Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 493-494

Chapter 493

Ye Xing’s eyes widened in shock, “You guys didn’t stay outside all night, did you?”

“On the patriarch’s wedding day, of course we have to keep watch outside, in case you plot against the patriarch, we can also help.”

Ye Xing said awkwardly, “Forget it, you guys can listen to the wall if you like, the soundproofing isn’t very good anyway, and there might be echoes.”

The group of compulsion women laughed, Ye Xing went to see Zhu Xiaohong, came to her stone house and found the person was soaked in a black earthen vat, in the vat were various medicinal herbs, while her face was rosy and her breathing was normal, obviously she had been cleared of a lot of compulsion poison.

It was good that Zhu Xiaohong was alright. Ye Xing came inside the main hall, and the matriarch Mi Jiao was already up, taking off her veil at this time to reveal that charming face.

Ye Xing still had to find Murong Xue, so naturally he had to go over and ask properly.

This compulsion valley belonged to a long and narrow area, the end of which was shrouded by a thick fog, and it was almost impossible for anyone who entered it to come out.

Ye Xing frowned, “It looks like the wife should just be trapped inside.”

Mi Jiao said, “Come with me to the pond later to pay respect to the ancestors of the clan.”

Ye Xing oh, and at noon, a group of women led Ye Xing off, with four stout women in front of them carrying large black flags.

After walking for a short distance, the sound of companions came from ahead, and the four stout women immediately lit the big black flags and then stood at each of the four corners of the group.

This big black flag burned up and emitted a fragrance, the companions dodged one after another, not daring to come close at all, but Ye Xing was really scared half to death when he saw the locust-like companions, facing these terrible creatures, you have to die in their hands even if your cultivation is high.

The team walked for half an hour, came to the end of the compulsion valley, there is really a huge waterfall in front, but can not hear any water sound, a closer look, not a waterfall at all, but a thick fog constantly falling, forming a waterfall model.

The fog was like a canopy across the front, a hundred meters long and tens of meters high, very magical and mysterious.

The companions did not dare to go over and turned around and walked up the slope to a rock wall below, only to see that the wall above was densely packed with stone holes.

The companions planted their banners on the gra*s and then began to climb up the stone holes until they reached an entrance more than ten metres high.

Everyone went into the entrance cave, and Ye Xing climbed in after them.

Once inside the cave, the stone walls on both sides were densely packed with square stone caves, each with straw mats and corpses inside.

The environment here was very dry, and the companions were laid out in after they died, not only to avoid being hara*sed by the companions, but also to have a place to rest in peace.

Mi Jiao and the others had already started to place tributes to their ancestors, Ye Xing was called over and then cut his finger to put blood into a wine bowl.

The blood wine in the bowl was very beautiful, and after Mi Jiao finished reciting the secret words of the companions, a handful of blood wine was spilled.

Ye Xing instantly felt bad, and his whole body felt as if it was fixed.

“Oh no, what kind of evil magic is this?”

As Ye Xing was astonished, Mi Jiao dropped her head and looked at him.

“Honey, don’t joke around.” Ye Xing said fearfully as he found that he could not move his entire body.

Mi Jiao was wearing heavy make-up, and near her eyes were two splashes of scarlet, very flamboyant.

“I don’t have the effort to joke with you, men within the compulsion clan only have one task, to breed offspring for us, you are too strong and will definitely leave me, so in order for me not to be alone in the future, I must keep you.” Mi Jiao said with a smile.

Ye Xing frowned and said, “You are so beautiful, you have to be confident in yourself, how can I leave?”

“Of course I have confidence in myself, but the days within the compulsion valley are hard and not as prosperous as the flowery world outside, it is easy to keep you for a while, but as time goes on, you will immediately change your mind.” Mi Jiao smiled coldly with a face that saw through the world.

“Didn’t we say we’d get married and then go our separate ways?”

“Do you think there’s such a thing?”

“Yes, before we got married yesterday.”

“Alright, I’m too lazy to talk nonsense to you, swallow the compulsion, from now on you will leave me and the compulsion clan, don’t worry about it, the compulsion won’t do much harm to your body, it just won’t allow you to have more power.” Mi Jiao opened a copper jar and took out from it a parasite comparable to the size of a crayfish.

“Holy sh*t, swallowing this compulsion worm, it must not eat up my heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys?” Ye Xing was horrified.

The others all burst out in joy and Mi Jiao said awkwardly, “Wrong touch, it’s not this kind of compulsion queen.”

Ye Xing sighed in relief as Mi Jiao pulled out another thumb-sized compulsion from inside the copper jar, which was green in colour and extremely disgusting.

“Let me swallow this thing, I’d rather die.” Ye Xing roared.

“I can’t let you die, but to keep you, I have to let you swallow it.” Mi Jiao made a strong effort to open Ye Xing’s mouth and the compulsion was stuffed in for him.

