Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 467-468

Chapter 467

The agent Li Wei was furious, this Ye Xing is a god of trouble, actually kicked the big star Luo Jin injured, not to mention that this Luo Jin is a popular martial arts star, just the agency behind him is a national voice, the power of the sky is huge, this time is really stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Li Wei hurriedly entered the room, gave Ye Xing a blank look, then looked at Cheng Yulin as she woke up, and immediately said, “Yulin, we are in big trouble this time, just now the company president Li called, Luo Jin was injured by someone.”

“Who beat him up?” Cheng Yulin had been drunk before, of course she didn’t know about the nasty things Luo Jin had done to her.

Ye Xing smiled, “No need to thank me, I beat him up, that kind of son of a b*tch would hate to kill him.”

“You still have the face to say that?” Li Wei yelled, “Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused? It doesn’t matter if you go to jail, don’t drag Yu Lin down with you.”

Ye Xing’s face turned gloomy, “How can you be such an agent? One of your own was drunk by the other party, and almost gave a bewitched J, but you don’t know how to condemn the other party, and you’re blaming me?”

“She’s a big star, can she do such nasty things? Everything is your own words, only you know what the truth of the matter is.”

“If he hadn’t bullied anyone, would I have hit him? It’s not like I’m crazy.”

“Anyway, nothing you can say will help, now people are not only calling the police, they’re suing you, so I’m afraid you’ll have to spend the rest of your life in jail.”

“Blow it, is it that powerful?”

Li Wei sneered, “The agency behind Luo Jin has a lot of power, otherwise how could they promote him? You’d better do one person’s job later anyway, don’t drag our Yu Lin into it.”

“Don’t worry, I beat up the man, I’ll take the blame for the accident.” Ye Xing growled in dissatisfaction.

Cheng Yulin frowned and said, “Ye Xing, why don’t you go and explain yourself.”

“Explain my a*s, he grabbed you into the bathroom and took off your trousers, I saw all of this, I won’t regret beating him up at all, only that I didn’t kick him to death.” Ye Xing had just finished speaking when suddenly the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside the house.

Ye Xing frowned and said, “It really came quite fast, you guys leave it alone, I’ll go deal with this.”

Ye Xing pushed open the door and walked out, and a group of uniformed men immediately jumped on him and held him down.

Ye Xing didn’t resist, he was honestly handcuffed, and Cheng Yulin was dumbfounded.

Ye Xing was loaded into a car and taken to a nearby police station. When he arrived, he actually saw that B*****d Luo Jin.

At this moment, Luo Jin was surrounded by a large group of people, and he was sitting in a wheelchair, still hanging saline, with his head wrapped in gauze, looking as if he was badly injured.

Ye Xing sneered as he was pinned to the ground. Cheng Yulin had some conscience and brought his agent Li Wei to the station.

When Luo Jin saw her, his eyes were full of resentment. After all, if it wasn’t for Cheng Yulin, he wouldn’t have been kicked half to death by Ye Xing, but the best way to get back at him was to torture him.

Luo Jin’s side presented a lot of evidence, witnesses and examination reports, and the hospital judged that the ribs were broken and the lungs pierced.

The hospital judged that the injuries were serious. Nowadays, even minor injuries are punishable by imprisonment, and serious injuries are punishable by at least five years in prison.

All of Luo Jin’s side laughed in triumph, shouting that the murderer should be punished severely and that these bad elements should not be allowed to act recklessly.

Li Wei brought Cheng Yulin closer and apologised to Luo Jin.

Luo Jin sneered, “This murderer seems to be a friend of yours, I wonder how you can explain?”

Cheng Yulin explained, “I believe Ye Xing is not crazy, maybe there is some misunderstanding here.”

“Misunderstanding? You mean I did something bad and that’s why he kicked me?” Luo Jin roared up.

The director said, “Yu Lin, although he’s your friend, you can’t harbour such a murderer, if you break the law you have to be punished severely.”

“Right, apologise properly to Luo Jin, this madman has nothing to do with you, whatever he does has nothing to do with you.” Liwei advised.

Cheng Yulin considered for a moment then said, “I still say that, I believe Ye Xing is not crazy, there must be some misunderstanding.”

“Alright, get lost, I’m going to have the company ban you, you’re just complaining that I didn’t agree to introduce you to the director of the new drama, your life is ruined, do you know how many fans I have? One mouthful of spittle from each of them could drown you, I guarantee your agency will sue you for breach of contract, just wait until you go bankrupt.” Luo Jin was furious and viciously threatened up.

