Winner Takes All Chapter 1059-1060

Chapter 1059

The sound of dense footsteps.

The sound of the wind and the snow whistled as the killer figures approached.

The cold light reflected from the sharp blades pierced the heart.

At this moment.

Shying’s heart was pounding and her whole body was in a state of fear and panic.

She desperately leaned down, trying to get her hand as far down as possible so that she could tug at Chen Dong at the critical moment.

And out of sight, Chen Dong had stopped dead in his tracks, his expression stern.

“Hurry up, Greedy Wolf you hurry up!”

Sensing the majestic killing intent approaching, Xixing could not help but shout out in a piteous voice.


Chen Dong, who had stopped, moved as if he was a frenzied thunderbolt, instantly exploding his speed to the limit and rushing directly towards the high wall.

And in Shying Xing’s line of sight, the killers, who were close at hand, also raised their long swords and rapiers.

Bang, bang!

In the nick of time, Chen Dong kicked the wall with both feet in quick succession and leapt straight up the wall.

Just as he leapt up the wall, there was a sudden “poof” as a sharp pain swept through his right calf.

The pain in his right leg caused him to lose his balance when he landed on the wall, and he almost fell back to the ground again.

“Greedy Wolf, your leg!”

The injury on Chen Dong’s right calf was clearly caused by a killer’s knife when he was jumping.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s calf, his trouser leg had torn, revealing a wound full of blood.

However, Chen Dong knew clearly that now was not the time to care about this.

He shook his head solemnly and soberly, “Don’t care, follow me!”

As he spoke, Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together and, holding back the pain in his right calf, he picked up Xixing by the waist and jumped straight down the other side of the wall.

After landing on the ground, he dragged Xixing and quickly ran towards the darkness in the distance!

Under the wall.

A killer’s figure stood at a standstill, a cold shadow of sharp blades in his hands.

A low, dismayed voice rang out, “Chief, are you really going to kill me?”

Zhang Chao was a bit confused, although they had just rushed to Chen Dong, but with a little bit of water, it was impossible to hurt Chen Dong.

On the contrary, just now, Wang Yu acted as if he was really going to kill someone, he jumped directly in place and gave Chen Dong a slash after he had already leaped out to a certain height.

Was he saving the young master?

Or was he killing the young master?

“You’re the smart one? It’s all close at hand and you don’t give a slash, you think that woman is retarded?”

Wang Yu retorted and said, “That slash was only a superficial wound, hurry up and chase, it would be troublesome to miss out on a great situation!”

As he spoke.

Wang Yu took the lead in backing up, jumped up with a running start and leapt onto the wall.

Following closely, Zhang Chao and the others backed up at the same time, jumped up in unison and leapt up the wall.

In the blink of an eye.

The dangerous scene disappeared from the secluded street.

The carnage in the far street was still going on!

Only, a group of guards, who were recklessly harvesting human lives, one by one, panicked in fear and panic.

Their purpose …… was to protect the princess!

But now, the princess was in trouble, but they were pulled into the mud by these stragglers, and if something happened to the princess, they would end up like the stragglers who were now reaping!

On the other side.

In the darkness.

Chen Dong pulled Xixing and quickly fled.

As he ran, the injury to his right calf caused a sharp pain, which caused Chen Dong to stumble a little.

Both Chen Dong and Xixing were panting sharply.

The surrounding area was too dark, like an alleyway, narrow enough to accommodate just four people walking side by side, and the ground was also rugged and uneven, with deep and shallow feet.

In the air, there was even a fishy, rotten smell.

“Greedy Wolf, I… We should be safe now.”

Xixing’s voice, laced with ragged panting, rang out in the darkness.


Chen Dong dryly and decisively vetoed, “A group of prepared killers will not stop there so simply!”

The words had just fallen.

In the darkness behind him, the sound of hurried footsteps suddenly rang out.

The sound of these footsteps, in the darkness, was like a life-threatening Brahma sound, instantly causing Xixing’s delicate body to tremble, and even her ragged panting was forcibly curbed out of fear at this moment.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here!”

Chen Dong’s voice, in the darkness, brought the only sense of security to Xixing.

Even as the voice rang out, Xixing could feel the large hand that was holding her tightly, slightly using force.

This made Shying’s gaze flutter for a moment, and for a moment even her fear was gone.

But compared to Xixing.

At this moment in the darkness, Chen Dong’s mind was overwhelmed with thoughts.

His memory had opened up a gaping hole, allowing him to understand the situation he was now in, so he resented Xie Xing.

But now, in the face of this sudden killing opportunity, he had no reason to abandon Xixing and seek survival alone.

Even though he felt resentful, Chen Dong could not instinctively leave Xing Xing behind.

The surroundings were too dark.

The crisis was behind him.

