Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 463-464

Chapter 463

Her every move made these people in the car swoon, and she seemed content.

The car came to a scenic spot and the beautiful woman followed a group of donkeys down to take pictures and play inside the ancient ruins.

Suddenly, the group of men’s faces changed and actually tried to attack them as a group.

The beautiful woman’s expression was indifferent: “What do you want?”

“What do you think we want, don’t you have any points in your heart? Serve us well and you will live, or else you will be buried under this yellow earth today.”

A black-faced man sneered fiercely, with a greedy face.

The beautiful woman suddenly smiled with expression, “Then come and try it.”

The black-faced man lunged forward without fear, only to be struck by the beautiful woman’s lightning-fast hand, slapping him on the head and instantly splitting his skull open.

The others were stunned to see this scene, was this still a human being?

The beautiful woman had no intention of stopping and soon finished off the rest of the men, then the bodies were not disposed of and after looking around, she quickly entered the underground entrance to a ruin.

The Demon Subduing Sword Formation was becoming more and more powerful, and Ye Xing joined in with it. With Zhu Xiaohong’s guidance, the two sides fused quickly, but it was the fairies of that group of immortal clans who were not cooperating well one by one.

Some felt awkward joining a big man, while others were curious.

As soon as Ye Xing saw that he still had to do ideological work, he immediately mobilised Qiao Baihe and Du Jiuniang and asked them to find ways to make the fairies of those immortal sects dispel their scruples.

A week later, Ye Xing had become more and more proficient with the Demon Subduing Sword Formation, and Jiang’s family’s location had been caught, actually hiding in the Xilang region.

Xiliang belonged to the desert, the land was vast and sparsely populated, almost all the local people worked along the coast to earn money, and over the years began to develop tourism, after all, there were still many places worth visiting in the Xiliang region.

Ye Xing hurriedly led the people there, and the group arrived inside Xiliang City. Although the lofty old city did not have too many high-rise buildings, the local flavor was strong, making people feel as if they were in the era of warfare in the desert with gold and iron armour.

Xiliang City is also a place with a population of over a million people, and after the group had settled in, they began their investigation work.

The Jiang family has a large population and it is not easy to hide them completely. This time it was also because the local police investigated an a*sault case and accidentally matched the blood sample of a Jiang family fugitive, which led to the identification of Jiang family members operating in the area.

The suspects were confirmed to be within Xiliang City, but the exact location was unclear. Dragon Shield’s technicians had already fought several waves of battles, and the tracking and investigation all belonged to veterans, taking a quick census of the population and focusing on some of the three no-go areas.

In less than two days’ work, the suspect’s location was basically identified.

Putting in a long line to catch a big fish, it is natural to just keep an eye on the suspect.

Sure enough this fugitive surnamed Jiang was moving around the city day and night, and a detailed route was sketched out.

A week later, when the time was right, Dragon Shield, in conjunction with the riot squad in Xiliang City, took all these people down in one fell swoop.

They were interrogated overnight and found out that almost all of them were Jiang family’s outsiders, usually relying on the Jiang family to reap benefits, and when something happened to the Jiang family, they were Jiang’s cover shield.

The Jiang family’s people were hiding inside the ancient city, a tourist attraction somewhere outside the city, and Ye Xing immediately surrounded them with his dragon shield.

A reality show was being filmed inside the ancient city, a programme for a nationally renowned TV station.

When Ye Xing saw that there were many onlookers nearby, he immediately told Dragon Shield’s men to spread out.

As a result, when Ye Xing was disguised as a crowd and mixed in the ancient city, he was suddenly tapped on the shoulder and when he looked back, it was actually Cheng Yulin.

“Why is it you?” Ye Xing frowned and hurriedly looked around.

Cheng Yulin was currently wearing a maid’s outfit and said with a smile, “I’m here for the reality show, is Xiao Qiao here with you to visit the cla*s?”

“I’m not here to visit the cla*s, I’m here to run some errands.”

“An errand? You’re here to play?”

“I’m really here on business, just keep playing your reality show and pretend you don’t know me.” When Ye Xing finished speaking and was about to leave, Cheng Yulin stopped him and laughed.

“Something else?”

“Did you find another girlfriend to accompany someone to play here?”

“I go, Xiao Qiao doesn’t even care about me, so it’s your turn to care, huh?”

“Don’t go too far, Xiao Qiao is very fragile, she’s focusing on filming now, that’s why she doesn’t care about you, when she stops filming later, you’ll have to give her an explanation then, right?”

“Don’t worry, by that time, I will definitely give her an explanation, why do you care so much? Do you have something in mind for me?”

