Winner Takes All Chapter 1013-1014

Chapter 1013

The sound of a startled voice was extraordinarily clear in the quiet and closed house.

When Wu Gang raised his eyes to look at Chen Dong, he saw Chen Dong’s frown and complicated expression, and his heart immediately sank.

Could it be that it was too difficult?

It couldn’t be, even the harnessed horse could beat Lord Kui Gang, the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, it couldn’t be that it was immediately difficult for the harnessed horse to look at it for a few moments.

The first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body is only the foundation of the 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, but anyone who has made a mark in the martial arts should not be as good as the horse’s sidekick, right?

Just as Wu Gang was wondering.

“Wu Gang, can you come over here for a moment?”

Chen Dong suddenly turned his head and shouted with a face full of gravity.

Such a look made the suspicions in Wu Gang’s heart even more certain.

He walked quickly to Chen Dong, but did not dare to ask directly, instead he said respectfully, “What is the order of the harnessed horse?”

“You should have enlightened the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, right?”

Chen Dong’s gaze was profound, his eyes narrowed into slits as he gazed at the First Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body in front of him with furrowed brows.

“I have comprehended it, but my humble servant is not naturally good at martial dao, so I have only comprehended it several times, and so far, I have only comprehended the fifth one, and the fifth one has not yet been thoroughly comprehended.”

Wu Gang said solemnly, but his heart was sinking one by one, he had deliberately told his bottom to the side of the horse, also because he was worried that the sidekick would think that way.


Chen Dong raised his finger and pointed at the Heavenly Wolf Martial Daoist Body: “Can you explain it to me?”

Sure enough!

Fear what comes!

Wu Gang’s heart sank to the bottom, puzzled, but he still explained, “Your Highness, the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies need to be enlightened by yourself, you cannot learn the martial dao on the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies just by relying on other people’s explanations.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Chen Dong shook his head, in a pensive expression, and said, “Forget it, since you have comprehended through the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, then you should be familiar with these contents on it, so you can help me compare them.”


Wu Gang’s gaze suddenly stared, somewhat unresponsive.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong then took two steps backwards, pulling away from Wu Gang.

Then, under Wu Gang’s puzzled gaze.

Chen Dong’s body, slowly bowed up, the whole person was like a bow with strings drawn.

This is ……

The doubt in Wu Gang’s eyes became even stronger, completely unaware of what exactly Chen Dong was up to.

The next second.

As Chen Dong exhaled a deep breath, his arms and legs were deliberately slowed down to cast away.

Since it was a comparison, it had to be slowed down to a point where Wu Gang could see it clearly.


As Chen Dong’s first movement was performed, Wu Gang’s eyebrows immediately knitted together into a “Chuan” and he murmured, “Why is it a bit familiar?”

As he murmured, Wu Gang’s mind was also thinking fast.

He was not good at martial arts, but focused on his mind, and he had been trained in the direction of a warlord within the Heavenly Wolf Academy, so he had really entered very shallowly in the martial arts.

Only, when Chen Dong performed his fifth move ……


Wu Gang’s body shook violently as if it was a thunderbolt from a clear sky, his eyes abruptly exploded with a refined aura, and his thin face even showed a frightened look as if he had seen a ghost as he exclaimed, “Impossible!”

Chen Dong did not stop because of Wu Gang’s alarming cry, and continued to cast slowly, a puzzled thoughtful look appearing on his face at the same time.

“Impossible, it’s simply not possible ……”

Wu Gang shook his head in shocked denial while staring at Chen Dong’s movements with a deadly stare, followed by him turning his head suddenly and looking towards the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body.

At this moment, his heartbeat thumped, his face turned red, his whole body even more rapidly oozed beads of sweat, and the shock in his eyes grew thicker and thicker: “Why? Why can it be right? You, Prince-in-law, are you really enlightening the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body for the first time?”

A series of questioning questions caused this Hun army master, who was located in the midst of a thousand armies and could talk and laugh, to completely fall into madness at this moment.

Wu Gang quickly twisted his head, alternating his eyes quickly between the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body and Chen Dong.

In extreme shock.

It made Wu Gang’s body drenched in sweat, and his heart was thumping even faster, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

He was not good at martial arts, so it was only when Chen Dong performed the fifth move that he suddenly woke up.

But at this time, following Chen Dong’s demonstration, he checked the humanoid pattern on the first Skywolf Martial Dao body over and over again, and surprisingly, he found that every single move Chen Dong made, fit perfectly with the humanoid pattern!

This F**king …… was a hell of a sight!

When the shock reached the extreme, the emotions were rapidly changing towards panic.

Shock and fear!

