Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 465-466

Chapter 465

Ye Xing smilingly slept against Cheng Yulin, deliberately making this girl fidgety all the way.

When they arrived at the hotel in Xiliang City, Ye Xing shamelessly followed Cheng Yulin to her room, making the agent think there was a story between the two of them.

Inside the room, Cheng Yulin was exhausted, but still hugged her pillow and stared at Ye Xing rather scornfully.

Ye Xing sat on the sofa and smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t lay a hand on you, I just don’t have anywhere to go, so I’ll borrow the sofa in your room to sleep on.”

“I can get you a room.”

“The director in the car just said we’re leaving at five tomorrow, it’ll be ten o’clock at night, so if we dawdle any longer, do we need to sleep?”

“I ……” Cheng Yulin couldn’t really find any reason to retort, but she was all sweaty and uncomfortable without a shower, so she looked at Ye Xing and said, “You go out first and stay for a while, I want to take a shower.”

“You have nothing to do with me taking a shower, right?”

“You’re lying on the sofa, I come out after showering and you’re staring at me, don’t you feel embarra*sed?”

“As long as I’m not embarra*sed.”

“Hurry up and get out.” Cheng Yulin growled.

Ye Xing smiled and got up to walk out of the room, the crew had gone to the ancient city to shoot all day, all of them were tired and went back to their rooms one by one to rest.

Ye Xing leaned against the door of his room and waited for most of an hour, and couldn’t help but complain, “It took so long to wash, the skin must have washed off a layer, right?”

Suddenly, there was a faint cry for help from inside the house. Ye Xing hurriedly opened the door and heard a coughing sound coming from the bathroom.

Ye Xing hurriedly opened the bathroom door and saw Cheng Yulin lying on the floor, so he didn’t care about that much and took her out and put her on the bed.

Cheng Yulin was coughing continuously, as if she had severe asthma.

After examining her, Ye Xing covered her neck with both hands and poured Yuan Power into her.

Cheng Yulin instantly got comfortable, but suddenly let out a shriek and then hurriedly grabbed the blanket to cover her body.

Ye Xing was also taken aback, and said with a bristling mouth, “Life is almost gone, why do you still care about this?”

“You B*****d, get out of here right now.” Cheng Yulin cried out in aggravation.

Ye Xing yelled, “You have preconceptions about me, if it was a male doctor who saved your life instead, would you not think so much about it?”

“I… Anyway, I feel ashamed when you see me.”

“Cut, make it sound like how obscene I am.” Ye Xing turned his head and left the room.

As a result, just after she went out, Cheng Yulin kept coughing again, having difficulty breathing, and collapsed directly on the edge of the bed in distress.

She didn’t even know what was wrong with her, why she was suddenly so sick, and how close her whole body felt to suffocating.

“Am I going to die here?”

Cheng Yulin got scared, but soon fainted and when she woke up again, she actually saw Ye Xing sitting by the bed.

Cheng Yulin hurriedly checked her clothes, they had actually been put on, and she knew without asking that it was Ye Xing who had done it.

This guy didn’t care about worldly ethics at all, he did whatever he wanted, and he even looked aggrieved after he did it.

Ye Xing opened his eyes and smiled, “You can tell the crew to rest if you’re not feeling well, there’s no need to be so insistent when you’re sick.”

“I just have a bit of asthma, nothing wrong with it.” Cheng Yulin said she wanted to get up, but unfortunately, her head hurt and body was hot, and she was weak.

Ye Xing brushed her lips and said, “Your condition is very serious, if you don’t treat it properly, I’m afraid you won’t be able to have children in the future.”

Cheng Yulin blushed scarlet and spat, “What are you talking nonsense about?”

“I’ve seen you, you have a very serious gynaecological condition, and you also have problems with your lungs and your respiratory tract, you should have choked on some irritating gas, according to your health condition, you should have been hospitalised a long time ago, how dare you participate in a reality show, you really want money and don’t want to die.”

“I ……” Cheng Yulin said stubbornly, “I know my own business, I’ll be fine after a rest.”

“You say it’s fine, you can’t lie when your body is sick, in your current condition, if I hadn’t helped you, you would have been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.”

“You don’t understand, if I don’t work, I won’t have a job soon.”

“You said filming?”

As if she had found someone to talk to, Cheng Yulin frowned and said, “I’m not Xiao Qiao, my acting skills are very poor, Xiao Qiao often helps me find roles, but I can’t even be the first or second female lead, at most I can play some supporting roles, for a small flower of our level, if we want to maintain our popularity and still want to mix in the acting circle, we have to participate in reality shows often, this time, it’s all because my company spent a lot of money and connections to get it, if this time If this time is outstanding, the work behind will be mainly reality shows, so it depends on this time whether we move on or back off.”

