Winner Takes All Chapter 1017-1018

Chapter 1017


Shying’s voice echoed through the medical hall, causing the crowd to burst into an uproar.

Even the King of Xiongnu, in a state of shock and anger, stopped his words abruptly and looked at Xixing with a deep, stunned gaze.

“A beast fighting cage? I, my goodness! Princess, are you trying to save this guy, or kill him?”

“It’s true that the Beast Fighting Cage can exempt you from death, but in the long history of the Hun Beast Fighting Cage since its existence, very few people have actually made it out of the cage alive.”

“Heavenly Wolf is above! If you’re executed by the king, it’s not a big deal, but if you enter the cage, you’ll be food for the beasts!”


Even though the entire medical hall was enveloped by the majesty of the Hun King and filled with the guards’ awe-inspiring killing intent.

But at this moment, the crowd present could hardly bear the shock and murmured.

Chen Dong frowned, looking at Xixing and the Hun King, the murmurs that filled his ears made him a little puzzled.

What exactly is the fighting cage ……? You are so desperate to protect his life?”

Facing the Hun King’s gaze, Xixing looked a little torn, his gaze flickering.

“I am sorry, Father, it is the demon mother who is unfilial, but …… the demon mother feels that it is worth it!”

The last two words were incomparably firm.

“Do you really think he can get out of the fighting cage alive?” The Hun King raised his hand and pointed at Chen Dong.

“Not sure.”

The demon lady shook her head, her gaze so deep that she looked at Chen Dong, “But it is better to have hope than despair.”

“Hahahaha …… hahahaha ……”

The Hun King suddenly tilted his head, and his thick, thunderous laughter echoed throughout the entire medical hall.

The crowd, who were still in shock and murmuring, were instantly silenced.

Everyone could hear that although the Hun King was laughing, the majestic coldness emanating from his laughter was even colder and more biting than the wind and snow in the middle of the night.


The Hun King’s laughter stopped, and he angrily lowered his head and looked angrily at Xixing: “Fine! I promise you, let’s see if this boy can come out of the beast fighting cage alive!”

“Many thanks, Father.”

Xixing let go of King Xiongnu and kowtowed gratefully to the ground.

But the Hun King ignored it and turned his head to look angrily at Chen Dong: “Now, the King wants you to tell him what happened in the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard! Why did Wu Gang die?”

“Wu Gang died?”

Chen Dong’s pupils contracted for a moment, a look of shocked guilt appearing on his face.

Instantly, everything in the room of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf bodies and the painful memories surfaced in his mind.

And …… the sinister figure he had almost seen before he pa*sed out! ~

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong said calmly, “Military Master Wu asked me about my memory loss, I fell into a memory, I had a splitting headache, Military Master Wu came up to check on me, I was in huge pain, and in my pain I casually pushed a hand ……”

He did not intend to tell the martial heritage on his already would be Wolf Martial Way, after seeing Wu Gang’s shock, Chen Dong instinctively felt that this matter was too unbelievable, if he told, I’m afraid there would be even greater implication.

It was best to hide it for the time being and take his time to clear it up.

The explanation was not afraid of being overturned, as he and Wu Gang were the only two people in the chamber at the time, and since Wu Gang was already dead, no one would know about it.

“Pushed a hand?”

The Hun King froze at once.

Even Xixing and all the people present were all stunned.

Just this accidental push?

The great Wu military commander, who was a pillar of the country and able to take charge of his own, died on the spot?

“Oh …… is just that, just that, around you are the one who is going to enter the fighting cage, this king is too lazy to bother with you.”

The Hun King narrowed his eyes and looked at Chen Dong with a cold smile, as if he was looking at a dead person: “Because you entered the palace, the king has lost two of the kingdom’s foundation stones, you entered the cage, if you die inside, it will be considered as the king’s revenge for the two pillar stones, if you can really step out of the cage alive, it will also prove that the gods want you to have a bad life, the matter of Kui Gang and Wu Gang, the king and you The matter of Kui Gang and Wu Gang will be written off!”

All the people in the audience looked up.

At this moment, there was sympathy, sneers, and gloating.

