Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 411-412

Chapter 411

“It looks like this monk family are quite good at enjoying themselves, such a nice place, so many bodyguards, and even a flowery mistress, I want to become a monk.”

Ye Xing sat down and laughed, which could amuse both Lin Wei and Luo Xiaoyun.

Across the table, Master Hatoma instantly grimaced and sneered a few times.

“Old monk, what are you laughing at?”

Ye Xing snapped with a slap on the table.

Master Hatoma laughed coldly; “I laugh at the fact that some people don’t know how to live and die.”

“Then you are right to laugh, like you, I am also laughing at the fact that some people do not know what they are doing, and they want to block the chariot with their arms, and they do not know their own strength.”

“You are the commander of the Dragon Shield? You are also too young, they say that if you don’t have a hair on your mouth, you can’t do anything firmly, young people in high positions can easily be impulsive and do confusing things.”

“Young people are impulsive and are best suited to do some cleaning work, to clean up some rubbish that has bad intentions and harms the people.”

Ye Xing sarcastically rose up in a tit-for-tat manner, and Master Hatoma and the others on the opposite side were obviously furious.

“If we really want to quarrel, then there is no point in meeting this time.”

Master Hatoma grimaced and looked at Ye Xing with a sinister look.

“Tell me, how do you guys want to make this meeting meaningful?”

Ye Xing poured a cup of tea and drank it up, with a leisurely look.

“The Dragon Shield has some faults and has captured quite a few of our Buddhists, we want you to release them.”

Master Hatoma threw out the conditions in a loud voice.

Ye Xing laughed as he spewed the tea inside his mouth, and the group of monks opposite him were so angry that they were about to strike.

Ye Xing wiped his mouth after making a scene, “Are you high on too many drugs and a bit out of your mind?”

“Surnamed Ye, if you continue to fool around, do you know what will happen?”

Master Hatoma roared in anger.

Ye Xing sneered, “I don’t need to bother you with what consequences I have, I can do the math for you.”

“Oh? Then I’m all ears.”

Ye Xing walked a few steps then said, “First you will be arrested, according to your greedy personality, you will definitely not blow yourself up, then there will be a trial, talking about all your problems and criminal facts, next is a shooting, the bad things you have done, you will definitely not be able to miss eating a gun, and finally your destination is a small box, an urn bought by a few hundred dollars at the crematorium!”

After hearing this, Master Hatoma almost vomited blood in anger, and the other monks were also indignant.

“Fine, you Dragon Shields are not willing to make peace, so forget it, there is much trouble waiting for you next.”

Master Hatoma laughed coldly in exasperation.

“What do you want?” Ye Xing asked casually.

“There are many things I want to do, how many headquarters you have in Dragon Shield, we will naturally have someone to greet them, and the identity details of all of you, we will investigate them all, once you offend our Western Paradise, all these people and their families will be punished by the Buddha Lord.”

“You’re scaring me?”

“No, I’m not scaring you, you can try all you want, now I’ll give you another chance, kowtow right now and admit your mistake, atone for your arrogance just now, and maybe we can talk again.”

“What a big mouth, what if I don’t confess my mistake?”

“Then wait for the wrath of our revenge.”

Ye Xing laughed and clapped his hands, twisting his head to look at Lin Wei and nodded his head.

Soon there was a roar from the sky, followed by a bodyguard running into the private room from outside, reporting directly that eight helicopters carrying ammunition had appeared in the sky outside.

There were also countless trucks from all directions pulling groups of heavily armed men over, already surrounding the area.

“If we people don’t get out of here, I guarantee that tomorrow Anyang will become a dead city!”

Master Hatoma shouted angrily with wide eyes.

Ye Xing sneered, “Those who scare me haven’t been born yet, not to mention Anyang you can’t move, the life of any one person is not something you can threaten.”

Soon there was gunfire and shelling from outside the room, violent explosions caused the private room to instantly shake and fill with a smell of smoke and fire.

Master Hatoma roared, “Fight them.”

A group of men lunged forward and Ye Xing ran his Tidal Wave Power, his feet flying, striking early.

Two monks threw punches to block them and were sent flying by his two punches, although they were ancient martial artists but their internal strength was not a star and a half difference compared to Ye Xing.

The two monks were followed by the two masters, Ye Xing smiled and did it, the two masters let out a delicate gasp and also fell to the ground.

“Sorry, a little heavy-handed, hurt the two teacher-esses, old monk you will not be heartbroken, right?”

Hatoma was furious and came forward with a surge of internal energy.

Unfortunately, his strength was also too different, Ye Xing thought he had something powerful, but it turned out to be simply scratching an itch, so he didn’t bother to rub it in, and kicked the man away.

Hatoma fell to the ground spitting blood, Ye Xing sneered, “Old monk, don’t play dead, although you are dead, but for the time being, I still need you to come back with me.”

