Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 365-366

Chapter 365

Inside the attic, which is large, there are three large rooms inside and out.

They are greeted at the front by a local woman in ethnic costume, who brings people inside to find them all sitting around a fire pit.

This fire pit provided light for the room, but there was no hint of a pungent, choking smell, and the breathable windows above were particularly cleverly designed.

Ye Xing scanned the room and saw that there were quite a few people attending, more than twenty of them, and many rich people too, each one either wearing a jade medal or with various valuable strings hanging from their hands.

Ye Xing and the three of them sat down. Because Qiao Baihe was so beautiful, she attracted many people’s eyes to look at her.

Du Jiuniang swept those people around with an unpleasant glance, and only then did these guys restrain themselves a little.

When the crowd had almost arrived, one of the old men presiding over the auction walked in. Sitting on the edge of the fire pit, he said in half-baked words, “I am honoured that all the bosses have come to participate in our Fenglai Ancient Town’s auction this time, and the herbs that will be auctioned in a moment are things that our clan has collected for a long time, so if you like them, please don’t hurt the peace.”

“Chief Gu, don’t be polite, we’ve been here several times. We all know the rules, so if you have something good, bring it up.” A fat man with a bulging belly said from below.

The others also nodded, and the ancient village chief didn’t nag too much, and immediately told the people to bring up the things.

Inside a black earthenware plate was a medicinal herb, actually a mountain ginseng that had already transformed.

The root of the ginseng was short and the beard was like a spider’s web, and one could tell just by looking at the beard that it was at least several decades old.

The ginseng absorbs the essence of the deep mountains and is much better than the forest ginseng grown in large areas.

This mountain ginseng, with its waxy yellow skin, is a local species, so it is naturally worth more.

“This is an old mountain ginseng that has absorbed the spiritual energy of the local mountains and rivers, according to the ginseng beard, it is at least sixty years old.

The village chief smiled and shouted loudly.

Ginseng is a life-enhancing substance, which is of great help to the elderly and those who are weak, so this first herb aroused everyone’s interest and the price rose from 200,000 to 1.6 million.

It was eventually taken by a dry and thin buyer and seller, a man dressed in plain clothes and clutching a leather bag, who at a glance was a businessman, and by him buying this ginseng, I fear it will become a stew for the top tycoons.

Another herb was brought up immediately afterwards. It was a red snake fruit.

This snake fruit is not very old, but it is highly poisonous and will kill you if you swallow it, it is a good herb for making solutions, and when properly prepared, it can be used for beauty and beauty care.

The value of the snake fruit is also not low, more than 300,000 was bought by someone who is also a buyer and seller.

Ye Xing looked at all the people doing business, I’m afraid that when it comes to their own medicinal herbs in a while, this price will really go up.

“This next thing, even we don’t know what it is, but it contains huge spiritual energy. It should be worth a lot of money.”

The ancient village chief himself went to bring in a stone.

It was not a big stone, neatly cut at the bottom, shaped like a rhinoceros horn, with a grey body and a lustre like jade.

Ye Xing was thrilled to see it, it was a stone marrow, something he had to refine to make a hybrid pill.

Ye Xing was just taking his chances, but he never thought he would actually come across it.

When the stone was brought up, everyone gathered around and watched as the ancient village chief introduced the cave from which it was obtained, talking about how powerful it was anyway, and the final reserve price was 50,000.

As soon as he saw the reserve price. Ye Xing smiled, I’m afraid this old man still didn’t know that the herbs that were auctioned before weren’t even worth a tenth of this stone marrow.

Some people started to shout out their bids tentatively, and eventually the fifty thousand climbed to two hundred thousand.

Ye Xing raised his hand and shouted, “Two hundred and fifty thousand.”

As soon as this price came out, people who did not know the goods gave up, Ye Xing was inwardly overjoyed, taking the stone marrow for two hundred and fifty thousand, it was like picking up a big bargain for no reason at all.

Ye Xing then went on to look and bought another suitable herb. At a cost of one million, with these two items in hand, plus the three herbs from before, the formula herbs for the Hybrid Pill had been collected.

Village Chief Gu announced that the auction was over and everyone went to swipe their money to collect their goods.

Leaving the pavilion, Ye Xing laughed, “What a great place, the herbs are so cheap, I thought I would have to pay sky-high prices.”

“That’s because you’re lucky today, people who know the goods didn’t come, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to take that stone for 10 million less.”

“You know about this thing?”

Du Jiuniang instantly had nothing to say. She really didn’t know, after doing so much herbal business, she hadn’t seen what that grey stone just now was for.

Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Ye Xing joked, “It looks like you don’t know anything about goods either, no different from those people.”

Du Jiuniang shouted in exasperation, “The herbs are bought for you. Is it possible to stop embarra*sing my sister?”

“Don’t worry, I’m a man of my word, I won’t let her warm the bed for now, but it’s hard to say later.”

Ye Xing walked back to Duo Bao Pavilion with a big smile.