Without exception, everyone looked at Chen Dong in the same way as the Hun King, as if they were looking at a dead man.

“Guards, take him to the beast fighting cage!”

With a command from the Hun King, there were guards with swords approaching Chen Dong at once.

Barbara instinctively wanted to stand in front of Chen Dong, but was gently pulled away by Chen Dong, then gestured for Xixing to take care of Barbara.

He was not stupid.

Because of Barbara, he had only woken up as soon as he had confronted the Thundering Volcanoes of the Hun King.

Xixing had chosen to do so in order to save him, and also to give the Hun King a step down.

Otherwise, if he remained frozen in the same gunpowder-filled scene just now, the King of Huns would surely end up killing him so painfully that he would not even have a chance to survive!

“Uncle ……”

Looking at Chen Dong being taken away by the guards, Ah Barbara’s clear eyes were full of worry.

“Good boy Barbara, Uncle …… should be able to come out.”

Xixing bit her red lips, even as she comforted Barbara, her tone was somewhat uncertain.

Looking at the lengthy procession exiting the medical hall, Xie Xing did not stop and brought Barbara to quickly catch up with the troops.

Beneath the wind and snow.

The lights were bright.

Shying Xing, however, led Barbara to quickly catch up with Chen Dong.

“Greedy Wolf, you have to be mentally prepared!”

Shying’s voice was low, but his gaze glanced at the front of the group where the Hun King was, before he whispered, “You were too impulsive just now, if you could have taken a step back, the situation would never have reached such a scorching and dangerous point.”

“I can retreat from anything, but not from Barbara’s matter, without them, I would have died in the snowy plains.”

Chen Dong strides forward in, but the look is as cold as the wind and snow: “I this life is they picked up, for barbarian, send out again, no fear!”

“You …… why are you so stubborn?”

Shy Xing’s absolutely beautiful face is full of helplessness.

The wind and snow drifted down and fell on top of her green silk, also making her look even colder.

Gritting her silver teeth, Xixing said in a deep voice, “In order to defuse the situation, please don’t blame me for letting my father send you into the fighting cage.”

“No blame, you have already been very helpful to me.” Chen Dong shook his head, Xixing was his wife and the daughter of the Hun King, and she was most embarra*sed to be caught in the middle just now.

After a pause, Chen Dong asked, “What exactly is the fighting cage?”

“The Xiongnu have thrived in the Great Snowy Plain for thousands of years, the environment in the Great Snowy Plain is harsh and both the Xiongnu and other tribes believe in the rule of the weak and the strong.”

Xixing looked pensive as he quickly explained, “So within the Xiongnu, the existence of the fighting cage slowly evolved, exactly when it appeared, I’m not sure, the Xiongnu history books are also very vague.”

“The beast fighting cage has a great significance, it is considered an alternative death-free card, but anyone who can come out of the cage alive, even the king’s will to kill, can be swayed, those who can come out of the cage means that the strength is strong enough, also means that it is the arrangement of the gods, in this world that believes in the weak and the strong, the strength of the strong, but also in an alternative way, can be able to continue to survive. ”

“There are even warriors in the history of the Huns who emerged from the cage alive, not only free of their guilt, but also with a high ranking in the history books! Of course, not everyone can enter the cage at will.”

“Just now, you and father were fighting against each other, the situation is irreversible, entering the cage is the best way I can think of, there is a chance of survival if you go in, but if you don’t, you will die on the spot!”

Chen Dong nodded, “I know that.”

“If you can get out of the cage, then God will not kill you, but if you cannot, then you will be devoured by the beasts on the spot!”

Shy Xing looked at Chen Dong gruffly and said in a deep voice, “I hope that the heavens will be kind to you, so that you can be a little better when you draw a deadly fierce beast, if you draw a snowy lion, that is the top of the line fierce beast of the fighting cage, perhaps ……”

The last words were not spoken by Xie Xing.

But the meaning is already very obvious!

Even the little Barbara, whom she was holding, understood the meaning and her pretty face turned a little pale.

Chapter 1018

The royal palace at night.

It is still brightly lit.

Patrols can be seen everywhere.

