Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 483-484

Chapter 483

The lotus officer saw this scene and chided discontentedly, “There is a price to pay for making a reckless move in our place.”

Ye Xing wiped his hands and sneered, “What price? Paying for it?”

“Of course you have to compensate, or else do we still need to open the venue?” The lotus officer sneered.

Ye Xing bristled and said, “Since you don’t want to open, I think we should just leave it open, why bother?”

“Are you a f*cking mainlander looking for death?” The lotus officer cursed.

Ye Xing looked at him with a smile and kicked the gambling table over, knocking the man to the floor hard, followed by giving a lesson to everyone else inside this VIP.

The security cameras had already spotted the problem in the VIP room and a large number of security guards pounced on them with rubber sticks.

As soon as the others saw their chance, they started to disrupt. Du Jiuniang’s flying dagger was used to subdue a group of waiters, and then the chips on the tables were scattered.

On the other hand, Ren Qingqing came to the place where the chips were exchanged at the main entrance, and directly opened the cash cabinet there, spilling the money out frantically as well.

The entire casino was in chaos and a large number of security personnel came out to stop it, but no amount of people came to clean it up.

The manager of the casino immediately informed the Xuanwu government when he saw the situation, but the casino was eventually set on fire and countless customers had long since fled.

Ye Xing and the others left after this deal, which was simply painful.

Meanwhile, Lin Boyang was furious when he saw the surveillance and cursed, “If these B*****ds continue to make trouble like this, we will lose face.”

They had seen how powerful Ye Xing and the others were, and unless the defence team was deployed, there was really nothing they could do.

But once the defence team was involved, things would be different again, after all, those people did not deal with the Xuanwu House very well.

“No, we can’t let the military know about this, we’ll sort it out ourselves and get them to come out and negotiate.” Lin Boyang said after thorough consideration.

The people behind him were confused, this would be negotiating with the other side, how else could they negotiate?

Ye Xing got the news, of course there was no way he could talk to Lin Boyang about anything.

“Negotiate my a*s, so many innocent people died, he is dreaming if he wants to reconcile.” Ye Xing and the others continued to make trouble.

Ren Qingqing was really useful, as she was familiar with every Lin Boyang’s property, Ye Xing and the others dedicated themselves to wreaking havoc, in less than a week’s time, all Lin Boyang’s properties in Taoyuan City were all messed up, with dogs and chickens in disarray, and also heavy losses.

On the other hand, without Ye Xing’s checks and balances, Mo Qianyun’s blood sacrifice conference was also held in secret, but because it was really too much of a commotion, it was impossible to hide it from the others.

Ye Xing and the others also blended into a small football stadium within Taoyuan City.

The football field could only hold 20,000 to 30,000 people, and usually it was used for various concerts or other events, but today it had become a gathering place for the Heavenly Queen Cult, with countless members coming from all directions, mostly young people, and most of them were dressed uniformly, with black masks and robes, their bodies were covered, and they did not speak, using hand gestures for everything.

Ye Xing knocked out a few members of the congregation, snatched away their clothes and masks and blended into the crowd.

Thousands of people soon gathered in the football field and several fires burned around them. With the sound of low music, a tall robed man appeared on the flat ground in the middle of the football field.

The tall robed man was covered by a searchlight and instantly became the centre of attention. He spoke for half an hour about the teachings of the Queen of Heaven religion, similar to the Catholic Amen and prayers.

After half an hour had pa*sed, all of them began to sing the Queen of Heaven’s teachings to the accompaniment of music.

At the same time, a group of black-robed men with weapons began to patrol every member of the congregation, and those who found something wrong were immediately given a forced drag away.

Ye Xing and the others hurriedly and quickly scattered for cover, relying on their individual skills to not be found by this group of enforcers.

Suddenly, the roar of a helicopter came from the sky, followed by a roar from above: “You are surrounded, all of you crouch on the ground immediately and accept inspection, we are the police force of Taoyuan City, those who resist can be shot dead!”

Ye Xing did not expect Lin Boyang’s men to come so quickly, these congregants did not have any reaction, one by one they squatted on the ground and were actually very cooperative, including the tall man who also took the initiative to ask everyone not to resist, they were carrying out proper church activities and could leave after receiving the inspection.

Hearing that something was wrong, Ye Xing called the others and quickly left the football field from the side.

Coming outside on the road, Ye Xing frowned and said, “Something is not right, this should be a front, Mo Qian Yun must have some other place to conduct the blood sacrifice ceremony.”

“Of course there are other places, why don’t you come with me and take a look?”

A group of people came from afar, the leader was none other than Burning Lantern.

Ye Xing looked wary, “I’m afraid if I go with you to have a look, I’ll have to go into the encirclement, right?”

