Martial Champion Chapter 463

The Boundary Spirit Guild, a powerful and transcendent power, has now opened its strongest defensive boundary, which seals the sky above and the earth below, isolating it from the outside world.

This boundary formation is the result of the efforts of the ancestors of the Boundary Spirit Guild, and now that it has been activated by countless Boundary Spirit Masters, its defensive power is truly beyond imagination.

However, beyond the Boundary Formation, there is another formation that rises up to the sky, a cracking formation, which is so spectacular that it rises up from the ground, forming a huge hammer with majestic boundaries, which is swinging in the air, constantly striking the impenetrable Boundary Formation.

Every time the hammer fell, a sound even more piercing than thunder would be heard, and even the Boundary Formation, which was made up of countless boundaries intertwined together, trembled violently.

If things continued like this, it was only a matter of time before the boundary formation was smashed by this huge hammer.

Underneath the hammer stood a crane-haired old man, his black clothes were windless, his eyes tightly closed and his expression grave, as he exerted all his strength to break the formation.

He was the great genius who had astonished Kyushu a hundred years ago, and now, after nearly a hundred years of seclusion, he had once again emerged from the world and had finally entered the seventh level of Heavenly Martial Arts, the Boundary clan’s ancestor, Boundary World.

“It’s not good, Lord President, if this continues before the great formation is broken, my Boundary Spirit Guild will already be nearly half dead and injured.” Inside the Boundary Spirit Guild, several elders in power surrounded a white-haired old man who was none other than the Boundary Spirit Guild’s president.

The Boundary Spirit Guild leader, who had just come out from his old ancestor’s retreat, saw that the Great Formation was being destroyed bit by bit by the Boundary World, and those Boundary Spirit Guild experts who had activated the Great Formation were unable to resist the power of the Boundary World, many of them were already spitting blood and losing their battle power, and some even died outright.

“Let everyone continue to hold on, the old ancestor is about to come out, just hold on for one more hour.” The Boundary Spirit President said.

“One hour? At this rate, I’m afraid we won’t be able to hold on for even half an hour.” The elders were filled with difficulty.

“We have to hold on even if we can’t, if we hold on, my Boundary Spirit Guild will be saved, if we can’t hold on and the great formation is broken open, my Boundary Spirit Guild will perish.” The Guild Leader was furious, and with a swift movement of his body, he actually joined the formation that was urging the Great Formation.

Faced with this situation, all the elders had no choice but to follow suit and join the formation to activate the Great Formation.

However, the Boundary Hammer of the World was too fierce, and it was already the trend to break the formation, so even if the President of the Boundary Spirit Guild joined the formation to activate the formation, it was still difficult to remedy the situation.

“Hmph, Boundary Spirit Guild, you have been hostile to my Boundary Clan for so long, today is the day you and the others will pay the price.”

The current patriarch of the Boundary Clan, Boundary Xingpeng, sneered at the scene before him, while at the same time behind him, the old ancestor of the Fire God Sect, the old ancestor of the Yuan Gang Clan, and the old ancestors of the White Hidden Sect and the Free and Easy Valley all had smiles on the corners of their mouths.

They were at odds with the Boundary Spirit Guild, especially under the compulsion of the Boundary Clan, and had long been at odds with the Boundary Spirit Guild, so as soon as the boundary formation broke open, their elite army of one million would enter it and kill the Boundary Spirit Guild without leaving a trace.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom!”



But at that moment, among the million elite army of the Boundary Clan, there was a sudden roar, accompanied by several miserable screams.

When they looked back, the Boundary Star Peng and the other four power’s ancestors all changed their expressions as a chariot had already killed their army, and there were three other figures that were on a killing spree.

It was two men and a woman, Chu Feng and Zi Ling, neither of whom they were unfamiliar with, while the other young man holding the divine Wood Sword was, without even thinking about it, they already knew that it must be Zhang Tianyi.

“Boundary Spirit Guild member Chu Feng, come to guard the guild, those who dare to offend my Boundary Spirit Guild will be executed today !!!!”