The wind and snow howled.

Chen Dong and the others, however, hurried on.

Along the way, patrols kept stopping to greet the King of the Huns.

But the King of Xiongnu was cold and stern, ignoring everything around him.


The long procession entered a palace.

It was not a palace, but rather a fortress of the size of a palace.

At the king’s command, the gates of the fortress opened with a rumble.

In an instant.

The roar of the beasts came from inside the fortress, drowning out the wind and snow and shaking the heart, echoing throughout the Xiongnu Palace in the night.

For a moment, the palace, which had been silent in the darkness of the night and the wind and snow, exploded in shock.

“The roar of a beast? My God, did I hear it right? The king has opened the cage?”

“Something’s wrong! It’s a big deal! The cage hasn’t been opened in almost thirty years, has it?”

“I heard from the people of the Medical Hall that it seems that the king was so enraged that he wanted to forcibly kill a lord of the Heavenly Wolf House, and the princess prayed for the king to open the cage!”


In the king’s palace, as the roar of the beast echoed, chatter surged and clamour shook the sky.

There was no shortage of people who had gathered around towards the beast fighting cage against the wind and snow.

Even if they couldn’t enter the cage, it would be a great event for the people in the palace to stand outside the cage and wait for the results!

The cage is not really opened very often!

The last time it was opened was nearly thirty years ago, so that was enough time to make it an event in the palace!

As the roar of the beast rang out, the residents near the royal palace were also in a state of fear and shock.

For a while, there was a lot of chatter.

“It’s open! It’s the beast fighting cage that’s opened!”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, I remember the last time our beast fighting cage opened when I was just a little kid, and now my waifu is out!”

“When the cage is opened, it means a life-and-death gamble is on. If you win, you’ll be a star of the Huns, if you lose, you’ll be a nobody!”


In front of the cage, as the beasts hissed and roared.

A barbarian was so frightened that she took a step forward and leaned on Chen Dong’s side, clutching Chen Dong’s big hand with both hands, “Can you, not go in?”

Just now, when Xixing was telling Chen Dong about the beast fighting cage, he did not avoid Barbara, so Barbara knew all about the dangers of the cage, and when she heard the terrifying roar of the beasts, she was scared and worried about Chen Dong.

“Barbara, it’s alright.”

Chen Dong picked Barbara up in his arms.

The guards around him, because they were shy of the star, did not stop them either.

As he walked into the cage with the group, Chen Dong rubbed Barbara’s back as a comfort, while turning his head and saying to Xixing in a deep voice, “If I really die in the cage, Barbara …… will be counting on you.”

“Don’t worry.”

Shying nodded, “Barbara is the one who saved you, how can I dare to forget this kindness as a human wife? What’s more, she is also a child of the Great Snowy Plain, with me here, from now on, Barbara will not be aggrieved in the slightest.”

A short conversation.

But it was as if it was a dying man’s last words.

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a heavy breath, his expression cold down, and between his mouth and nose, as his breath exhaled, it turned into a stream of air visible to the naked eye.

As they walked into the beast fighting cage.


The heavy doors behind them closed with a sound.

Inside the sealed fortress, various beastly roars rose and fell.

There was the roar of a tiger, the roar of a lion, and the shrill roar of a wolf ……

The sound was deafening and chilling.

The roar of the beasts was accompanied by the loud booming sound of the beasts hitting the iron cage, thumping loudly.

The entire beast-fighting cage, as the procession entered, seemed like a calm frying pan that had suddenly been poured with a pot of cold water, completely exploding.

“Beast slaves!”

With a guard’s stern and explosive voice.

In the distance, there was finally the sound of iron chains shaking.

Under the bright lights.

Chen Dong raised his eyes and swept past the crowd, and saw several figures in the distance slowly approaching, with chains tied under their feet.

Each of them was naked and covered with wounds, but their expressions were indifferent, without sorrow or joy, and their long hair was like weeds covering their heads in a messy manner.

“Beast slaves?”

Chen Dong frowned slightly.

