Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1875

Only, the man’s face was not clearly seen.

It was only after this that the silver-haired man received the news that he came to China to track down Nie Wuyou.

In the demon woman’s opinion, I am afraid that Master was not willing to recognise my little sister because he was too spoilt for her.

If Little Sister pursues the matter, Master is only afraid that he will not be able to grind Little Sister down and will then reveal the truth ……

Once Little Sister knows the truth ……

The consequences are unthinkable.

“Master, then should we just leave little sister alone ……?” the demonic woman looked at the silver-haired man with a slightly puzzled expression.

It was so easy to confirm the identity of little sister and find her, should we not go and identify her ……?

Hearing this, the silver-haired man was silent for a moment before looking at the demonic woman, “What’s there to care about, your little sister should be too dashing now, with the Fearless Alliance Master sitting and a whole bunch of strong people around her to protect her.”

The demonic woman: “……” When she thought about it, it seemed to make sense.

“So …… Master, when can we meet up with our little sister?” The demonic woman spoke up.

“It’s better to wait for Wuyou to recover her own memory.” The silver-haired man let out a sigh.


At this moment, Beidou drove while looking towards Ye ÒÒ behind him, “Sister Feng, how much is that ring of yours …… worth ……?”

“Drive properly, don’t look at me.” Ye ÒÒ glanced at Beidou.

“Oh.” Helplessly, Beidou could only concentrate on driving, not daring to look towards the back again.

“The members of the Fearless Alliance who were captured by Si Bo Yi, have you found them yet?” A few moments later, Ye ÒÒ looked to the Seven Stars and the Grand Elder and the others at the side and opened her mouth to ask.

“Well, they were found.” Seven Stars said with an expressionless face and a slight nod.

“Sister Feng, our Fearless Alliance, a total of over twenty people were captured by the Heavenless Society before, and now there are only eleven left, alas, but we have reported to the police and captured Si Bo Yi and a dozen members of the Heavenless Society, so we are not at a loss, and we have taken revenge.” Beidou spoke hastily.

Hearing this from Beidou, the third elder sitting in the passenger seat, glanced at Beidou, can you f*cking stop talking about calling the police?!

“Sister Feng, we …… called the police in China to arrest Si Bo Yi …… Is this not a bit …… too humiliating ah, if the word gets out to the independent state, other forces all know that we like to call the police …… Where would we hold our faces ah?” Beidou said.

Third Elder: “……”

Hearing Bei Dou’s words, Ye ÒÒÒ glanced at Bei Dou: “What is there to be ashamed of, it was Si Bo Yi who was shameless and used firearms first, and we called the police afterwards, it’s not like we all called the police with bare hands.”

“Uh …… reasoning is that, but …… not being able to use firearms is a rule in independent states, in other countries, independent state people don’t have so many rules.” Hokuto said.

“You’re right, Si Bo Yi did not have so many rules when he arrived in China, why should we still keep the rules of the independent state …… We are now in China, the country of the rule of law ……,” Ye Ò said.

Third Elder: “When you think about it like that, it really seems to make sense.”

Seventh Star: “Hmm.”

Hokuto: “Makes sense …… I’m convinced.”

At this moment, Ye ÒÒ glanced at everyone. Brother, don’t feel ashamed, there are so many sh*ts going on now.

Soon, under the navigation of Ye ÒÒ, Beidou parked the car at the entrance of the Era of the gods.

“Mr. Ye!!!”