Chen Dong no longer cared to look for a path, and the sight in front of him was not enough for him to find a better path.

Even if, in the darkness, he could see something, time no longer allowed him to look for a better path.

The sound of footsteps behind him was getting closer and closer, and he could even hear the chilling sound of swords cutting against the walls.


Chen Dong’s gaze focussed, locking onto a spot on the wall of the alley ahead.

“Xixing, get ready!”

Chen Dong said in a deep voice.


Xixing was instantly startled for a moment.

At the same time.

Chen Dong turned back to look at the dark alleyway behind him.

With his eyesight, at this moment, although the sound of footsteps rang through his ears, he could not yet see the killer figure.

“That should get you rid of the killer!”

Chen Dong said in a low tone.


Shying’s heart immediately surged with suspicion.

Without waiting for her to ask questions, Chen Dong had already led Xie Xing to rush to the wall he had locked on before.

Just like earlier.

Chen Dong threw Xixing towards the wall brazenly, while using his inertia, he stomped on the wall in the air and leapt up while lifting his hands high to lift Xixing up, allowing Xixing to land on the wall in a smooth manner.

“Come on up!”

After landing on the wall, Xixing hurriedly leaned down and made a gesture to tug Chen Dong.

“You hide!”

Chen Dong coldly dropped a sentence, but did not retreat, but turned around and ran wildly out in the direction he had just escaped.

This scene caused Xixing’s face to pale and his heart to beat wildly.

He was using himself as a target to lure the killers away?

Shying reacted instantly, she wanted to call out to Chen Dong, but the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps, and the sound of swords cutting against the wall, made her not dare to shout.

As the sound got closer and closer.

Terrified and disoriented, Xixing hurriedly crouched on top of the wall, her hands tightly covering her mouth, and discarding all sound.

Just thinking of Chen Dong made Shying’s nostrils sore and her heart cut like a knife.

Quietly, drops of tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes.

It was almost just a foot before and after Shying slumped against the wall.

A figure full of killing intent rushed past the alleyway beneath Xie Xing like a ghost.

From the very beginning to the very end, no one had even noticed Xie Xing lying on top of the wall!

Chapter 1060

The dark alleyway.

The sound of footsteps and swords cutting against the walls, quickly moving away.

Until after the sound had completely disappeared.

For a moment, Shying did not dare to move and hunkered down on top of the wall in a dead hibernation, her hands tightly covering her mouth and nose, even if she was pearly, she forcibly suppressed her cries.

As the sound faded away.

The whole alleyway was abruptly silent to the extreme.

Xixing, who was lying on her back on the wall, her delicate body trembled as tears flowed freely.

She did not expect Chen Dong to use herself as bait to lure away all the killers at the critical moment.

Just now, Chen Dong had a chance to jump up the wall with her and continue her escape!

It was just that Xixing knew clearly that it would be difficult for the two of them to get away from the killers by going up the wall together, and the two of them would still be in the perilous position of being chased.

And what Chen Dong did was to exchange her safety with his own life’s safety!

This approach made Shying’s heart like a knife and her body like oil cooking at this moment.

She waited for a long time.

After making sure that the killer was far away, Xixing finally let go of her hands.

Her chest rose and fell violently, panting heavily.

At the same time, she also took out her mobile phone from her pocket with trembling hands, fearfully, and while dialing the phone, she murmured in a pearly and piteous voice, “Greedy Wolf, wait for me, hold on, I, I, will, save you, you must, hold on!”

With so many killers chasing after him, Xixing knew very well the desperate situation that man was facing.

If he couldn’t run out in this intricate alleyway, couldn’t run to the crowded streets, the end result would only be to become a trapped beast.

Chen Dong was the future sword of the Hundred Clans going south, the hope!

She was unwilling to let Chen Dong die at this moment.

What’s more, because of Chen Dong’s sacrifice of his life to save her, this touching, Xie Xing also can’t allow that man to end up in danger!


The other side.

Chen Dong stumbled and ran wildly in the darkness, surrounded by darkness and emitting an unpleasant stench.

The deep and shallow terrain, coupled with the injury to his right calf, made Chen Dong’s escape incredibly difficult at the moment.

It was only when he heard the dense sound of footsteps approaching behind him that Chen Dong’s heart was certain.

At least …… that woman Xixing was safe now!

Just looking at the narrow, yet unseen end of the alleyway in front of him, Chen Dong was a bit anxious.

The thirteen cities of Xiongnu, although representing the glory of Xiongnu.

But even the architectural structures in the King’s City were extremely messy, which also led to this complex and intricate alleyways abounding.

If you continue to run like this, you will undoubtedly just be running for your life.

But …… where is the direction to stay alive?

And behind Chen Dong.

At this time, Wang Yu and Zhang Chao, a group of secret guards, were flying on their feet.