Xixing at the side said, “They are slaves, specially responsible for raising and caring for each fierce beast in the beast fighting cage, such dangerous work would not be allowed to be done by ordinary people, the slightest mistake would make these beast slaves become food for the fierce beasts on the spot.”

Chen Dong’s frown deepened.

He loathed this system!

When slavery was cloaked behind them, people …… were not even as good as animals!

If it wasn’t for Barbara’s brother in the first place, and if he hadn’t happened to meet Xixing, he, Barbara and Barbara’s brother would all have had their ultimate fate rewritten.

It would have been …… utterly and completely dark, like eternal night!

“Hurry up!”

Seeing that several beast slaves were walking slowly, the guard beside the Hun king directly rushed over and kicked down a beast slave with a bang: “It’s an honor for you to have the king’s royal visit, why don’t you hurry up?”

As he spoke, the guard kicked the fallen beast slave a few more times hard.

From the beginning to the end, no one felt that this was the least bit wrong.

Slaves …… are supposed to be so lowly!

But the beatings did have an effect.

Several of the beast slaves’ steps quickened considerably, and with their heavy chains, they soon reached the Hun king and prostrated themselves in unison.

“Beast slaves, worship the great king!”

Once a slave, he did not even deserve to have a name.

“Open the beast cage and prepare for the beast fight!”

The Hun King coldly threw out a sentence.

Several beast slaves, under the torso of their guards, walked towards the depths of the beast fighting cage.

The Hun King, on the other hand, led the procession and walked forward without any haste.

Gradually, everything inside the fighting cage was also presented to Chen Dong.

The scene in front of him shocked Chen Dong, who could not help but take a breath of cold air backwards.

In the middle of the cage was an extremely spacious open space.

In the very centre, a huge cage of nearly five hundred square feet was cast out of metal.

Around the cage, there were also cage-like pipes cast in metal, connecting the dark spaces around it.

And it was from within that dark space that the roar and crashing sounds of the beasts came.

Even, because of the light, Chen Dong could still see the pairs of different coloured, yet cold and fierce gazes in the darkness.

“Barbara was completely curled up in Chen Dong’s arms, shivering.”

Still young, this scene was too frightening for her.

People, themselves, had a sense of fear when faced with beasts.

Even an adult would find it hard to face it openly, let alone a little girl of a few years old.

“Good boy, Barbara, follow Auntie first.”

Chen Dong soothed as he handed Barbara to Xixing.

Xixing did not refuse, but directly swept Barbara into her arms and hugged her.

This scene made the guards around them, who were unaware of the scene, look on in awe and secretly smack their lips.


What exactly was this man’s relationship with the princess?

The princess of the Great Hun was actually committing herself to hug a child?

The King of the Huns also noticed the scene and snorted, his expression cold and stern, then he bellowed, “Bring in the life and death sticks!”

Clang and clang ……

Soon, the sound of chains came from the darkness in the distance.

Chen Dong then saw several beast slaves who had crossed the bundle of chains, were carrying a thick and heavy box with difficulty and slowness, coming this way.

“Good luck!”

Xixing nodded to Chen Dong, seemingly calm, but in reality, beads of sweat had already seeped out from the palms of the hands holding Barbara in her arms.

Chen Dong did not say much and dotingly rubbed Barbara’s head before walking towards the Life and Death Sign.

He knew that this life and death stick was the one that would be used to extract the beasts for the duel!

Only, just as Chen Dong was taking a step forward.

Behind him, however, Xixing suddenly tugged her, and at the same time, he felt Xixing pressed against his back.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to turn around, Chen Dong felt a sharp dagger, which was tucked into the waistband of his beast robe by Xie Xing ……

Chen Dong immediately was raising his hand to press that spot.

This scene was very well held by Xie Xing, although all the eyes of the road looked over, but no one found out about the dagger.

Snapping …… snapping ……

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual barrel of the barrel, and you don’t have to hesitate, because if you do, you’ll have to make a trip to the ghost gate after all!

After taking a deep breath, he reached in and grabbed a slip of paper.

As Chen Dong made this move, everyone’s heart lifted.

It was clear to everyone that this draw would directly determine what kind of beast Chen Dong would fight, and also directly determine the chances of surviving in the end!