Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 383-384

Chapter 383

Fang Ao let out a tiger’s whistle, his whole aura astonishing, a little bit of the terror of a tiger roaring in the mountains.

He darted forward quickly and waved his hands in front of him, the cold light flickering, tearing apart everything.

Ye Xing moved backwards quickly, dodging three strokes of the “Splitting Tiger Claw”. Fang Ao smiled in triumph, he could feel Ye Xing’s fear at this moment.

The more scared he was, the quicker he would die under the Cracking Tiger Claw.

He drove all his internal energy to kill Ye Xing in front of him.

As a result, Fang Ao’s big hand was about to fall on Ye Xing’s head when a golden qi shield burst out.

The golden elements in the surrounding world flew over like golden moths, gathering on top of the qi shield to resist the full force of this Sixth Grade Grandmaster’s strike.

The Sclerosis Technique was really powerful, Ye Xing smiled smugly, followed by the second layer of Tidal Wave Power, and swung both fists forward.

The tidal wave fist with the tenth level of power was like hundreds of tons of seawater flying high into the sky and slapping down viciously.

Fang Ao’s entire body was sent flying and when he landed, his body was broken in many places and blood was spilling out all over his body.

He could not figure out how he had been training for decades, but his opponent, a hairy boy, could actually defeat him in one move.

Was this man a monster? Even if he had started training from his mother’s womb, there was no way he could have such terrifying internal strength!

No one would have thought that Ye Xing did not rely on cultivation, but all relied on taking shortcuts to get high on pills.

The pills provided him with something far greater than the hard work he did on a regular basis.

When the Hong Clan disciples made a move to surround him, Ye Xing roared, “If you don’t want to die, feel free to come, it’s painful enough to open up a killing spree and bloodbath the Hong Clan.”

Fang Ao coughed and immediately stopped everyone.

“Don’t even make a rash move.”

Fang Ao stood up, the two disciples next to him helped him, only then did he understand how terrifying the other party’s strength was, don’t look at the Hong Clan’s large number of people, but it was really not the opponent’s alone.

Ye Xing also did not intend to drive them to extinction, he merely wanted the Hong Clan and the Hidden Clan to bite the dog, at the moment he really could not manage to uproot these two ancient martial clans.

“Let’s just talk.”

Ye Xing walked inside the village house, not treating himself as an outsider at all.

The Hong Clan disciples were dumbfounded, Fang Ao was then helped inside by the disciples and took a little healing medicine before his internal injuries got a little better.

The living room of the village house was very spacious and bright, the overhanging building alone was five or six metres high, and the interior was filled with incense and fire, very much like the era of decades ago.

The Hong Clan disciples were either sitting or standing behind Fang Ao.

Ye Xing and Fang Ao sat on either side of the round table, and after taking a sip of tea, the two sides opened up a conversation.

“The Hong Clan is working with Dragon Shield, your business will not be affected in the slightest, after all, you are relatively less threatening compared to the Hidden Sect.”

Ye Xing put down his teacup and smiled, he now had cards in his hand and was not at all vain about his opponent.

Fang Ao laughed coldly, but the laughter caused his internal injuries to flare up and he gave Ye Xing a vicious look.

“Do you really think we will cooperate with you and deal with the Hidden Sect together?”

Fang Ao drank: “Although there are many sects in the ancient martial world, there are many friendships and cooperation between the big sects, and we understand very well that the rabbit dies and the dog is cooked.”

“This worry of yours is completely redundant, not to mention that the core members of the Hong Clan are all overseas, just take the interests, the Hidden Clan are old stubborn people hiding in the deep mountains and cultivating, after they come out of the mountains, they will inevitably compete with the Hong Clan for their interests, you are not cooperation, nor are you friends, but potential enemies.”

Ye Xing smiled as he analysed, and these words really made Fang Ao’s face flush.

Fang Ao pondered for a moment, then looked up and asked, “If we don’t agree, are you going to kill everyone here?”

“I’m not a thug, I won’t be that horrible, but it will make your Hong Clan not get a bit of profit, they say that there are many Hong Clan disciples, everyone has to eat, you are not the same as the old stubborn people of the Hidden Clan, if there is no profit, how long can you last?”

Ye Xing poured a cup of tea and slowly tasted it up.

There were many things to consider in the negotiations, and Fang Ao, as the head of the sect at this time, had already started to constantly mentally think and analyze.

“The Hongmen are willing to cooperate with the Dragon Shield, but the Hidden Sect is so godlike that it is not that easy to deal with them at full strength.”

Fang Ao said with a frown.

“Dragon Shield has a strong intelligence network and resource allocation, so does Hong Clan, although the Hidden Sect carries the word hidden, they can’t really be invisible and can’t hide for long.”

Ye Xing sat down and began to discuss the layout with Fang Ao.

With the addition of Fang Ao, the battle between the various parties had truly begun.

Ye Xing raised his cup of tea and smiled, “I hope that Hongmen will keep their promises, and Dragon Shield will definitely let Hongmen continue to enjoy the benefits of development, and I believe that Master Fang will make the choice that is in the best interest.”