Ye Xing bristled and said, “But if your life is gone, you won’t be able to do it even if you’re given a lot of work.”

“Is my condition really serious?”

“Of course it’s serious, it could even kill you, and there’s also the fact that you’ll have trouble having children if your gynaecological condition isn’t resolved, you don’t want to be unable to marry someone in the future, do you?”

“You make it sound so powerful, can you cure me?”

Ye Xing smiled, “Of course I can, you are Xiao Qiao’s bestie, of course I won’t see death without saving you, but first of all, I have to say it right, you can’t think I am lewd, you have to treat me as a doctor, I am touching and looking at your body to save you, not intentionally trying to bully you.”

“Alright, stop it, hurry up and heal me, we still have an hour before we have to leave.” Cheng Yulin grabbed the blanket, shy beyond belief.

Ye Xing got up and lifted the blanket, then stripped off her clothes and took out the pills to treat her up.

After ten minutes had pa*sed, Cheng Yulin really felt relaxed, her previously feverish head had healed, and her whole body became very energetic, no longer needing to take those medicines to hold on hard.

“You are so powerful, you are simply a contemporary divine doctor.”

“I’m not really a miracle doctor, I just have a bit of skill to cure people.”

While the two were being polite, there was a knock on the door from the agent outside the house.

After some washing up, the two quickly went out and downstairs to the car.

The crew left the city early in the morning to go to Moon Lake, another scenic spot outside Xiliang City.

Moon Lake is a lake in the middle of the desert, like a turquoise pearl set on top of the vast yellow sand, and is extremely beautiful from above.

As the most beautiful spot in the region, it is also the location for numerous wedding photos.

The ancient country of Loulan, with its desert atmosphere and golden gorse, is like yesterday.

Once Ye Xing and the others arrived, the crew, who were just ahead of them, had already set up many venues. These people came straight over yesterday, eating and staying inside the truck, working even harder than the actors.

And in the surrounding area many locals and tourists also knew there was a celebrity filming a reality show and came around to join in the fun, constantly looking for people to take photos.

The number of people early in the morning was not large, so there was no security to stop them, and the stars were happy to take pictures and sign autographs for everyone, but once the number of people grew, the fans and stars naturally had to be separated in order to maintain law and order.

Ye Xing was familiar with today’s script and most of the scenes were actually water scenes, with a man and a woman looking after each other, in order to prevent accidents.


Chapter 466

Naturally, Ye Xing had to be paired with Cheng Yulin, and there weren’t many scenes of him showing his head in the later stages, all of which had to be cut out of the picture.

But it didn’t matter to him at all, it wasn’t like he wanted to be famous, he just came to experience this reality show star activity.

At 10am, the sun was already hot and even though he was standing in the water, his skin was still sore from the sun.

The director was still waiting for a heavyweight guest to make an appearance today.

When that guest appeared, the whole audience cheered, and countless fans went crazy, shouting his name.

Ye Xing nudged Cheng Yulin and asked, “Who’s this? What a big show.”

“You don’t watch reality shows?”

“Watching my a*s, I don’t even have time to watch East Island flicks.”

“No wonder he doesn’t know anything, his name is Luo Jin, he’s the kung fu star of several recent blockbusters, he’s handsome and a good fighter, he’s even been in the UFC before, I heard he has real kung fu, he’s the successor to the four stars of Sung Lee Yen Wu.”

“Oh, the original fake handle ah.”

“Don’t offend anyone later, I’m a small guy, he’s the star of a big movie, can’t afford to mess with him.”

“Why would I mess with him? He doesn’t owe me any money.”

Ye Xing and Cheng Yulin fought with each other, resulting in that big star called Luo Jin changing his clothes and jumping into the water, and doing a dashing freestyle, which countless female stars greeted with silly white applause.

The show that followed was naturally dominated by this big handsome guy, and the cameras were almost entirely focused on him.

After the show started, both sides were grouped and the female stars all flocked towards Luo Jin, and the boy was extremely proud of himself.

After the grouping, Ye Xing was responsible for Cheng Yulin’s safety and attended various events casually.

These stars were really good at acting, crying and crying when they bumped into each other, or else they were deliberately showing their nakedness, simply showing themselves in front of the camera constantly.

Ye Xing saw that Luo Jin had reached out several times to inadvertently touch the vital private positions of the actresses around him.

The actresses didn’t take it seriously and looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Finally Luo Jin swam in front of Cheng Yulin, this guy still wanted to continue to eat tofu, Ye Xing could not look down, Xiao Qiao’s best friend, also you can be such a fake touch?

Ye Xing deliberately swam out to block the way, Luo Jin did not take advantage of the situation, a little upset, but also did not say anything.

Soon the activity in the water was over and everyone went to the platform for the next session.

