Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 415-416

Chapter 415

“Leader, I’ll give an account, I’ll give an account of everything.”

Zhang Xiwen howled, trying to escape a death.

Ye Xing laughed coldly and then started a hotel-wide search, no one was allowed to leave.

At this moment, inside the banquet hall, those rich businessmen started to move, each one rich and powerful, not P*ssing on anyone.

“I am Huang Yun from the Dongwang Group, you should have heard of me, many leaders in Jianye City know me, hurry up and open the door, I have to go back to the group to deal with some matters, if I am delayed, I am afraid you will not be able to eat.”

A medium-sized group boss wearing an expensive suit walked to the entrance of the banquet hall and arrogantly shouted at the Dragon Shield members.

“Sorry, no one is allowed to leave the banquet hall without an order from our chief.”

Zhang Shaoqin, a member of Dragon Shield’s first squad, replied with a serious and unsmiling expression.

Huang Yun held fire in his heart and questioned with dissatisfaction, “Then how long are you going to keep us here, we are not prisoners, we are famous local entrepreneurs, how much tax we pay, how many people our company supports, is your chief clear? Hurry up and get out of my way, don’t be a watchdog.”

Zhang Shaoqin’s face changed as he snapped angrily, “Sir, please mind your words, we are Dragon Shield members, we now have the right to lock down the hotel and look for suspects, and you must cooperate, don’t ever consider your status as a privilege, there are no privileges in our Dragon Shield eyes.”

“Gra*s, I spent so much money to raise you dogs, do you know how much money you will lose for the delay?”

Huang Yun roared in discontent and incitement.

The other wealthy businessmen with him were also uneven.

“Right, are you guys responsible for the losses when something happens to our company?

“Let me tell you, I know quite a few of the leaders of Warwick, which department are you from? What qualifications do you have to block the road and arrest people, making such a big commotion and affecting our business activities, aren’t you afraid of picking up clothes?”

“All said and done, just a bunch of watchdogs, taking a chicken feather for an arrow, without us taxpayers, without us corporate groups paying taxes, you all eat Sh*t one by one, right?”

The wealthy businessmen had been trapped for too long, each with grievances in their hearts, and they all instantly flared up, sightless.

All of the first team at the door were furious and clenched their fists, they were the best of the best in all the major departments, they were all dragons among men, whether it was information technology, or means of combat, they were all kings among soldiers, but unfortunately they were not understood or appreciated at this time, instead they had become the lackeys in the mouths of these rich businessmen.

Zhang Shaoqin was tempted to make a move, but discipline would not allow him to do so towards the common people.

“Please return to your seats, all of you, we are on a mission.”

Zhang Shaoqin’s colleague, Ye Fan, stepped out and stopped everyone in front of him.

At this moment, a noblewoman next to him, picked up a gla*s of wine and rushed over, splashing out a gla*s of wine directly towards Ye Fan’s face.

The noblewoman sneered after splashing it, “See, these guys are worse than dogs, wild dogs know how to bark when they are kicked, they don’t even dare to bark.”

“Haha, this is a bunch of wimps, I don’t know who led the soldiers, how can they defend the country if they are such wimps, they are just bullying us people.”

“I think we should all chip in some money for them and send these beggars away.”

“Yes, we must be asked to pay for the benefits, these B*****ds don’t look moral, but in fact they just want benefits.”

Everyone in the banquet hall burst out laughing, they had a grudge so they just hated the First Squad.

A wedding was a happy event, but when it was suddenly spoiled, no one could take it.

Ye Fan wiped the wine from his face and suddenly slapped out viciously.

Unfortunately, he stopped when he almost reached the noblewoman’s face, discipline prevented him from striking because his status was different.

Status represented dignity, something that was more important to a member of the ranks than even a life.

“I can die in battle, but I can’t break discipline because I can’t sully the uniform on my body!”

Ye Fan withdrew his hand and spat out this sentence inside his mouth.

The noblewoman laughed out loud after hearing this, she had already drunk a lot, at this moment, when she saw that the other party didn’t dare to touch her at all, she couldn’t say how pleased she was.

“How dare a dog bite someone? Today I will let you see what I am capable of.”

After cursing, this noblewoman slapped Ye Fan’s face, and scolded him afterwards, “Dog slave, will you let me go?”

“No, please go back ……”


Another slap.

At this point, Huang Yun and the others were extremely satisfied, full of playful smiles watching the fun.

“Get out of the way, if you don’t let go, you will be killed.”

The noblewoman continued to roar up, her eyes wide, completely devoid of any sense of decorum, turning into a poisonous woman, a shrew with a snake’s heart.

Inside the banquet hall, all the guests ran to the door to watch the action.

Ye Fan and Zhang Shaoqin blocked the room, and after the first person made a move, there was a second.

