Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 413-414

Chapter 413

“Why do people from the Buddhist sect speak out of turn?”

Lin Wei purposely roared after sweeping a glance at the other party, at this moment the other customers of the breakfast shop had avoided it for fear of getting into trouble.

The monk in the lead was full of bad smiles, “I didn’t expect this chick to be good looking, how about finding a place to have fun with Master Buddha later?”

“Brother Puguang, the other one is also good-looking, don’t take both of them.”

Another fat-headed monk with a greasy face joked with a bad smile.

“I’m physically fit, I’ve had three chicks for a night of pleasure before and they’re all alive and well, these two are right up my alley.” The fleshy monk bragged proudly.

“Senior brother Puguang is just a bull, but we have to kill the rest of that kid as well.”

The fat-headed monk pointed at Ye Xing with a ferocious expression.

The cross-fleshed monk Puguang nodded his head in triumph, then pointed at Ye Xing and cursed, “Little thane brat of the Dragon Shield immediately get your a*s over here and suffer death obediently, Master Buddha.”

Luo Xiaoyun roared in discontent, “Who gave you the guts to be so rampant, don’t you know that nowadays it is a society under the rule of law?”

“Rule of law my a*s, if I say one word, no one in Jianye City will dare to refute it. Don’t you know that the leaders of the Security Bureau in Jianye City are all our followers?”

Puguang laughed in triumph and badly.

In fact, their group of monks had received news early in the morning that they had come to attack three of the Dragon Shield, but they had not checked that these three breakfast eaters were not the technicians of the Dragon Shield, or the first squad, but Ye Xing, the leader of the Dragon Shield.

If they knew it was this big fish, I’m afraid they would have to come out in force.

“The leaders of the Security Bureau are all your followers? No wonder you guys have been making a living in Jianye for so many years.”

Ye Xing smiled as he walked out of the breakfast shop and directly confronted a group of monks.

Among these monks, only Monk Puguang was an ancient martial artist, and he was half a bucket of water and was covered in shallow internal energy, Luo Xiaoyun could easily deal with him, but it was just that these erratic Western Paradise guys thought they had a lot of people and took down Ye Xing’s trio without wasting any effort.

“Kid, it’s useless to know so much, right away Master Buddha will tear you apart piece by piece.”

Puguang revealed a ferocious smile as his hands formed claws and lunged forward.

He had practised a decent move, and usually three or five ordinary people would have to be rendered powerless by this move against him.

But Puguang was often willing to watch his defeated men wail in such pain, gaining great inner conquest and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, as soon as he lunged forward, the disciples behind him did not see him dislocate Ye Xing’s muscles; instead, his hands were broken by his opponent and he received a kick in the stomach, and his whole body fell to his knees and spat out blood.

The other monks swarmed on him, and Ye Xing dealt with them one by one, either slapping them in the face or kicking them to the ground where they could not get up.

The group of monks were brought down to the ground in less than a minute.

Ye Xing walked up to Puguang and forced them to ask where they got the information from, and soon learnt that there was a mole.

“I didn’t expect the people from the Security Bureau to be in cahoots with Jindu Temple and betray our whereabouts.”

Lin Wei was indignant and wanted to dispose of the matter immediately.

Ye Xing reached out to block it, “When Kitano’s side is taken care of, I’m afraid everyone will have run out, so we’ll go and take these B*****ds down ourselves.”

“You want to go to that Zhang Bureau of the Security Bureau’s wedding banquet?”

Luo Xiaoyun inquired curiously.

Ye Xing nodded, “I’ve heard that many of the high priests of the Golden Capital Temple have gone to give their blessings, so naturally we have to go too, if we end them all in one pot, this Western Heavenly Delight will be settled.”

“Master Ye is right, the Buddhist sect is also willing to help the Dragon Shield clean up the traitors.”

A voice came from afar, displaying strong internal energy, and then only Master Wudao was seen leading the group, and a group of sturdy monks, permeated with internal energy, came along behind him.

“The Buddhist Sect?”

Ye Xing smiled as he walked over, Wudao and he had met on the snowy mountain, so naturally he was not a stranger.

“Amitabha Buddha, these traitors of the Buddhist Sect have created such an evil religion as the Western Heavenly Paradise, colluding with overseas demons and endangering the living beings, it is really a shame for the Buddhist Sect, as this is a matter of concern to the Buddhist Sect, we should do our best to help.”

Master Wudao blamed himself with a painful face.

Ye Xing laughed: “If you really had a heart, I am afraid that this Western Paradise would not have become anything, you have let them go unchecked, instead you have allowed them to grow bigger and stronger step by step, not only taking in rich businessmen, but also developing followers, at present there are already tens of thousands of people being scourged by this evil sect, you are guilty.”

