Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 387-388

Chapter 387

“Qiu Lao’s temper, who can persuade him?”

A middle-aged man sitting there laughed bitterly.

The middle-aged beauty frowned, “If Old Qiu kills that brat, maybe there will be other turns in this matter, but if something happens, how can this be done?”

“Sect Leader, Elder Qiu is a Seventh Grade Patriarch, that kid’s strength is at most Sixth Grade, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Elder Qiu to kill him, right?” The middle-aged man then said.

The beautiful man laughed, “Then let’s wait and see, if we really kill that kid, maybe the danger of the Hidden Sect will be lifted instead.”

In Guangnan Provincial City, the first thing Ye Xing did upon his return was to look for Murong Xue.

Murong Xue’s temperament was getting better and better, the cultivation of ice spells had greatly improved her whole temperament, not only was her skin white and beautiful, she also looked like a fairy.

Ye Xing smiled, “Wife, I haven’t seen you for a few days, it’s like I’ve been missing you for three years.”

“Greasy mouth, did you go out to hook up with another woman again?”

Murong Xue questioned with a smile.

Ye Xing raised his hand and swore, “Absolutely not, if I have done so, the heavens will strike me.”

Murong Xue laughed and then continued to make snacks.

Ye Xing looked at such a big beauty, there was no one who was not moved, he went forward and wrapped his arms around her thin waist, smiling badly, “Wife, I haven’t seen you for so long, I miss you so much, or else come inside, I’ll whisper to you.”

“What are you thinking, do you think I don’t know? Better not hit on me.”

“Wife, are you rejecting me again?”

“Really not rejecting you, the ice spell I practice has a huge impact once it breaks, you wouldn’t want to see me get hurt, would you?”

“What? There’s still something so evil? Let me check you out.”

“Don’t come, don’t take off my clothes, I really can’t have S*x with you because I’m practising Jade Maiden Xuan Gong.”

“Honey, you’re not deliberately lying to me, are you?”

Murong Xue twisted her head and scratched Ye Xing’s nose and laughed: “Little fool, why would I lie to you? I am also an adult, of course I know that there should be intimacy between husband and wife, but who let me be taken away by Shangguan Lan and she forced me to cultivate Jade Maiden Xuan Gong? This technique is extremely fast to cultivate, but you must maintain the body of a jade maiden, once it is not, the technique will break itself, instead it will be reversed by the Yuan Power.”

“What? It’s that old poisonous woman Shangguan Lan who is hurting me again, I’m at odds with her.”

“Haha, it’s time for a snack, it’s good to cultivate your body.” Murong Xue took out the snacks in the oven and laughed.

Ye Xing was really unable to laugh and secretly called Su Xiao Qiao at night.

Su Xiaoqiao, who was far away in Tianhai, was filming a movie, and had not contacted Ye Xing for some time, not to mention how much she missed it, and at this time, when she received the phone call, she hated not to put it down, and instead talked enough.

“Be good, I will go to Tianhai to see you when I have time.” Ye Xing advised.

“You said it, no not coming, or I’ll ignore you in the future.”

Ye Xing hung up the phone and sighed in relief when suddenly the phone in his pocket rang again.

Lin Wei was calling, so naturally Ye Xing had to answer it.

“Something wrong?”

“News from the Hongmen, that Elder of the Hidden Sect can’t sit still anymore and has left Kunlun.”

“Such a big figure has left the mountain, and no one from the Hidden Sect is stopping it?”

“I guess they are all waiting to see the result, if they really kill you, there might be some kind of turnaround.”

Ye Xing laughed, “So the Hidden Sect is playing this kind of idea, that’s really overthinking, this old thing came out to die and is still single, it’s just the right time to kill the Hidden Sect’s spirit properly.”

“Are you trying to exterminate this supreme elder?”

“If he insists on coming out to seek my death, it is naturally a situation of no death, so I naturally have to send him on his way.”

“I’ll send someone to keep an eye on his whereabouts.”

“No need, if a seventh-ranked cleric can have you keep an eye on his whereabouts, then this cultivation is for nothing.”

“Then you take care of yourself.”

Ye Xing walked into the house, went up to the first floor and knocked on Murong Xue’s room and smiled, “Wife, I guess you’ll have to move again.”

At the Xishan Long Distance Bus Station in the city of Guangnan Province, a large number of pa*sengers poured out of the exit like a tidal wave.

Qiu Qianren, wearing a duck-tongue hat and dressed as a tourist boss, quickly joined a local tour group at the station and then followed it around the major attractions in the provincial capital.

The world outside the mountains was indeed very different after not leaving the mountains for more than ten years, the small houses were gone and replaced by skyscrapers.

The ordinary people are also dressed in casual and handsome clothes, each with a happy smile.

Qiu Qianren had been following the tour group around for a while, treating himself as a tourist.

Three days later, Qiu Qianren left the travel agency and arrived at a branch of the Hongmen.

He did not pay his respects to the mountain, but went straight into the branch’s office, took down the person in charge and started interrogating him.

The Hong Clan had already turned into the other side’s lackeys, so after asking for clues, Qiu Qianren got the man killed and left.

