Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 385-386

Chapter 385

“Who’s that coming? He’s so big?”

“You can’t even tell, it’s the big man on the street, Brother Rafi. This young Li’s family has a lot of business with him, so if something happens to him, Brother Rafi will be the first to come out and fix it.”

“That’s a good show, these people who are causing trouble don’t seem to be from here.”

“Of course they’re not local, they’re all dressed in such rustic clothes, I’m afraid they’re country bumpkins from Guangnan Province, they might have to beg for forgiveness from Brother Rafi.”

The drinkers around the table were talking.

A man came out of the nanny car, dressed in a designer brand, with all the trimmings, and with clean hair, a bit of a yuppie.

As soon as he got out of the car, a group of people around him came up behind him, obviously Brother Rafi.

Li Shao ran up to him and yelled, “Rafi, f*ck this bunch of hicks for you.”

Rafi laughed, “Young Li, don’t worry about it, Gui Fang Street is my territory, this group of country bumpkins dare to come here and be arrogant, they are tired of living.”

A group of people surrounded Ye Xing, Zhao Qiangwei and Xiao Deer, each one full of disdain and very arrogant.

Rafi got close and laughed, “The two beauties have offended Young Li, this is a good thing to do, stay with Young Li for a month and the matter will be settled.”

“Haha, Young Li is killing two birds with one stone, he’ll have to take more tonic.”

“Young Li has amazing stamina, two foreign girls are nothing, five more are not too much.”

One by one, Rafi’s minions coaxed and whistled.

Li Shao smiled smugly, “One month is too little, at least three months.”

“Young Li, aren’t you tired of it?”

Rafi was emboldened by a bad laugh.

Li growled, “When I get tired of it, I’ll give it to my boys, that’s what these b*tches were born to do.”

All around them instantly burst into laughter.

Rafi pointed at Ye Xing and cursed, “As for this hick, he’s just as good as thrown into the sea.”

Ye Xing gave Rafi a look and sneered, which made the other man angry.

“I really don’t know what kind of superiority you people have, you open your mouths about foreigners as if you are so awesome, today I’ll let you know that there are some people you can’t afford to mess with.”

“F*ck, what the f*ck are you?”

Li Shao was so nasty that he pointed at Ye Xing and started to curse.

As a result, Ye Xing grabbed his finger and with a click, it was directly broken.

Li’s index and middle fingers were directly deformed, as if they were hanging from the palm of his hand.

When Fawn saw it, people were terrified, Milan in the distance almost fainted, she hurriedly scattered her legs and ran, this time she wouldn’t have good consequences no matter what, it was better to hurry and run back to Guangnan Province to hide for a while.

“Ah, my hand ……”

Li Shao cried out, and the little brothers did not know what to do.

As if Ye Xing had done a trivial thing, Zhao Qiangwei laughed and said, “If this had a knife, you wouldn’t be able to keep those five fingers.”

“Cut them down for me.”

Rafi was furious and with a big wave of his hand, the minions drew their Katanas.

As a result, Ye Xing was even faster and rushed to Rafi, kicked the man to the ground, followed by stepping on his cheek and roared, “Whoever dares to come over, I will kill him.”

“You’ll kill me, you’ll kill me.”

Rafi shouted in pain on the ground.

Ye Xing laughed and immediately reached down and with a chomp, he directly ripped off Rafi’s left ear, instantly dripping blood.

This scene was so horrible that everyone was stunned. They had thought that Rafi had led hundreds of people to surround a few outsiders and must have made the other party kneel down and beg for mercy and pain, but no one expected that the other party was actually a fierce tiger, brutal and vicious.

The living ear was ripped off, which simply made many people afraid to look at it.

Rafi was screaming in pain, and Zhao Qiangwei looked extremely excited, Ye Xing was too D*mn handsome.

Ye Xing threw the ear in front of Rafi and said, “Put it away yourself, you can still sew it up when you go to the hospital, but I don’t know if you can use it in the future.”

“I want your life ……” Rafi was still not convinced.

Suddenly, four middle-aged men came from the crowd, and the onlookers who were eating and drinking recognized the four men and got out of the way.

“The Hong Clan’s here, there’s a good show this time.”

“I heard that the three branches of the Hong Clan were recently picked on, and several thousand people from the Hong Clan are looking everywhere for who did it.”

“The Hong Clan is good at fighting, this kid has some kung fu, but I’m afraid he’s no match for the Hong Clan.”

When Rafi saw the four men on the ground, he shouted, “Uncle, I’m Bo, save me.”

Although Li Shao’s two fingers were deformed and he was screaming in pain, when he saw the four of them, he didn’t go for treatment and wanted to stay behind to seek revenge on Ye Xing.

Ye Xing looked at the four men without any fear, suddenly, the four men actually clasped their fists together and shouted politely at him: “Mr. Ye, leave the rest to us.”

Ye Xing swept his cold eyes, “What do you four want to do about it?”