Du Jiuniang’s body trembled with anger. When he returned inside the Duo Bao Pavilion, his men had already come to report the news.

Du Jiuniang not only had a huge business network, but also a news network, so the fact that the Hong Clan and the Hidden Clan had joined hands to look for her in Guangnan Province had been noticed.

Du Jiuniang frowned and said, “There is nothing to fear from the Hong Sect, but this Hidden Sect also wants to deal with me, this is something I can’t guess.”

“Your Highness, I am afraid that the person the Hidden Sect wants to deal with is the young man beside you who made a big fuss over the Snow Mountain.” One of the elders said.

Du Jiuniang nodded and said, “I won’t go to Guangnan Provincial City for the time being, lest there be friction with these two ancient martial forces, let our people also keep a low profile and be careful these days, the ears of the Hongmen are no less than ours, they can easily find out that we are here.”

“Court Master, should we inform that person about this?” The elder asked again.

Inwardly, Du Jiuniang did not want to inform, but Ye Xing was ruthless and if he provoked him again, it would not be a good outcome.

“I will go and tell him. You guys order it down, you must keep a low profile these days.”

Du Jiuniang walked to the room where Ye Xing was resting and knocked on the door, and Qiao Baihe’s playful voice came from inside.

“Master, be gentle, I can’t take it anymore.”

“It’s no fun to be gentle, this kind of thing requires force, without force. You won’t be able to experience the taste of pleasure.”

Du Jiuniang’s face turned red and she opened her mouth to curse, “Ye Xing, you son of a B*tch, if you dare to bully my sister, I will fight you to the death.”

As a result, the door of the room opened and Ye Xing leaned against the door and bristled, “Are you having your period, you’re so angry all day long.”

Du Jiuniang rushed into the room, and Qiao Baihe was really lying on the bed, only her clothes were intact, except her feet were bare.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you?” Qiao Baihe asked in wonder.

Du Jiu Niang said in a bad mood, “I thought you had been bullied by Ye Xing.”

“I just gave her a foot ma*sage, why are you so excited, you don’t know how many dirty thoughts are inside your head all day long.”

Ye Xing flirted up, followed by continuing to reach out and squeeze Qiao Baihe’s crystal clear, like sheep’s fat white jade feet.

This foot was so cute and chubby that Ye Xing couldn’t wait to think about it, but in the end he held back, after all, bullying a maid was still a bit absurd.


Chapter 366

Du Jiuniang looked furious and snarled, “You still have the leisure to eat my sister’s tofu, don’t you know that those women of yours will soon be ended in one pot?”

Ye Xing said with wide eyes, “Who did you hear that from?”

“My people came back from the city of Guangnan province with the news that Hongmen and Hidden Sect joined hands to find me, and also to find you again, you have so many confidantes, if you are caught by theirs, I am afraid you really won’t have a good time, maybe leave a few corpses for you to go back and bury.”

Du Jiuniang laughed coldly, and suddenly she found the air was cold. The whole room was filled with a murderous aura, as if a giant beast was beside her.

“If you talk nonsense, don’t blame me for being polite to you.”

“If you don’t believe me, go back to Guangnan Province City right now and check, you took out so many disciples of the Hidden Sect on Snow Mountain. Do you think people will be kind enough to let go?”

Ye Xing had to believe it, whether it was the Hidden Sect or the Hong Sect, both were ancient martial sects with countless years of heritage, he had such a deep beef with them, these people might really want to deal with him.

Ye Xing drank: “Is there any way to go back quickly?”

“A helicopter, it’s very expensive.” Du Jiuniang said.

“Arrange it right away, I want to return to Guangnan Provincial City.” Ye Xing said and left.

Qiao Baihe hurriedly got up to follow, but Du Jiuniang stopped her and whispered, “Why are you following?”

“He is my master. I took an oath, so naturally I have to follow him.” Qiao Baihe said back.

Du Jiuniang was really going crazy, this sister of hers was as stupid as she could be.

The helicopter was arranged and the three of them quickly went up and flew to the city of Guangnan Province, on the way Ye Xing had a cold expression, no longer the cheeky one he had before.

Du Jiuniang was apprehensive, in case the information was wrong, I was afraid that Ye Xing would not spare himself, I only hoped that Hongmen and Hidden Sect really made a big deal out of it, if they killed Ye Xing’s woman, it would look good, sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight was the most comfortable position.

The helicopter stopped at a training ground in the city of Guangnan Province, and the three of them got into a special car and set off for the villa.

Ye Xing called Murong Xue and was not expecting a quick connection.

“You’re back?”

“Honey, is everything alright on your end?”

“It’s fine, I just finished taking a shower.”

“That’s good, you take care of yourself, I heard that an ancient martial arts clan is trying to deal with me, I’m afraid I’ll drag you down with me.”

“Don’t worry, I can protect myself, you take care of yourself.”

Ye Xing chatted a few words and hung up his phone, then asked the driver to drive to Su Xiao Qiao’s residence.