Somewhere in the camp outside the provincial city, Ye Xing was here watching the new recruits of Dragon Shield.

These were the best of the best, drawn by Lin Wei from the major combat teams, and joining Dragon Shield meant that their status found a fundamental shift, from being warriors within the camp to being special people who needed to carry out various tasks.

Dragon Shield treated them extremely well and required a high level of personnel, Ye Xing finished watching the training of a dozen people and rushed to Lin Wei and said, “Two.”

Lin Wei frowned and said, “Only two? I thought we could keep five.”

“Why do we need so many? The current strength of our Dragon Shield’s first squad is just twenty people, we already had six before, plus these two, we can form an eight-man action squad first.”

Ye Xing sipped his juice and was dressed casually, not even half of a Dragon Shield big brother’s faction, instead, he seemed like a young lad who came to the provincial capital for tourism.

Suddenly, Ye Xing detected a hint of murderous aura, and his sixth sense made him feel that it was not simple.

Sure enough a man was approaching with a plate, this man was light on his feet and his breath was thick.

He was not a cook, but a master!

Ye Xing kicked the chair in front of him towards the other party, the incoming person dropped the plate and leapt out in the air like a swimming dragon gliding through mid-air.

Ye Xing hurriedly moved out of the way, but the opponent was already close, wielding a sharp knife in his hand, each move taking his own vitality, clearly intending to kill him.

Ye Xing activated his hardening spell, followed by his gold spell, and the gold elements in the world around him came flying in.

A golden light shield appeared, and the killer’s sharp blade could not pierce through the air shield, causing him to slow down his attack.

“Another demonic spell.” The killer drank in dissatisfaction.

Ye Xing laughed coldly, “Grand Elder Qiu, what’s with that big temper, you want to get me killed as soon as you come, aren’t you afraid that the Hidden Sect will meet its doom because of you?”

“Even you can cause the Hidden Sect to meet its doom? That’s ridiculous.”

“You can’t see it even if the Hidden Sect is destroyed, but it’s not that easy for you to kill me today.”

Ye Xing laughed and jumped to the tent in front of him, and an iron guy inside the tent slowly drove out, the black muzzle of the cannon aimed at Qiu Qianren.


Chapter 388

“This is a modern weapon tank, you can have some fun with it first.”

Ye Xing smiled and waved his hand, the tank went towards Qiu Qianren and killed it.

With a cold smile on his face, Qiu Qianren leapt up and landed on top of the tank, directly putting a big hand on it, the top cover of the incredibly thick tank was actually overturned by him.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, this guy was powerful, he really deserved to be a seventh grade sect master.

Ye Xing hurriedly threw out his short blade, Qiu Qianjian quickly resisted, once both sides exchanged blows, they had both figured out each other’s falsity.

“All get out of the way.”

Ye Xing roared, and the tank grabbed and drove away.

Confident, Qiu Qianblade stared at Ye Xing with a cruel grin and said, “You killed my son, I will cut you into pieces.”

“Although you are a Seventh Grade Patriarch, there is no way you can kill me.”

Ye Xing was very sure that he would not be killed by the other party, that’s why he was so calm.

“Is that so?”

Qiu Qianren quickly lunged towards the front, his body twisted into a twist in mid-air, followed by a speedy catapult towards Ye Xing’s position.

Ye Xing hurriedly dodged away, but unfortunately, Qiu Qianren came in front of him and grabbed it with a big hand.

The golden air shield was instantly dented by his hand, and Ye Xing also felt the frantic flow of Yuan Power in his body.

“It’s just a demonic technique, let’s see how long you can last.”

Qiu Qianren’s hands clawed down angrily, carrying the force of a thousand pounds.

The golden qi shield was eventually unable to resist, turning into dots of golden light scattered all around, and the golden elements that were attracted to it before also collapsed.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded, not expecting the Seventh Grade Patriarch to be so terrifying, actually breaking the hardening technique.

He knew that even a terrifying Immortal Sect member like Shangguan Lan was unable to break the golden qi shield, a seventh grade sect master like the other party had even more terrifying combat power, truly formidable.

“Ridiculous, thinking that demonic arts can stop me? Today I will let you know the strength of a seventh grade sect master.”

Qiu Qianren’s body shook with internal energy, actually emitting a crackling and crackling sound of firecrackers.

This was the sound of impact caused by the terror of internal energy to a certain level.

Qiu Qianren’s palms struck forward and a terrifying wind blew from all directions, making one’s cheeks hurt.

Ye Xing had no choice but to take it hard.

The second layer of Tidal Wave Power was stimulated and the Tidal Wave Fist of the tenth power struck out.

As soon as the two sides exchanged blows, Ye Xing’s entire body was pushed backwards by the immense force.

It was as if he was facing an incomparably strong bulldozer that he could not resist at all.

“It’s over, it’s going to be a big loss.”

Ye Xing’s heart was cold and he actually cringed a little.

As a result, suddenly, several flying swords shot from afar and attacked behind Qiu Qianren.

