Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 489-490

Chapter 489

The divine idea is a very high level means, unless one has a special talent, or a special cultivation technique for the divine idea to master.

This means had only been heard of and no one had ever seen it before.

Of course Ye Xing’s spiritual power was strong enough to manipulate the dagger, so for him if he obtained a special cultivation technique for divine thoughts, he might really be able to master this powerful technique.

Since they were sure that Murong Xue was in Yun Province, they all began to search for this compulsion valley, but unfortunately, after searching through the local literature and geographical information, there was no place called Compulsion Valley.

Ye Xing and the others had to go to the cultural department of the provincial capital in Yun Province to ask for advice.

A few old men in the cultural department shook their heads when they heard of the compulsion valley, but the compulsion thing, in the cloud province are only those who do not have the world’s ethnic minorities, no one has seen it, only a legend.

Ye Xing frowned, even the old man in the cultural sector do not know, it seems to find this compulsion valley is really not easy.

A group of people stayed in Yun Province, Ye Xing did not leave, Du Jiuniang naturally did not leave, Qiao Baihe was his servant, of course, also had to accompany around.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The company’s search for the compulsion valley took it all over the Yunnan province, and whenever there was a clue, it went out to look for it.

The group was divided into three routes to save time.

Du Jiuniang wanted to go with Ye Xing, but Ye Xing found an excuse to avoid her. This woman was too scary, she pestered him all day long and had to drain him dry.

It is said that thirty is like a wolf and forty is like a tiger, this horrible demand is too frightening.

Ye Xing eventually chose to set off in a team with Zhu Xiaohong, heading for the border town of Lao Niang to look for clues.

Lao Niang Town was located in the border area, and the vicinity was full of karst landscapes, with countless caves and pits that were extremely beautiful and mysterious, and a glance at the hilly area was very pleasant with green trees.

Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong arrived at the town, which is located in the border area, and there are quite a lot of foreigners, completing the transformation into a trading zone, foreign jade specialties have entered the country, while a variety of domestic small goods and electronic products are also sold over.

Of course, it is also chaotic enough, several small streets are full of p*rnography, gambling and drugs, as soon as you see foreigners, there are local people to pull you to have fun.

Ye Xing came to the area to look for a wizard called Ah Man.

This man belonged to the local gods and was known to many as a wizard. He had been arrested once before and mentioned the name of a place in the Compulsion Valley, which was recorded at the time, so Ye Xing and the others found out about it and came over to investigate in person.

Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong first went to the town’s security office, found the local officer handling the case, and after showing their documents, the other party was extremely cooperative in finding out the file of this Barbarian sorcerer.

“This old thing is bad to the point of oozing pus, but all consumed, not more than a day in our office, either swallowing gla*s or iron nails, or even slitting his wrists with an iron lunch box, the crime is not serious, so we can only put him back.” The case officer looked up the file and said, “Three years ago, this old man went to rob a tomb and was caught selling antiques with someone in the area, but the value of the antiques could not be measured and he refused to admit it.

Zhu Xiaohong frowned and asked, “What is consumption?”

“It’s an infectious disease called tuberculosis, which we locals call consumption.”

Ye Xing asked, “Where can I find this Barbarian?”

“This guy lives inside the fortress on the White Horse Mountain, I’ll drive you there right away.” The case officer said and headed outside.

Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong set off in his car to the fortress on White Horse Mountain, the scenery was nice on the way, but soon they entered the mountainous road, which was incredibly bumpy.

Ye Xing didn’t react too much, but Zhu Xiaohong was straight away shaken and vomited.

It was hard to get near the cottage, but the car could no longer go up there, so they had to walk.

The case officer said, “The language inside the cottage is incomprehensible, you will not understand those vernacular words, you can only find young people to communicate with.”

Ye Xing nodded his head, then the three of them walked with difficulty, and after twenty minutes, they could enter the cottage.

The stone fortress was white and every house was neatly built, all of them were made of big stones.

When Ye Xing entered the cottage, there was a group of old people smoking water pipes sitting at the entrance.

The case officer exchanged a few words with the old men, and then walked towards the inside of the fortress.

When they arrived outside the barbarian shaman’s stone house, the case officer walked straight in, resulting in a thud, followed by the smell of gunpowder coming out.

Ye Xing heard the screams and rushed in, only to see the case officer on the floor inside the stone house, with his stomach covered in blood, and two men standing on the wooden bed opposite, an old man and a young man, the young doll out of his teens, holding a gunpowder gun.

Ye Xing went over and yanked the gunpowder gun away, then broke it off and threw it out the door.