Every movement Chen Dong made was perfectly in tune with the humanoid pattern on the Sky Wolf Martial Path.

As Chen Dong performed, Wu Gang’s sweat poured down, his features twisted in fear, and he felt a spinning sensation, his body feeling weak.

It was only after Chen Dong had finished casting all the human-shaped patterns on the entire first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao that he stopped.

There was a poof!

Wu Gang’s body went limp and he directly sat down on his buttocks, his clothes having been completely drenched in sweat by this moment.

But Wu Gang did not care in the slightest about the chill wrapped up in the sweat, his whole body was in a state of panic and confusion.

“All right, all right!”

A breathless voice emanated from Wu Gang’s mouth.

Chen Dong was also gazing at the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body with a puzzled expression.

He had lost his memory and did not remember anything from the past.

However, with years and years of training, a move of the martial dao would be integrated into the bloodline and engraved into the bones, forming an almost instinctive muscle memory.

Therefore, when Chen Dong gazed at the first Skywolf martial arts body for a few seconds, that muscle memory was awakened.

At first, he was not sure if these movements of his were the movements on the first Skywolf Martial Path body, which was why he had asked Wu Gang to compare and reference them.

Now Wu Gang’s reaction, apparently turned out to be exactly the same as his initial speculation!

“How did I get these?”

Chen Dong’s brows were furrowed and doubt was strong in his eyes as he subconsciously rubbed his nose and murmured softly.

Hearing Chen Dong’s words, Wu Gang froze and turned his head, looking at Chen Dong with trepidation and fear: “Master of the sidekick, are you, are you sure …… you really have not enlightened the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body before?”

At these words.

Chen Dong shook his head blankly, “I don’t remember, but I just feel that everything on this first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body is …… familiar.”

When he said the word “familiar”, even Chen Dong himself had a tone of uncertainty.

But this sentence, once again like an explosive thunder, ruthlessly blasted on Wu Gang.

All very …… familiar?

What the hell is this?

Wu Gang’s entire body was dumbfounded, with a feeling of being shocked and frantic.

With Chen Dong’s words, his tightly locked brow did not stretch out, but wrinkled even deeper.

He had lost his memory, but the martial heritage on the Sky Wolf Martial Path in front of him made him subconsciously fall back into his memories while he was stunned and puzzled.

Just ……


A painful and miserable scream exploded.

Chapter 1014


With a miserable scream.

Chen Dong fell straight to the ground, curled up into a ball, his hands clutching his head tightly as he kept screaming in agony.

The sharp pain in his head, hocked to the bone, went straight to his soul.

As he recalled, this excruciating pain, even more rapidly, became fierce.

The sudden scene made Wu Gang’s entire body dumbfounded.

Not caring about the weakness brought on by the panic, he struggled and rolled evenly to Chen Dong’s side.

“What’s wrong with you, Prince in Law? What on earth has happened?”

Anxiously, he asked, but at this moment, Chen Dong was unable to respond at all.

“Ah! My head, it hurts ……”

In a flash, Chen Dong was already sweating profusely, his face turned red to the colour of pig’s liver, his facial features were even more twisted and hideous, and there were even blue tendons protruding from his face due to the huge pain.

He was breathing heavily, like a bellows.

His body was like sieve chaff.

The sound of screams echoed through the quiet house.

Wu Gang was completely dumbfounded, he had no idea what had happened to the harnessed horse in front of him.

In a panic.

Wu Gang was about to get up and call the guards outside to come in and help.

But at that very moment.

There was a sudden change.

“Go away, go away!”

Chen Dong suddenly pushed his hands towards Chen Dong, his face was hideously twisted, and his eyes were even scarlet.

The pain that was like ten thousand needles stirring his brain had caused him to lose his senses.

When he landed, his head hit the stone of the base of the first Skywolf Martial Body, and blood blossomed like a plum blossom.

Wu Gang, on the other hand, was motionless, unaware of life or death.

“It hurts, it hurts so much ……”

Chen Dong fell to the ground, shivering, his eyes scarlet, and the violent protrusion of veins on his face, making his appearance extremely terrifying at the moment.

It was just like entering a state of madness, not much different.

“Ah …… why, why?”

With the memories, the huge pain in his mind intensified, causing Chen Dong’s entire person to go a little crazy.

While his face was covered in sweat, his hands kept banging his head.

What was left of his sanity made him desperately want to suppress the memories at this moment.

But the shock and doubts that he had just brought to him by performing all of the martial heritage of the first Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body were so thick that they had reached an extreme level.

At this moment, even though he wanted to suppress the memories, his instincts just kept going back to them.