Ren Qingqing hated to go over and make a move, but was tugged back by Lin Wei.

Burning Lamp laughed, “Chief Ye can stay alive under that demon girl, he is already in a position to talk to me as an equal, I will take you there, if it is an encirclement, just go.”

“What about the account of the fishing boat?” Ye Xing said coldly.

“That matter belongs to our internal strife, it has nothing to do with your Dragon Shield, the few Dragon Shield technicians who died, we can give a very generous burial fee to guarantee your satisfaction.” Burning Lantern said.

Ye Xing considered for a moment and nodded, “Fine, everything will be done according to what your old man said.”

“Chief Ye has done something at such a young age, he is really not an ordinary person’s temperament, it is only a big deal for everyone to deal with that demoness in peace.” When Kindle finished speaking, he led the way ahead.

Several carts set off towards the front and soon entered a remote place. Ye Xing was of course afraid of an ambush, or a shell suddenly flying out from the side, but he also had the strength, the hardening technique and the defensive power of this vehicle were enough to withstand the attack from the other side.

Moreover, Ye Xing and the others were also prepared to face any crisis, if a shell really came flying, he would be the first to warn, and then everyone would have time to jump out of the vehicle.

This is the fearfulness of ancient martial artists, their hearing reflexes and foresight are too much beyond ordinary people.

Finally ahead of us, we entered a mountainous area, the mountain was not high, about a hundred meters, and a huge sign of a cross could be seen in the distance.

It looked like this Mo Qian Yun had chosen to place the blood sacrifice ceremony inside a church in the mountains in order to avoid damage from others.

When the car came to a stop at the foot of the mountain, Burning Lantern and the others also got out of the car, he smiled and pointed to the mountain and said, “It’s useless to have too many people up there, so why don’t we just go up and stop that devil?”

Ye Xing nodded his head and called out to Qiao Baihe, and deliberately gave Du Jiuniang a wink.

Ye Xing and Qiao Baihe, and Burning Lamp followed several of his disciples, a group of eight people went up the mountain, all of them not slow, and soon entered the mountain.


Chapter 484

At the same time, Du Jiuniang turned her head and looked at the remaining other Burning Lamp disciples with a smile.

These people also looked at her with a smile, and the two sides started to strike at once.

As soon as the flying daggers came out, the Burning Lamp disciples were no match for Du Jiuniang’s level, and they all died under her flying daggers.

Ren Qingqing was dumbfounded. She had just wanted to take revenge, but Du Jiuniang had killed them all in one breath.

Du Jiuniang sneered, “A bunch of trash, still trying to a*sa*sinate me, when I was a*sa*sinating others, these guys were still P*ssing and playing in the mud.”

Ren Qingqing was excited and shouted with a smile, “Sister Du, you’re too good too, teach me more in the future.”

Du Jiuniang laughed and said, “What use is it for you to learn from me as a cultivator? Go and hang out with Ye Xing.”

Ren Qingqing crossed her lips and said, “He’s so annoying, he definitely won’t teach me.”

“He’s an old pervert who specialises in taking on beautiful students, so you can go to him and pamper yourself.”

Ren Qingqing said with a scared look on her face, “Forget it then, I think he is quite H**ny.”

Du Jiuniang was so happy that she was able to get rid of Ren Qingqing, which meant one less love rival.

Inside the big mountain, Ye Xing and Qiao Baihe walked at the end, in front of Burning Lantern and the others, there were still many hidden ancient martial artists on the surrounding mountain, it could be seen that Burning Lantern was not only going to exterminate Mo Qian Yun this time, but also to keep both Ye Xing in the mountain.

But he probably didn’t know what kind of virtues Ye Xing was, and had already made a snap decision to hint at Du Jiuniang and the others to make a move, and a round outside here would definitely surprise Burning Lantern.

The group entered the vicinity of the church, and sure enough, they heard the noise, and within the surrounding mountain caves, the faceless people were sleeping.

Sensing the invasion of an external enemy, Mo Qian Yun spat out a secret word and at once all the faceless men squeaked and then left the caves to lurk.

Inside the church, hundreds of people were already prepared, all of them were loyal followers of the Queen of Heaven religion, all of them were wearing long cloth hats at this time, no clothes on their bodies, only the design of the Queen of Heaven religion on their chests and backs.

They were gathered here to take part in the baptismal ceremony of the Heavenly Queen Church, something that devotees must complete.

These young people all possess spiritual roots and Mo Qian Yun has spent a lot of effort brainwashing them into believing that if they follow the Queen of Heaven religion to the end, they will be able to enjoy earthly riches and enter heaven after death.

