Winner Takes All Chapter 1015-1016

Chapter 1015

Inside the King’s Palace Medical Hall.

The smell of disinfectant water and herbs was in the air.

Chen Dong is lying flat on his bed, with a great Hun doctor sitting sideways next to him, looking over the injuries and occasionally looking at the test reports.

The incident had happened suddenly and the stakes were high.

Everyone in the medical hall was in a state of shock.

The atmosphere was no longer as calm as it had been in the past, so heavy that it was difficult to breathe, and every breath had to be taken carefully.

Shying, holding Barbara by the hand, stood by the side, her face full of deep suspicion.

And Barbara, with her little pink face, was heavily worried.

The two guards were the first to inform the King of the Huns, but it was Xixing and Barbara who arrived first.

After all, the King of Xiongnu was the king of the Xiongnu clan and had a heavy daily schedule, not as leisurely and relaxed as Xixing.

Finally, the great doctor finished his examination.

Getting up with a thick pile of test reports, he respectfully said to Xixing, “Princess, Greedy Wolf is not seriously injured, he should have suffered some kind of strong stimulation, that’s why he pa*sed out.”

Hearing the report, Xixing’s willow brows tightened and a thick layer of cold frost covered her face.

Another …… memory?

“Auntie, I want to see uncle.”

Barbara said worriedly, then her little hand struggled out of Xie Xing’s hand, was running to the bed, squatting on the floor, lying on the edge of the bed and examining Chen Dong.

Xixing, on the other hand, stopped where she was, her face as cold as frost.

This caused the great doctor in front of her to look a little flustered, always keeping her head down and not daring to look directly at him.

It was at this moment.

Another great doctor hurriedly came over.

When he saw the frosty-faced Xixing and his fellow doctor who was bowing his head, his expression froze.


Xixing spat out two words coldly.

The great doctor who rushed over hurriedly bowed and said, “Your Highness, Military Division Wu suffered a severe head injury, lost too much blood and died on the spot, unable to return to life.”


A sound emitted from Xixing’s mouth and nose, her eyes staring deeply at the unconscious Chen Dong on the bed: “What exactly …… happened?”

The secret room where the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies were placed was only entered by Chen Dong and Wu Gang at that time.

The two guards, who were also just outside the door, had no idea what had happened.

It happened in that instant, and by the time the two guards entered, Chen Dong and Wu Gang were already lying on the ground, one unconscious and one dead.

“King, arriving!”

Outside the Hall of Healing, the sound of a proclamation came.

In an instant, all the great doctors in the Hall of Healing prostrated themselves on the ground.

Only Xixing stood in place, motionless, and Barbara crouched by the bed, ignoring it, always watching Chen Dong.

Soon, the sound of dense footsteps came.

The Hun King’s face was blue, his brows were furious, and he was walking like a lion with suppressed anger, ready to devour anyone.

A large group of people followed behind him.

As he walked in, an invisible majesty, as if a large invisible hand, pressed down across the whole room, causing everyone in the already stagnant Medical Hall to shudder.

“Greetings to the King!”

Voices echoed within the Hall of Healing.

The King of Xiongnu ignored them and stepped up to Xixing: “Are you satisfied now ……?”

“Father, what am I satisfied with?”

Xixing raised her eyebrows, a trace of stubbornness emerged on her frosty face: “Father, you don’t know the cause and effect of the matter, so you question your daughter like this, how should my daughter answer?”

There was hostility in the King of Xiongnu’s eyes as he raised his hand to point at the unconscious Chen Dong on the couch and said sternly to Xixing, “This man you brought back, this man you chose, the first day he entered the palace, his life was hanging by a thread when he was seriously wounded by the Kui Gang, the second day he entered the palace, the death of Military Division Wu fell in the Wolf House.

The words were sharp, like a knife and a sword.

She turned around and looked directly into the King of Xiongnu’s angry eyes, “Father, my daughter is saying that we have to wait until Greedy Wolf wakes up before we can make a decision!

“But what else needs to be decided now? Is all that the king has said a fabricated lie?”

The Hun King said sternly, his face fierce and his hair on end, “Do you know that every one of those people in the Wolf Academy are the greatest treasure of the Huns! They are destined to be the future pillars of the Xiongnu nation, the foundation stones of the nation, from the moment they set foot in the Academy!”

“Kui Gang is a marshal’s talent, Wu Gang is a warlord’s talent, do you know how much the whole Xiongnu has paid to train them both? But now, just because of him, just because of the arrival of this calamity, one has just returned from the gates of ghosts and the other has entered the gates of ghosts, can such a price be justified by him, a man from the domain?”

Angry to the core, the Hun King roared in a direct and stern voice.

The sound echoed.

It frightened everyone in the Hall of Healers, shivering and splitting their liver and guts.