“F**k you, I’m a good friend of Xiao Qiao’s, I’m just not used to seeing you play around.”

“Cut it out, who am I messing around with, as if you have proof, or are you already having evil intentions towards me?”

“Get lost, don’t let me see you.” Cheng Yulin couldn’t fight with Ye Xing, so she huffed and turned her head to walk away.

Ye Xing laughed and fought with himself, he didn’t even look at his own weight.

Ye Xing turned around and went back to the old city, the people of Dragon Shield had already surrounded the old city, in addition, all the vehicles coming in and out were being watched, so it was hard for a fly to escape.

In an old mansion in the old city, this is the main filming site for the reality show, and a group of locals are fighting with the crew at this time.

There are many star beauties in the crew, many of them young girls who have just come of age, white and naturally flawless, cracking jokes and having cheeks so red they could drip water, leaving these older local men all happy, eyes narrowed and wondering what nefarious thoughts they have.

After the morning shoot, during the noon break, Cheng Yulin was in a house with another vegetarian who had just debuted.

The temperature near this ancient city was extremely high and it was very hot at noon. After a morning of shooting, everyone was tired and the director told all the guys to rest and continue with the shooting in the afternoon.

Suddenly, the sleeping Cheng Yulin noticed something strange on her body, a rough hand seemed to touch her cheek, she tried to open her eyes with a little fear, but her tiredness was so huge that she could not open her eyes, and she felt in a daze that someone was touching her.

“No, don’t touch me, is it a dream?”

At this moment, there were two old men standing by Cheng Yulin’s bed, full of cross flesh and not very tall, they had greedy faces and looked at the sleeping Cheng Yulin with greedy eyes.

One old man took off his trousers, pushed the one next to him and yelled, “Go, there’s another one over there, we’ll exchange them later.”

“Senior brother, you’re still the one who knows how to play.” The other old man rubbed his hands together and walked towards the other bed.

The old man couldn’t resist any longer and was just about to pounce when he was suddenly tugged on the shoulder and looked back to find a young man looking at him with a smile.

“How did you get in here?” The old man was astonished.

The young man was none other than Ye Xing, all these B*****ds doing bad things had fallen in the eyes of Dragon Shield, Cheng Yulin was an acquaintance, of course it was impossible to watch her suffer and be bullied.

“Old thing, you have a lot of guts, actually drugging and bullying women, today I’ll let you into the palace.”


Chapter 464

After Ye Xing finished his harsh words, he kicked out and ruthlessly kicked the old man under his crotch.

The old man fell to the ground without even making a scream.

The other old man pulled out a dagger, but Ye Xing didn’t even look at him, suddenly an anaesthetic shot in from outside the room and the old man instantly fell unconscious on the floor.

The door to the room was opened and the other rooms were also filled with these unsuspecting guys. The men from Dragon Shield came in and started clearing the room, capturing eight of Jiang’s men in one fell swoop.

Ye Xing called for the old man to be taken away and one of the team members frowned and asked, “Chief, he’s quite badly injured.”

“There’s no need to treat him, just write the corpse as unnamed.”

The team members nodded down and then carried both of them away.

Ye Xing woke up Cheng Yulin, the girl pointed at him in anger and yelled, “Ye Xing, you B*****d, you actually bullied me while I was asleep.”

Ye Xing rolled his eyes, then dragged Cheng Yulin to the door, pointed at the group of Jiang family members crouching outside and yelled, “They are the ones who bullied you, don’t blame the wrong people.”

“I want to beat them to death.” Cheng Yulin exploded with anger.

Ye Xing stopped her and said, “Don’t get excited, you’ll get shot if you kill someone.”

Inside the house, Cheng Yulin cried out in anguish, looked at Ye Xing and asked, “When did you come to save me?”

“That old man was riding on you and I arrived just in time, luckily I came just in time, otherwise you could have gone to the hospital to take out the evidence afterwards.”

Cheng Yulin’s face turned red after hearing this, and then cried out in aggravation, after all, she was a girl, and to have someone bully her like that was aggravating to think about.

Ye Xing laughed: “I’m scaring you, nothing happened to you, the old man didn’t even touch your clothes, he was kicked and ruined by me, he can only be a eunuch when he goes to hell.”


“Of course it’s true, I didn’t even bully you, what’s his turn?”

“Go to hell.”

After the furore subsided, the reality show continued filming in the afternoon. Regarding this incident, the whole crew did not suffer any damage, so naturally there was no need to talk about it.

Ye Xing returned inside Xiliang City, although he had captured many Jiang family members, but unfortunately the core group of Jiang family figures did not appear, so interrogation became the key.

Inside Xilang City, Ye Xing gave the order to do whatever it took to make sure he could pry these guys’ mouths open.

