Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 487-488

Chapter 487

These are the leaders of the Faceless Men and have the power to control the other Faceless Men.

At the cry of these Faceless Leaders, the Faceless formed a triangle of attack.

The military were no longer willing to wait and opened up the attack, lifting the camouflage from a large truck to reveal a heavy machine gun.

The bullets from these machine guns were as long as a man’s arm and as thick as his fist, and could be described as small cannonballs.

As soon as the heavy machine guns opened fire, the faceless people coming from the front were smashed into pieces. The power of the bullets was so terrifying that one of them was enough to kill the body of a faceless person.

The situation began to tilt towards Ye Xing’s side, and the leader of the Faceless Men called a halt to his attack.

Immediately afterwards, a cannonball flew from the sky, as if it had been fired from within the Xuanwu Mansion.

A truck was hit and instantly turned into a fireball, with other trucklets also becoming targets.

This powerful artillery fire startled Commander Shang, who had thought that the Xuanwu House had no artillery shells, but had not expected the other side to be privy to such terrifying heavy firepower.

The trucks retreated from the attack and the military forces began to separate, while at the same time, the faceless men continued their attack.

Ye Xing took a glance and said, “Commanding officer, let’s just bombard, or else something big will have to happen.”

“Once the bombing is done, the neighbourhood will have to be affected and there is no telling how many innocent people will die.”

“The fighting around here is so fierce, and no one is out, I think they will either escape or be killed by the faceless people, when the break is over.”

Shang Jianye hesitated for a moment, picked up his walkie-talkie and issued orders.

A roar soon came from the sky and at the same time, beside the rockery behind Xuanwu House, Burning Lantern looked up at the sky and angrily kicked the stone bench in front of him.

“Sang Jianye, that old pipsqueak, actually dared to send planes to bomb.” Kindle Lamp gritted his teeth in anger.

On the side, Lin Boyang clasped his fist and advised, “Father, let’s hurry and leave, this place must be abandoned.”

“If we lose the Xuanwu Mansion, we will have no initiative, decades of hard work.” Burning Lamp roared.

“But ……” Lin Boyang said with a frown, “Father it’s not good, it’s a bomber, we must evacuate.”

Kindle shook his head down, then got up and withdrew, the others quickly evacuated, but there were still many faceless people and ancient martial artists dead ahead of Xuanwu House.

As the bombs fell, an earthquake occurred nearby and the whole Xuanwu Mansion was wrapped in a sea of fire, none of the faceless people and ancient martial artists escaped, and many of the nearby buildings had their gla*s shattered by the huge explosion.

Peachland City was attacked by a bomb, which was a strange story for the ages and instantly attracted the attention of countless people.

Shang Jianye was also talking to the top bra*s and what awaited him would be a severe punishment, but he gave his life for it.

The big truck turned around and came back, and countless teams of loaded guns rushed into the ruins to start cleaning up the battlefield.

With that powerful bombardment, the faceless people were all instantly exterminated clean, but Mo Qian Yun and the Burning Lantern and the others must have escaped.

Ye Xing didn’t find their whereabouts, but caught a few Ancient Martial Disciples who were still half alive.

These people had just escaped to the back door when they were attacked by an explosion. Luckily, they were not in the centre of the explosion, otherwise they would have been turned into ashes by now.

After some interrogation, they finally offended Burning Lantern and the others to flee the Xuanwu Mansion.

But without the a*sistance of the ancient martial artists and the hordes of faceless men, these men were dogs in distress.

Ye Xing led the men in pursuit and launched a chase with Burning Lantern and the others within Taoyuan City.

Soon the military’s warplanes locked onto Burning Lantern and the others, and Ye Xing led his men to kill them, the son of a b*tch was on the pier waiting to sail away.

Everyone surrounded the dock and snipers started to set up aiming positions, the whole yacht was parked on the dock a bit alone.

Ye Xing shouted up, “Burning Lantern, you just don’t struggle, as long as you dare to open the boat, there will be cannons over here to blast you down, jumping into the river to take a bath at an age can be a bit uncomfortable.”

“Kid, don’t get C*cky, relying on the military to deal with me, what kind of skill do you have?”

“That’s not skill, what’s skill, I won’t make it hard for you, where’s that devil Mo Qian Yun?”

“Haha, I failed but she won’t die, when she succeeds, it will be the time of your death.”

Ye Xing twisted his head and looked at the man next to him and yelled, “Cut the crap and fire.”

The man next to him was hesitant, but Ye Xing told him to hold on tight and let the man get away, when the time came it was destined to be a very troublesome battle.

There was a boom!

The rocket cannon shot out and blew the prow of the ship straight up, the people inside could no longer hold back and ran out to surrender.

Lin Bo Yang killed a few, but could not stop the others, and the troops went over and took away all those who had surrendered.

