Skillful Guard Chapter 1256

Lei Lao-Ba narrowed his eyes.

His instincts told him that this suddenly appearing, oddly dressed, masked man was strong, so strong that he could not possibly match him, for he had not even noticed his appearance.

Holding Xiao Ling’er, who had passed out, in his arms, Qin Hai looked at his favourite lover and his gaze was full of softness.

Su Hanxia’s heart trembled.

That mysterious ancient mask hid what seemed to be the most familiar to her, but it was just that she could not feel what exactly this most familiar was, as if something was holding her back.

“Who are you!”

She took a step back, a wary look in her eyes, and looked at Xiao Ling’er in his arms with concern.

Without speaking, Qin Hai handed Xiao Ling’er over, and after Su Hanxia caught it, he leapt up and landed behind the roof of a side building, disappearing without a trace in a flash.

Su Hanxia bit her lips tightly.

But her eyes were already full of tears at some point.

Lei Laobach hurriedly went up and took a look at Xiao Ling’er and found that she was only sleeping, while as for the robber, his eyes were now wide open and he was already dead!

“Is everything alright?”

Lei Lao-Ba asked in a deep voice.

Su Hanxia collected her tears, shook her head, and said, “It’s fine.”

“Let’s leave this place first.” Lei Lao-Ba said in a cold voice, “This robber doesn’t look like an ordinary robber, it could be arranged by people from the Seventh Search Section to deal with us.”

Lei Lao-Ba’s guess was accurate.

This was indeed someone from the Fourth Search Section.

Su Hanxia’s gaze was gloomy, then he nodded, then carried Xiao Ling’er and left the place, saying as he walked, “Inform Liu Hong to check for me, check anyone who has been close to Ling’er, but anyone who has suspicions will be tortured severely!”


Lei Lao-Ba answered.

And just after they exited this place, the Seventh Search Section naturally got the news, and Gu Suke looked at Yan Haoming, who had been sent to follow Su Hanxia before, with an unkind gaze, puffed on his cigar and said, “You mean, it failed?”

Yan Haoming shivered, and then nodded, “Yes.”


Gu Suke barked a curse.

But soon took another deep breath to ease his irritation, tapping his fingers around on the desktop, Yan Haoming said carefully, “Teacher, give me one more chance, I will personally take action and definitely take down Su Hanxia tonight!”

“Shut up!” Gu Jie coldly bellowed.

Yan Haoming shrank his neck.

Gu Jie added: “Do you think Su Hanxia is stupid? Or do you think that Lei Laobach is missing a string in his head? Anyone with a bit of brains should know that they will only fall into the enemy’s trap during the operation!”

Yan Haoming was humiliated and did not dare to get angry, saying, “But teacher, we don’t have many chances.”


Gu Su Hanxia is confident in herself, but this confidence is enough for me to defeat her! Stay put for now and keep an eye on her, I want to see what tricks a dead woman can play!”

Gusuke’s intention was simple: plan before you act, strike afterwards.

The Seventh Search Section also ceased to have any conflict with Su Hanxia, and instead turned to other channels to start collecting information on Su Hanxia.

It was late into the night.

Only then did Gusuke stretch out, he straightened the felt hat on his head and left the office, he was currently living in a residential area not far from the hotel, because he had lost his power and had a lot of enemies, so his family had received it and had ordered a lot of people to protect it in secret.

Pushing the door in.

Gusuke took off his coat and hung it on the coat rack, and without disturbing his sleeping family, walked towards his study.

Only just as he reached the door.

His pupils suddenly plummeted for a moment.

Only because in the study sat an eccentric person.

Dressed in a brocade robe, his long hair casually draped behind his head, wearing a bronze mask on his face, he was sitting at the desk in a dignified manner, with a light air, as if the whole person had stepped out of a painting, and Gusuke’s right hand was already pressed on the revolver at his waist, his gaze fixed.

“Do you ever regret it?” The voice rang out quietly.

Gusuke narrowed his eyes, “Who is your Excellency!”

“Oh? Don’t remember me?” A playful voice came out of Qin Hai’s mouth as he slowly got up and walked to the window sill, looking at Gu Suke whose wary forehead was already breaking out in cold sweat, and said, “It’s only been three years.”

Gusuke raised his shoulders slightly and said, “Who the hell are you! What the hell do you want!”

“I don’t dare to talk about your business, but I do want to kill you.” Qin Hai said softly.

He had long been ready to fire, and after hearing these words, he drew his revolver with great speed, and bang, bang, bang, six bullets were fired in six directions in the shortest possible time.

He was very confident about these shots.

Almost all the dodging routes of the strange man in front of him were blocked.

So he changed his bullets quite unhurriedly.

But soon, his hand suddenly trembled, just because he saw that the strange man seemed to have no intention of dodging, allowing several bullets to hit his body, a burst of clanking sound came, the bullets seemed to hit the steel plate, and then fell on the floor one after another.

Gusuke was scared.

There was fear in his gaze.

He did not understand just how powerful the man in front of him was, but he understood that being able to resist a bullet shot with his physical body was definitely not something he could shake, so he could only hope that the sound of the shot would draw in the nearby members of the Seventh Search Section.

“Want to wait for someone?” Qin Hai asked indifferently, “I can give you time.”

Cold sweat slowly trickled down Gusuke’s face.

By saying this, the man in front of him was making it clear that the members of the search section hiding in the shadows around him were already dead.

He gulped and said, “Who the hell are you!”

Qin Hai smiled playfully, then took off his mask and said, “It’s only been three years, Gusuke, you really haven’t grown at all.”

Look at that familiar face.

Gu Suke was finally afraid.

It was fear from his soul, and he took a step backwards and said with a shudder, “Impossible! I clearly watched you die!”

“There are no absolutes in all things.” Qin Hai Hai played with the mask in his hand and said, “Do you think so?”

Gu Suke’s face muscles trembled for a moment before he took a deep breath and said, “Qin Dahai, I really didn’t expect this, but you should understand that once the news of your non-death gets out, you will only face the strangulation of countless people, so cooperate with me! I guarantee that you can become the strongest killer that doesn’t exist!”

“I just like someone as stubborn as you, because it would be a relief to kill.” Qin Dahai gave a fierce laugh, and his tone gradually turned ghastly, “Including killing your entire family!”

Gu Suke’s eyes suddenly went wide and he roared in a near-roar, “They are innocent!”

“Who knows?”

Qin Hai asked rhetorically.

Gu Suke’s whole body trembled, especially when he smelled a pungent smell of blood coming from behind him, despair had swept through his whole body.