gu Qing Ying in his mind gave him a feeling that was obviously more familiar and close to him than the Xixing behind him.

Gu Qing Ying …… is my wife!

That was all he recalled, but that alone was enough.

The strong disgust, revulsion, and even that oily feeling of being used, made Chen Dong’s outlook on the Xixing behind him at this time, completely crumble.

However, the Xixing behind him did not know.

She leaned on Chen Dong’s back, her eyes flushed red, holding Lei, she softly said, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, for the next few days, you rest well, I’ll keep you company.”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered twice, and then became firm.

He nodded, “Good, hard work!”

Xixing slowly raised her head and rested her chin on Chen Dong’s shoulder as she softly said, “Now that you’ve woken up, you should be able to walk around freely too, do you want to go out of the palace with me and relax?”

Chapter 1056

Shying’s voice was soft, even tinged with a few hints of guilt.

Since the man in front of him had appeared, he had indeed been squeezed too much.

Old wounds had not yet healed, and new ones had been added.

Such a crushing was too much for even steel to bear, not to mention a human being.

She was determined to make the man in front of her improve his strength as soon as possible to achieve the strength that would delay Huo Zhenxiao, but Chen Dong’s “anger attack” and vomiting of blood and fainting was a wake-up call to her.

If the man in front of her was not allowed to relax and recuperate, once he had accumulated an injury that he could not recover from, he would not be improving his strength, but killing his potential to fight Huo Zhenxiao.

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment, after arriving at the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court for so long, he really hadn’t seen the scenery of King Xiong Nu City properly either.


After hesitating for a second, Chen Dong agreed in one breath.

Not only did he want to see the scenery of King Xiongnu City, he also wanted to secretly explore who his original self really was!

A gaping hole had been opened in his memory, and he was certain that the Xixing behind him was not his wife, but the woman in his mind who could make him feel guilty out of thin air even in the midst of his memory loss – Gu Qingying!

When the opening was opened, then he had to do his best to tear the opening apart and explore the memories that truly belonged to him.

The reason for his dislike of the Xixing behind him was that after a trace of his memory returned, he realized that Xixing had used him purely and almost as a tool.

Although he had been given the supreme honour of being a Hun, and even gave his life to him, the whole thing, from the beginning, had been a way for him to be used as a tool against Huo Zhenxiao, the god of war, as they called him!

Ten minutes later.

Ten minutes later, Chen Dong and Xie Xing, who were fully dressed, quietly left the royal palace.

Since it was a leisurely rest, neither Chen Dong nor Xixing wanted to be followed by a large number of guards, which would be too flamboyant and the people would inevitably be respectful and even retreat, making it less relaxing and leisurely.

“I didn’t expect the guards to let us out so easily.”

Chen Dong glanced back at the heavily guarded gates of the palace and smiled.

“I have been in the habit of running out of the royal palace for fun since I was a child, so my father had decreed that I would not be too harshly disciplined about my self-service trips out of the palace.”

Xixing took Chen Dong’s arm and explained with a smile.

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment and teased, “It’s the two of us on the surface, but there should be guards in secret, right?”

“Hee hee …… my husband is so smart.”

Xixing leaped in front of Chen Dong in a birdlike manner, smiling and raising her hand to scratch the bridge of Chen Dong’s nose.

However, Chen Dong’s heart suddenly clenched, and just when Xie Xing’s finger was about to scrape the bridge of his nose, he subconsciously took a step backwards and dodged.

“What’s wrong?”

Shying asked.


Chen Dong’s face was sullen, but he did not say it outright, but found a reason: “At least I’m such an old man, don’t make the childish actions towards Barbara on me, ah, it’s weird and humiliating.”

With this explanation, Xi Xing did not suspect much.

Nodding, Xi Xing returned to Chen Dong’s side and took his arm, “Let’s go, let’s have a good stroll around our Xiongnu King City today.”

Just as the two of them were walking along the main street, they headed towards the street.