Wudao’s face turned red at the comment, but there was no way to refute it, so he finally said in a deep voice, “The traitors came from the Buddhist sect, so naturally the Buddhist sect has the obligation to clean them up, but unfortunately the Buddhist sect doesn’t have much manpower, and with years of hard work on Buddhist scriptures, who can make supervision all the time?”

“So that’s why our Dragon Shield exists, if there are any more traitors among you, endangering the people, you don’t care, we, the Dragon Shield, will take care of it, the ancient martial world won’t all be a clean slate, where there are people there are selfish desires, once they can’t be stopped, there will be a lot of mischief.”

Wudo nodded with a bitter smile, “Master Ye is right, what should we do now?”

“Go to the wedding, I heard that many of the core executives of the Western Paradise Land have gone, your Buddhist sect will have to solve the trouble personally, draw a clear line and let us decide that you are just a group of law-abiding monks.”

Ye Xing finished speaking and led the way, Wudao touched his nose and did not dare to complain about anything.

The whole ancient martial world had been stirred up by the Dragon Shield and could no longer be united, and I was afraid that the only real threat to the Dragon Shield was the Immortal Sect.

Of course, each of the other three great masters is also very powerful, and I am afraid that it will not be so easy for Dragon Shield to become the enforcer of peace for all.

Wudo understands in his heart, naturally he is waiting to eat the melon, and does not take sides, anyway, the Buddhist sect is a pure place, just concentrate on Buddhist scriptures and learning.

Today is the big day for the Zhang family to marry their daughter. The son-in-law is from the city of Shenzhen and is worth over 100 million dollars.

The red carpet was rolled out outside the hotel at this time. Apart from the waiters, there were also friends and relatives of the Zhang family, all of whom were prominent figures in Jianye.

The Zhang family has deep roots in Jianye, with the old man’s generation in a high position of power, and now their children and grandchildren are all in high positions in the major departments of Jianye, so many wealthy businessmen have come to pay their respects, and there are all kinds of luxury cars at the entrance, from BMWs and Mercedes to Maseratis and Rolls-Royces.

Young people love a good time, and the friends of the bride and groom formed a luxury car parade, with a Lamborghini lined up in several rows, attracting countless pa*sers-by.

Zhang Xiwen, dressed in a suit and full of smiles, with his main family accessories was greeting all the guests.

He was very content with such a spectacle, this time not only had he mobilised all the connections of the Zhang family, but also the face given by the Jindu Temple. With the help of the Jindu Temple, almost all the wealthy businessmen of Jianye, large and small, came, but it was a great face for the Zhang family.


Chapter 414

“Bureau Zhang, this is a great face you have, the boss of the Dongwang Group is here.”

“Not only the Dongwang Group, but also the bosses of the famous domestic e-commerce company, the Jianye branch, have all come.”

“It looks like after the Zhang family marries their daughter, your Zhang family will take off again.”

“Making money is the big thing these days, the Zhang Bureau is paving the way for their children.”

A group of people began to boast, which made Zhang Xiwen very satisfied, once he thought that the Zhang family could get such a big face, it was really inseparable from the Jindu Temple, and from now on they had to continue to cooperate for the Jindu Temple, so that the Zhang family could always take off.

In the banquet hall on the third floor of the hotel, a large number of wealthy businessmen were befriending a group of monks.

These monks were all from the Jindu Temple, and normally in the eyes of the believers, they were all high up in the world and would hardly accept any entertainment.

If you want to meet the masters of the Golden Capital Temple, you have to go inside the temple and be sincere in order to be received.

The legend of Jindu Temple has long been spread within the Jianye Shopping Centre.

Not only does the Golden Capital Temple have pills to cure all diseases, it also has a network of connections that can easily solve any trouble.

Take the case of a certain branch of an online business that suffered from counterfeit goods some time ago. After sincerely seeking an audience, the matter was successfully resolved, and the consumer who bought the counterfeit goods even came forward to admit his mistake and had nothing to do with the e-commerce platform.

The incident instead turned out to be an advertisement that ushered in a great take-off for that e-commerce company.

The head of the Jianye branch was also commended by the head office and moved up a big step in the workplace.

There were also many gra*sroots clerks who simply asked to go to the Jindu Temple, and almost always had their requests answered, with unparalleled spirituality.

These monks of the Golden Capital Temple turned into attained monks, each with not only real skills but also the means to make people’s wishes come true.

While these monks were enjoying the flattery of the wealthy businessmen present, suddenly someone with a vibrating mobile phone in his pocket got up and went to the bathroom, soon returning in a great hurry with a change of face.

Several of the monks did not speak, all communicating in code, and one by one, their faces paled and they got up to leave.

Unfortunately for them, they could not leave, as armed men came from all sides and surrounded the whole area of the hotel at once, and the two main streets were closed to traffic.

An old monk in the lead ordered in a low voice, “Call Zhang Xiwen and tell him to hurry up and solve this matter.”