Soon the outside was under control, apart from a few ancient martial artists who had escaped, all the other bodyguard followers had fallen into the net.

Ye Xing’s private room was also a great success, taking the men to Anyang to start the next operation.

The Anyang People’s Square, which was lit up at night, with many nearby buildings turned into huge curtains of light, constantly showing off the charm of the ancient capital at night.

But in one corner of the square, a few followers of the Western Paradise Lottery who had been given the order quietly opened their bags and took out the murderous weapons inside.

They were all like wolves and tigers, with fierce eyes, and had become so bloodthirsty from taking too many dream pills that, in their eyes, all the citizens in the square were a bunch of poultry that could be slaughtered at will.

The men were ready to make their move when suddenly a blinding light came on in front of them, followed by a crackling of electricity.

The six believers were struck by the stun gun and all fell to the ground twitching and foaming at the mouth.

They were taken away silently, and such a scene was happening in seven locations across the city.

The efforts of the Heaven’s Eye system and the technical team directly stopped all means of destruction in the Western Paradise.

That night, as usual, the citizens of Anyang went home to sleep peacefully after strolling through the streets.

Early the next morning, another vast operation took place across the city, with many of the West Heavenly Delights’ gathering places being smashed across China.

As interrogations proceeded, a steady stream of strongholds and believers were unearthed.

All it took was one capture of a wealthy businessman to bring out a large group of believers.

The Western Heavenly Lodges did not expect their very proud system to become a breakthrough instead. Moreover, although these people were controlled by drugs and desires, they had no resistance under the various means of the Dragon Shield, and there was no one who did not give an account of what they had to say.

In the Zhongnan Mountains, Ye Xing personally led a team to search the mountains, any hermit had to be properly investigated, any farmhouse or clubhouse had to be repeatedly investigated.

In the end, four strongholds of the Western Paradise Lottery were destroyed, and a large number of believers were arrested.

The case of the Western Paradise Lottery gained great progress, and it all eventually pointed to a group of people.

As Ye Xing looked at the confessions, he was almost certain that this Western Paradise Lottery was created by the Buddhist scum.

But no matter what, these people were from the Buddhist sect, and that gave them a place to find a place to spread their anger.


Chapter 412

There are many ancient temples on Tianxing Mountain, and many devotees visit the mountain every year, but there is only one ancient temple that never receives any visitors.

It is also the smallest and most dilapidated of the many ancient temples, but it is the provision of Yonggu Temple that makes all the monks on the mountain stand in awe.

At this moment in one of the meditation rooms of Yonggu Temple, a group of old monks with grey hair frowned.

With green incense, spring tea, oil lamps, and a huge word for Buddha, the meditation room was filled with enlightenment and depictions of Buddhism.

“Master Wudao, is this Ye Xing really so difficult to deal with?”

Suddenly, an old monk on the left side of the long couch spoke up and asked.

One of the masters below, none other than Master Wudao, nodded and replied, “In reply to the abbot, this person Ye Xing is a dual cultivator of immortal and martial arts, and when the spell formation was opened before, he was a difficult person, neither the ancient martial arts clan nor the immortal clan could do anything about him, this kid does not belong to any party and acts recklessly, which is a headache for people.”

The old monk frowned after hearing this, “He wants us to hand over the group of traitors, how can this be done?”

“Abbot, that group of traitors have indeed gone too far, using the Buddhist sect as a front to seek personal gains and harming many innocent people, this time why not just cooperate with the Dragon Shield and wipe them out in one fell swoop?”

Master Wudao knew that Ye Xing was powerful, and in addition was an upright person who did not want the Buddhist traitors to continue their evil deeds.

“But if word gets out at this point, won’t it diminish the prestige of the Buddhist sect?”

The old monk got worried, and the other monks agreed.

With a bitter look on his face, Wudao said, “Abbot, all the senior uncles, the Dragon Shield under the command of Ye Xing has not only brought the Hong Sect to its knees, but has even made the Hidden Sect cooperate with it, and nowadays the famous sects throughout the ancient martial world fear the Dragon Shield, so if we don’t cooperate, I’m afraid it would really be easy for all the major temples on Tian Xing Mountain to suffer.”

Suddenly, a young monk came running outside the house and said with a start, “Abbot, it’s not good, a few temple presidents just called and said that the relevant authorities had issued a notice for all our major temples on Tianxing Mountain to close their doors for rectification, saying that the fire and the roads up the mountain were unsafe and could easily cause accidents to tourists.”

The group of people looked at me, I looked at you all dumbfounded, nowadays the Buddhist sect although cultivating high monks no longer manage mundane affairs, but their disciples can all run huge temples, once the temples are closed, the impact can be much bigger.

Master Wudao hurriedly advised, “Abbot, just clean up in the name of the Buddhist sect.”


Ye Xing turned Anyang City upside down, all the followers of the Western Heavenly Delight were arrested, and even more so, none of the core staff escaped.

