Martial Champion Chapter 462

Especially Xu Zhongyu, when he saw the Boundary Qingming at this moment, he could fully imagine what would happen if he fought with Chu Feng .

However, a year ago, his strength was clearly far above Chu Feng’s, yet a year later, he had been left so far behind by Chu Feng, a fact that was truly somewhat devastating.

However, even though this fact was hard to accept, the people of the Boundary Spirit Guild were all happy for Chu Feng and were happy about it.

After all, in the end, Chu Feng was also a member of his Realm Spirit Guild, and they were naturally very willing for such a genius as Chu Feng to appear in the Realm Spirit Guild.

Therefore, the four patriarchs were the most disturbed at the moment, as they had a deep grudge against Chu Feng, and had long since reached the point where it was either you or me, and Chu Feng’s unbelievable battle power and growth rate were obviously not good for them.

“En, still underestimated the sturdiness of this Thorn Armor of yours, it seems that some more strength is needed.” As soon as Chu Feng spoke, he raised his hand once more and brought down another axe, smashing down on Boundary Green Meditation’s body once more, causing Boundary Green Meditation to spurt out another large mouthful of blood.

“Chu Feng, you kid don’t have to be arrogant, Young Master Boundary Qingming, is that something you can also touch?”

Finally, the Four Great Patriarchs stepped in, naturally they would not let Boundary Qingmedi be killed by Chu Feng in front of them, after all, Boundary Qingmedi had come out with them, if anything happened to Boundary Qingmedi, they would all have to eat their words as well.

“Boom,” but at that moment, a majestic aura suddenly surged out beside Chu Feng, and a mass of blue flames erupted from Zhang Tianyi’s body.

At the same time, Zhang Tianyi arrived in front of the four Patriarchs with a single movement of his body, a powerful might that shook the heavens and the earth, directly crushing the four Patriarchs to their knees, their bodies trembling with fear, unable to support themselves, and even unable to stand up.

“When others are fighting, it’s best to watch quietly, in vain, each of you is still a Patriarch, but you actually don’t even know such a little rule?”

Zhang Tianyi looked at the four Patriarchs at his feet with contempt, even the Old Ancestor of Sword God Valley was not his match in a normal fight, let alone these four Patriarchs.

“Zhang Tianyi, you, you, you have cultivated the Forbidden Mystic Technique?”

The four Patriarchs were not vegetarians either, and with a glance, they could see that Zhang Tianyi’s blue flames were not an ordinary martial skill, but a forbidden means, otherwise it would not be possible to have such a terrifying might.

“Forbidden Xuan Gong? Doesn’t that kind of thing exist in legends, could this kind of **really exist in the world?” And after hearing the words of the four Patriarchs, the juniors of the Realm Spirit Guild could not help but be astonished.

Chu Feng was already terrifying enough, but to think that this Zhang Tianyi was even more terrifying than Chu Feng, to be able to suppress the four Sovereign-level figures and bring them to their knees.

“Senior brother Zhang, don’t talk nonsense with them, these people issued wanted notices and went around hunting Chu Feng in the first place, it’s time to make them pay today.”

Just then, Zi Ling slowly walked over, and her purple eyes had emerged, her body lingering with purple Qi flames.


As soon as she saw her purple eyes flash, the purple Qi flames on her body transformed into a ferocious beast and swallowed the Patriarch of the Yuan Gang Clan in one bite.

“Wooah ~~~~~~~~~~~~”

At this moment, within the purple Qi flames, there were constant heart-breaking screams from the Yuan Gang Clan’s Patriarch, and when the screams ended and the purple Qi flames subsided, the Patriarch of the Yuan Gang Clan was only a bloody skeleton, having lost all his vitality.

“You, you, you devil woman!!!” Seeing this scene, the Fire God Sect Master, the Prosperous Valley Master, and the White Tibetan Sect Master all panicked as they seemed to see their own downfall on the bloody skeleton of the Yuan Gang Sect Master.

“Sister-in-law, Senior Brother Chu Feng’s enemies are my Zhang Tianyi’s enemies, so let me leave the rest of these people to me, Zhang Tianyi.”