The case officer on the ground was already dying, Ye Xing hurriedly lifted his clothes for him, a blood red, dense steel balls into the skin within.

Ye Xing knocked the man unconscious, then fed him the elixir, then used the medicinal power to dissolve him.

With the medicinal power added, the person’s vitality increased a lot. Immediately afterwards, Ye Xing began to clean his wound and take out one steel ball.

When they were finally all done, Ye Xing found white wine in the house and sprinkled it on the wound, and then bandaged it up with strips of clothes and cloth.

The man was fine, but the old man and the young man inside the house were in trouble.

The old man was already scared silly, saving people in front of him and breaking the gunpowder gun, this is definitely not something ordinary people can do.

“The kid was playing with the gun and it accidentally went off, he’s still young, you can’t arrest him.” The old one slyly argued up.

Ye Xing saw a hint of cunning in the other man’s eyes, and as soon as he yanked the man up, he smashed him hard on the ground, and the sound of bones breaking was heard on the spot.

“Dog, abetting children to shoot and injure people, do you think I am blind? Today I just get you killed, and I don’t have to be responsible.” Ye Xing scolded up.

The old man started to beg for mercy, “Stop fighting, I thought he was coming to arrest me, I’m old and don’t want to go to jail, I was just confused just now, and this kid doesn’t know any better, so I told him to shoot, and he really did.”

Ye Xing really wanted to kill the old man and asked in a deep voice: “Are you Barbara?”

“I am, Officer Xu and I have no enmity, I really scared him, who knew that this kid really shot.” Barbara cried and begged.

Ye Xing let the child go out first, and then took Barbara and Officer Xu away together.

When they left the fortress, many people from the fortress came out to stop them, but after Ye Xing put down two in succession, no one dared to stop them anymore.

These days, the law of the jungle still prevails, the bigger the fist, the better!

Ye Xing walked back to the car and checked Officer Xu’s pulse, which was not a big problem.


Chapter 490

The four of them drove down towards the mountain, and when they were on the way, the old man, Barbara, asked, “I know I have committed a crime, but I really don’t have the money to pay for it, if you let me go, I can tell you about a place with antiques, as a kind of redemption for my sins.”

“You’re talking about the Compulsion Valley?” Ye Xing didn’t even look at him and asked casually.

The old man, Barbara, was surprised, “You also know about the Compulsion Valley?”

“Of course I know, that place is very evil, going in is a life of nine deaths, I’m afraid.” Ye Xing casually laughed coldly, after all, the dangers of that sinister place would go without saying.

Barbara said afterwards, “Yes, that place is too scary, last time I went in by mistake, I really almost didn’t survive, I got consumption all these years, I can’t even be a wizard anymore.”

“Did you get this consumption inside?”

“Yes, the miasma inside can poison people to death. Several people who went in with me died on the spot, foaming at the mouth, but I was lucky to cover my nose with wet clothes so I didn’t die inside.

Soon after arriving in town, Ye Xing took Officer Xu to the local hospital first, as he had been treated by him and was no longer seriously injured, and although the local hospital did not have a high level of medical care, it did have medicine to treat the injuries.

Once he heard that it was a gunpowder shot, Barbara just couldn’t leave the detention room even if she swallowed a knife this time.

In the evening, Ye Xing went to see him and brought some random things with him.

The old man had been hungry all day, and when he saw something, he was really an old cat who saw a mouse.

Ye Xing didn’t give it to him either and said straight away, “Give me the map, no forgery, or I’ll make sure you die a painful death.”

“Leader, I wouldn’t dare lie to you, I will definitely reform properly.” Barbara nodded her head vigorously.

Ye Xing let him draw first and then gave him the food, the old thing didn’t dare to fake it and drew the location of the Compulsion Valley in one stroke.

After getting the map, Ye Xing took Zhu Xiaohong with him and hoofed it to the hospital to visit Officer Xu. After some pleasantries, the two of them borrowed a car and set off to go within the Compulsion Valley.

The news was also pa*sed on to Du Jiuniang and the others, and Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t wait to fly over when she learned the news.

After dawn, Ye Xing had already driven the car to the top of Old Witch Mountain.

There were already pits and gullies everywhere ahead, so the car could no longer be driven.

Ye Xing locked the car, took his things with him and set off with Zhu Xiaohong.

Ye Xing intended to leave her behind, but Zhu Xiaohong insisted on going with him.

Ye Xing’s walking speed was not slow, and the seemingly difficult area of cracks in the earth pit could not stop an ancient martial arts expert like him at all, and with a slight leap, a few metres wide crack was pa*sed.

Many times, he even carried Zhu Xiaohong as if he was walking on smooth ground.