“Chief, that woman was just at the wall, how come we don’t care?”

After making sure that they were far apart, Zhang Chao asked in a low voice.

Just now, the group of secret guards had all detected Shying Xing who was hibernating on the wall.

For a group of the best who had survived the mercenary battlefield, the keen perception of being close at hand could still easily spot a person.

It was just that because Wang Yu had not made a move, all the dark guards had followed suit as best they could.

“The target is the young master, not the Hun princess!”

Wang Yu said in a deep voice, “Killing the Hun princess will not only not help us improve our chances of completing the mission, but will greatly increase the chances of our entire army being wiped out.”

The only son of the Hun King, the Princess, if there was a slip-up, it would be enough to shake the entire Huns!

It would be the King’s thunderous anger and the shock of the entire Huns that would be faced then.

“But if we kill the Hun princess, it will be a great achievement for us when we return, enough to gain a lot of benefits!”

Zhang Chao said with some incomprehension.

With the deep hatred between the inner and outer domains, being able to save the young lord and at the same time sniping the Hun princess in the process, this was a double achievement, a truly great feat!

After returning to the domain, Chen Daolin would definitely reward him greatly!

In Zhang Chao’s opinion, high risk comes with high reward, so it’s really worth a shot!

“Greed is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant! The target is the young master, we are only here to complete the mission, nothing else will be mentioned!”

Wang Yu said in a deep voice while running wildly, “You should put away your audacious snake swallowing an elephant mentality, that stone just now, if the Young Lord hadn’t sheltered the Hun princess, you would have already caused a mortal disaster for our Dark Guards!”

Zhang Chao’s gaze stared.

He did not expect that the retreat just now was fast enough, yet he was still caught by Wang Yu in that scene.

Just now, he had indeed thought of sniping to kill Xixing, which was why he had thrown the stone in the dark, but after being blocked by Chen Dong, he immediately led his men to retreat, so that he could quickly rejoin Wang Yu and the others.

Now that he had been bluntly exposed by Wang Yu, it made him a little embarra*sed too.

However, after careful thought, he did not refute Wang Yu’s words.

Indeed ……

saving the young master might alert the Xiong Nu and be besieged.

But killing the Hun princess would not only alert the Huns and be besieged, but all the members of the secret guards would suffer the wrath of the Huns as if the sky had fallen!

The situation would have become a deadly one!

“Now that we’ve lost the Hun princess, the young lord is the only one left, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Zhang Chao changed the subject in a deep voice and said helplessly, “But what’s wrong with the young master, he’s running faster than a donkey.

Wang Yu’s mind was sunken and he was also a little annoyed.

They had appeared as a*sa*sins, in order to cover their ears and be able to strip away Xixing in the process.

But now the plan was just this close to the door, yet they had been unable to catch up with Chen Dong, and that was the trouble!

If time drags on, the later the better!

“Perhaps, we can catch up, right? After all, I gave the young master a slash.”

Wang Yu said with some uncertainty.

“It’s not like you don’t know how terrifying our Young Lord really is.” Zhang Chao added a slash, which instantly made Wang Yu even more uncertain.

Just run and run.

Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the rest of the secret guards, however, gradually slowed down their pace.

With their eyesight, they could vaguely see that there was a wall ahead, a dead end!

Where was the young master?

Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the others all stopped in their tracks.

They were sure that Chen Dong was escaping in this direction, and the distance between the two sides should not be far, even if Chen Dong had fled up the wall, they should have detected some movement.

But now, it felt as if Chen Dong was running and then suddenly disappeared with a bang.

In the dark alleyway.

A dead silence.

An inexplicable sense of tension haunted Wang Yu, Zhang Chao and the other kind of secret guards.

“Spread out and look for them!”

Wang Yu gave an order and immediately headed towards the wall at the end of the alleyway.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he would never be willing to stop there.

As long as he found Chen Dong, he would be able to leave the city immediately.

If he missed it, any subsequent attempt to save Chen Dong would be sharply more difficult and risky!

Even if the ground in this corner of the city was dug down three feet, Wang Yu would still want to find out what was going on!

Just ……

Just when Wang Yu was close to the wall, only half a meter away.

His footsteps abruptly stopped and his pupils tightened as he gazed at the wall in front of him, vaguely feeling as if something was wrong with the wall.

The next second.


A strong wind lifted up.

A large beast robe enveloped the sky.

Wang Yu didn’t even have time to react before his head was completely blinded.

Almost simultaneously.


Wang Yu then felt a huge pain in my right wrist, and his long knife came off his hand.

Immediately afterwards, he felt a tightening of his neck and his body was ruthlessly yanked.

At the same time.

A cold and familiar voice suddenly rang out.

“Let me go, or he dies!”