Just then, Zhang Tianyi smiled faintly, and then the blue flames that lingered around him spilled out in all directions, drowning all three Patriarchs, as well as the experts from the four great powers and the Boundary Clan in just the blink of an eye.

The flames rushed and surged up and down, and amidst the screams of misery, all these people who were previously arrogant and domineering were refined by Zhang Tianyi’s blue flames, and not even a single scrap remained.

“Gollum.” At this moment, that Realm Qingming, who was still lying in front of Chu Feng and already heavily injured, was also dumbfounded, so frightened that he could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva backwards, his pale face covered with beads of sweat, even the four Patriarchs had been killed so easily, let alone him.

As expected, at that moment, the Shura Ghost Axe in Chu Feng’s hand was finally raised again, and this time, layers of blood-red flames lingered around the black Shura Ghost Axe, and the aura it emitted was several times stronger than before.

“Boundary Qing Hei, it’s time to end it.”


With those words, the Shura Ghost Axe in Chu Feng’s hand fell down violently, and with a “poof” sound, the Shura Ghost Axe had already split Boundary Qingying into two halves, and this Boundary Qingying, who was known as the first genius of the Kyushu Continent, had died in Chu Feng’s hands.

“Oh my god, this ……”

Seeing such a scene, the juniors of the Boundary Spirit Guild were all in cold sweat, feeling chills down their backs, because the methods of Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Zhang Tianyi were all really ruthless enough, so ruthless that they could only marvel at them, because they were also among the juniors, but this was not something they could do, and they had finally seen what the strongest of the younger generation truly was.

The real strongest of the younger generation is not the one who dominates the younger generation, but the one who is able to face the older generation’s former masters and meet them calmly and even kill them mercilessly.

The three of them, Chu Feng, Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi, were clearly the true strongest of the younger generation.


And after decapitating Boundary Qingdi with a single strike, Chu Feng probed his hand and grabbed it, and two objects flew out from Boundary Qingdi’s body, one being a Qiankun pouch, and the other being a blood-red armor.

The armor was an inner armor, not very large, but exquisite.

At the moment, although a large opening had been broken open, it was being sewn back together automatically, and such a special treasure was naturally that strange weapon, the Thorn Armour.

Chu Feng unceremoniously took the Boundary Qingming’s Qiankun Pouch, as well as the Thorn Armour into his pocket, and only after doing so did Chu Feng ask Vice President Gao, as well as Xu Zhongyu Gu Bo and the others, “Vice President Gao, how is the battle going now? How did you all end up here?”

“Ai, this is really hard to say.” Vice President Gao was filled with helplessness, and then told Chu Feng what had happened.

“It turns out that the Boundary Clan’s ancestor has come out of seclusion, no wonder it has forced the Boundary Spirit Guild to such a state.” After learning what had happened, even Chu Feng’s brow furrowed, feeling that the situation was indeed not good at the moment.

“At that moment, a monstrous sound suddenly came from the sky, and as this sound rang out, an extremely dazzling light blossomed in the direction of the Boundary Spirit Guild, and even the great enemy trembled slightly.

“It’s not good, that Boundary Clan ancestor is too strong, if this continues, the boundary of my Boundary Spirit Guild will definitely be broken open by him.” Seeing this scene, the Boundary Spirit Guild’s vice-president’s brows were locked and a worried look covered his face.

At the same time, all the people of the Boundary Spirit Guild were all very nervous, because the people fighting there were all their relatives, friends and family members.

“Swish” At that moment, Chu Feng swung his axe and chopped off the head of Qingming and took it in his hand.

He then said to Vice President Gao and the others, “Lord Vice President, you should take them away from here first, and as for the Guild side, I, Chu Feng, will do my best to guard it.”


With those words, Chu Feng flew up, and at the same time, Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi followed suit, and after the three of them entered the Ling Ling Chariot, they swept off in the direction of the Boundary Spirit Guild.

Looking at Chu Feng’s departing back, Vice President Gao’s eyes flashed, his face full of complexity, thinking that when Chu Feng was in a place of danger, his Boundary Spirit Guild had not gone all out to protect him.

But now, when his Boundary Spirit Guild was in danger, Chu Feng had defied the odds to protect his Boundary Spirit Guild, and that kind of guilt was something that only they, the senior members of the Boundary Spirit Guild, could understand.