As soon as the words were finished, Ye Xing got up and left the village house.

Fang Ao looked at his back as he left, and although he hated him with a pa*sion, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Inform down, find out all the landing points of the outer sect of the Hidden Sect and provide the information to the Dragon Shield.”

Fang Ao sighed in relief and sat down to start taking healing pills again.

“Sect Leader, if we do this, what will the other ancient martial arts sects think of our Hong Clan?”

A burly man next to him frowned, with a face of incomprehension.

Fang Ao roared as soon as he slapped the table, “If we don’t cooperate, how will the tens of thousands of disciples of the Hong Sect feed their families, you guys are not worried about food and drink, but what about the lower level disciples? You should know clearly what background the Dragon Shield represents, even if an ancient martial sect is powerful, can it go against an immense and unbelievable kingdom?”

These words made the disciples of the Hong Sect all lower their heads, thinking carefully, a kingdom is simply a behemoth that crushes through, who can resist?

“He who obeys the heavens lives, he who goes against the heavens dies, the Hong Clan’s heritage of hundreds of years cannot be destroyed because of me.”

Fang Ao finished, having already made up his mind.

Lin Wei in the deep city soon received information from the Hong Sect, which was hard to find out, and she immediately informed the military forces below to carry out a devastating strike against all the forces of the outer sect of the Hidden Sect.

That night, ma*s arrests took place in many cities, with large numbers of Hidden Sect outer disciples being captured and their strongholds destroyed.

Fang Ao, who got the news the next day, was glad that he had made the choice, in just one night, all the strongholds given by the Hong Sect had been destroyed, which showed the terror of the Dragon Shield’s power.

The other Hongmen were also glad that they had chosen to cooperate with the Dragon Shield and not to carry on to the end, otherwise they would have become prisoners, or even sentenced to death and shot.

In a hotel somewhere in Hong Kong, Ye Xing walked out of the bathroom and found Zhao Qiangwei still sleeping heavily.

Ye Xing took one look at her and reached out to hit her hard.

Zhao Qiangwei jumped up from the bed as if she had been scratched by a cat, and there was a red slap mark on her thigh.

“Are you crazy?”

Zhao Qiangwei thought that she had been attacked by Hongmen again, which made her jump up in fright.

Ye Xing twisted his head and said, “Hurry up and get dressed, I’m not very interested in rubbers.”

“F*ck you, you’re the one who rubs clothes, your whole family rubs clothes, I have a nice body, okay?”

Zhao Qiangwei roared with discontent, obviously confident in her figure.


Chapter 384

Zhao Qiangwei certainly has a good figure, she hangs around all the time and is tall and slim, and most crucially certain parts are not small either.

Ye Xing was deliberately angry with her, lest she be too capricious.

The two of them left the hotel, things were almost taken care of, and it was time to return to the deep city.

Zhao Qiangwei was not happy to leave and had to drag Ye Xing to accompany her for another day.

Ye Xing thought that Zhao Qiangwei had done him a lot of favours by venturing to Xiangjiang this time, so he agreed to stay for one day.

The two of them first went to Disney as if they were lovers, followed by a trip to Victoria Harbour, and then to the major teahouses for lunch and dinner.

At the end of the day, they ran to Gui Fang, a bar street that is a mecca for lovers.

It was a lovely day to drink and listen to a band sing.

Suddenly, two beautiful women approached the card table, one of them looked at Zhao Qiangwei and suddenly laughed out loud, “Oi oi, isn’t this Qiangwei?”

Zhao Qiangwei looked at the other and asked tentatively, “You’re Milan?”

“Yes, we were BFFs when we were kids, when did you come to Xiangjiang?” The heavily made-up Milan smiled.

Zhao Qiangwei casually said, “Came over for a stroll and will go back tomorrow.”

“Still in a small place like Guangnan provincial city, huh? When are you coming over here to develop, Xiangjiang is the financial centre and all the fun in the world is here.” Milan smiled brightly, but showed off her superior style all the time.

Zhao Qiangwei was a little offended, but didn’t say so explicitly, smiled and didn’t say anything back.

A woman next to Milan was freshly dressed and young, in her early twenties, wearing a pair of gla*ses, and svelte.

At this moment, outside the bar, a group of people walked in, and when they saw Milan, they immediately approached to say hello.

Milan smiled and said, “Young Li, you’re here, me and Xiao Deer have been waiting for you for half a day.”

“B*tch, not willing to wait, huh?” Li Shao was full of care, he was dressed in a brand name, his hair was very trendy, and most crucially, he was wearing earrings and hanging a luxury necklace, looking all rich and famous.

“No, it’s my honor to wait for Young Li.” Milan hurriedly bargained.

Zhao Qiangwei saw Milan’s face of flattering people and laughed coldly in her heart, she thought she was doing so well, but it turned out that she was still a licking dog.

Besides, the economic development of Guangnan Province was not worse than that of Xiangjiang.