Young people are very practical and will slowly be corrupted in their minds if they have advantages. Mo Qian Yun is using the sugar-coated bomb of money to destroy the sanity of these young people step by step, making them decide one by one that if they are in the Heavenly Queen Sect, they will be able to enjoy all material things without having to pay any labour because they are all the chosen holy sons and daughters of the Heavenly Queen Sect.

Lots of lies don’t work, but lots of material things do!

Mo Qian Yun left the back of the church with an evil aura, came to the front and raised her hand, and all the congregation got up one after another.

At this moment, Mo Qian Yun was dressed like them, without any clothes, and her pretty face was incomparably beautiful, exuding the power to seduce the soul.

All the young people present were mesmerised by her, and each one hated to die at her feet.

Mo Qian Yun recited an incantation and a huge sheet of cloth instantly fell around her, each with various terrifying and hideous patterns of evil demons.

Some of these evil demons had three heads and six arms, some had green faces and fangs, and some had beastly faces and bodies, none of them were good anyway.

After the monster patterns appeared, Mo Qian Yun began to chant incantations continuously, and all of a sudden those strips of cloth were infiltrated with blood and water, turning into a bloody strip of cloth on which the evil devil monsters were drawn so vividly that it was as if they were alive.

All the worshippers below were not afraid, they had been brainwashed and decided that this was the miracle, the sacredness spread by the Heavenly Queen’s Church.

Seeing that the time was ripe, Mo Qian Yun shouted out a secret word directly from her mouth, and at once countless faceless people broke through the windows and began a feast of slaughter.

Blood flew everywhere, bones and flesh were torn apart as the Faceless Men continued to slaughter each and every one of their followers.

The cloths around them were also stained with blood, glowing with an eerie black light, and a cloud of blood formed above their heads, thick with blood and injustice flying high into the sky.

This was a blood sacrifice, a ritual performed with the slaughter of human blood.

Mo Qian Yun threw her hands up in the air and kept on roaring as incantations resounded throughout the church.

Suddenly, the door outside the house was pierced by an ice lance, followed by countless grenades thrown in, and one by one the faceless men flew over, all blown to bits.

Mo Qian Yun let out a roar of rage, seeing that the blood sacrifice was about to be completed, why would they be stopped at this time?

She flew out in anger, and the ma*ses of Faceless Men swarmed around her.

When Ye Xing saw the tidal wave of Faceless Men, he turned his head to look at Burning Lantern and laughed, “Let all your men come out, there are so many monsters, we can’t carry them with us.”

“Don’t you know thunder magic? Against these evil demons, thunder magic is the best restraint.”

“There’s still a big devil there, you’re making me consume my thunder magic badly, who will be able to deal with her when the time comes? Or are you old enough to decide that you can fight her in single combat?”

Burning Lamp was most afraid of death and loved his feathers, if he and Ye Xing joined forces, they might not be unable to deal with this female devil, thinking about it he let out a long whistle and instantly a well-equipped Xuanwu House ancient martial artist flew out from the surrounding mountains and forests.

These people did not really fly, but relied on the hidden iron ropes and slid down directly from the heights.

There were many of them, and they moved with great panache, shooting continuously as they descended, killing and injuring many of the Faceless Men.

The two sides began to exchange fire. Hundreds of people came from the Xuanwu House, almost pouring out their nests, but there were simply too many faceless people, and I don’t know how Mo Qian Yun had magicked them, it didn’t take long to create so many monsters.

But fortunately, the strength of these monsters was very different from the group in the stone prison, Ye Xing had fought with that group of faceless people, the flesh of those guys were all extremely strong in defence, unlike now, bullets could shatter them.

Ye Xing looked at Burning Lantern and roared, “Join hands to kill this devil first.”

Burning Lantern nodded down and then ran his internal energy, only to see his loose robes instantly tighten and a silver iron whip wrapped around his waist.

Ye Xing ran the Tidal Wave Power and a golden qi shield burst out around his body, the Burning Lantern was dumbfounded by the sight, what kind of tactic was this, an outward release of internal energy?

But it was not possible, this was no longer a master!

The burning lantern was inwardly apprehensive, but didn’t care about that, let’s destroy this demon first.

The two of them struck together, with Qiao Baihe staring behind them, just in case the old thing made a secret move.

Ye Xing was throwing out Daoist talismans while circling far away. Burning Lantern was screaming in agony, this little B*****d was attacking from a distance, leaving himself to fight the other side physically!

But there was nothing he could do, the most powerful thing about ancient martial artists was physical combat, so Burning Lantern had to go on even if he was being counted on by the other side.

Mo Qian Yun’s hands turned into black pointed shells, just like the twin swords of a praying mantis, and kept waving them around, killing Burning Lantern and making him hide everywhere.