Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 485-486

Chapter 485

Ye Xing took a glance, this old thing is not good enough, the level of combat is not even on the same level as the tomb guardian Jiang Qin, it looks like this man is old and weak, plus the perennial female S*x emptied his internal energy, I am afraid that he has already failed to live up to his name.

“D*mn it, I should have killed him if I had known I had the chance.” Ye Xing regretted that in his heart.

“Brat, why don’t you step up your game?” Burning Lamp roared up in anger.

Ye Xing laughed, then threw out four Dao talismans in one breath, and instantly four heavenly thunderbolts formed, making Mo Qian Yun extremely afraid.

Burning Lamp regretted in his heart, this Mo Qian Yun was too terrifying, he hadn’t used his full strength at all, if he fought any longer, he would have to empty his internal energy.

“You look scared?” Mo Qianyun’s voice reached Burning Lamp’s ears.

This old thing actually muttered, “How about you and I join forces to exterminate that little beast first?”

“Fine, but you’ll have to deal with him yourself.” Mo Qianyun did not expect Burning Lamp to be a soft-hearted person, and he knelt down as soon as he was frightened.

Burning Lamp hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s fine if you want me to strike first, but you have to give a promise.”

“What promise do you want?”

“Quit the Great Bay Island and go back to China, and I can forgive everything that happened before.”

“Haha, you’re thinking quite well, it’s fine if you want me not to continue to cause trouble on this island, you have to promise me some conditions.”

Ye Xing frowned, Burning Lamp actually stopped, and Mo Qian Yun on the opposite side also stopped attacking, what was going on?

“Oh no, the wolves are in cahoots.” Ye Xing instantly felt bad and twisted his head to retreat.

He had been reborn so many times, naturally he was not a white boy, as soon as he saw that something was wrong with the two, he immediately thought that they were joining forces, how could he not leave?

At that moment, the Xuanwu disciples around them were still desperately fighting with the faceless man, giving them a chance to escape.

On the other side, Burning Lamp also finally agreed to Mo Qian Yun’s terms and turned his head to roar, “Stop all of them.”

The people of the Xuanwu House were dumbfounded, some had just stopped their hands, only to have the Faceless Man get them killed.

The others withdrew together as the Faceless Men surrounded them, Mo Qian Yun let out a long whistle and the monsters did not continue their attack.

Burning Lantern panted and roared, “Go and kill the group from China.”

Naturally, all the ancient martial artists of the Xuanwu House had to obey the order, and one by one, they quickly darted out. Mo Qian Yun did the same and raised her voice to the sky with a long whistle, and the faceless men quickly chased them down the mountain.

Ye Xing and Qiao Baihe flew rapidly while calling out to Du Jiuniang and the others, and finally an SUV rushed up ahead.

As soon as they saw that it was Du Jiuniang and the others, they jumped in and hurriedly increased the throttle to escape.

In the SUV, Ye Xing cursed under his breath, “That old son of a B*tch, Burning Lantern, has actually collaborated with Mo Qian Yun.”

“This B*****d is too shameless, he’s trying to turn everyone on the Great Bay Island into food for Mo Qian Yun.” Lin Wei scolded.

Ye Xing despised, “This old B*****d is a Four Great Grandmaster, but his strength is no longer the same as before, just now I saw him fight with Mo Qian Yun, he doesn’t have Jiang Qin’s kind of strength at all, he chose to cooperate with the other party, in fact, he is also an old man drinking arsenic frost who thinks his life is too long.”

“So what do we do next? Go back to China?” Lin Wei asked.

Ye Xing shook his head, “No going back, bringing that female demon back will cause more deaths and injuries, she must be stopped here, besides to overturn the reign of the Burning Lamp, we can teach him a good lesson.”

The buggy had just come down the hill and the road was already jammed with vehicles, there were people shouting with horns and all sorts of weaponry aimed at the buggy.

Ye Xing took one look and said, “Charge down the cliff towards the front.”

Lin Wei was surprised, “You know how high this cliff is, what if we all fall to our deaths later?”

“If we don’t rush down, we will all die here, don’t hesitate, rush down.” Ye Xing roared.

Lin Wei stepped on the accelerator and the SUV rushed towards the railings of the road ahead, falling straight down the cliff.

The people on both sides of the road were dumbfounded, not expecting these Chinese people to be so desperate.

Ye Xing wrapped his arms around Ren Qingqing and Qiao Baihe, and the hardening technique around his body formed a golden qi shield that enveloped the car.

When the vehicle fell hard on the edge of the river bank below the cliff, it was like a broken can, the side that landed was directly dented, and all of them pa*sed out from the heavy blow.

When Ye Xing opened his eyes and woke up, he saw the situation and climbed out of the car in a hurry.

Fortunately, the car did not explode, otherwise the whole car would have been burnt to a crisp.

After climbing out, Ye Xing pulled the door open and carried the people inside out one by one.