Even those who had accompanied the King of Xiongnu into the Hall of Healing also knelt and prostrated.

The King of Xiongnu was so furious that to them, it was no less than the wrath of the heavens!

When the King of Xiongnu’s words fell, Xixing did not respond immediately, but her beautiful eyes met the King of Xiongnu’s angry gaze with anger, not letting go in the slightest.

Father and daughter stared at each other, but between the four eyes, it was like the shadow of a sword and light.

An endless dead silence fell over the entire medical hall.

Even Barbara, who was squatting beside the bed watching Chen Dong, had a frightened look on her little face as she secretly turned her head and gazed at King Xiong Nu and Xixing.

Amidst the panic, Barbara’s small hand quietly traced its way to Chen Dong’s hand, holding it tightly, with some determination in her big, clear eyes.

For a long time.

Xixing suddenly pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled disdainfully: “The pillars of the country, the foundation stones of the country that Father is so proud of, have they ever opened up the land for Father? The first thing you need to do is to get back to the glory of the former king of the Huns. They …… have only maintained and slowed the decay of the Hun’s prestige, and yet Father values them so highly and treats them as treasures?”

A disdainful smile, solid words.

It instantly made the Hun king’s face change and his heart twist like a knife.

This was a direct stab at his scales, a poke at his most painful spot~!

As Xixing’s words left his mouth, within the Medical Hall, everyone’s liver and guts split, and they fought to bend down, almost throwing themselves to the ground in all five directions, their bodies trembling even more.


The Hun King let out a thunderous burst of roar.

The next second.

He was the dragon marching and striding directly towards Chen Dong.

“Don’t, don’t hurt uncle, Ah Man won’t let you touch uncle!”

Barbarian, who was clinging to Chen Dong’s hand, was instantly terrified and disoriented, her eyes swished red, tears surging out as she cried out.

“Get lost!”

The furious Hun King pushed Barbara away with a bang.

Barbara was so weak that she was sent flying by the slap and fell heavily to the ground with a scream.


In a flash of lightning.

A sound of a long knife being sheathed suddenly rang out.

Xixing drew her sword across her neck and sternly said, “Father, if you harm him, the Demon Mother will immediately kill herself!”


The Hun King was struck by lightning, and his feet stopped abruptly at the edge of Chen Dong’s bed, his eyes even more furious, gnashing his teeth.

At the same time.

Chen Dong, who was lying unconscious in bed, heard Barbara’s cries, his eyelashes trembled lightly and slowly …… opened his eyes.

Chapter 1016

Inside the Hall of Healing, there is silence.

The atmosphere was stern and murderous.

As Chen Dong opened his eyes, his stern, sword-like gaze looked straight at the Hun King.

His bloodshot eyes were filled with raging anger, as if they were burning with fire.

Even when the King of Xiongnu’s eyes met Chen Dong’s, he felt a sense of fear and trepidation.

If eyes can kill, then Chen Dong at this moment is!

“Ah Man ……”

Chen Dong called out gently.

“Uncle ……”

Barbara stumbled over, with a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth, her face full of tears and pitiful.

Chen Dong slowly sat up, hugged Barbara, raised his hand, and gently wiped away the blood from the corner of Barbara’s mouth.

From beginning to end, he ignored the Hun King, as if the lofty figure beside him did not exist at all.

Everyone was shocked by this scene.

Even Xixing, who had her sword around her neck, could not help but frown.

She knew the relationship between the man in front of her and the little girl, and she could also clearly detect the majestic coldness emanating from the man on the bed.


After slowly wiping away the blood from the corner of Barbara’s mouth and the tears on her face, Chen Dong said seriously, “Didn’t Barbara promise her brother that she wouldn’t cry?”


Barbara nodded her head forcefully, trying hard to hold back her tears.

Following closely.

Chen Dong slowly turned his head and looked up at the Hun King in front of him, his voice was cold and harsh, but it was like thunder that blew everyone away.

“Barbara saved my life, it is fine for you to kill me, but if you hurt her, I can fight you to the death!”

The words were cold and harsh, a naked threat.


In an instant, everyone in the Medical Hall’s liver and guts split.

Was this going to be a monstrous disaster?

In Xiongnu, the King of Xiongnu was the supreme majesty, looking down on all beings, the true lord of Xiongnu, no one dared to show any disrespect to the King of Xiongnu, let alone such a threatening and vicious word?


This guy must be mad!

The crowd was scared and prostrate, everyone knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Threatening the Hun, that’s a death wish!

Clang, clang, clang ……

With Chen Dong’s words, the guards in the hall drew their swords, their cold light biting, their swords sounding piercingly.

Killing intent instantly filled the entire Medical Hall!

“Greedy Wolf, shut up and apologise to Father immediately!”