When he finally arrived outside the Compulsion Valley, it turned out that the place was shrouded in clouds and fog, and if you didn’t get close, you couldn’t see what was inside.

Moreover, a line of green hills surrounded it, towering into the clouds and forming a natural barrier.

When Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong climbed halfway up the mountain, it became dark and a cold wind blew around them, making people shiver.

Ye Xing had no problem, but Zhu Xiaohong was too weak after all and actually caught a high fever and cold.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, there was no cave to hide from the cold wind in this place, so where could he stay?

Fortunately, he had been reborn as a wilderness explorer and knew that if there was no place to hide, he could build his own rain shelter.

Halfway up the mountain there were no trees, and there was dense gra*s and tH**ny vines everywhere.

These tH**ny vines were terrifying to look at, and Ye Xing used his dagger to cut them off and make a big pile.

It must be said that these tH**ny vines were very tough and when they were gathered together, they were actually more than a metre high.

Ye Xing tied the tH**ny vines tightly and then started to pull the gra*s. Half-metre high weeds were stuffed into the tH**ny vines and immediately turned into a big ball of gra*s.

With these big balls of gra*s, they became a small house of over one metre high. Ye Xing blocked the entrance with his clothes, and then carried Zhu Xiaohong into this gra*s house of tH**ny vines.

The cold wind howled outside, the prickly vines were particularly strong and hung together with other prickly vines to form a fixed pattern.

Ye Xing took out the pills and turned them into water for Zhu Xiaohong to swallow, and finally the fever subsided.

A night pa*sed and Ye Xing was half asleep when Zhu Xiaohong in his arms suddenly moved and he hurriedly opened his eyes.

Zhu Xiaohong found herself sleeping in Ye Xing’s arms, and her face instantly turned red with shame.

Ye Xing had no choice, he had to sleep with Zhu Xiaohong in his arms all night, because there was not much space inside this prickly vine gra*s ball, and it was impossible for him to get rid of all the thorns, Zhu Xiaohong was uncomfortably stabbed by the prickly vines as soon as she laid down last night, so Ye Xing simply slept with her in his arms, anyway, he had thick skin and flesh, it did not matter if he was stabbed a little, these little girls had delicate skin and flesh, they could not bear this kind of suffering.

“You’re awake? Is your head still hot?” Ye Xing reached out to touch it with concern.

Zhu Xiaohong was full of shyness: “I’m much better, put me down.”

Ye Xing hurriedly spread his hand, and when Zhu Xiaohong dodged away, she was suddenly stabbed with tears running down her face.

Ye Xing hurriedly kicked the broken haystack away, Zhu Xiaohong looked at her arm which was bleeding from the stabbing, and her eyes were tearing down from the pain.

Ye Xing gave her a rub and said, “Why are you still crying, the Free Fairy was so powerful back then, how could she cry like you?”

“She is powerful, but now she is also afraid of pain.” Zhu Xiaohong cried.

Ye Xing laughed, “It’s alright, you’ve grown so fat, it’s fine to zap a little.”

“Why don’t you try stabbing it?” Zhu Xiaohong squeezed.

When Ye Xing lifted up his shirt, Zhu Xiaohong was stunned, his body was covered with black spots, just like his own arms, which were obviously stabbed by the prickly vine.

“How did you get stabbed like this?”

“It’s because you had a fever last night and I had to make you this thing to protect you from the wind, but I didn’t have any handy tools, so I had to make do with what I had, and I had to sleep with you all night, so my back got stuck like this.”

Zhu Xiaohong was moved and wiped her eyes, “I shouldn’t have said that about you just now.”

“Forget it, let’s go, we still have to hurry over and get inside the compulsion valley.” Ye Xing urged.

Zhu Xiaohong covered her stomach with difficulty, “I found myself too weak, I shouldn’t have come in with you, I’m too hungry to walk now.”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, he had come in such a hurry that he had not brought everything with him.

Ye Xing picked Zhu Xiaohong up on his back and told her along the way to hold on, maybe if she came across game later, she could fill her up with a good game barbecue.

Ye Xing did not take a few steps, but he did see a wild rabbit, the whole person was instantly happy, and laughed: “Sorry about the rabbit, I can only take you to feed you.”

Half an hour later!

“You’re so good at this, this rabbit smells so good roasted.”

“It’s a pity there’s no seasoning, otherwise it would taste better.”

Having eaten and drunk enough, Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong continued to set off, and over this high mountain, it was as if they had come to a land of peach blossoms.

At the bottom of the mountain slope, all kinds of flowers were blooming, small rivers were babbling, and all kinds of birds and animals were inhabiting in flocks.