Kindle walked out with a smile on his face, Lin Boyang following him, the father and son a bit of a despondent hero who saw death as a way to return.

Ye Xing led the men over and Kindle Lamp smiled, “I am one of the four great masters, if I really want to leave, none of you can stop me, so why not make a deal?”

“What’s your deal? After all you’ve done, you still want us to let you go?” Ye Xing laughed coldly.

“This is the world of the strong, you can’t deal with me, you can only let me leave, that’s my capital, if the deal is done, I can not only take all these things in one go, but also give you guys an extra safety.”

“No need for that, you must die.”

Suddenly, a majestic voice came from the distance, followed by seeing only Hua Junsheng walking out from the middle of the crowd.

When Ye Xing saw Hua Junsheng and Beiye beside him, he cursed in his heart, why didn’t these two guys show up earlier, causing him to be in trouble.

“Hua Junsheng, you dare to set foot on the Great Bay Island, you are trying to provoke a confrontation.” Burning Lantern roared in anger.

Hua Junsheng sneered, “Burning Lantern, what you have done is in the eyes of the entire Great Bay Island, your supreme council has agreed to me coming to the island, this will not cause too much of a chain reaction, and I have come over to actually a*sist them in taking you down so that you can be punished as you deserve.”

“Haha ……” Burning Lantern burst out laughing.

Everyone waited for him, it was the greatest respect given to the dead.

“This is ridiculous, these B*****ds are actually trying to plot against me.” Burning Lantern exploded with anger.

Hua Junshen sneered, “Colluding with that demon girl and killing so many innocent lives, do you really think you can do whatever you want?”

“Fine, come and kill me, I’ll see how much more you can do.”

Burning Lamp roared up in anger.

Hua Junsheng also stopped hesitating and rushed forward to strike, worthy of being a peak Patriarch, and actually dragged out a wave of Qi behind him.

This was the sonic boom wave that could only be formed by those supersonic planes because they were too fast. Ye Xing was dumbfounded because he had not seen it on Jiang Qin, and Burning Lantern did not have such terrifying strength either.

Only a Chinese Army Spirit could be this powerful!

“Why do I get the feeling that he has already broken through to Zong Shi?” Ye Xing muttered in his heart.

Hua Junsheng rushed out and Burning Lantern didn’t even receive a single move, his entire body was blown away with a single punch and ruthlessly crashed into the yacht a dozen meters away, directly knocking a big hole in the yacht.


Chapter 488

Seeing this, Lin Boyang dropped his weapon and surrendered.

The troopers swarmed on them and took them all away in handcuffs.

Burning Lantern was left with half a life, and this punch from Hua Junsheng sent him stepping into a ghostly gate.

As for Lin Boyang, although he was also a Patriarch, he was not strong enough to take much advantage of the troops’ siege.

As soon as Ye Xing saw how easy it was to solve, it was better for an expert to step in.

Hua Junsheng turned his head back and looked at Ye Xing with a smile, who said glumly, “Junsheng, how good it was that you stepped in earlier, we almost didn’t get killed by Mo Qianyun.”

“If you hadn’t let Burning Lantern get into so much trouble, do you think the Supreme Council of the Great Bay Islands would have let me come to the island?”

Ye Xing knew that a lot of things were involved, so he bristled and said, “After Burning Lantern is settled, you have to settle Mo Qian Yun together.”

Hua Jun Soul shook his head and said, “That demon girl is no longer on this island during her foundation building period, her whereabouts are unknown and it is difficult to find traces.”

“Hasn’t she crossed the Foundation Establishment stage?”

“It’s not that easy, the process for a demon cultivator to break through is extremely difficult because demon cultivators are too strong within the same cla*s, although she has performed the blood sacrifice ceremony, she has only absorbed enough blood qi, in order to break through, it still depends on whether she can pa*s through the demon birth tribulation.” Hua Junsheng said.

Ye Xing didn’t understand what was going on either, but even a big shot like him said that he couldn’t find Mo Qian Yun, so there was a good chance that he really couldn’t find her, so it looked like this matter could only be put to an end for now and just keep a close watch on Mo Qian Yun’s whereabouts.

The group of people left the island directly, as word had come from Shang Jianye that they had to be kicked out.

On the ship, Hua Junsheng sighed as he looked at the Great Bay Island.

Ye Xing and the others returned to Guangnan Province without stopping, this time they lost several Dragon Shield technicians and now this department has become one of the most dangerous departments, no longer as beautiful as before.

Ye Xing didn’t care, he would come if he wanted to, he didn’t want to, he didn’t force himself, he was currently developing the Spiritual Rooters anyway, this was the most powerful fighting force of Dragon Shield in the future.

Zhu Xiaohong did not leave, after all, she is not really a free fairy, but one is sullen, when fleeing the island of Da Wan, those children and women on the boat gave her too much emotion, weak lives pa*sed away just like that, it is really saddening.