In a flash of lightning, Xixing, who was standing with her sword across her face, lost her colour and shrieked harshly.

How could she have ever imagined that things would take a sharp turn to this extent!

“How dare you! How dare you threaten the king?”

The King of Xiongnu was so furious that he raised his hand and slapped his palm down directly towards Chen Dong’s head.

The wind exploded.

The King of Xiongnu was not only the ruler of Xiongnu, he was also the best among men in the Great Snowy Plains, which believed in the law of survival of the weak and the strong, and his martial strength was absolutely outstanding!


In a flash of lightning, Barbara screamed in terror and shrank into Chen Dong’s arms.


Chen Dong faced the Hun King indifferently and raised his right hand, grabbing his wrist with one hand.

“When a pitiful man is angry, blood will spill five steps!”

The voice with a bitter chill as his lips and teeth lightly opened, slowly came out from Chen Dong’s mouth.

In an instant.

The entire Hall of Healing was plunged into great fear, and their bodies were even cold and bone-chilling to the extreme.

My God!

Where in the world did this madman come from, how dare he treat the Hun King like this?

Shying was so confused that beads of sweat even crept onto her forehead.

Her lips mumbled as she tried to prevent this turn of events from continuing.

But her thoughts flew, and she did not know how to stop it.

She wanted to get her hands on the sword that had come south.

But now, this sharp sword used to counter Huo Zhenxiao’s southward movement was a public threat to the King of Xiongnu and her father.

Chen Dong’s two words had pushed the matter to a point where it was difficult to ride a tiger!

Even if she advised the Hun King, the Hun King would never give up in order to maintain the majesty of the King.

Being threatened like this in public, if Chen Dong was not killed, where should the King of Xiongnu’s face be placed?

“Then do you know that when the Son of Heaven is angry, a million corpses will be killed?”

The King of Xiongnu’s brow was knitted tightly and his eyes were tossed with murderous intent, like a fierce beast that was raging and ready to devour others, and he squeezed out these words almost from his teeth.

At the same time.

At the same time, his right hand was slowly exerting force, trying to break free from Chen Dong’s grip.

However, no matter how hard he tried, Chen Dong’s right hand seemed to be an iron pincer, imprisoning his wrist in a deadly manner.

This caused the Hun King’s heart to be terrified, and the veins in the corners of his eyes stood out.

He knew that Chen Dong’s strength was capable of sweeping through a thousand armies, after all, there was the video that Timur had sent back before he died as proof.

What’s more, he had witnessed Chen Dong shaking Kui Gang and beating him to the point where his life hung in the balance.

However, the two times he had shown his strength, he had entered the state of “unique I have no king”, as Xixing had said, and now, the strength Chen Dong had shown in his normal state still made the Hun king tremble.

“Don’t say it, don’t say it …… what to do? What the hell should we do?”

Looking at the tit-for-tat Chen Dong and the Hun King, at this moment, Xixing’s body was like oil cooking, his heart was like fire, and his thoughts were flying around extremely fast.

Things had reached a critical and precarious point.

If she couldn’t come up with a solution, whether it was Chen Dong or the Hun King, whichever side was injured, it was never something she wanted to see!

“Uncle ……”

Facing the I Hun King who came overlooking her, Barbara slowly pulled her head out of Chen Dong’s arms and said fearfully, “Uncle don’t argue with the king, Barbara is fine. ,”

In her perception, the Hun King was what her father and mother had told her about, a legendary being.

High and mighty and unbeatable!

“Good, Ah Barbara won’t let argue anymore, so uncle won’t argue.”

Chen Dong’s cold, stern expression eased slightly with Barbara’s persuasion.

At the same time, the right hand that was holding the Hun King’s wrist tightly, also slowly loosened.

Just ……


The moment the Hun King’s right hand lost its confinement, instead of withdrawing it, he directly slapped Chen Dong’s face fiercely.

The sound of the slap was crisp and loud.

It was so powerful that it even caused Chen Dong to tumble directly from the bed onto the floor, a mouthful of blood spurting out from his mouth.

“Greedy Wolf!”


The sudden scene frightened Xixing and Barbara, and the two of them immediately rushed towards Chen Dong.

And everyone in the Medical Hall, at this moment, revealed a look of deserved guilt.

Threatening the Hun King was not enough to die for!

Also just as Xie Xing swept past the Hun King, the Hun King raised his hand and yanked Xie Xing, sternly saying, “Someone, give it to this King, kill ……”

In a flash of lightning.

Xixing’s face turned steeply pale, but a sudden flash of light came to his mind.

There was a poof!


Shying instantly knelt down on the ground and forcibly interrupted the Hun King’s order.

She knew very well that the king’s order would be irrevocable!

“I implore Father King, allow Greedy Wolf to enter the fighting cage!”