The men of the Dragon Shield were all from the ranks and were usually very hostile, so naturally they were even more violent when interrogated. It didn’t take much effort for these men to spill out everything they knew.

It was now almost certain that Jiang’s family was hiding in one of the ancient tomb complexes in the Xilang region.

The Xilang region was the place where many countries built their capitals in ancient times, and there are ancient tomb complexes everywhere, and nowadays there are a large number of archaeological sites open to tourists and so on, so it is not easy to find an ancient tomb hiding place here.

But according to the clues provided by these people, every ten days or so, there are core disciples of the Jiang family who appear in Xiliang City or in the ancient city, and they just come out to get some air.

Ye Xing let everything resume, and there was almost a single point of contact between the core and peripheral members of the Jiang Family.

That is, the core members of the Jiang Family could contact the external members, and the external members could not contact them, which allowed Ye Xing and the others’ actions to go unexposed and leak out.

After setting up, the watch continued, but when Ye Xing sent the people to the ancient city, he saw the reality show crew that was already about to withdraw again, and Cheng Yulin looked at him and came to say a thank you.

“You’re a good friend of Xiao Qiao’s, saying thank you would be polite.”

“Why weren’t those people arrested?”

“We’re going to use them to catch the big fish, so we let them get away with it for a few days first, but don’t worry, they have the device we designed on them, anyone who dares to run away or mess up will definitely end up miserable.”

After hearing this, Cheng Yu Lin’s small mouth curled up, she could count on getting a mouthful of bad breath.

She was already good-looking, and although her fame was not as big as Su Xiaoqiao’s, she was also a flow actress, and recently she had mainly been developing reality shows, so she was still quite recognisable in the eyes of the domestic audience.

When Cheng Yulin returned to the set, she was called by the director of the show and asked, “Is that young man you just met with your friend?”

“My best friend’s boyfriend.”

“Oh, that’s good, ask him to come and do us a favour, we have an event and we need a few male guests.”

“He’s not an entertainer, it’s not good, is it?”

“He’s not an artist, but he has a good image, and we need him urgently, so it’ll be three or four days before we can find another artist.”

“Director, let’s find someone else.”

“Why would I ask you to help me if I could? Go and talk to him, it’s only for one day.”

Finally the agent also came over and advised, “Yu Lin, don’t make the director angry, this is a good opportunity, there are so many reality shows, if you perform well this time, you’ll be busy for the rest of the year.”

Cheng Yulin didn’t have much of an opinion, so she was encouraged by others and finally had to return to the old city and find Ye Xing.

“I can’t, I’m so handsome, what if I get a hit on your show?”

“Don’t be so naive, I’m just asking for your help, aren’t you fine here anyway?”

“I’m fine, but why should I help you?”

“I’m Jo’s best friend, don’t you want me to put in a good word for you?”

“The two of us have a stable relationship, we don’t need to bother you to add fuel to the fire.”

“Then I owe you a favour.”

“Before I saved you and preserved your innocence, in ancient times you would have had to give your body in return, and still talk to me about favours is that interesting?”

Cheng Yulin blushed slightly and stomped her foot in anger, then C*cked her lips and left.

Ye Xing went around in the ancient city, it really didn’t seem like there was much to do, according to the group’s explanation, this Jiang’s family would have to come out for air at least a week later, it looked like if they didn’t find something to do, they would have to meditate and cultivate all day long.

The director was a bit unhappy that there were not enough people after all, so tomorrow’s shooting would have to be stalled.

Suddenly, Ye Xing ran to the crew’s car, found Cheng Yulin who was sitting alone, squeezed over and sat down.

When Cheng Yulin saw Ye Xing, she was surprised and asked, “Why are you here?”

“It’s only one day, it won’t take much time, besides I’m quite interested in filming.”

“Not everyone can shoot a movie, the feeling of the camera is crucial, some people look like pa*sers-by under the camera, there is no sense of achievement.” Cheng Yulin squeezed a sentence.

Ye Xing smiled, “I see that those films from the East Island are shot quite professionally, even the ugliest pa*sersby can become the main characters.”

“East Island?” Cheng Yulin frowned, tapped the agent in front of her on the shoulder and asked.

The agent, who was also a big sister, blushed slightly and quietly came to her ear to mutter a sentence, Cheng Yulin’s ears turned red after hearing it, hating to strangle Ye Xing.

“Rascal, is that kind called a piece?”

“It’s not a slice, it’s just something for adults to watch.”

“Go, nasty thoughts all day long, I don’t know how Xiao Qiao fell for you.”

“Our feelings are not for outsiders like you to understand.”