Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1874

“Master, have you found Little Sister?”

At this moment, an extremely demonic-looking woman slowly walked into the business car and spoke towards the silver-haired man.

At the sound of her voice, the silver-haired man nodded slightly, “Not bad ……”

“Younger sister is really the same, I just found out that she went to the independent state, I was hoping to go back and find her, but she ended up coming to China again, she can really wave.” The demonic woman laughed softly, “Master, what about junior sister?”

“Your junior sister has lost her memory …… I have not recognized her.” The silver-haired man said.

“Ah?” The demonic woman looked odd, seemingly unable to understand, “Master, why did you disown my little sister?”

“Now is not the time.” The silver-haired man shook his head, “Your little sister had already gone to the Independent State before, but she was clearly in a state of amnesia, and for some reason, she still became the Fearless Alliance Master.”

“Heh ……”

The demonic woman smiled faintly: “Master, it is not necessary to ask, the entire Independent State, although not many know that little sister Nie Wuyou is Bai Feng, but even if not many, there is  still Ji Huang  …… I do not need to think to know that it is Ji Huang that recognized little sister, Ji Huang helped little sister to restore Nie Wuyou’s identity. After all, the Nie family now has a fake Nie Wuyou, but to help the little sister restore the identity of the Fearless League master, should not be in the conversation …… Moreover, master you are not unaware that once the little sister drinks after …… I am sure that the little sister must have been drunk in the Fearless League ……”

Hearing this, the silver-haired man smiled faintly, as if he remembered the year.

Indeed, that little apprentice of his, once she drank, even if she lost her memory, I’m afraid she couldn’t stop the flood of power in her body.

“However, Wuyou is now in a state of amnesia, how do you know that she can still resemble what she once was after drinking wine?” The silver-haired man looked at the demonic woman.

The woman smiled faintly, “I met Emperor Ji once before, and he told me all the ins and outs.”

“So that’s how it is.” The silver-haired man was thoughtful, in that case, it would make sense.

If Nie Wuyou hadn’t drunk and revealed her true nature, it would have been impossible to convince the Fearless Alliance that she was Bai Feng, especially those few Fearless Alliance elders, each more shrewd than the other, there was no chance of fooling them.

“Master, how about we look for Little Sister, I miss her to death.” The demonic woman said with some urgency.

However, the silver-haired man shook his head.

It was better for Nie Wuyou’s memory to be back first …… Moreover, if they identified each other, how was he going to explain to Nie Wuyou …… what had actually happened before she lost her memory ……?

That would be too cruel for Nie Wuyou, even worse than death ……

If Nie Wuyou does not have the means to accept it, or …… does not want to recall it, it will be a demon in her heart forever.

“Master …… you worry, but that thing ……” Seeing that the silver-haired man did not say anything, the demonic woman said suspiciously.

“Not bad.” The silver-haired man sighed softly, “If we recognize each other, I will tell her everything, but now is obviously not the time.”

The demonic woman was silent for a moment, and then sighed: “I know …… junior sister blames herself, but that incident …… was not the fault of junior sister …… and It wasn’t on purpose.”

The demonic woman vaguely remembered that many years ago, Nie Wuyou sent a video call to her and Master, Nie Wuyou’s state being worse than death.

It wasn’t that Nie Wuyou was too fragile, rather, Nie Wuyou was strong enough, but anyone, who encountered that kind of thing, regardless of gender, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have the courage to continue living in this world.

It wasay the end when Nie Wuyou was chased and nearly killed, that she and her master had arrived, they vaguely saw a man, who took Nie Wuyou away from the independent state.