Skillful Guard Chapter 1254

The Seventh Search Section is having a hard time.

Although they have been handling some non-ordinary cases and have a high status within Interpol, they have not solved a single case in the past three years, but have instead caused a lot of trouble, and so far there are at least a hundred unsolved international cases with which they have no connection.

The high ranking officers of Interpol have begun to weaken the power of the Seventh Search Section, and so far they have been sidelined.

This is definitely an extremely serious crackdown on Kusuke.

Pacific Islands.

Elland Island.

This is where the headquarters of the 7th Search Section is located today.

They have had to move from the beautiful Rhône to a small island with a second-rate economy, where they have no choice but to run a rented hotel to keep the Section afloat.

The top floor of this not-so-glamorous hotel.

Inside the meeting room.

Yan Haoming slapped his palm on the table and said in exasperation, “This damned Bai Jie!”

The faces of the others in the meeting room were not very good.

Xu Nuo had a cold, clear face, while Gusuke still wore his felt hat and had a cigar in his mouth, while behind Gusuke stood a man clutching a katana, this man had a bland aura, but there was always a trembling power deep in his eyes, only the inner essence was too much depleted, so he must be the top expert of the seventh search section, Gatekeeper.

Yan Hao Ming gritted his teeth and said, “This Bai Jie is simply too deceitful, the world around the crime not only, dirty water is constantly thrown on us, simply can not stand, should be killed as soon as possible, otherwise the world will be his disaster!

Gu Suke’s face was gloomy.

Of course he wanted to kill Bai Jie.

But if he could f*cking kill, why would he need to hold back for three years?

It’s not that he hadn’t acted in the past three years, but each time he had failed, and he had also lost troops, resulting in the entire Seventh Search Section having less than half of the men it had used at its peak.

“We can’t find him at all.” Xu Nuo said in a deep voice, “Almost every time he has fallen for his schemes, this time he has started committing crimes in America, I suggest it is better not to get involved.”

The men in the conference room could only nod despite their reluctance.

Gusuke’s face became even more ugly.

He took a deep puff of his cigar, swept a glance at the crowd and was about to speak when the door of this meeting room was suddenly opened and several people’s faces darkened as they looked over.

What appeared was an authentic local man with somewhat reddened skin from years of sun exposure.

He was the holder of this building, Os.

To be precise, he is the landlord of the seventh search section.

If Os were normally stared at like this, he would have pissed himself in fear, but at the moment he was smiling and not much alarmed.

The gloom in Kusuke’s eyes flickered away, and without getting up, he said, “What can I do for you, Mr. Oss?”

“My dear Mr. Gusuke.” Os hemmed and hawed and said, “I have to inform you of some not-so-good news.”

“What news!” Yan Haoming asked without good humour.

Oz hemmed and hawed, “A big money maker has come from Penghai in China and wants to buy this building of mine to build the Elland Island Resort, oh it’s simply supported by everyone and I really can’t even refuse the price she’s offered, so I have to regretfully inform you that it’s time for you to move.”

Gusuke’s eyes flashed coldly.

Yan Haoming, on the other hand, said angrily, “Os, what did you say!”

Os shrugged and said, “I’ve said everything I need to say, you’d better move out tomorrow because the sooner you move, the more money I’ll make!”

With that, he was about to leave.

Only before he could take two steps, he felt a great force drag him into the conference room and his whole body fell to the floor, while the doorman was looking at him grimly, he shivered and then said discontentedly, “What do you want!”

“Os, we’ve been working together for a while now.” Gusuke crouched down, smiling and looking amiable, but there was a knife in his smile as he said, “It hurts when you do that.”

Oz said unhappily, “Hurt people’s feelings? You guys don’t even pay enough damn rent for me to play a round in the casino, so it makes sense that I’d sell it now! Gusuke, don’t you forget that your lease is long over, it’s clearly written in the contract!”

Yan Haoming was furious and kicked Osho, cursing, “Bastard, do you know what we do? The Seventh Search Section! It’s to keep world peace!”

Oz’s face was unpleasant as he felt the pain and said, “The Seventh Search Section? The Seventh Section that hasn’t solved a single case in three years?”

That wasn’t really what he wanted to hear from Kusuke and the others.

Yan Haoming was so angry that he wanted to punch him, but Gusuke waved his hand and then said with a smile, “Naos, can you tell me who is trying to buy this place? You’d better not lie to me, or the doorman’s knife isn’t for dinner.”

The doorman also pulled out his katana in a demonstrative manner.

Os swallowed and squeezed a smile out of his face, “Penghai Sunshine Times Group, Su Hanxia.”

The crowd’s faces turned ugly again.

Of course they were familiar with this woman, three years ago they had gone to great lengths to get this woman’s man under control, and Gusuke had thought more than once that once he had succeeded three years ago, he wouldn’t have had to end up in this situation today.

He got up and sat down in his chair.

Yan Haoming, on the other hand, kicked Os out and cursed, “Get out!”

Os was scared and hurriedly slipped away, but before he left he still didn’t forget to say, “You’d better move out for me tomorrow! Or don’t blame me for being rude!”

“That bastard!”

Yan Haoming regretted not beating him up, and then said, “Teacher, what now?”

A flash of viciousness passed through Gu Suke’s eyes, “Control Su Hanxia!”

Xu Nuo frowned slightly and said, “Teacher, this is not good, right? Su Hanxia doesn’t have one.”

“Shut up!”

Gu Suke barked.

Xu Nuo had to lower his head.

And Yan Haoming was busy saying, “Xu Nuo, you have to understand, Su Hanxia is Qin Hai’s woman, she must also have a lot of blood on her hands, we are removing the evil for the people!”

“What Hao Ming said is good, and we are also doing it for the Seventh Search Section.” Gusuke got up and said, “Xu Nuo, get ready, I don’t want to see any mistakes again, as long as we control her, all our funding problems will be solved!”

Xu Nuo bit his lip and after a struggle, nodded.

Yet that was also the time.

Wearing a black jade dragon patterned brocade robe, with his long hair casually tied behind his head, Qin Hai stepped onto Ailan Island, his bronze mask in his hand as he licked his lips, “I’ve come to take revenge!”