After the great victory, he rushed to Jianye again.

All the clues pointed to a temple in Jianye, a temple in the old city, a famous temple in the ancient capital of Jianye, the Jindu Temple.

At the west gate of the Jindu Temple, a monk took off his monk’s clothes, changed into civilian clothes, put on a wig and drove away.

His car drove all the way into a street of bars in Jianye City.

The monk, Gu Yun, is a famous and handsome monk from the Jindu Temple. Not only is he young and highly educated, but he is also dedicated to studying the Buddhist scriptures and is a famous internet celebrity on countless short video websites.

Of course he is a low-key person and almost all the short videos he makes are mainly about Buddhism, without joining others.

But when he arrived at the bar, he quickly entered the booth and got into a hot fight with a few young women.

After drinking and paddling and some manipulation, Gu Yun was also red in the face and eventually left with the young women he had arranged to meet.

The chauffeur got into the car and drove them both to the hotel.

It turned out that shortly after entering the hotel, the chauffeur came knocking on the door again.

Gu Yun opened the door and was soon pressed to the floor, and the valet who took off his hat was none other than Ye Xing.

Ye Xing entered the room, and Luo Xiaoyun and Lin Wei soon came in as well. The two of them went and knocked the young woman unconscious, and then began to interrogate the monk Gu Yun.

The living room was pitch black and Gu Yun was tied to a chair. Although he was drunk, he had been awakened by now and could only think in his mind that he had been immortalised.

“How much do you want to pay? Name a price, I’ll have it delivered, and I won’t call the police.”

“Don’t worry guys, I certainly won’t call the police, how much do you want you say.”

“What do you want to do, just keep going with me like this? After dawn, a waiter will come to clean the room and things will fall apart.”

“I didn’t see your faces, and I won’t call the police, so you guys let me go.”

More than an hour later, Ye Xing turned the lights on, and for the first time, the monk Gu Yun felt hope.

Ye Xing sneered, “Dr. Gu, you are quite powerful, you can even invent Fantasy, use this pharmaceutical technology of yours properly in medical treatment, wouldn’t you have become rich long ago?”

As soon as Gu Yun heard Fantasy, his heart went cold, the other party knew his identity, there was no way to escape this time.

Ye Xing saw that Gu Yun didn’t say anything and smiled, “Just now you wanted us to let you off, now you don’t say anything? Knowing that you have sinned so much?”

“I confess, you guys can make me cooperate in any way you want, I only ask not to be shot.”

Gu Yun looked up, his face full of fear up.

Ye Xing smiled, this guy was really good at interrogation, coming to Jianye and so on for a few days was a good bet.

Lin Wei and Luo Xiaoyun interrogated him, and Ye Xing suddenly found something good, that is, the dream pill developed by Gu Yun was actually derived from an ancient Buddhist recipe.

This ancient Buddhist recipe was called the Marrow Cleansing Pill, and Gu Yun had been called in to refine this pill by a few traitors from the Buddhist sect in the first place.

As a result, the elixir was not refined, but instead resulted in an addictive zombie pill like Dream.

In order to gain enough profit, the Western Heavenly Delight brought this Dream to market and controlled everyone.

There were two versions of Fantasy, one was addictive but extremely slow to mutate, and the other was a cheap version that was easy to addict and easy to mutate.

Ye Xing looked at the ancient recipe for the Marrow Cleansing Pill and was overjoyed, with his confidence in alchemy, this prescription was definitely fine.

Gu Yun was not strong enough and his skills were poor, so naturally he could not refine it.

Ye Xing had recently been high on the Hybrid Pill, which was terrifyingly potent, but had one drawback, that if he took too much of it, he would not be able to dissolve the potency quickly, and would easily leave many residues in his body, and once there were more of these residual dregs, they would become a scourge.

Ye Xing didn’t dare to swallow too much, delaying the rapid enhancement of his cultivation, but if this Marrow Cleansing Pill was refined.

By relying on the Marrow Washing Pill’s powerful ability to cut down hair and cleanse marrow, cultivation would be raised quickly, not to mention that it could also maximize the absorption of the Hybrid Pill’s medicinal power.

Ye Xing was so happy that he could not wait to refine it immediately, and told Lin Wei to hurry up and contact the logistics department to get the medicinal materials, ready to make a big effort.

Ye Xing and the others captured Gu Yun, resulting in chaos at Jindu Temple the next day.

Ye Xing was having breakfast early in the morning when suddenly dozens of ancient martial arts experts came outside, all dressed as a group of monks, and directly surrounded him, Lin Wei and Luo Xiaoyun.

“Aigooooo, what do you monks want? Don’t even let us have a good breakfast, huh?”

The monk in the lead was in his forties, with a cross face and the human face of the Western Paradise tattooed on his neck, he grinned coldly, “The three dogs of the Dragon Shield, today I’ll slaughter you and throw you to the pigs.”