Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1876

The staff at the door of the Age of the Gods were full of surprise when they saw Ye ÒÒ and her group suddenly appear and immediately greeted them.

“Hello, Mr. Ye!”

“Hello.” Ye ÒÒÒ smiled faintly towards the staff.

Seeing this, the staff member looked like a dreamer and was flattered.

The Ye ÒÒ in front of her is the top boss of the Star Company!

Even for those top international superstars, it is extremely difficult to see Ye ÒÒ!

“Is Mr. Ye here?” Ye ÒÒ asked.

“Ah …… aren’t you Mr. Ye ……” The staff member was slightly stunned and blurted out, but on second thought, he felt that it was wrong and immediately changed his words “Oh …… you’re talking about Ye Mufan, Mr. Ye …… is in, I’ll take you up.”

“Good.” Ye ÒÒ nodded his head.

Soon, Ye ÒÒ came to the cafeteria of the Age of Gods under the guidance of the staff of Age of Gods.

At this moment, apart from Ye Mufan, there were Jiang Yanran, Gong Xu, Luo Chen, Han Xian Yu, and even Chu Feng, who had not been seen for a long time.

Several people were sitting at a table, eating the company’s canteen meals.

“Holy sh*t, Brother Ye!”

Gong Xu was the first to see Ye ÒÒ and stood up straight in an instant of excitement.

“ÒÒ, what brings you here?”

When he saw Ye ÒÒÒ, Ye Mufan immediately put down the half-chewed pig’s trotters and subconsciously wiped the oil and water on his hands on his body.

“I f*ck …… the suit that this Laozi just spent a lot of money on!” Looking at the oil stains on his body, Ye Mufan was filled with an expression of having eaten Xiang.

Ye ÒÒ”…… “Isn’t that oil stain …… you wiped on yourself a second ago?

“It’s all eaten up.”

At this moment, Beidou swaggered up and sat beside Jiang Yanran as if no one was there.

“Hello …… this seems to be my seat ……,” Chu Feng, who had been squeezed out of the way, stared at Bei Dou with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Seeing that it was someone brought by Ye ÒÒ, Chu Feng was not good enough to get angry.

“Which seat, your seat or my seat? You did not write your name, young man, go go go, change to another seat, right …… goddess ……” Between words, Bei Dou looked to Jiang Yanran on the side.

Jiang Yanran “……”

“Sister ÒÒÒ …… “A dumbfounded Chu Feng immediately looked towards Ye ÒÒÒ, what is the situation.

“Beidou.” Immediately, Ye ÒÒÒ glanced at Bei Dou with displeasure, other people knew Chu Feng was Jiang Yanran’s real boyfriend, the two were almost engaged, what was he doing here to get involved in the hullabaloo?

Without waiting for Beidou to say anything, Seven Stars walked up to Beidou expressionlessly and pulled him up, then looked indifferently at Chu Feng “Sit.”

After Chu Feng sat down, he still didn’t come back to his senses, what the hell is going on here ……?

“sh*t …… old seven, are you f*cking human, you actually split me and my goddess …… say, do you have eyes on my goddess!” Beidou, who was pulled up by the seven stars, was full of resentment.

“Beidou, this is Chu Feng, Jiang Yanran’s boyfriend.” Helplessly, Ye ÒÒ can only tell the truth.

Hearing this, Beidou stared at Chu Feng, his face full of astonishment and disbelief “Holy sh*t …… impossible, how is this possible ……? kid, you get up, I will fight you, let’s sign a life and death agreement ……”

At the sound of his voice, the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth twitched slightly, as if he was not quite willing to pay attention to Bei Dou.

“Holy sh*t, can you kid f*cking stop, Yanran is almost engaged, what are you making a scene about?” Ye Mufan glanced at Beidou.