Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 491-492

Chapter 491

“This is the Valley of Compulsion, it doesn’t look like it, isn’t this where the gods live?” Zhu Xiaohong got surprised.

Ye Xing said, “Let’s go down and have a look.”

As they walked down the slope, more views of the valley were seen, it was really beautiful and beautiful, and it was totally a Netflix attraction to hit.

But this place was also weird, the birds and animals were silly and didn’t know to fly away when they saw the strangers approaching.

Ye Xing immediately told Zhu Xiaohong to be careful, this place was a bit unusual.

Soon Ye Xing noticed that there was something wrong. A certain white bird had holes in its abdomen, like a beehive, which looked a bit disgusting.

Ye Xing continued to observe other birds and beasts, and soon found another rabbit with long hair, but in fact it was covered with black bulging disgusting flesh tumors, only covered by long hair, not easily noticeable.

“It’s itchy.” Zhu Xiaohong suddenly scratched all over his body.

Ye Xing turned his head and was horrified as red spots appeared on Zhu Xiaohong’s face and spread at a speed visible to the naked eye, she kept scratching her whole body with both hands, practically wanting to break her skin.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xing asked as she approached.

Zhu Xiaohong cried and shook her head, and soon her hands reached inside her skirt, and Ye Xing took a look and saw that red spots had appeared on both legs.

Ye Xing picked her up and ran towards the gra*s below, and when he reached the place he saw that Zhu Xiaohong could not stand the itchy skin and had already taken off her skirt and blouse.

At this moment, Ye Xing didn’t have the time to admire the spring glow, and looked at the red spots all over her body, which were really dense and terrifying.

Ye Xing punched his Yuan Power into Zhu Xiaohong’s body and soon found out that she was poisoned, because of her poor physique, Ye Xing was fine, she was in big trouble.

Ye Xing could only give her pills to swallow to preserve her strength, but it did not cure the poison, and Zhu Xiaohong was about to scratch her face.

Ye Xing had no choice but to knock the person unconscious, and then held her without any clue.

This place was too bizarre, there were hidden dangers everywhere.

Ye Xing arrived at the stream and was just about to get some water when he suddenly found that the river was actually densely packed with blood-sucking insects.

These blood-sucking insects spread towards him and scared Ye Xing, who turned his head and hugged a person and ran. Soon he found that all those birds and beasts by the river were actually corpses that had come here to drink water and turned into food for the blood-sucking insects, many of which still retained their former posture but had turned into empty shells.

Such a beautiful paradise so frightening, really deserves to be called the Compulsion Valley.

Ye Xing found that it was all these little insects that were responsible, but if he returned, it would take too long and Zhu Xiaohong would definitely die, but there didn’t seem to be any other people present within this valley, so how could he save her?

At the same time, in the hills outside the valley, Du Jiuniang and the others looked everywhere for the location of the Compulsion Valley, but there were hills as far as the eye could see, not a single valley at all.

They could not see the location of the Compulsion Valley at all, because this place would only reveal the entrance to the valley at certain times of the day as time went on.

Ye Xing carried Zhu Xiaohong and continued on, and the road was indeed full of weird bugs, and Zhu Xiaohong woke up again, still itching all over, and she kept scratching.

Ye Xing took a look at her neck and it was red, it would definitely not do to knock her out again.

Suddenly vines wrapped around her feet, followed by a large net that suddenly rose up from the ground, and both Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong were wrapped in it.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, when a wave of sharp arrows shot rapidly from all around.

These arrows had no arrows, they were just sharpened pieces of bamboo.

However, the strength of these bamboo arrows was so great that they could blow people through.

After the arrows were fired, a group of people dressed in fancy clothes leapt out from the side.

There were four of them, two small and two large, the youngest in her teens and the oldest in her twenties, all dressed in uniform, black skirts and short sleeves, with silver jewellery around their necks, wrists and ankles, and silver bells ringing as they walked.

These four were all women, and all were dark-skinned, decent-looking beauties, each one like a black pearl.

They grinned when they saw Ye Xing, revealing their mouths full of white teeth in a flirtatious and delicate manner, but when they saw Zhu Xiaohong, these four were extremely vicious.

“Hello guys, I am not a bad person.” When Ye Xing saw these four black beauties, he immediately started to greet them.

In fact, they weren’t particularly dark, they were considered healthy wheat coloured.

“Men stay, women kill.” The long-haired woman in her thirties gave the order.

The other three pulled out their daggers and were about to do it, but Ye Xing hurriedly stopped them, “Don’t do anything, this is my friend, you can’t kill.”