Especially the friends and family of the wedding bride, one had no scruples and went up and started slapping and scratching indiscriminately.

At this point the people outside the house rushed to report the situation.

Ye Xing was checking the surveillance, he was sitting in the hotel security room, and was already watching the route of the group of monks.

“Went to the bathroom and came out as a group of guests, it looks like they have disguised themselves, immediately clear everyone, don’t let any of them go, including the hotel security attendants.”

Ye Xing twisted his head to explain up, Lin Wei nodded down and took the intercom and started giving orders.

Suddenly, Luo Xiaoyun ran in from outside, shouting anxiously, “Something’s wrong, inside the banquet hall.”

Ye Xing frowned and clicked on the surveillance of the banquet hall, finding that two members of the first squad were actually surrounded by guests rich businessmen.

“How outrageous.”

Ye Xing was so angry that he led his men right towards the banquet hall.

Outside the banquet hall, the two members of Team One were already furious and wanted to rush in and do something, but unfortunately discipline prevented them from doing anything recklessly, let alone retaliating.

The doors were pulled open and Ye Xing angrily walked in and roared, “Whoever dares to do it again, I’ll scrap his claws.”

“Gra*s, you all work for us as dogs, how dare you hit your master, huh?”

Huang Yun sneered as the other wealthy merchants and guests instantly laughed.

But immediately afterwards with a bang, Huang Yun’s entire body flew backwards several metres, hitting a table hard and lying on the ground, pa*sed out.

The others were stunned, and one rich businessman, who was close to Huang Yun, shouted in anger, “A beating, these guys are enforcing the law recklessly, videotape them and sue their superiors, I don’t believe there is no king’s law.”

The rich businessman did the same, his whole body flew out and fell heavily on the carpet, spitting blood heavily, unable to even speak out in pain.

Kicking two people away in quick succession, Ye Xing looked around the entire banquet hall, “Who else wants to try?”

Some people took out their mobile phones to record the video, but Lin Wei immediately greeted the team members and collected the phones.

Everyone dared not speak out in anger, and Ye Xing roared, “All of them with hoods and handcuffs, they even openly resisted the law, then we can’t give them any freedom.”


Chapter 416

The wealthy businessmen and guests were dumbfounded and slyly argued.

But Lin Wei was also furious and with a wave of her hand, the Dragon Shield team members swarmed on them, all handcuffed and pulled out one by one with their hoods on.

These people did not expect Ye Xing’s thunderous action, and they did not talk nonsense, they just arrested them.

A few of the women were scared and crying, after all, the first time they were arrested and handcuffed, it was really a stain for life.

Ye Xing came to Zhang Shaoqin and Ye Fan and lectured with dissatisfaction, “Who told you to be foolishly beaten.”

“We can’t break discipline.”

“Discipline my a*s, is discipline for you guys to just take a beating? No matter who they are, if they dare to offend Dragon Shield to do something, then they don’t have to be polite, if they dare to speak out against me, they can be arrested, and if they dare to do something, they can be shot on the spot!”

Ye Xing roared up, this voice resounded throughout the banquet hall, making those guests and wealthy businessmen who were handcuffed away all dumbfounded.

What was the concept of being shot on the spot, having seen foreign law enforcement videos, they should all understand the brutality of it.

But this was the best guarantee for the authority of the law enforcers!

Ye Xing’s words made all the Dragon Shield members tremble inside.

Yes, we are the Dragon Shield, the shield of dragons, what are we afraid of, what are we afraid of?

“Remember my words, from now on if you are bullied like this again, get the hell out of Dragon Shield, I don’t want wimps, I want ruthless characters!”

Ye Xing turned his head and left the banquet hall, all the Dragon Shield members were taught a lesson, and from now on there will be a mantra within the Dragon Shield: Dragon Shield dignity, defend it with blood!

When Ye Xing arrived at the security room, Lin Wei followed him in and frowned: “What should we do next? Many of those wealthy merchants are prominent figures in Jianye City.”

“So what if they are respectable, Dragon Shield is doing its job, they are not cooperating and are arrogantly raising hell, beating and insulting our team members, put the video out, I want everyone to see the ugly faces of these rich merchants.”

“Should we make such a big deal?”

“It has to be this big, those who dare to beat up Dragon Shield will have to accept the wrath of the dragon!”

Ye Xing gave the order, and Lin Wei naturally had to do as she was told.

Dragon Shield’s technicians were strong, at least the posting piece was simply expert, any forum that couldn’t get through, they had a way to put the post on top.

The same day China exploded, with all the news media, guns and cannons trained on the incident.

Netizens saw the slapping and red wine splashing and hated these lawless rich businessmen to the core.

Dragon Shield’s technicians also released a large number of recordings of these wealthy businesswomen swearing and insulting words as they caused trouble.

The videos and conversations were released and instantly there was a national revolt.