Cheng Yulin looked up at him and suddenly felt that this martial arts star was really nasty, he was about to slander someone when he was annoyed, it looked like Ye Xing was right, he was afraid that he was really bullying himself and that was why he was kicked by Ye Xing.

“I believe in Ye Xing, what he did should have stopped Luo Jin from committing a crime.” Cheng Yulin shouted.

Instantly the whole bureau went silent, followed by the constant heckling and roaring from Luo Jin and the others, they were so crowded and loud anyway, just to drown out Cheng Yulin’s voice.

Cheng Yulin took one look at Ye Xing and decisively walked up to a uniformed man and said, “I want to report a crime, after someone got me drunk, he intended to misbehave with me, my friend stopped the other party from committing the crime, he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but to save me.”

“D*mn you, you dead b*tch, you’re dead, you dare to frame me, I want you to die for good.” Luo Jin blushed and cursed indiscriminately.

Cheng Yulin reported the case, the bureau inside naturally had to investigate, this to Luo Jin, originally could bite Ye Xing to death, but now the situation has changed.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The leader read the information and told people to let Ye Xing plead guilty and change his serious injuries to minor ones, so he would probably be out in a year or two.

Ye Xing smiled coldly: “Don’t change it, just serious injury, maybe it will become maiming later.”

The uniformed man snarled, “What do you mean, kid? Do you know the difference between serious and light injuries, you are lucky now, give you a light injury, sit for a year or two and you will be fine.”

“I think it’s too light, people like me don’t deserve to die, they should be shot.” Ye Xing sneered up.

The uniformed man slapped the table in anger, the other party had moved to make sure Ye Xing was punished, so naturally he couldn’t just let him go.

“Deny it, right? We can spend time with you.” The uniformed man said and walked out of the interrogation room.

The fan club had already exploded, and many people posted online overnight, calling on fans to crusade against Cheng Yulin, describing her as a person who would sell her flesh to get to the top, only for Luo Jin to be unmoved and instead be injured and slandered by her friends.


Chapter 468

Liwei took her phone and handed it to Cheng Yulin to look at, who glanced at it and said, “It doesn’t matter, the clearer you are, the better to not be an artist.”

“Yu Lin, are you out of your mind? Is he your boyfriend? How dare you willingly sacrifice your career for him.” Li Wei asked incomprehensibly.

With a red face, Cheng Yulin said, “He’s just an ordinary friend of mine, but he could injure Luo Jin to save me, I can’t just use him as a stepping stone for the sake of my own career.”

“Yu Lin, I’m begging you, go apologise to Luo Jin and get him to dispel those public opinions, I really don’t want to see your future ruined.” Li Wei sobbed uncomfortably.

Cheng Yulin advised, “Sister Wei, don’t persuade me, I’ve decided to do this, I can’t let Ye Xing be wrongly imprisoned.”

“B*tch, you think you’re so powerful, don’t you?”

Suddenly, an abusive voice came.

Cheng Yulin twisted her head to see that it was actually her company’s General Manager Li, and the person following him was Luo Jin, who was sitting in a wheelchair.

Li Guopeng was in his thirties, one meter eight head, very well connected in the entertainment industry, started his agency not long ago, Cheng Yulin was a newcomer he had only scooped up into the company, as she was on good terms with Su Xiaoqiao, which was of some value to Li Guopeng.

But he never thought that this dead girl had actually offended Luo Jin, who did not know that the Luo family behind Luo Jin was a prestigious family, the family group a*sets of tens of billions of dollars, he, the son of a grandson into the entertainment industry, in fact, is just playing the ticket, people not only have strong financial resources, huge power, there are also the means of the sky, offended him, is tantamount to trouble for themselves.

The first time he slapped his face, Li Guopeng rushed to Cheng Yulin and hit her.

Cheng Yulin covered her face and cried uncomfortably, “Mr. Li, why are you hitting me?”

“It’s light to hit you, you b*tch offended Luo Jin, I have the heart to kill you, go and kowtow to Luo Jin right now and admit your mistake, if you f*cking dare not do so, I will sue you for losing your family’s money.” Li Guopeng pointed at Cheng Yulin and cursed.

Luo Jin sat in his wheelchair watching with pleasure and sneered, “Mr. Li, you have to be gentle with girls, although your company’s artist wronged me, I didn’t take it seriously, now the whole internet knows that she is a b*tch who would sell her body to get to the top, this is even more enjoyable than killing her.”

“Young Luo, tell me, how are you going to clean her up?” Li Guopeng asked.

Luo Jin hooked his finger at Cheng Yulin, who didn’t move at all. Li Guopeng rushed over and yanked her by the hair towards Luo Jin.