Here there was nothing for Ye Xing to do, just stand aside and watch the fun.

The actresses were all dressed in posh clothes, all in bikinis by the water, and they even shivered a few times after they got on the platform, afraid that no one would see them.

There were rewards and punishments for this session, but Luo Jin lost and picked up one of the actresses and threw her into the water, having a great time.

Luo Jin came over to Cheng Yulin and kept chatting about something, and the two of them were even chatting enthusiastically.

If it was before, Ye Xing wouldn’t have thought there was a problem, but Luo Jin was obviously trying to flirt with the girl, and Cheng Yulin looked smart, but was actually stupid, so don’t fall for it.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the shooting was finished and the crew told Ye Xing that he didn’t have to go back and gave him a red packet of several hundred dollars.

Cheng Yulin, who had changed her clothes, ran up to Ye Xing and said, “I have to go with the crew, there’s a celebration party tonight and everyone wants to celebrate.”

“I’ll go in your car.”

“I have to share a car with Luo Jin, he’s coming in a nanny car.”

“That’s fine, I’ll take the crew’s car.”

“You have to go with us?”

“I’m your bodyguard, I have to protect you.”

“I have an agent, and the crew’s security, there’s no danger.”

“Not necessarily, often danger is all around, you just don’t know it.”

Ye Xing laughed, then went to the crew’s car in a deadpan manner.

The crew couldn’t do anything about him and went back to Xilang City together.

On the way, Ye Xing bought a pack of good cigarettes at the gas station and directly gave them to the driver and the crew.

The good cigarettes were a welcome gift, and after this round, the relationship between them had become much closer.

Ye Xing also found out where the crew was celebrating, and after returning to Xiliang, he took a taxi there himself.

The crew’s cars were all pulling staff, while those celebrating were the stars and directors and producers, so they could only be envious, as they could not participate at all.

Ye Xing arrived at a nightclub somewhere in Xiliang City and found the third floor, where the crew was drinking and eating, simply a bit of debauchery.

The men had their arms around the women, each dancing and pampering the other, and some were sitting directly on the director’s lap chatting pa*sionately.

The night continued to change places, and Ye Xing found that Cheng Yulin was supported by her agent when she came downstairs, really having been poured too much wine, the whole thing was a bit indigestible.

Some of the stars left and some stayed, and naturally a small person like Cheng Yulin had to stay on until the end.

When they arrived at another venue, Luo Jin and another female celebrity had a hot fight, but unfortunately, the other party was also a veteran, so Luo Jin didn’t get much out of it, instead he was pestered by the other party for all sorts of advantages.

Luo Jin’s face was displeased, but he suddenly thought of Cheng Yulin, that silly white girl, and approached her directly and exchanged pleasantries with her.

Cheng Yulin was a bit unconscious, so when Luo Jin saw his chance, he took her and went to the bathroom, intending to take some interest first.

But just as he entered the bathroom, there was suddenly a knock on the door outside.

“Go downstairs, there’s someone.” Luo Jin yelled up in dissatisfaction.

Bang Bang ……

A continuous knocking sounded on the door, Luo Jin impatiently opened the door and saw Ye Xing, not remembering that he had seen him there.

“Get out.” Luo Jin pushed Ye Xing.

Unfortunately, Ye Xing did not move at all, and after looking at Cheng Yulin sitting on the toilet he laughed, “This is my friend, she is so drunk, I have to take her back to rest.”

Luo Jin stopped Ye Xing with a sneer, “If you say she’s your friend, she’s your friend, right? I even said she’s my girl, we’re planning to make a villain, do you want to see it?”

“She’s really my friend, you better tighten up or you’re liable to suffer a big loss.”

“F*ck, go away, the girl I like, why the f*ck are you here to make trouble?”

Ye Xing didn’t care about Luo Jin, he pushed him away and went inside.

Luo Jin was so angry that he smashed his fist on Ye Xing’s head. Ye Xing instantly looked like an enraged tiger and kicked Luo Jin out, falling to the ground and spitting blood in pain.

Ye Xing picked up Cheng Yulin and left the room. He went downstairs to see his manager and scolded him.

The agent didn’t know that Luo Jin was so despicable and dared to do such a thing, so he regretted that he shouldn’t have advised Cheng Yulin to come to such a bureau.

“Alright, let’s find a hotel to stay first.”

“No, if you offend the crew, it will cut off Yu Lin’s future in the future.”

Ye Xing sneered, “The crew is nothing, offend me and let them all have no good consequences.”

The agent jumped in shock as Ye Xing carried Cheng Yulin and went out to take a taxi to the hotel.

The agent was chased by phone calls along the way, from the company, from the director, and from Luo Jin, the big star’s agent.

No matter which side was calling, it was all the same thing: the person who injured Luo Jin was in for a bad time and no one could save him!