“To offend Mr. Ye is to offend the Hong Clan, this boy A Bo also trained in the Hong Clan back then, he is considered an outer disciple, it is up to Mr. Ye to scrap him or take his life.”

A middle-aged man in the oldest of the four, wearing a Tang suit, said with a stern face.

These words stunned the surrounding onlookers, who had thought that the Hongmen had come to help with the fight, but had not expected that the other party was much bigger and that the Hongmen would have to give face.

In an instant, everyone understood that Rafi and Li Shao were finished this time, even the Hongmen did not dare to offend each other, so what were they?

Ye Xing let go of his leg, the Rafi on the ground immediately knelt on the ground and cried out, “Mr. Ye, I was wrong, you can beat or punish me, just leave me a dog’s life.”

“You can bend and stretch, no wonder you can be the boss.”

Ye Xing laughed, but Rafei was trembling with fear, these four boxers of Hongmen were of high status, although he, Rafei, was the boss of Gui Fang Street, there was too much difference in cla*s and status compared to the other party, as soon as he heard the other party’s words, naturally he immediately begged for forgiveness and no longer put up any semblance of resistance.

“The son of a b*tch surnamed Li is not a good person, if you want to live, just waste him.”

Zhao Qiangwei pointed at Li Shao next to her and sneered.

Rafi’s expression instantly rose fiercely, although the Li family had made him a lot of money and was his golden master, but really compared to his life, he could still tell which was more important.

“Tie up Li Zicheng and waste his hands.”

Rafi roared up, and the minions all already understood what was going on, and as soon as they pounced over, they surrounded Li Zicheng’s group and slashed up.

Although it was a Katana, it could see blood just as well when it fell.

Ye Xing didn’t want to watch anymore, he called Zhao Qiangwei and Xiao Deer and left, no one dared to mess with them on the way, everyone took the initiative to make way.

Zhao Qiangwei was so excited, Ye Xing was awesome, he could act like a P***y everywhere he went, this feeling was so D*mn good.

The three of them left the street in a car and went to another fun place next to it.

Xiao Deer got out of the car and bowed gratefully, “Thank you big brother and sister, I have to go back or else my dad will have no one to take care of him in the hospital.”


Chapter 386

“It’s particularly expensive to run to Heung Kong for treatment when there is no medical insurance here.”

Zhao Qiangwei frowned and muttered a sentence.

“My father worked here before as a hacker, and after he was injured he was examined, and this is how he found out that there was a tumor inside his head, and now he doesn’t dare to transfer to another hospital for fear of problems with the tumor.”

Xiao De said aggrieved, hands involuntarily grabbed clothes.

Zhao Qiangwei looked at Ye Xing after hearing this, and Ye Xing laughed: “If you want to help someone, just help, can’t you afford to pay this amount of money?”

“Help someone to the end, let’s go to the hospital together.”

Zhao Qiangwei finished with a smile and tugged on Ye Xing’s arm.

Ye Xing had no choice but to run with her to the hospital where Xiao Deer’s father was staying.

Because the fees had not been paid, Xiao Deer’s father’s condition had not been properly treated, and the hospital would have told them to go back to Guangnan if they were not worried about the tumor rupture.

The cost was high, at least hundreds of thousands of dollars for the operation, not including the post-rehabilitation.

This huge sum of money was simply unaffordable for the beaten workers, and the advice given by the hospital authorities was that it was better to go back to Guangnan for treatment, which was relatively much cheaper than here.

Xiao Lu was very afraid that something would happen and never agreed.

Ye Xing could afford the money, while Zhao Qiangwei was responsible for contacting someone to find a specialist who would do the surgery in this area.

When everything was taken care of, Fawn was so excited that she wanted to kneel down to the two of them.

“Alright, meeting is fate, now that everything is taken care of, you can rest in peace and watch over your dad as he recovers from the hospital.”

Zhao Qiangwei comforted up.

Xiao Deer didn’t know what to say, and silently thought to herself that she had really met a good person.

When Ye Xing and Zhao Qiangwei walked out of the hospital, it was already after three in the morning.

Early the next morning, the two of them crossed the border and returned to the city.

Lin Wei was doing deployment in Shenzhen at this time, and there was already feedback from the Hidden Sect that they were willing to talk in further detail.

Ye Xing and a certain elder of the Hidden Sect met at the scenic Grand Reef in Deep City.

There were just three people on the other side, and Lin Wei’s side had already investigated the vicinity, and apart from these three, there were no more backstabbers.

“Should we take them all?”

Lin Wei inquired as soon as she looked at Ye Xing next to her.

Ye Xing smiled, these three guys were definitely guys that the Hidden Sect did not value, this time sending them to negotiate, if they were really caught, the other side would not matter.

But when two armies are at war, they don’t kill the envoys.

Ye Xing had already taken the initiative, so naturally he had to ask the Hidden Sect properly what their attitude was.