The compulsion went into his mouth, drilled into his throat, and soon entered his body.

At the same time, Ye Xing resumed his actions, and a force around him seemed to magically disappear.

Ye Xing touched his stomach and looked around, and found that the power that had just imprisoned him should have come from within this cave.

Mi Jiao clapped her hands and laughed, “Don’t be angry, I also did it to keep you.”

Ye Xing pushed her away and bristled, “Don’t come with me, you scheming b*tch.”

Mi Jiao huffed and said, “It’s useless for you to blame me, the parasite has already entered your body, from now on you can never leave the Compulsion Valley.”

“Matriarch, when will it be our turn then?” A long-haired strong girl next to her asked with a smile.

Mi Jiao said with a blush on her face, “What’s the hurry, he just married me, he must let me use it for a few days first, huh?”

Ye Xing frowned and said, “You guys walk away and discuss, I have to find out what’s going on.”

The topic was bold and hot, anyway, they described in detail the boudoir fun they had yesterday, saying that the other women of the compulsion tribe were so excited that they could not wait to have it all over again.

Ye Xing touched the stone wall and found that something was wrong, the stone wall seemed to have a suction force.

“This is a magnet.” Ye Xing knew at once what this stone wall was, then twisted his head to look at the place where he was standing just now, and it was indeed a bit different, a raised piece on the ground, and it could still rotate.

After a few tries, Ye Xing realized that he had not been hit by any compulsion, but because the magnetic field was underneath the place he was standing, Mi Jiao must have taken advantage of his inattention to rotate the stone disc below him, causing the magnetic force to increase and firmly suppress him, so that his arms and legs could not move.

“Grandma, who designed this? So clever?” Ye Xing cursed up after figuring it out.

Mi Jiao’s side had also finished chatting, and the group of people laughed and led Ye Xing away.

Ye Xing looked at the huge white fog and was eager to take a look, but Mi Jiao dragged him back.

Back inside the cave, Ye Xing hurriedly went back to his house to meditate, there was a compulsion inside his body, this thing was definitely harmful, he couldn’t let it make waves inside his body.


Chapter 494

Ye Xing meditated and cultivated into the night, the compulsions just seemed to be asleep, not a bit of movement at all.

Suddenly footsteps came from outside the house, Mi Jiao entered the house with a smile, and smiled when she put the curtain down, “I’m coming.”

“You go, I’m not in the mood.”

“We’re a couple, why should I go?”

“I’ve said I’m not in the mood, don’t you take off ……”

Early the next morning, Ye Xing heard Zhu Xiaohong’s voice and hurriedly left the stone house to walk out.

Zhu Xiaohong was wearing the clothes of the compulsion tribe, and after seeing Ye Xing, she hurriedly ran over.

Ye Xing said, “It’s alright, they won’t harm you.”

“They had to give me a tattoo.” Zhu Xiaohong said in fear.

Ye Xing frowned, at this time Mi Jiao had already walked out from the group of compulsion women, “And you don’t want her to die, then she can only stay in the compulsion tribe and tattooed with our compulsion tribe’s tattoo to be our compulsion tribe’s woman.”

“I went into the Compulsion Valley to find a wife, you want me to stay and be a tool for you for the rest of my life, no way!” Ye Xing yelled up.

Mi Jiao couldn’t hold up her face as she growled, “Humph, if I don’t show you some colour, you think no one can control you.”

As soon as the words were finished, Mi Jiao picked up a short silver flute and blew it, instantly Ye Xing felt his heart was in turmoil, followed by a huge pain in his body, the sleeping compulsion actually flared up.

Ye Xing was so disturbed by the compulsion that it was like the Monkey King being put under a tight spell.

Ye Xing soon pa*sed out, and Mi Jiao said after watching him, “Carry him into the room.”

Zhu Xiaohong still wanted to go over, but Mi Jiao yelled, “Keep tattooing her.”

The two were carried away separately, and Ye Xing fell into a coma, constantly indulging in dreams, when suddenly he seemed to arrive in a pitch-black unknown world.

This world was chaotic and incomparable, there was a little bright light in the distance, followed by more and more brightness, and when he was wrapped in the bright light, there was suddenly countless more information inside his head.

“The fifth memory fragment!”

Ye Xing was overjoyed, as this treasure had not been opened for a long time, but he did not expect that this time the compulsion had entered his body and actually triggered a memory fragment.

Ye Xing felt the great energy coming from within the large memory fragment, and also saw a crystal clear little person, which shone out with a multicoloured haze that made people not dare to look at it directly, and suddenly, the little person rushed into his mind, and his whole body felt the power brought by this little person.

“The power of heavenly origin!”