On the corner of the street, two hidden guards, wrapped in hooded black robes and crouching on the ground, watched Chen Dong and Xixing walk away in disbelief.

Half a day later.

“Out, out?”

“Holy Sh*t, after waiting for so long, they finally came out, and, and so casually, without defences?”

After waiting for Chen Dong and Xixing to disappear into thin air.

Only then did the two men get up, one of them directly and quietly hid into the darkness and chased after Chen Dong and Xie Xing in the direction they left, while the other one rushed back to the inn in a dusty manner.

“Chief, the young master has left the palace!”

As soon as he entered the room, the dark guard hurriedly reported.

At the sound of his words.

Wang Yu’s expression was solemn and he stood up with a start, “Here’s your chance! Zhang Chao, gather the brothers and prepare to make a move!”

Zhang Chao, who was standing at the side, had just stood up.

The secret guard suddenly looked strange and said, “Chief, something is not right, the young master and the Hun princess, both of them, came out from the palace alone.”


Wang Yu Ejac*lated in surprise.

But Zhang Chao’s eyes lit up, “What a good opportunity! Let’s just form a group, go up and snatch the Young Lord away, and leave the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court at night!”

“You’re the only one who’s smart?”

Wang Yu gave Zhang Chao a sidelong glance, but he also knew Zhang Chao’s “reckless” character, so he did not care.

The members of the Dark Guards were all the best in the mercenary battlefield in the past, but in the end, because of their different personalities, sometimes their perspectives and ways of thinking about things were also very different.


Zhang Chao scratched his head and looked at Wang Yu in confusion.

Wang Yu glanced at the secret guard who had returned to inform him and sighed, before saying to Zhang Chao, “Do you think what we see, is what we see? Young master aside, a Hun princess, the only daughter of the Hun king, even if she wants to go on a self-service tour, do you really think that there are no eagle-like eyes watching in the shadows?”

“Then this is not a good thing to do.”

Zhang Chao was enlightened and frowned, “But didn’t you tell me to gather my brothers and prepare to do something?”

“The situation has changed, so we’ll have to change the plan.”

Wang Yu rubbed his chin with his right hand and pondered for a few seconds before he slowly said, “This way, divide the secret guards into two teams, you and I will lead them separately, I will be responsible for robbing the young master while you ……”

Wang Yu laughed lightly, “You are responsible for going with your brothers to gather a group of stragglers in the king’s city, lead the stragglers to storm the young lord and the Hun princess, after forcing the secret guards to reveal themselves, you will retreat immediately!”

“And then what?”

Zhang Chao asked suspiciously.

“Then we’ll see if the young lord and the Hun princess will be scattered by the onslaught, once the two of them are out of the guards’ care, we’ll be fine.”

Wang Yu stretched, his gaze deep, but his voice was abruptly stern, “Remember! This is not our last chance, no matter whether we succeed or not in the end, you and your brothers, try not to expose ourselves, success is best, even if we fail this time, as long as we are not exposed, then there will be another chance!”

“I understand this, don’t worry.”

Zhang Chao nodded and gave an “OK” gesture, then he went out to gather the other secret guards.

Wang Yu’s face was sullen and his sword brows were knitted together, “May the gods bless that this time it will be a direct success, otherwise the chances are getting slimmer and slimmer.”

Although he cautioned Zhang Chao that as long as he did not reveal his identity, then there would be another chance.

But he himself knew very well that the first and subsequent chances were two completely different concepts!

When the Hun princess, really found out that someone was thinking about Chen Dong, going forward, it would not be as easy and careless as the first time, and if the first time did not work out, the difficulty would skyrocket even if there was a chance for the subsequent time.

Ten minutes later.

Zhang Chao had gathered all the secret guards together.

Wang Yu divided up the ranks and once again warned and admonished them, and then gave the order.

Under the cover of the night.

The guards split into several batches and left the inn quietly.

Like ghosts in the night, once they left the inn, they quickly wandered towards the dark corners ……