Zhang Xiwen was the leader of the Security Bureau, and when he received the call, people were dumbfounded, what kind of team came here to cause trouble on the big day of his own daughter’s marriage?

Not only did they block the road, they also did not let the hotel people in and out, they were simply trying to rebel.

“Masters, don’t worry, I will definitely investigate and give you an explanation.”

After answering the phone in the hotel lobby, Zhang Xiwen grabbed his a*sistant and ran out.

The street across the street was indeed blocked, but the people blocking the street were not traffic officers in bureau uniforms, nor were they special agents on a mission.

“Who the hell is this to deliberately cause trouble and to damage my face?”

Zhang Xiwen shouted angrily as he ran over and grabbed a member of the team who was armed with a gun, “Who told you to come and cause trouble?”

The other man was no slouch either, and immediately pushed Zhang Xiwen away, his gun loaded and aimed at his head.

No one would be unafraid when they saw the cold weapon with its fangs bared.

Zhang Xiwen’s subordinates hurriedly pulled him over, then pointed at the other party and asked which department he was from.

“Our operation has to be kept secret, there’s no way to answer you too much, please go back to the hotel right now, come out again and stop us from doing our job, we can shoot.”

The team members with loaded guns issued a chortle.

Zhang Xiwen was dumbfounded, as the leader of the Security Bureau, he knew very well that once he had the decisive power to shoot, then things were not simple, and the other party was dressed in such a way that they belonged to a certain war zone and would definitely not be their opponents to stir up trouble.

Zhang Xiwen returned to the hotel lobby in a huff and called the monks of Jindu Temple just to explain the situation.

As a result, the monks of Jindu Temple were all furious, and one by one, they quickly entered the bathroom and began to change out of their clothes. After putting on their wigs and suits, they became no different from ordinary people, completely devoid of the previous refined elegance of the attained monks.

Zhang Xiwen kept calling out for information, but it turned out that no one knew what was going on.

“Call Zhang Gui right away and tell him to bring the brigade, this is all about me today any way I see it.”

Zhang Xiwen roared up.

The subordinate thought better of it and dialed Zhang Gui’s number, and soon a dozen cars sped towards the hotel.

On one side were loaded members of the team and on the other were the uniformed law enforcement brigade of the Security Bureau, and the two sides confronted each other.

Neither side let anyone go until Ye Xing drove his car up.

After getting out of the car, he took a glance at the law enforcement brigade, without a few guns, and was very arrogant.

“No matter who it is, blocking our action will not work, surrender your guns and arrest them.”

As soon as Ye Xing roared, the team members swarmed on them, the dozens of people from the law enforcement brigade were pointed at by hundreds of people from the other side with guns, and they were quickly cowed.

Ye Xing got into the car and continued towards the hotel, when he reached the front door of the hotel, he walked in.

At this moment, Zhang Xiwen was furious and had even taken off his jacket.

Ye Xing saw the tattoo of a human face at the bottom of the other party’s neck and instantly understood the identity of the other party.

“Whose family is so unlucky to get married here? All around is surrounded by water, surely it will be a big arrest later, right?”

Ye Xing smiled as he walked over, and Zhang Xiwen turned his head to look at him, thinking about it as if he didn’t have a problem with this young man.

“How did you get in?”

“I just walked in, are you still short of people in the Western Paradise? The three of us want to join.”

Ye Xing smiled.

Zhang Xiwen was instantly furious, not many people knew that he had joined the Western Paradise behind his back, so he immediately roared, “What are you talking about? Someone get him out of here.”

The hotel lobby manager came over with a waiter, Lin Wei stopped them, showed his ID and yelled with a stern face, “All the hotel staff go back and stay there, you have nothing to do with this.”

The lobby manager looked at the documents and was dumbfounded, immediately calling all the waiters and security guards away.

Zhang Xiwen was furious and pointed at Ye Xing and questioned, “So it was you who did this, who gave you the power to block the road, who gave you the power to surround the hotel?”

“The people gave you the power, you must be the leader of the Security Bureau, right? Behind the scenes, you’ve been engaging in feudal superstition, and colluding with the government and business, and most abominably betraying our Dragon Shield operations, you’re guilty as hell, D*mn you.”

“You’re from Dragon Shield?”

Zhang Xiwen’s face turned pale with fear, he had indeed been asked by the monks of the Jindu Temple to keep an eye on the Dragon Shield, so as soon as Ye Xing and the others arrived in Jianye, he immediately pa*sed on the news to the Jindu Temple.

“What a waste of words, where are the monks from Jindu Temple? If you let one get away today, I’ll make sure you die a horrible death.”

Ye Xing roared directly.

Zhang Xiwen trembled and didn’t even know how to reply.

Luo Xiaoyun came in front of him and smiled, “Don’t even think about resisting, the things you did, we at Dragon Shield have already investigated them clearly, enough to be shot.”

Zhang Xiwen sat down on the ground in fear, his face pale as if he had aged by more than ten years.