The three women did not care, and Ye Xing had no choice but to step in and block them, pushing the three black beauties, two small and one large, out of the way.

These three seemed to be enraged and let out a vicious growl, followed by another pounce.

Ye Xing screamed in agony, he was new to the city and it was really not good to kill three women right out of the gate, but these three chicks were extremely strong and were simply ancient martial artists with low cultivation levels, if he didn’t teach them a lesson, Zhu Xiaohong would be in danger.

Ye Xing ran the Tidal Wave Power and directly knocked the three away, this time the other party finally became honest.

The woman with long black hair falling to her waist narrowed her eyes and looked at Ye Xing and snarled, “You dare to hurt my sister, I won’t let you get away with it.”

“Beauty, it’s all a misunderstanding, this is my friend, you guys don’t kill her, everything is fine.” Ye Xing explained once again.

The long-haired woman considered a cold smile, “Your friend, or your wife, huh?”

“You guys can’t kill her anyway, she has this skin disease, can you cure it?”

“Hmph, she is poisoned by a compulsion, this is only the first day, tomorrow she will have to have red poisonous sores all over her body, on the third day she will have pus and then turn into a horrible monster, this extremely contagious compulsion will disfigure her even if she is cured if she is not treated urgently.” The long-haired woman laughed coldly.

Ye Xing hurriedly asked, “You know so well, you must have a way to cure her, help us, we can give you money, or whatever supplies you want, I can ask someone to send them to you.”

“This is the Valley of Compulsions, there are not many living people who can get in, we have lived here for generations, and you still want to cheat us?” The long-haired woman instantly lashed out and drew her dagger.

The other three women also came closer, extremely angry at this point.

Who knew that there was a long whistling sound in the distance, the four women looked at me, I looked at you, and finally let Ye Xing come down and carry Zhu Xiaohong back with them.

Ye Xing tore the big net with both hands and the four women were stunned to see such strength was too terrifying.

The net was made from some kind of vine in the valley, not only was it not afraid of fire, it was also extremely tough, it would take half a day to cut it with a dagger, but it was unexpectedly torn apart by Ye Xing in a few strokes, this was the legendary warrior, right?

The long-haired woman smiled shyly and looked at Ye Xing with an adoring and flirtatious face.


Chapter 492

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, he did not expect that his casual actions would make the black beauties in this valley worship so boldly, it seems that the women here should be reasonable.

Following the four women to their cottage, Ye Xing soon found that the sky had changed in the valley, and after nightfall, buzzing sounds began to come from the previously silent valley, as if there were locusts flying around.

The four women also turned pale and dragged Ye Xing back to the cottage in a hurry.

Their cottage lived inside a cave on the opposite side of the big mountain. When they entered, the stone gate was closed, but the lights were bright inside and it was not yet at all stuffy.

Ye Xing followed the four of them as they walked in the cave, and soon found that there was something else inside, extremely huge, and also met other women, each of them were surprised to see Ye Xing, and kept generating power to throw winks.

“Grandma, we’re not going to enter the daughter’s country, are we?” Ye Xing laughed in his heart.

There were more and more women behind Ye Xing, and a large group of them clustered around him and brought him to the big hall in the middle of the cave.

The floor here was covered with animal skins, stone lamps made of various animal fats were hung on the mountain walls, while there was a large air vent above, so that the whole cave was not stuffy.

Ye Xing swept a glance, and goodness, there were more than a hundred women in the hall, all of them tall, with black hair and eyes, a mouthful of white teeth and a standard appearance.

In addition their bodies were also extremely good, almost all of them were of the extremely material kind.

Ye Xing smiled awkwardly and then asked, “Ladies, please help me first, this friend of mine has been poisoned by a compulsion, is there any expert among you who can cure the poison?”

“We don’t welcome foreign women here, it’s best if she dies.”

“Throw her out, the sores will be disgusting.”

“Throw her out, throw her out ……”

All the women roared up and Ye Xing roared back, “Alright, whatever rules you have, she is my friend, if you can save her, I can give you money and things, we are all children of the jungle, give a face.”

All around them the dark-haired women coaxed laughter, and suddenly out stepped a masked young girl who was clearly of a different status, for she wore a very high silver headdress on her head and a silver necklace set with various coloured gems around her neck.

She stepped out and sat down directly in the middle of the great hall on a large animal skin chair.

The women around her closed their hands in front of them and lowered their heads, not daring to say a word.

“Outsider, women are not welcome in the rules of our Companions, you may live, but she must die.” The masked girl let out a silver bell-like voice.