“Cut the crap, where are the people you brought with you?” Li Shao glanced at Ye Xing, not taking it seriously, and his eyes fell on Zhao Qiangwei, a little greedy.

However, he also found that Zhao Qiangwei was not easy to mess with, and eventually his eyes fell on that svelte girl with gla*ses, and the more he looked at her, the more interested he became, because he could already tell that the other party didn’t seem to have much experience in either area, and this kind of silly girl was much more tasty than a bar girl like Milan.

“Fawn, hurry up and come and meet Young Li, only Young Li can take care of your father’s hospitalization and treatment for you.”

Milan hurriedly dragged the svelte girl beside her to Li Shao.

Li Shao smiled, the more he looked at her, the more he liked her, this svelte girl had fair skin, a tall figure, and most crucially, a pair of eyes that were very soulful, and her gla*ses were nothing more than a lens-less decoration.

“Good, I’ve heard it all from Milan, your father wants to be cured and have an operation, I can take care of it all for you, and the medical expenses can be fully covered, but this is a loan to you, not a gift from me, you have to understand that.”

Li Shao pinched his chin and explained, the follower next to him also smiled badly.

Ye Xing took a glance, what does this mean, actually met the evil young man trying to threaten the vulnerable woman?

“She is clear, Li Shao’s interest rate is not high, all this can be done in about three million, she is not from Xiangjiang, there is no insurance here, in addition that private hospital, only customers of Li Shao’s level can invite famous doctors love to do surgery, you say what to do.”

Milan took the arm of the svelte girl, laughing while fearing that the other party would backtrack.

“Good to know, come with me, from now on, you follow me throughout the whole process, I will personally accompany you in the next few days to get your father admitted to the hospital.”

Li Shao smiled with a smug face, the followers next to him all laughed happily.

Milan pushed the Svengali away, and said goodbye to Zhao Qiangwei.

“Sister Milan, I’m a bit scared, why don’t we forget about it.”

Svengirl was ultimately afraid to go.

“Xiao Deer, you don’t want to save your father’s life anymore? Coming to Xiangjiang is to treat your father, you’re not a local, you don’t have health insurance, it’s very expensive, and with a famous doctor of that level, do you think just anyone can get him to operate? Only Li Shao can help you.”

Milan growled in discontent.

“But I’m scared, I don’t want to sell myself out, and if my dad knew I was doing this, he’d object too.”

Fawn cried out in distress.

Milan’s face instantly fell, her teeth itching with anger, she usually found innocent and pretty girls for these rich and wealthy young men, if this job worked out, she would get a lot of income, if it didn’t, the rich young men would not spare her lightly.

“What do you mean? Calling me over, you guys are teaming up to play me, huh?”

Young Li was instantly furious and his face was gloomy and scary: “Do you know what it costs to play me?”

“Young Li, don’t worry, I’ll talk to her.”

Milan was furious and dragged Svengali out of the bar, obviously about to beat her up.

But Zhao Qiangwei couldn’t stand it anymore, reached out to stop Milan and sneered, “Let the person go, this is a very unethical thing you’re doing.”

“Chance, my business is none of your business, get out of my way.”

Milan was furious and didn’t give face to anyone.

Zhao Qiangwei was not the good girl she had been when she was studying, now she was a famous big sister in Guangnan Province, and as soon as she dragged the svelte girl, Xiao Deer, to her side, she casually said, “I won’t trouble you because we knew each other when we were kids, so get lost now.”

“That’s funny, who the F**k are you? I dare to touch my woman.”

Li Shao sneered and looked at Zhao Qiangwei.

As a result, Zhao Qiangwei slapped her across the face, frowning and scolding, “B*****d with bad breath, don’t get so close to me.”

This slap made Milan all dumbfounded, she actually dared to hit Li Shao, this was going to cause a big trouble.

As a matter of fact, Li Shao’s boys swarmed on him, and Zhao Qiangwei was not a vegetarian, she couldn’t beat the ancient martial arts masters, but she couldn’t beat this level of gangsters? She grabbed a bottle and shot one of the front-runners in the head.

There was instant chaos inside the bar, but soon security came out to stop it and both sides were dragged away.

Li Shao pointed at Zhao Qiangwei and shouted angrily, “B*tch, you don’t want to run away, I’m going to waste you today.”

Ye Xing asked Zhao Qiangwei as he sipped his wine, “Did you enjoy the fight, if not, give him another beating.”

Zhao Qiangwei laughed, she was already a lawless master, now she had Ye Xing’s backing, so she was not afraid of anything, when no one was stopping her, she rushed over and kicked him.

A kick to Li’s crotch, the guy’s mouth O-shaped, in pain, kneeling on the ground.

The other side also swarmed, Ye Xing was afraid that Zhao Qiangwei would suffer, so he went over and kicked all these youngsters to the ground and kneeled.

Li started calling people and soon a certain gangster from Gui Fang, a bar street, arrived in a nanny car.

The street was blocked at both ends, hundreds of people directly blocked the running route, many people were waiting to see the fun, anyway, here often drink and fight, a good show is a fight.