Skillful Guard Chapter 1255

Oz was excited.

Although Gusuke and the others hadn’t moved at all, it didn’t affect his good mood though. He hurried to the airport early the next morning and shortly afterwards a private plane from Penghay slowly landed, which was carrying his distinguished guests.

It was not long before.

At the passenger exit of the airport, a cold, beautiful woman wearing a pair of sunglasses slowly walked out.

Behind her was a stout man, also wearing a pair of sunglasses, whose eyes were habitually scanning the surroundings, checking for any possible danger.

“Ms Su Hanxia, you are as beautiful as the rumours say!”

Oz’s shouted excitedly.

He hurried up and was about to shake hands.

But Su Hanxia didn’t even look at him and went straight ahead. Os sarcastically withdrew his hand and didn’t dare to show any displeasure, after all, this woman was now the God of Wealth and he didn’t dare to offend her.

“Mr. Su is very busy.” The man said flatly, “Don’t waste time, lead the way in front.”

“Okay, okay!” Oz nodded hastily and said, “I wonder what the gentleman’s name is?”

“Your surname is Lei.” Lei Lao-Ba said indifferently.

“Ms. Su, Mr. Lei, please! Please!”

Oz hurriedly trotted two steps ahead to lead the way.

The overall area of the island of Elland was not large, and it was not ranked among the Pacific Islands, and its economy was also sloppy, so the local government was in dire need of foreign investment to be brought in, and the Sunshine Times Group was willing to put up an initial investment of 500 million dollars for the construction of an island resort, which naturally made it get the full support of most of the islanders, and Os, who had a not insignificant area of land on the island, would also be the most direct beneficiary.

The scenic tour bus was already ready.

Oz himself drove the tour bus, and on the way he introduced the advantages of Elland Island.

Su Hanxia was silent all the way, and it was mostly up to Lui Laohao to communicate with Os, and the content of the exchange was only to seek greater benefits for his side.

And Lei Lao-Ba stood to one side, scanning the surroundings.

“How many people are there?” Su Hanxia finally spoke, her voice a little icy.

Lei Lao-Ba said, “There are seven nearby.”

“Can you deal with them?” Su Hanxia asked.

Under his sunglasses, Lei Lao Bajie’s gaze flickered and said, “There is no problem with the others except for one sickly man.”

“Good, follow the plan, leave no one behind!”

Su Hanxia said grimly.

Lei Lao-Ba was silent for a while before saying, “No problem.”

What Su Hanxia wanted to deal with was the Seventh Search Section, for the past three years she had been thinking of ways to suppress the Seventh Search Section all the time, relying on her cooperation with Bai Jie, she had already achieved remarkable results, and this trip to Elland Island was the action she wanted to close the net.

The old man didn’t want her to come forward.

But he also understood that Su Hanxia must see those people die with her own eyes before she would give up.

Quietly, she looked at the sea in the distance.

Su Hanxia’s gaze did not show any extra emotion.

“Xiao Ya will be home in the next two days.” Lei Lao-Ba suddenly said.

Su Hanxia said, “Hasn’t she gone to inspect Dayu’s tomb?”

Lei Laobach shrugged and said, “It seems that she encountered some problems, but she was not injured and was asked by the state to keep it a secret.”

“En.” Su Hanxia nodded reassuringly and said, “Then let’s settle things over here as soon as possible, and let’s hurry back to our country as well.”

She had just spoken at this moment.

Suddenly she felt a movement in her heart, as if something dusty had been opened up for a long time, which made her panic a little and anxiously get up to look around, Lei Lao Ba gazed at her and said, “What’s wrong?”

Su Hanxia did not say anything.

She just left her spot and kept quickening her pace, she felt as if something very important to her was on this island, which made her a little overwhelmed, but anxious to know what it was, Lei Lao-Ba frowned and hurriedly followed her.

On reaching an area of rather dilapidated housing buildings.

A murmur of voices suddenly rang out.

Su Hanxia and the two of them had just arrived at a spot.

Instead, they were seeing a somewhat unkempt man facing a 13 or 14 year old girl, a dagger in his hand, his gaze full of grimness and lust.


Su Hanxia cried out in alarm.

Lei Lao-Ba was also wide-eyed.

The cute girl who was about to be robbed by the scruffy man was not Xiao Ling’er, who was treated like a treasure in the palm of her hand, or who else?

Just how did this little girl appear here?

Su Hanxia’s face was as cold as frost, annoyed with Xiao Ling’er for sneaking in and angry with the bold robber at the same time.

With a flick of his wrist, a flying knife fell right into his hand, and he said in a cold voice: “Put her down and get out, I’ll leave you alive!”

“Cut the crap!”

The robber was bold, although he was a bit afraid of Lei Laobai’s aura, but seeing that both Su Hanxia and Lei Laobai were worth a lot of money, he became greedy: “Money! I want money! Or I’ll kill her!”

“Auntie Hanxia!”

Xiao Ling’er’s neck was tightly strangled and her little face turned red.

“Let her go, you can have the money!” Su Hanxia said in a cold voice.

“Hey, hey, bring it then!” This robber is a repeat offender, full of experience, vigilantly looking at Lei Laobai at the same time, but the force of the hand is not seen to weaken, said: “I want to see the money in the shortest possible time, or I guarantee that this little girl will die a miserable death!”

“You want to die!”

Lei Lao Bajie gritted his teeth and his gaze was chilly.

When the robber saw this, the force on his hand was violently increased, causing Xiao Ling’er to roll her eyes, unable to utter a single word.

Su Hanxia was a little anxious, then took off the watch on her wrist and threw it over, saying in a cold voice: “This watch is worth three million dollars, let her go!”

The robber licked his lips.

But shamelessly, he said, “It looks like you’re rich, I’ve changed my mind, I want her to live, you come over and change her.”

Lei Lao-Ba’s face turned black.

Su Hanxia naturally did not hesitate and took a big step forward.

The robber was instantly ecstatic, a sinister glint in his eyes: “Su Hanxia, Su Hanxia, sooner or later you’ll be one of my Seventh Search Section!”

Seeing that Su Hanxia was already close, he gave a wicked laugh and threw Xiao Ling’er towards Lei Laohao while rushing towards Su Hanxia, but just as he was about to grab Su Hanxia, a surging force came from his abdomen, and then his whole body flew backwards, and in mid-air, he could only vaguely see a long-haired man wearing a bronze mask standing in front of Su Hanxia.