Ye Xing walked out alone to meet the other three, and then sat down at a nearby open-air teahouse.

The three men were unsmiling, even without expressions, not to mention their bitter faces, and they were also dressed rather plainly.

Straw shoes, long shirts and grey hair were all that these three ascetics wore.

It was said that many people from the Hidden Sect were hiding in the deep mountains in bitter cultivation, wanting to continuously polish their internal energy in an attempt to achieve celestial unity.

But it happened that the Hidden Sect started to enter the world in a big way, and also wanted to call the shots in the ancient martial arts world, which made the bigwigs in such aspects as Kitano scare.

After all, no one could guarantee what these ascetics could do that was too radical, so they had to be watched.

Compared to the Hong Sect, the Hidden Sect was a greater threat, and a bad move would have to turn into a hidden danger of indiscriminate killing.

Ye Xing stared at the three of them, and although they did not seem to be sizing him up, they had their own calculating ideas in mind.

“The three of you have a good taste of the tea here, the taste is almost good, but it is quite special.”

Ye Xing smiled and pointed to the kung fu tea in front of him.

The charges for this kind of scenic spot were really expensive, just this little bit of kung fu tea was more than two hundred.

The three of them picked it up, tried a sip very mechanically, and then gave it down.

“The three of you have come to see me on behalf of the Hidden Sect, what exactly is the reason for this?”

“The Sect Head has an order for me to convey to Your Excellency, you do the first day, we do the 15th, don’t think that the Hidden Sect is meat on a plate that you can take at will.”

The oldest and scruffiest grey-haired old man in the middle of the three did not move his lips and used ventriloquism to threaten up.

Ye Xing nodded and then said, “I have seen how powerful the Hidden Sect is, but the Immortal Sect has not been destroyed and now there are still demon cultivators, I wonder if it is a bit inappropriate for the Hidden Sect to plan to go all out with me.”

“Killing my sect members and destroying strongholds, you’ve done so much and you expect us to let you off the hook?”

It was the old man again, still ventriloquizing.

Ye Xing frowned and slapped the table, “Since the three of you represent the Hidden Sect with this kind of attitude of not dying, there is actually no need to come at all, we can just see life and death under our hands, those who come are guests, so I won’t make things difficult for you three.”

Once the words were finished, Ye Xing simply got up, leaving the three of them to look at me and me at you, caught off guard for a while, none of them knew how to answer the words.

“Don’t be anxious yet, there is room to turn back on this matter.”

An old man next to him hurriedly spoke up to calm down.

Ye Xing sat down and then pointed at the one in the middle and sneered, “From now on, you don’t speak, I’m not used to hearing your ventriloquism either, I’ll talk to this one.”

The old man in the middle was so angry that his eyebrows were fighting, but it was just that the three of them together, I was afraid that they were not unable to take Ye Xing, they could only be dry and angry.

The old man next to him laughed bitterly, but continued to talk: “The Sect has actually not wanted to be your enemy, but it so happens that the man you killed before, Qiu Huan, is the only son of one of the great elders of our Hidden Sect, he refuses to give up in peace and has to put you to death, so this matter has to be thought through properly, since it can make the great elders calm down and both sides can reconcile.”

“That’s easy to do, a dead son, just let him have another one, if his wife is gone, I can take care of another line, anyway, there are many marriage agencies nowadays, maybe someone is heavy-handed and likes this kind of old man.”

Ye Xing laughed and joked, but it made all three of the Hidden Sect spit blood in anger.

The old man continued to smile bitterly, his face was almost squeezed into a ball, considering for half a day, he asked tentatively, “We have been arrested quite a few people, can you let them go first?”

“There is no way to release them, unless we make a deal, besides go back and tell your Sect Leader, because the matter is urgent and the trial will be quick, if he hasn’t figured out what to do, I’m afraid some of your disciples will have to do time in jail, and those who committed serious crimes might even be shot.”

Ye Xing laughed, emboldened.

The three were really dumbfounded, they thought they could make the other side go soft, but they didn’t expect that instead they had no half-way advantage to speak of.

Ye Xing sent the three away and went back and told Lin Wei to send someone to follow them to see what kind of tricks they were playing.

Lin Wei reported to Beiye and finally decided to use special means to follow the three men.

Inside a thatched hut somewhere under Kunlun Mountain, it was a scenic area with various ancient buildings, just like a martial arts manor in a TV series.

But inside the hut, five people gathered to talk about matters, and after the excitement of the conversation, they could only end up disagreeing.

In the end, four people were left, one of them with a long beard and white face, straw shoes and shorts under his feet, looking like an old man from the countryside, but on the contrary, he had handsome cheeks and quite a bit of middle-aged beauty.

“Old Man Qiu still refuses to give up and intends to go down the mountain himself to demand an explanation, do you think you should stop him?”

The middle-aged beautiful man looked around at the other three and enquired.