Although he did not turn around, the rest of his eyes had already glanced towards the back.

A transparent wall of Qi appeared behind him, the flying daggers could not enter and were directly blocked in the air.

The next thing he knew, with a powerful jolt, the flying daggers bounced back.

Du Jiuniang, dressed in a tight black suit, flew out, spun in mid-air and collected the five flying daggers in her hands in a very fancy way.

She landed on the ground and panted heavily, her opponent was really terrifying, she exerted all her strength to collect all five flying daggers, and almost got shaken.

“Where did you come from is a stinking woman, when I destroy this kid, I will take you into the mountain and humiliate you properly.”

Qiu Qianren roared up in anger.

“Sister, it’s your turn.”

Du Jiuniang turned her head and shouted with a grim face.

In the distance three ice spears came flying and stabbing, which at this moment made Qiu Qianblade could only draw back his hands, flipping and spinning in mid-air, followed by shattering the ice spears with both hands.

The ground was covered with scattered ice slag, Qiao Baihe landed on the ground, her eyes sharp, staring at Qiu Qianblade scornfully.

“Another demon girl, you two are still sisters, that would be fun, bring them all back to the mountain and clean up properly.”

Qiu Qianblade was full of evil thoughts, his eyes filled with greed inside.

Ye Xing was furious and quickly waved his tidal wave fist.

Unfortunately, Qiu Qianblade was a seventh-grade clan master with heavenly means, and the more he fought, the stronger he became, there was no question of being depleted of his power.

“Kid, you’re dead.”

Qiu Qianren quickly swayed his body, not knowing what technique he had performed, his entire body disappeared and reappeared, and once again, Ye Xing felt a sharp pain in his neck.

Qiu Qianblade actually flickered quickly to behind him and grabbed his neck with one hand.

“Don’t.” Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe almost uttered at the same time.

Qiu Qianren laughed coldly, “Break your spine first, so that you can taste what it’s like to be tortured.”

When he saw that the other party was about to exert his inner strength, suddenly an angry roar came from the sky, “Your Excellency is killing people inside the camp, aren’t you afraid of suffering sanctions?”

“You… Who are you?”

Qiu Qianren was suddenly scandalised and tilted his head up to look above.

Suddenly, a human figure descended from high in the sky and steadily stepped on the ground in front of him.

The man was tall and sturdy, wearing a uniform, a cloak hanging over his shoulders, and although he had white hair, his face was rosy and boyish.

“You are Hua Junsheng?”

Qiu Qianjian was startled, the appearance of Hua Junsheng, one of the Four Great Patriarchs, was not trivial.

Hua Junshen sneered up, “Told you, don’t kill anyone in the camp or I’ll be unkind to you.”

“Why do you want to protect him?”

Qiu Qianren really wanted to make a move, but facing Hua Junsheng, he was not sure he could kill Ye Xing either.

The Four Great Patriarchs, each of them was prestigious, and as for Hua Junsheng, he was even the most legendary of the four.

He was the youngest, but was the Guardian God of China, and was known to be undefeated in a hundred battles.

“He killed my only son, I want revenge.”

Qiu Qianblade’s incredibly sharp fingers dug into his neck, causing Ye Xing to twitch in pain.

Once the cervical vertebrae were broken, his life would be lost, or at worst, he would be a high-risk paraplegic.

Ye Xing thought he was dead, but as a result, the expression on the opposite side of Hua Junsheng smiled.

Only to see a force quickly flying out of the ground, hitting Qiu Qianren’s feet and actually poofing out an explosion.

Ye Xing hurriedly escaped, and Qiu Qianren fell to the ground, his feet bleeding like water, suffering heavy injuries.

Ye Xing wanted to jump over and kill the B*****d, but his own neck hurt too much, so he hurriedly asked Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe to stop the bleeding and treat his injuries.

The Qiu Qianren on the ground stood up with severe pain, a tough guy.

“I won’t kill you, I’ll teach you a lesson, get lost now.”

Hua Junsheng bellowed in an imposing manner.

Qiu Qianblade clasped his fist and bowed his head, “Thank you for not killing me, Military Soul.”

As soon as the words were finished, Qiu Qianren quickly left the camp dragging his bloody feet.

Ye Xing was tempted to chase him out and make a move, when Hua Junsheng looked at him and laughed, “Don’t look at him with his feet injured, but if you fight him, you will have to be killed by him just the same.”

“Thank you, Military Spirit, for saving my life.”

After hearing this, Ye Xing no longer dared to have any half-hearted thoughts of chasing after him and hurriedly gave his thanks.

Hua Jun Soul smiled, “I heard Bei Ye say that you are a good kid, I didn’t expect that you still have quite a brain, if you are bent on trying to take revenge, I am afraid that you will be the only one to die, look at your bones, you haven’t cultivated for long, but you actually have this achievement, there is hope for Hua in the future.”

Ye Xing smiled and his neck was finished being dealt with, then he went into the tent to receive this hefty patron saint.

After Hua Junsheng sat down, no one dared to sit down, because when it comes to rank, he was many times higher than even Beiye, who dared to sit on his level?