Martial Champion Chapter 461

“Bang”, suddenly, KAI Qingming’s palm blasted out and landed hard on Xu Zhongyu’s chest.

“This palm was extremely heavy, causing Xu Zhongyu to spurt out a large mouthful of fresh blood and fall helplessly to the ground.

“At the same time, Vice President Gao was also no match for the four Sovereigns’ siege and let out a similar scream as his arm was severed.

“Lord Vice Patriarch, Brother Xu Zhongyu!!!” Seeing the two main cores being seriously injured, Gu Bo and the other juniors shouted in panic, especially some of the young women who could not withstand such a blow and were so frightened that they sobbed uncontrollably.

“Hahahahaha, cry, cry loudly, today is the end of you and the others.” The red light lingered on Kui Qing Hei’s body as he advanced closer to Gu Bo and the others while his murderous aura filled the air, generally laughing madly.

“Today is indeed the end, but it’s not theirs, it’s yours!!!” But at that moment, a loud voice suddenly exploded in the sky above.

As this voice rang out, all the people of the Realm Spirit Guild present were suddenly startled and then hurriedly turned their gazes towards the sky, and when they saw the familiar voice in the sky, they were somehow overjoyed.

The reason was that a magnificent chariot had appeared in the sky, emitting a majestic aura and was parked in mid-air.

The one in the middle was none other than Chu Feng, whom they were very familiar with, and the one next to him was naturally Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi.

“Swish, swish, swish”

Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi and Zi Ling descended from the sky with lightning speed, blocking in front of Gu Bo and the other juniors.

“Chu Feng? I never thought you would dare to appear in front of us.” Upon seeing Chu Feng, the four great sect masters all changed their expressions and gritted their teeth in anger, especially the Fire God Sect Master, whose fists were clenched so tightly that even his body was trembling, already on the verge of losing control.

At the beginning, Chu Feng had used a trick to lure him out of the Fire God Sect, then took the opportunity to dig up his Fire God Sect’s ancestral tomb, and nearly exterminated his Fire God Sect, which caused him to be severely beaten up by the Fire God Sect’s old ancestor, and imprisoned for a long time.

Now that he saw Chu Feng again, he was naturally furious and wanted to skin him, draw his tendons and drink his blood.

However, apart from the Fire God Sect Sect Master, there was another person who had an extremely strong murderous aura surging within him, and this person was not the other three sect masters, but Boundary Qing Hei.

When Chu Feng was at the Supreme Villa, Chu Feng had made a fool of him in public, and he had long held a grudge against him, and then his own beloved, Zi Ling, had taken a fancy to Chu Feng, which doubled his hatred.

Now that his beloved had appeared in front of him with Chu Feng like that, how could he bear it? The killing intent that he wanted to kill Chu Feng was monstrous, second only to the Fire God Sect Master.

And looking at those fierce people in front of him, who were overflowing with killing intent towards him, Chu Feng was not afraid, but instead smiled blandly and calmly, “All those who were chasing me at the Supreme Villa at the beginning are here, right?”

“Oh, no, no, there is still one short, one short of the Vice Clan Chief of the Boundary Clan People, but no matter, that old thing’s life will be taken by you, the future Clan Chief of the Boundary Clan People, instead, how about that?” As he spoke, Chu Feng turned his gaze towards Boundary Qingdi, that contemptuous gaze was as if Boundary Qingdi was already a person who was about to die.

“Good for you, arrogant Chu Feng, just a seventh level of Xuanwu strength, and you dare to take my life without any shame? Do you really think that you are the first genius of the Kyushu Continent?”

Boundary Qingming struck out, within this year’s time, he had already broken through from Heavenly Martial First Level to Heavenly Martial Second Level, so he was even more confident in his own strength, and when he faced the Seventh Level Xuanwu Chu Feng, he had absolute certainty that he would be able to defeat Chu Feng.

It had to be said that Boundary Qingming was indeed very strong, especially when he was wearing the Thorn Armour, that kind of aura was simply not comparable to that of an ordinary Heavenly Martial Second Level person, and the battle power he exuded now was definitely comparable to that of a Heavenly Martial Third Level person.

Unfortunately, however, he was not facing an ordinary person, but Chu Feng, who had been given the name of Heaven’s Adversary.

Many people were taken aback by the frontal attack of Boundary Qingming, and even Xu Zhongyu’s brow was furrowed.

However, Chu Feng only smiled faintly as he turned his mind and between thunderous changes, his aura instantly rose from Xuanwu Seventh Level to Xuanwu Ninth Level.

With this same hand, he clenched his right hand into a fist, and after that huge Shura Ghost Axe appeared, Chu Feng’s aura instantly became completely different.

“Get down for me.” After that, one could only see Chu Feng swing his large arm, and that Shura Ghost Axe transformed into a semicircle of black light, smashing viciously from top to bottom at that Boundary Qingming that was coming head-on.

The speed of Chu Feng’s strike was too fast and the power was too strong, so before that Qingming could react, the Shura Ghost Axe was already smashed into his body, and with a bang, he fell down in front of Chu Feng.

The powerful force fell, immediately causing a ripple, causing a deep crater to appear on the surface of the ground.

At that moment, Chu Feng was standing in the centre of the deep pit, and the Realm Qingming was lying in front of him, with the light of his Thorn Armour lingering on his body, while on his back was Chu Feng’s Shura Ghost Axe.

“Damn.” With the defensive power of the Thorn Armor, Boundary Qing Hei only had blood at the corner of his mouth and was not fatally injured, and was currently propping his hands up on the ground, trying to struggle to stand up.

“This Thorn Armor of yours is really a good defensive artifact, but unfortunately, if I wanted to break it, it really wouldn’t be able to stop me.”

Chu Feng smiled coldly, and then the Shura Ghost Axe in his hand was raised again, and then it fell down again with a bang, and the Boundary Qingming, who had yet to get up, was once again smashed down by Chu Feng.

“This time, a large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out of Qingdi’s mouth, and even the red, indestructible Thorny Armour was about to shatter with large cracks appearing on his back.

Seeing such a scene, almost everyone present, except for Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi, was dumbstruck.

Who was Kui Qingming, that was the future patriarch of the Kui Clan, a Heavenly Martial Second Level expert, a genius who carried a strange weapon.

Such a figure, to be in front of Chu Feng, did not even have the chance to fight back, and could only lie on the ground like a dog, this was really hard for people to accept.

Although rumours about Chu Feng’s heavenly battle prowess had long resounded across Kyushu and was not something unusual, when those of them, who had long been acquainted with Chu Feng, actually saw such heavenly prowess in Chu Feng, they would still feel incredible.

They were shocked, not only by Chu Feng’s heaven defying battle power, because they had long known, and were even familiar with, this about Chu Feng.

What they were shocked at was this unbelievable growth rate of Chu Feng, after all, a year ago, Chu Feng was simply unable to contend with characters of the Heavenly Martial Realm.

But a year later, people at the second level of Heavenly Martial were being beaten by him like dogs, that was too astonishing.