Meanwhile, inside Su Xiao Qiao’s residence, Qiu Huan had already searched the place with his men. No trace of Ye Xing was found at all, only a weak woman, and an actress filming a movie.

“Little beauty, tell me honestly, where did Ye Xing go?” Qiu Huan laughed.

Su Xiaoqiao shook her head and got scared, “I don’t know any Ye Xing, are you guys looking for the wrong person?”

“The clues that the Hongmen found, there is no way they could be wrong, if you don’t tell us, there will be no good consequences for you.” Qiu Huan smiled and reached out to touch Su Xiao Qiao’s shoulder.

Su Xiao Qiao was afraid to dodge away, but as a result, Qiu Huan yanked her by the hair and cursed with a murderous fury, “B*tch, you’re not going to eat the wine. Give you one more chance, say it or not?”

“I don’t know Ye Xing, please let me go.” Su Xiaoqiao pleaded up in fear.

Qiu Huan reached out and knocked Su Xiao Qiao unconscious, the people around him were dumbfounded.

“Senior Brother Qiu, how will you deal with this little B*tch?” A disciple of the sect asked with a smile.

Qiu Huan sneered, “This is a big beauty, and a little star, later we will all get together and make a video of it, see if she says anything.”

“Good riddance, cuckold that B*****d Ye Xing and let him be a turtle for the rest of his life.”

The disciples of the Hidden Sect all laughed fiercely.

Qiu Huan told everyone to prepare the equipment, only to have an anxious shout come from outside the room all of a sudden, “Senior Brother Qiu. There is a situation.”

Qiu Huan narrowed his eyes and drank, “Get ready, maybe it’s Ye Xing coming, we can’t let him leave easily this time.”

Ye Xing arrived in front of the villa and found that the atmosphere was not right, when he felt it carefully, there were many scents inside the house.

Qiao Baihe got out of the car and also frowned, “There are many people inside.”

Du Jiuniang bristled, “Maybe they are from the Hidden Sect and the Hong Sect, this is a place of right and wrong, we have to leave first.”

Ye Xing grinned coldly, “These B*****ds actually dare to come and hara*s Xiao Qiao. I just can’t let any of them go, this time they are the ones who are bullying people too much and still want to trouble me, then don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“Ye Xing, you have to think carefully, a single Hong Clan is incomparably powerful in Guangnan Province, and the ten million disciples are no joke.”

“So what, whoever dares to bully my people, I want him dead.” Ye Xing revealed a domineering killing aura, instantly making Du Jiuniang’s back sweat, this guy usually talked and laughed, once he got angry. He was really a demon descending, a god of death in the world, terrifying.

Ye Xing turned his head and ordered: “Qiao Lily, you go in through the back door. If I don’t do it, you are not allowed to do it.”

“Master, don’t worry.” Qiao Lily twisted her head and pounced on the back door of the villa.

Du Jiuniang was dumbfounded and could only follow her.

Ye Xing took a deep breath and walked towards the main door of the villa with big steps. He reached out and opened the villa door with his fingerprints.

The heavy, cold iron door slowly opened and a guy carrying a rocket launcher in the courtyard directly pulled the trigger.

The rocket came out of the barrel and Ye Xing quickly dodged out of the way, relying on the defence of his golden qi shield, his whole body ploughed a trail on the ground unharmed.

The rocket shot out and struck a pa*sing car, which was instantly overturned and turned into a ragged fireball.

Ye Xing was furious and darted forward to strike. Two disciples of the Hidden Sect had wanted to kill him with heavy weapons, but instead they ended up dying a horrible death.

Ye Xing knocked the two men to the ground with two punches, their stomachs were dented and their internal organs had rotted to a horrible mess.

Inside the villa house, Qiu Huan narrowed his eyes, he did not expect Ye Xing to be as terrifying as this. The people he brought with him seemed to be unable to hurt the other party at all, even though they possessed heavy armaments.

“Arrange the formation.” Qiu Huan drank.

At once, the people within the house flew out, everyone holding long swords, and surrounded Ye Xing.

Ye Xing laughed coldly, if it was replaced by the Immortal Sect’s formation, he himself would still be scornful for a few moments, this Hidden Sect except for the Head Elder. The rest of them were just a bunch of drunken sacks of rice, how dare they send these trash to deal with them.

Ye Xing rushed forward and waved his fists, his five-layer tidal wave fist swirled out an incomparably powerful internal energy, causing the air to resonate and power to be released.

In an instant, the four sword-wielding disciples of the Hidden Sect in front of him flew out several metres and fell heavily to the ground spitting blood, unable to get up at all.

The others were dumbfounded, two fists could actually hit the internal energy outwardly, this is too terrifying, himself and others came to surround him, is it possible that they have lost their minds?

Clang ……

The long swords fell to the ground, and the remaining disciples of the Hidden Sect who had not fallen abandoned their weapons and surrendered.

Lin Heming shouted, “All kneel down.”

No one wanted to, but Lin Heming was not willing to wait. He threw two more punches, and instantly the remaining people flew out backwards and fell to the ground.