All of them were injured, even ancient martial artists like Du Jiuniang, so Ye Xing could only treat them one by one, exhausting himself.

It was hard to heal Du Jiuniang first, but the others had soft bodies after all, so in the end they could only carry one by one.

Ye Xing carried Lin Wei on his back, and picked up Ren Qingqing, while Du Jiuniang supported Qiao Baihe, and the five of them limped away from the crash site.

Fortunately, the jungle was dense enough that they could not be easily spotted by the helicopters in the sky.

The two hid for the night, and early the next morning, they found that all three were sick.

“We have to find a place to stay to save the people first.” Ye Xing asked Du Jiuniang to stay behind, and then ran out alone to find a landing place.

There really wasn’t much of a place to stay in the jungle, but when Ye Xing was about to be disappointed, a wooden hut appeared on a hill ahead, which looked like it should be used by the local forest rangers.

He found that the place had been deserted for a long time, and the windows and doors were locked and covered with dust.

It was good that no one was there, so Ye Xing hurriedly turned around and went back to pick up Du Jiuniang and the four of them.

The door of the wooden house was kicked open, and the interior was simply furnished with a bed and chairs, as well as some water cups and a stove.

Ye Xing put the people on the bed and then began to treat them. Although Du Jiuniang was a master of ancient martial arts, she was holding up hard last night and today, and actually collapsed from exhaustion against the bed.

The four beauties, ringed with fat and thin, had very different postures, but each had their own characteristics. Du Jiuniang was plump and beautiful and soul-stealing, Qiao Lily was pure and beautiful, with a tall figure, Ren Qingqing was a kawaii little beauty, young and brutal and delicate, and Lin Wei was a heroic and very durable.

The four beauties are lying on the same bed, Ye Xing feels a bit like Lord Wei at this moment.

Unfortunately, Lord Wei is a bed with seven wives dreaming of beauty, while he himself is working hard, not only to serve these four beauties, but also to take care of their safety and security.

Ye Xing checked the injuries one by one. Ren Qingqing, who had a fever, had the worst constitution, and although she was also an immortal cultivator, she was honestly not strong enough, nor did she know any spells.

Ye Xing suddenly noticed that something was wrong and lifted her blouse to take a look, my goodness, there was a wound on her stomach, a tree branch was stuck into her stomach, fortunately it was not pulled out, otherwise it would have to bleed profusely.

The car fell off the cliff and did seem to roll over the mountain wall a few times, perhaps that was when she was pierced by the branch.


Chapter 486

Ye Xing searched the house and did not find any first aid medicine, only dirty towels, which were not as clean as her clothes.

Ye Xing tore Ren Qingqing’s trouser legs into strips of cloth, and then took out a branch for her, the person let out a moan, but did not come to her senses.

Ye Xing had given each of them a lot of Yuan Power last night, in addition to feeding them pills, which more or less had a life-preserving effect, otherwise, after one night, Ren Qingqing was afraid that her soul would have already returned to the West.

After dealing with Ren Qingqing, Ye Xing then treated Qiao Baihe’s wounds. After some work, only Du Jiuniang was the least injured, so she was given some pills to eat.

The four beauties slept late into the night, and Ye Xing did not dare to make a fire, so he could only get them a little water to replenish their strength.

After the four of them recovered, the five of them left the jungle together, only to find that there were police forces all over the place outside to guard the main roads.

Ye Xing and the others could only walk along the river below the road, and another night pa*sed before they could leave the mountainous area.

When they arrived at the farmland, Ren Qingqing contacted an informant who had been hiding undercover in Xuanwu Palace and received orders to come immediately.

The five men were picked up and the undercover agent gave a brief account of the current situation.

The burning lamp returned to Xuanwu Mansion without any change, and the entire Taoyuan City had also withdrawn many of its police forces, as if it was back to business as usual.

Ye Xing was worried about Mo Qian Yun, but the fact that there was no movement could only mean that this devil had already succeeded in blood sacrifice and shed his demon birth, becoming a Foundation Establishment stage devil.

This is good, before Mo Qian Yun was not even able to defeat the Foundation Establishment stage cultivation, but now that she has achieved Foundation Establishment, I am afraid that she will no longer be afraid of the lightning law.

Ye Xing and the others settled in the city, which was already much less patrolled by the police than outside the city.

Three days later, everyone recovered and the undercover agents brought more news, most of them were related to the disappearance cases, the current missing population in the whole Taoyuan City had skyrocketed, there were fully hundreds of people missing every day, and the probes in the city did not find out why at all, there were also people who reported seeing monsters.

Ye Xing laughed bitterly, “What else could it be, nine times out of ten it’s those faceless people under Mo Qian Yun, these monsters can evolve and become more powerful as they suck up more human blood and brains, once Mo Qian Yun gets hold of an army of monsters that can reign supreme, I’m afraid the first thing they’ll do is kill back to China.”