Ye Xing came to see her and asked about Mo Qian Yun in pa*sing.

Zhu Xiaohong frowned and said, “Although the Immortal Sect has a lot of records about demon cultivators, I actually haven’t succeeded in building a foundation, so naturally I can’t possibly be clear about whether demon cultivators will really have a hard time breaking through, but with all the commotion you guys have made, Mo Qian Yun has disappeared, so it seems likely that she has really gone into hiding to break through the foundation building stage.”

“I’m just afraid that if she hides and comes out of the mountain at that time and kills us all, that won’t be good.”

“When she breaks through, you have to break through too, I see that you have such high immortal cultivation talent, it’s also time to cultivate properly and hard.”

Ye Xing frowned, “I don’t have time to cultivate hard, my wife is missing, I have to find her first.”

“It is indeed customary, Shangguan Lan has also disappeared for some time, it is reasonable that they should find a way to rescue you when they know you have captured so many Immortal Sect disciples.” Zhu Xiaohong frowned at the difficulty in understanding.

Ye Xing said, “I plan to release all the Immortal Sect disciples back, you can still go back to that island to cultivate, but the premise is that from now on all of you have to abide by the rules, we don’t care if you cultivate, but you don’t want to open the second ancient formation.”

“Once Prosperity is dead, I naturally won’t be that stubborn.” Zhu Xiaohong said, “But let me tell you, the second ancient formation is a matter of great importance, and even if you don’t open it, it will still be in chaos.”


“Yes, like causing earthquakes and tsunamis or something, the four ancient formations are connected to the heart of the earth and linked to the aura, the first ancient formation has already been opened, the second ancient formation is naturally stupid, if you don’t open it, there will be frequent seismic activity near the ancient formation and it will also cause a powerful tsunami, then I’m afraid there will be no peace in China again.”

“You’re deliberately lying to me, aren’t you?”

“I wouldn’t make up such things, wait and see if you don’t believe me.”

Ye Xing left her room half-heartedly, but suddenly the ground shook and someone shouted that there was an earthquake.

Ye Xing was surprised and said, “Grandma, it can’t be that evil, can it?”

The earthquake did happen, and it was on a particularly horrific scale, but it was not in China, but in a neighbouring country, and the number of deaths and injuries was extremely horrific.

China also began to a*sist neighbouring countries in their rescue efforts, and the international community also began to raise money for donations.

Just as Ye Xing was celebrating, another earthquake struck in the night, this time literally in China, and right next to a neighbouring country, in Yun province.

Ye Xing began to believe that Zhu Xiaohong’s words were true, and the following month saw frequent earthquakes and really ma*sive tsunami activity off the coast, affecting many people’s lives.

Ye Xing went to see Beiye and mentioned this in pa*sing.

Kitano frowned: “If it’s true, how far will it go in the future?”

“If it is not opened, the impact of the second phalanx will grow.”

“That won’t do, the death toll from the earthquakes in neighbouring countries is too tragic, we absolutely cannot let that happen in our country.”

“But if it’s opened, the aura recovery could be the end.”

“There aren’t even many immortals, what’s the point of being scared, four ancient formations, find the other two, and if they’re not in our country, we’ll find a way to blow them up then, won’t this be solved?”

“That’s the only way to do it.”

“Hurry up and get it done, there have been too many of these disasters lately and it has caused panic.”

Ye Xing returned to the stronghold and met to negotiate this matter, everyone did not know how to find the exact location of the Second Ancient Formation, after all, the Heavenly Calamity Map in Ye Xing’s hand was not complete, even if he had the Qiankun Mirror, he could not find the exact location of the Second Ancient Formation.

Just when Ye Xing was having a hard time, Luo Xiaoyun suddenly said in surprise, “Xue’er sent me a message.”

Ye Xing hurriedly ran over and inside Luo Xiaoyun’s mobile phone, there was indeed an unfamiliar message, the other party claimed to be Murong Xue, trapped within the Cloud Province Compulsion Valley, and hoped to go to the rescue quickly.

Ye Xing had people trace the number immediately, and it turned out that it was really sent from Cloud Province.

A group of people flew there non-stop and worked with the local police to find the owner of the number.

The result was actually a teenage high school little sister, who did have traces of this text message sent within her phone, but she did post it at a time when she was dozing off in cla*s.

Once Ye Xing heard that it was too strange, fortunately their cla*sroom had surveillance, and after investigating, she found a strange phenomenon.

One of the cameras actually caught the high school girl dozing off while her other hand bizarrely pulled out her phone to send a text message.

The timing matched perfectly, which meant she was sending it herself, but why she was sending it was too strange.

“There’s only one possibility, divine thoughts!” Zhu Xiaohong analysed.

Ye Xing said, “It’s possible that Xue’er used divine thoughts to manipulate her hand to send this message, no wonder we couldn’t find her for so long.”