Chu Feng danced with his Shura Ghost Axe, his strikes were extremely ruthless, each move must take someone’s life, he shouted while killing, and soon attracted everyone’s attention.

“This little beast, how dare he appear in front of me, see if I don’t strangle him alive to appease the spirit of my ancestors.”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, the Fire God Sect Master was the first to rage, as monstrous flames surged out, laced with the aura of a Heavenly Martial Sixth Grade, and he swept towards Chu Feng.

“Swish, swish, swish.”

At the same time, the three Elder Ancestor-level figures from the Yuan Gang Sect, the White Tibetan Sect, and the Free and Easy Valley similarly flew towards Chu Feng with great haste, and unleashed an extremely powerful attack.

“Whoever dares to touch my senior brother Chu Feng is an enemy of my Zhang Tianyi!!!”

However, before those four Elder Ancestor-level figures could get close to Chu Feng, that Zhang Tianyi, who was holding the Divine Wood Sword and emitting blue flames, stopped in front of the four Elder Ancestors and unleashed an exceptionally fierce attack.

“Damn it, this junior is only a Heavenly Martial Trio, how could he possibly possess the power to suppress us?”

At this moment, the four old ancestors, who had previously had a murderous aura, all had their faces changed drastically, as they were surprisingly powerless in the face of Zhang Tianyi at this moment, all being suppressed by Zhang Tianyi, and were even in a dangerous situation.

“Four old things, don’t be so shameless, if you want to kill my senior brother Chu Feng, you are committing a capital crime.”

Zhang Tianyi’s attack became increasingly fierce, sword light streaking up and down, flames surging in all directions, sending a patch of sky trembling continuously, the four old ancestor level figures were simply unable to resist.

“Zhang Tianyi, we have no quarrel with you, I hope that it is better for you not to interfere in today’s matter, otherwise if you alert our clan’s ancestors, even a hundred of you would not be enough to die.” Just then, the current clan chief of the Boundary Clan, Boundary Xingpeng, appeared.

Although he was also at the sixth level of Heavenly Martial Arts, he was even stronger than those four old ancestors, and the reason why he was like that was naturally because of his other identity, the powerful blue-robed Boundary Spirit Master.

But facing Zhang Tianyi, he was also apprehensive, because with his keen spiritual power, he was able to realise that Zhang Tianyi’s power was even above his.

“As I said, Senior Chu Feng’s enemy is my enemy, anyone who dares to touch my Senior Chu Feng, I, Zhang Tianyi, will kill them all, if you have the guts, ask that old ancestor of yours to fight, I, Zhang Tianyi, would also like to learn about the person who shook the continent a hundred years ago.” Zhang Tianyi snorted coldly and fiercely stabbed down with his sword.

“When he saw this, Boundary Xingpeng also changed his expression, and with a twist of his mind, he hurriedly set up ten consecutive boundaries in front of his body to resist Zhang Tianyi’s attack.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang”

However, Zhang Tianyi’s divine Wooden Sword was as powerful as a bamboo sword, and with just one stroke, it shattered the ten blue boundaries one by one, heading straight for Boundary Xingpeng’s throat.

“How is it possible, that his power is so strong to this extent?!” This time, even Boundary Star Peng panicked, as Zhang Tianyi’s power was even stronger than he had imagined, and alone, he was able to suppress him and the four old ancestors.

And right now, his Boundary Clan’s Vice President, Boundary Yan, was actually completely suppressed by Zi Ling as well, and was now in critical condition, and was screaming at him for help.

As for the remaining million elite army, although their cultivation levels were all not weak, no one was a match for Chu Feng, who was wielding the Shura Ghost Axe and was on a killing spree.

If this went on, before this Boundary Spirit Guild’s boundary was breached, their elite army, which had gathered five powers, would be destroyed by Chu Feng alone.

In this situation, the Boundary Star Peng had no choice but to list his mouth wide and roar to the heavens, shouting

“Old ancestor help !!!!!!!!”