Ye Xing was immediately overjoyed, this crystal clear little person was actually the power of Heavenly Yuan, instantly the Yuan Power in his body changed drastically, if it was a small stream before, it now became a big river.

But with the arrival of the Heavenly Energy, the meridians also underwent a mutation and began to widen continuously, this process was the cleansing of hair and marrow, very painful, many people could not hold on and often their meridians were destroyed.

Even Ye Xing, who has the physique of an ancient martial artist, could not withstand it a bit. The mutation in his body also frightened the two women of the compulsion tribe who were on guard and immediately went to report to Mi Jiao.

Mi Jiao came inside the stone house stunned, at this moment Ye Xing not only trembled and twitched, the most crucial thing was that his eyes, ears, mouth and nose all appeared, and his skin even appeared a kind of saucy red.

“Impossible, the compulsion at most bit him a few times, how could it attack so badly?” Mi Jiao hurriedly took his pulse and cried out after finding that Ye Xing’s situation was getting critical and his breathing was starting to be difficult.

“I didn’t want to kill you.” Mi Jiao wiped her tears with difficulty, her feelings for Ye Xing were sincere, don’t look at how long she hadn’t gotten along, but Ye Xing was her man, so she loved this man with all her heart, and as a result, she didn’t expect that the compulsion had actually had an accident.

Ye Xing stopped trembling and suddenly opened his eyes, reached out and touched Mi Jiao’s hair and smiled, “Fool, I’m not dead yet, why are you crying?”

Seeing that Ye Xing was in good spirits, Mi Jiao wiped her tears and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Of course I’m fine, your little bugs can’t deal with me.” Ye Xing sat on the stone bed and laughed.

Mi Jiao frowned and said, “Why were you so scared just now?”

“It’s just that my cultivation went off the rails, I’ve gotten over it, now you have to tell me about the end of the Compulsion Valley.” Ye Xing said sincerely.

Mi Jiao hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Our compulsion tribe has been guarding this place for generations because there is a spell formation at the end, once opened it would be a disaster for everyone, our ancestors were the tomb guardians.”

Ye Xing understood, so this second spell formation was hidden within the compulsion valley, this was really a village in the dark.

Mi Jiao found that the compulsion in Ye Xing’s body was dead, and knowing that he was powerful, he no longer hid anything.

As the night pa*sed, Ye Xing was basically sure that Murong Xue was trapped within the second spell formation.

But how was this second spell formation different from the first spell formation on the snowy mountain?

As soon as the day dawned, the mountain suddenly shook, and the people of the Companions were scared half to death, after all, earthquakes are very scary things.

Everyone rushed out and Ye Xing also saw Zhu Xiaohong, but Mi Jiao had not yet appeared.

Ye Xing asked the others and someone shouted, “The patriarch said he wanted to take something.”

Ye Xing hurriedly dug back into the cave, but by now countless boulders had fallen inside and Mi Jiao’s way out was trapped.

Ye Xing shouted anxiously and finally heard Mi Jiao’s voice, and ran over to see that her leg was dripping with blood from the rocks, and she was still tugging a black cloth bag in her hand.

“What time is it? You’re still thinking about these things?” Ye Xing moved the stone away with great effort.

Mi Jiao cried and said, “This is something my mother pa*sed down to me, I must take it.”

Ye Xing picked her up and rushed out of the cave, and after coming outside, he quickly ran towards the bottom of the mountain, only to see that the mountain had cracked open and a large part of it was missing.

Earthquakes were the most terrible thing, but Ye Xing looked at the end of the Compa*s Valley and understood in his heart that this earthquake might be caused by the second spell formation, Murong Xue did not know how dangerous it was inside.

Ye Xing grabbed Mi Jiao’s treatment and then looked for a place to settle down. Luckily, this compulsion tribe had prepared for this and had other caves to use as shelter.

Ye Xing bandaged Mi Jiao and said, “I have to go in, this earthquake is caused by the second spell, if I don’t go in, you will have to continue to have earthquakes here, and then maybe they will all die.”

Mi Jiao also got scared, after all, there hadn’t been any earthquakes for so many years, and it must be unusual for it to shake so hard all of a sudden.

“You go in, I’ve told you everything I know, be careful.” Mi Jiao said with a nod.

Ye Xing led Zhu Xiaohong towards the end of the compulsion valley, after putting down the black flag in his hand, the compulsions around him did not dare to come over and hara*s, but with such a thick fog, there was no telling what would happen after going in.

“After I go in, you go back.” Ye Xing explained.

Zhu Xiaohong nodded down and said, “The Second Ancient Formation should be a Five Spirit Vicious Formation according to my understanding, it is not comparable to the First Ancient Formation.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been told several times that I will be careful.” Ye Xing smiled and then took a big step towards the wall of Qi in front of him, and soon his whole body disappeared in the vast white mist.