Ye Xing didn’t care about the posts on the internet at this time, even if the netizens didn’t deal with these guys, he still had a way to find trouble with those rich businessmen.

At this moment, he kept an eye on the hotel and after not finding any breakdowns, he asked Luo Xiaoyun to go and invite the group from the Buddhist sect.

Master Wudao and the others were all on the road outside the hotel, each one like a stone statue, not moving or smiling, chanting sutras with their eyes closed.

When Ye Xing came to call them in, Master Wudao knew it must be a bit tricky.

After viewing the video, Master Wudao frowned, “The people are still at the hotel, only they are very good at disguising themselves, let our Buddhist disciples go and search, they should find a breach soon.”

Ye Xing originally wanted Wudao and the others to watch and give them a downward spiral, at this point, he couldn’t find those evil monks from the Western Paradise, and it was no good to spend a long time, so he could only nod and agree.

Wudao and the others went down and searched everywhere, checking everyone, and soon found two of the imprisoned guests and also three from within the hotel attendants.

The two sides exchanged blows, both Buddhist disciples, and fought on equal terms, but with more people brought by Wudo and with the help of the Dragon Shield crew on one side, they soon subdued all five evil monks.

After watching the surveillance, Ye Xing walked out and saw the five evil monks who were covered in blood, and thought to himself that the matter had been successfully resolved.

The matter of the Western Paradise was indeed successfully resolved, but Ye Xing still had to give an explanation to the beaten members of the Dragon Shield.

Huang Yun and the others were accused of a*sault, arrest, obstruction and many other charges.

Many bigwigs stepped in to plead for mercy, but access to Kitano’s side was blocked.

Dragon Shield is a special department that the Chinese military spirits have named to protect, and every single thing they have done lately has been extremely outstanding and completed exceptionally well, so how can a department that is so highly regarded be something you can mess around with?

If you touch the scales of a dragon, you will die!

Ye Xing was determined not to stop this time, so he naturally had to make Huang Yun pay a heavy price for these people.

Some of the wealthy merchants in Jianye City were laughing and some had palpitations. They had to understand that once they thought they had some money and some connections, they could be lawless.

When Ye Xing returned to Guangnan Province, Murong Xue also learned of the furore Long Dun had created and asked with a smile, “You are really something, Long Dun has sent a dozen wealthy businessmen to jail in one breath, I don’t know how many people will be offended.”

“I am not afraid to offend as many people as I can, the dignity of the Dragon Shield cannot be desecrated by anyone.”

Murong Xue smiled up, “I am also a member of the Dragon Shield, some people use their power for personal gain and fool around with me as a subordinate, is it possible for me to sue?”

“That’s out of the question, within the Dragon Shield, it’s all up to me, you have no way to sue, so you might as well obey me.”

“Stop it, I’ll get angry if you disturb my training.”

Murong Xue smiled and lectured, Ye Xing there was willing to agree, as soon as he went forward and wrapped his arms around the person.

As a wife, Murong Xue naturally could not let Ye Xing touch her, but this was a critical time for her cultivation, so she really could not think about male and female love, at most, she would let him hug and kiss her.

I thought the other party would be slightly satisfied and stop, but I did not expect to get an inch.

“Don’t ……”

Murong Xue had just finished shouting when suddenly the bedroom door in front of him was kicked open and Luo Xiaoyun appeared at the front door with a serious face asking, “Xue’er, are you okay?”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, and so was Murong Xue, who hurriedly yanked his hand out, her face flushed with shame.

Luo Xiaoyun saw the two of them hugging each other and hurriedly turned her head and said shyly, “Lock the door later, I thought Xue’er had an accident.”

Ye Xing didn’t get to take advantage of the situation and yelled in dissatisfaction, “This is our boudoir, you, a subordinate, don’t know to keep an eye on things downstairs and instead come upstairs to stir up trouble, believe it or not I’ll make you guard the toilet?”

Murong Xue snickered, “Alright, don’t make things difficult for Xiao Yun, she is also worried about me.”

Ye Xing huffed and walked out, Murong Xue also went downstairs, the three of them looked at me, I looked at you, in the end it was Ye Xing who left.

Ye Xing left the villa, Du Jiuniang sent a message, and then hurriedly leapt outside the villa.

Du Jiuniang drove over, dressed in disguise, she hadn’t seen Ye Xing for a long time and missed him in her heart.

A little bit of dry wood and a lot of fire!

The car drove to a nearby park and stayed there for an hour, Ye Xing whistled and drove away.

Du Jiuniang sat in the back seat and looked out the window and sighed, “If Lily knew I was with you, I really don’t know if she would despise me as a sister.”

“Are you talking that badly? Your sister wouldn’t want you to follow me, besides she’s my servant, in ancient times she would have been waiting beside us.”

“Rascal, the more you talk the more you are an A**hole, do you want to take her too?”