At once, the surrounding women of the compulsion tribe drew their daggers and were furiously trying to kill them.

Ye Xing saw that there were many people on the other side, so if he didn’t show some tactics, I was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to scare these compulsion women.

Ye Xing smiled and drew out his dagger and threw it in mid-air, only to see that the dagger did not fall, but hovered in mid-air.

This tactic immediately made the women of the Companions scare.

The masked girl shouted coldly, “The rules of the compulsion tribe for so many years cannot be abolished, take him down for me.”

The compulsion women rushed over at once, and Ye Xing manipulated the dagger to fly in all directions, quickly slashing through and making a slit in the clothes of the front row of compulsion women.

One by one, they were shocked, after all, it would have been a breeze to slit their necks.

Ye Xing looked around and shouted, “Don’t force me, or I’m afraid you’ll have a lot of deaths and injuries today.”

The masked girl hesitated for a moment and raised her hand to stop, “Stop.”

The women of the compulsion tribe have backed away, one by one for the clothes were cut as if they did not care, Ye Xing did not dare to look more, after all, easy to get angry.

The masked girl clapped her hands and laughed, “You are indeed very powerful, we have no chance against you, of course you can disobey the rules of our compulsion clan, but for us to save her, you must become a warrior of our clan.”

“No problem, how do I do it?” Ye Xing asked.

The masked girl smiled, “Your courage and skill no longer need any test, but to become a warrior of our compulsion clan, you must be married to our compulsion clan woman.”

“Marry a woman from your place?”

“Yes. I see that you are bloodthirsty, so you should have no hidden illnesses, right?”

“I am well enough, but isn’t it too hasty? How about you help me save people first, and then we can think about such things as marriage and matrimony?”

“Even if you don’t say yes, kill all of us here and we won’t even save her.”

“Don’t get excited, I’ll just say one possibility, since I have to insist, I’m not saying no, but first of all, I’m not a single dog, I’ve been married.”

“That doesn’t matter, the way we compulsive women marry is polygamy.”

“That good?”

As soon as Ye Xing agreed, the women of the compulsion tribe all got excited and one by one they rushed to set up.

Ye Xing was taken into a stone house, while Zhu Xiaohong was also brought to the rescue by the masked girl, who promised to keep her alive.

Ye Xing could only agree, after all, it did not seem that these women of the compulsion tribe were too brutal.

Inside the stone hut, he did not know how long had pa*sed, and after Ye Xing had rested enough, he heard footsteps coming from outside the house.

Soon a slim woman walked in, her long black hair had just been washed and was still a little damp, underneath a short red skirt, underneath was a silver ornament half wrapped around her breasts.

Ye Xing looked up and his whole body was stunned, because the woman of the Companions tribe in front of him was too beautiful.

Her skin was whiter than the other women of the Companions, her eyebrows were like willow leaves, her cherry mouth was small, her jade nose and pink cheeks, her small white root arms, and she had silver ornaments hanging all over her body, making her even more rich and gorgeous.

Ye Xing recognised her and said in surprise, “Were you masked before?”

“I am the matriarch of the compulsion clan called Mi Jiao.” The young lady was a little shy.

Ye Xing, being an old hand, smiled and said, “That’s a nice name, there’s a food called millet spice, I guess it describes a beautiful girl like you, petite and red, you have an appetite when you see it, but if you swallow it in one bite, it will definitely be spicy and make your stomach hurt.”

Mi Jiao sN*ggered, “You Han Chinese are good at making women laugh.”

“That’s not true, I’m an honest man, I was just complimenting you because I saw you were so pretty.”

“You have a wife and you are still married to me, aren’t you afraid that your wife will be jealous?”

“Of course I’m afraid, but I have to save people, I can’t see any sister die, right?”

Mi Jiao leaned against Ye Xing and pursed her lips, “You’re still a good man, you married another woman to save people.”

“Of course, I can’t help myself, I can’t help it.”

Mi Jiao suddenly came up to him, Ye Xing was not expecting it, but soon did not resist, after all, such a beautiful young girl, he could still pretend to be a decent man, either there is something wrong with his body or he is a hypocrite.

The candlelight in the room swayed, and Ye Xing also exerted his life’s work. Fortunately, Mi Jiao, a young girl with little experience, could only beg bitterly for mercy.

The next morning, Ye Xing stretched out of the stone house, outside there is actually a large group of compulsion women standing, a look at him all snickered.

Ye Xing smiled awkwardly, “So early?”

“We haven’t left since, you are too bad, our clan leader almost died in your hands.”