It was like a car driving at high speed and suddenly slamming on the brakes, even though the action of braking had already begun, the inertia, would still keep the car going.

Chen Dong’s current instinct to recall was just like “inertia”.

Soon, Chen Dong’s face turned pale and his lips turned purple.

The pain was so intense that it seemed to be tearing his head apart inch by inch.

It was so painful that he could not breathe.

No matter how much Chen Dong controlled his breathing, his chest heaving violently, the air in his lungs, however, was still being squeezed out rapidly.

The intense suffocation made it seem as if he was drowning in water at this point.



Chen Dong’s eyes snapped open round, his scarlet orbs covered in blood, but at this moment his eyes were filled with astonishment and horror.

This moment of trance was like being slowed down in time.

In his blank mind, something suddenly came to him.

It was as if a dot of ink had suddenly appeared on a blank piece of paper.

And, the ink dot was being enlarged at great speed in this instant, getting bigger and bigger and clearer and clearer.

Was this a memory from before ……?

In a trance, Chen Dong even forgot about the huge pain like a thousand cuts on his body, and forgot about the intense suffocation as if he was drowning.



In his mind, that little thing was zooming in and out extremely fast ……

Gradually, it became clearer.

It was a human figure.

A blurred figure that, as it zoomed in, seemed to be coming from a thousand miles away, across the void, to his nearness.

Who was it?

At this moment, Chen Dong felt as if time had been frozen.

There was complete silence around him, as if he had instantly entered into an extremely strange state.

Bang Bang Bang ……

He could hear the sound of his heart beating faster, and this was the only sound he could hear in his current state.

In his mind, the figure was rapidly drawing closer.

But Chen Dong still felt very slow.



Chen Dong shouted loudly in his mind, as the figure drew closer, his consciousness gradually blurred.

It was a race against time!

And time, was only frozen in this instant.

The silhouette zoomed in fast and became clear quickly.

But compared to the speed of Chen Dong’s blurred consciousness, it was still too slow after all!

In his anxiety, Chen Dong finally saw the figure, although he could not see his face, he could tell from the outline that it was a woman.

Who was it?

Who the hell is it?

Chen Dong kept shouting in his heart, and at this moment, it was as if he was in a frenzy.

The silhouette of the woman was rapidly becoming clearer.

Only, just when Chen Dong was about to see the silhouette’s face clearly.


The door of the room was suddenly pushed open heavily.

And the loud sound was like a thunderclap.

Chen Dong’s body shook, and his precarious consciousness was like a flood of water.

Before he could see what he looked like, Chen Dong’s eyes closed and he pa*sed out.

But while he was unconscious, his mouth murmured, “Little Shadow ……”

This sound was extremely subtle.

It even made the two guards who pushed the door and rushed in, didn’t even hear it.

And the moment that had just been recalled, described as long, was in fact extremely brief.

“What’s wrong?”

The two guards entered the room and saw the scene in front of them and were instantly shocked.

In particular, where Wu Gang had fallen, there was a large amount of blood flowing from his head, which caused a strong smell of blood to waft through the air.

After two seconds of shock, the two guards ran towards Chen Dong and Wu Gang respectively.

“What the hell is going on here? How did it become like this when you came in to enlighten the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body?”

While lamenting, the guards hurriedly checked Chen Dong’s injuries.

As Chen Dong pa*sed out, his memories came to an abrupt end and his immense pain disappeared. Although his face was still white and his lips were purple, his breathing was gradually stabilising.

After making sure that Chen Dong was not seriously injured, the watchman let out a long breath.

But before he could fully exhale the breath in his chest, his companion behind him, who was in a state of panic, said in a trembling voice.

“Dead, dead, Military Master Wu …… is dead!”


The trembling and low voice, at this moment, but like a big thunder explosion in this secret room.

“Quickly, report this immediately, we can’t hide this matter!”

The guard who was checking Chen Dong’s injuries looked terrified and immediately decided, “One is a new noble who entered the Wolf House in a day, and the other is an evergreen in the Wolf House, a one-man army master, this kind of thing must be reported to the king immediately, otherwise if we are blamed, you and I will not say we will stay in the Wolf House, perhaps …… perhaps will be sent down with a great crime!”

The guards crouching beside Wu Gang’s lips mumbled, subconsciously wanting to say something, but swallowed the words back into their stomachs.

They were the guards of this chamber, their positions were important, and they even had the great benefit of being able to sneak into this chamber at any time to enlighten the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body.

However, no matter how important the position was, it was no more important than a heavenly man who entered the Heavenly Wolf Academy for one day and a sole warlord, and the evil consequences of such a tragedy could not afford to happen to them!