It was already early in the morning and no one cared what was going on here.

Cheng Yulin was pinned to the ground by Li Guopeng, but she wouldn’t kneel down.

Li Wei couldn’t stand it anymore and came running to advise, “Mr. Li, don’t fight, do you want to kill her?”

Suddenly, Cheng Yulin’s eyes rolled white and her whole body fell to the ground and started searching.

Li Guopeng scolded, “B*tch, don’t play dead, get up for me.”

Luo Jin smiled smugly, “Send her to the hospital, maybe she’s really sick, no wonder this kind of mental illness will wrongly accuse me.”

Liwei cried and called, and went over to hold Cheng Yulin.

After dawn, Long Dong contacted a certain big shot within Xilang City and came directly to the district police station.

Inside the bureau, Ye Xing was still handcuffed and soon the door to the room was pushed open and the members of Dragon Shield were instantly furious to see their leader being bullied like this, pouncing into the room and quickly subduing the two uniformed men who were interrogating him.

Ye Xing was uncuffed and walked out, the whole bureau was dumbfounded, what was the origin of the other party?

Ye Xing walked out of the bureau and sneered, “Check Luo Jin, in addition which hotel is Cheng Yulin staying at?”

“Chief, Miss Cheng is hospitalised.”

Ye Xing’s eyes widened and he flew towards the hospital to kill her. When he arrived at the ward, he saw Cheng Yulin lying on the hospital bed, her whole body was half alive.

Ye Xing knew she was sick, but she had been treated and should be fine. Testing her body, Ye Xing found that it had been beaten to trigger the previous injuries.

At this point he lifted the blanket and took a look, Cheng Yulin was bruised and battered as if she had been tortured.

Ye Xing was furious, and as soon as he pushed Liwei, who was asleep next to him, he yelled, “Who beat her up with these bruises?”

Li Wei rubbed her eyes and asked in fear after she was sure it was Ye Xing, “Did you break out of prison?”

Ye Xing yelled, “Who beat her up like this? Was it Luo Jin?”

“It was our company’s General Manager Li, Luo Jin’s family has a powerful background, General Manager Li can’t afford to mess with him, so he can only take it out on Yu Wei.” Li Wei said and got hard again.

“D*mn, these B*****ds.” Ye Xing asked where Chief Li lived.

Liwei didn’t even know and Ye Xing told her to call and ask.

“I’m afraid, what should I do if Chief Li deals with me?”

“If I tell you to call, you should call obediently, and when this is settled, the old boss of your company will let you do it.”

Liwei was half-hearted, and Ye Xing forced her to call.

Liwei had no choice, Ye Xing was fierce and fierce, and she was afraid of hurting herself.

After the phone call, Liwei looked at Ye Xing and said, “In room 508 of the Bingyue Hotel.”

Ye Xing took his men and killed them, quickly going up to 508, knocking on the door and entering the room, directly holding down both of the people in the room.

“Who are you guys? Do you know that it is against the law to do so?” Li Guopeng roared up angrily.

Ye Xing sneered, “A hotel looking for fun, and murdering and injuring people, you’ve made it to the top as an old boss.”

“Who are you scaring? Don’t get yourself into trouble.” Li Guopeng yelled up.

Ye Xing told the Dragon Shield members to let go of him, and then handed him the ashtray on the bedside table.

Li Guopeng cursed as soon as he threw the ashtray away, “What do you mean? Who are you guys?”

Ye Xing deliberately sneered, “We asked you to cooperate with the investigation, who knew that you wouldn’t cooperate and used the ashtray to hit me, there are already your fingerprints on it, so the next step is easy.”

Li Guopeng froze: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Ye Xing sneered and punched him in the stomach, Li Guopeng instantly spat out a mouthful of filth inside his mouth, followed by Ye Xing punching him to death, scolding him as he did so, “Dog, who gave you the ability to bully people? You think you can bully the people just because you are rich and powerful? Today I’ll let you have a taste of being bullied.”

With a click, Li Guopeng’s hands were broken by Ye Xing, and his whole body fainted, but not for a while, his calf was trampled off, and his whole body woke up in pain, screaming in agony.

Ye Xing saw that it was almost time. With this son of a b*tch’s injuries, he would have trouble going to the toilet for the rest of his life, not to mention finding a woman in a hotel.

It was too comfortable to kill this kind of scum, it would be really painful to let him live like a dead dog.

Ye Xing waved his hand and the Dragon Shield members carried the man away, they still had to get him some charges, anyway, this guy was completely ruined, he would either die inside the prison or beg for food on the street.