“Right, we can find someone who can deal with Burning Lantern to cooperate.” Ren Qingqing suddenly spoke up.

Ye Xing frowned, “Isn’t this place Burning Lantern’s territory? Who else can deal with him?”

“Although Burning Lamp is powerful, there is a group of people he can’t command.”

“Could it be that there are still some worldly experts on this palm-sized island?”

“A defence force, someone with firepower, and they’d definitely come after Burning Lamp if they knew he’d done something like this to outrage God and man.”

“Is it OK? What if they’re all bought off by the Burning Lamp?”

“It can’t be bought off, it will definitely work.”

Ye Xing thought about it and gave it a try, just don’t try it and become deceased anyway.

The group left Taoyuan City and killed their way to a camp on the coast, and when they got there they couldn’t get in at all, and there were people constantly shouting for training all around.

Eventually it was the Xuanwufu undercover agent who presented some sort of document before the group was able to enter the camp.

The camp was met by a cadre in uniform with a blue cap on his head.

“Impossible, the Xuanwu House is the one who maintains the safety and security of this island, how could it have caused so much chaos?”

Ren Qingqing got up and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can check the internet for the recent disappearances and the reactions of the netizens.”

“Asking us to trust the netizens, it’s not like we’re out of our minds.” The cadre sneered.

Ye Xing sighed, no one else would necessarily believe this. As a result, the group was asked to leave the camp and drove not far before they were stopped by another camouflage vehicle on the side of the road.

The men in the car got down and took them to a beach where a group of people were standing, one of whom was a white-haired, but sturdy man looking across the sea.

When Ye Xing and the others walked over, the old man turned his head and smiled, then said, “If it’s really as you guys say, I’m afraid many people will be sacrificed in this operation.”

Ye Xing frowned and said, “It’s better than having the whole Taoyuan City turn into a dead city, right?”

“You are the leader of the Dragon Shield?”

“That’s right, your old man seems to have quite a lot of ties with China, right?”

“The Warrior Soul of China and I had a good relationship back then, and we have kept in touch for a long time over the years, but it is precisely because of this connection that many people on the island are scandalized, and this time it is also because the safety of countless people is at stake that I must stand up for myself.”

“The old man is profoundly righteous, Taoyuan City is saved.”

“In fact, I have been waiting for you for a long time, without your participation, I am afraid that even if we send out more people, it will be for nothing.”

In the evening, Ye Xing and the others set off, and at the same time, countless teams in all directions had also started.

At eight o’clock in the evening, as soon as it was dark, all the major traffic routes throughout Taoyuan City were blocked by teams going up to set up barriers, and countless police forces were disarmed.

The team kept pressing past towards the city, shouting along the way that the people were not allowed to come out of their homes, and the whole Taoyuan City instantly turned into a feeling of a mountain rain coming down.

Inside the Xuanwu Mansion, Lin Boyang went to the backyard to find Burning Lamp and worriedly gave a talk about the troops’ intervention.

Burning Lamp was furious and dropped the jade beads in his hand cursing, “I knew that B*****d Shang Jianye couldn’t be relied upon, immediately gather his disciples to kill them, I’ll see if those big-headed drunken sacks of his are our Xuanwu House’s rivals.”

“Father, it seems that Ye Xing and the others are backing them up.” Lin Boyang frowned.

Burning Lamp laughed fiercely, “Just that group of mainland boys can make any waves, Sect Master Mo’s demon slaves are waiting to turn them into food.”

“Father, that demon girl is too evil, are we prone to draw fire if we work with her?” Lin Boyang grew worried.

Burning Lantern roared, “Working with her is the best chance for us to kill our way to China, I can’t wait to get rid of Hua Junsheng, when the time comes, with such a large territory and resources in China, we can grow to whatever power the Xuanwu House wants, I’ve had enough of hiding on this Sh*tty island all these years.”

Lin Boyang was also ignited with ambition and nodded, “My son will definitely a*sist my father in completing his hegemony.”

Ye Xing and the others had begun to take control of most of the places and neighbourhoods, but the neighbourhoods, mainly the Xuanwu House, still had a large number of ancient martial artists resisting, and the local police force had also joined in, creating a standoff between the two sides.

With an explosion, the attack began and the exchange of fire on the neighbourhood was complete, the troops quickly took care of the police force, and then those ancient martial artists could only retreat into the ancient martial mansion.

Ye Xing heard the roar and hurriedly shouted, “Be careful, those monsters are coming.”

As a matter of fact, there were creaking sounds from all around, followed by a tidal wave of faceless people coming out. Among these faceless people, a few of them had obviously changed their colour, their skin was dark and shiny, their hands and feet were like sharp blades, their whole form was like a spider, only even more terrifying and hideous, their heads were getting smaller and smaller, only their big gaping mouths, their eyes, noses and ears had completely disappeared, completely turning into monsters.