Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 363-364

Chapter 363

Qiao Baihe snorted and laughed, thinking that Ye Xing and her sister were really happy to argue.

Ye Xing had been stirring up nonsense for half a day, and Du Jiuniang was so angry that she gave in and said, “Alright, I won’t bullSh*t with you, I can help you get whatever herbs you want, but don’t instruct my sister.”

“Fine, but don’t play me, if you dare to have second thoughts, I promise to strip her in front of you and put on a big show for you.”

“Shame on you.”

“Shame on you. Who still dares to want it?”

Ye Xing laughed out loud, looking at Du Jiu Niang’s furious look, all revenge was avenged.

Qiao Baihe’s face was red and she didn’t even know how to get angry.

The three of them set off in the evening. Because Du Jiuniang was really not used to seeing Ye Xing bossing Qiao Baihe around.

The one who was most unhappy was Su Xiaoqiao, but there was nothing Ye Xing could do, he had to go in search of herbs to make pills.

On the way, Ye Xing also called Murong Xue and said that he had to go look for herbs to make pills.

Murong Xue asked a few questions and didn’t dwell on it too much, but Ye Xing was uncomfortable in his heart instead.

I thought that Murong Xue was just like Su Xiaoqiao, who was incomparably devoted to herself, but after she came into contact with cultivation. Although she knew that she cared for herself, she did not express it, so naturally she was not as comfortable as before.

The car drove out of Guangnan provincial city and entered a mountain road next to it, then headed towards an ethnic gathering place two hundred kilometres away.

Ye Xing took a look at the environment, it was really a place where spiritual medicine was produced, and rich people loved to collect herbs of the last year, resulting in good medicine being extremely difficult to find nowadays, and without special channels, it was impossible to get good medicine.

Ye Xing did not expect to collect all the good herbs at once, but he could get as many as he could.

The altitude began to rise, the temperature plummeted, and the mountains were so cloudy that visibility was extremely low, so driving was an exhausting and tiring task.

He was the only man in the car, otherwise he would have had to let someone else drive.

The next morning, the fog was even thicker, but when we got out of the mountains, we actually entered a basin, which then turned into an ancient town.

The ancient town of Fenglai is a gathering place for many ethnic groups. The customs here are very different from those in the provincial capital of Guangnan, and don’t look at the distance between the mountains as just two hundred kilometres, but it is actually extremely difficult to travel, so it took Ye Xing a night to drive the car here.

The car could not drive into the old town, there were many tourists at this time, and early in the morning there were many grandparents dressed in local ethnic costumes carrying bamboo baskets and calling for local snacks for breakfast.

Du Jiuniang was really hungry and got out of the car and bought several items, stuffed them to Qiao Baihe and said with a smile, “Try it well, the local breakfast is very special and tastes especially good.”

Qiao Baihe thought for a moment and walked over to Ye Xing and handed him one.

Du Jiuniang was not happy and snatched it away and said, “Why are you giving it to him. It’s sister who bought it for you to eat.”

“Sister, he is my master, I must take care of his food and living first, don’t make it difficult for me, okay?” Qiao Baihe frowned in embarra*sment.

Du Jiuniang was really going crazy, her silly sister didn’t know if she had cultivated to become a fool, she actually kept her promise so well, if it was her, she would have slipped away long ago, what kind of bullSh*t master, go play alone.

Ye Xing saw Du Jiuniang’s angry face, trembling, the most critical because a certain part of the size is not small and heaving up and down. Happy to reach out and touch Qiao Lily’s pointed chin and laughed, “Lily, when will you warm the bed for your master?”

Qiao Lily’s face was red, and her crystal clear, snow-white, jade-like ears were red, the more she looked, the more delightful she was.

Du Jiuniang roared, “Ye Xing, that’s enough, if you move your hands on my sister again, I won’t even let you go as a ghost.”

“You are clearly coveting my young master’s beauty, and you still won’t let me go, are you?” Ye Xing said in a serious manner.

Qiao Baihe snorted a smile. It was really like a flower in full bloom and a holy lotus in the snow.

Du Jiu Niang stared at him with wide eyes, furious, only for someone to suddenly laugh out of place, “Aigoo, I didn’t expect there to be such a pretty chick in this Sh*tty place.”

The three of them turned their heads together to look, only to see a greasy, fat man in a down jacket with a big belly holding a cigarette and leading a group of people to laugh loudly.

The group was dressed in expensive clothes, and the down jackets they were wearing were all big foreign brands, what with their expensive prices and being bought like crazy by rich people in China recently.

This Fenglai town is at a very high altitude, although it has not yet entered the cold winter months. But the climate here morning and evening temperature difference is great, morning and evening wear down jacket people can really quite a lot, big noon kit thin jacket can also pa*s.

Qiao Baihe couldn’t do anything about Ye Xing, but she didn’t care about the others. Immediately, her eyes were filled with murderous anger.

Ye Xing came to buy medicinal herbs, not to kill people, immediately walked out and laughed: “Beauty is a lot, but you can’t just open your mouth and shout out ah. Don’t you know that shouting more is worthless?”

As soon as the words were finished, Ye Xing glanced at Du Jiuniang, who, upon hearing that she was not worth anything, heaved in anger several times again.

This time, not only Ye Xing saw it, but also the fat and greasy man saw it, this guy stroked his chin and was drooling, he smiled at Ye Xing and said, “Brother, let’s go into the ancient town together, there are good things here.”

“What kind of good stuff?”

“You’ll know when you go in, but you have to bring the two beauties with you.”

Ye Xing nodded and said, “Sure, let’s go in and have some fun.”

Du Jiuniang drank with discontent, “Are you crazy, don’t you know what you’re doing here?”

“Don’t worry, let’s go in together and have a look around, we are all on the same way anyway.” Ye Xing said and walked with the greasy fat man towards the entrance of the town, with the others quickly following.

The greasy fat man smiled and asked, “Brother. Your girl is quite pretty.”

“Not bad, but the old one is not very obedient, if big brother likes it, I can transfer it at a low price.”

“What? You can transfer this?”

“What’s wrong with that? As long as you pay, everything is negotiable.”

“Money is no big deal, but I’m looking at the younger one.”

“Not the little one, the old one can have it if he wants it.”

The conversation between the two men could not be hidden from Du Jiuniang and Qiao Baihe.

Du Jiuniang was furious and pounced on the fat, greasy man and scolded him, “You still want to buy me. I’ll show you the power of a tigress today.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she slapped the fat man several times, causing him to swell up and bleed from the corners of his mouth.

Qiao Baihe was not a vegetarian and gently cast a spell, instantly the group of people all slipped on their feet and fell to the ground one by one in great pain.

Ye Xing’s eyes widened, and when Qiao Baihe saw him, she turned into a good little white rabbit again and said with a C*cked mouth, “They wanted to hit my sister, so I did it.”

Ye Xing laughed and said, “Not bad, you know a little bit of proportion, I was really afraid that you would kill someone as soon as you struck out.”

Once Qiao Baihe heard that Ye Xing did not scold her, she was actually a little happy.


Chapter 364

Du Jiuniang dragged the greasy fat man and scolded, “You still want to buy a woman, who gave you the guts?”

“I am from the Duo Bao Pavilion, if you dare to hit me, I will have to pick your skin.” The greasy, fat man cursed up spitefully.

Du Jiuniang froze after hearing this, then laughed loudly, then laughed in a flamboyant manner, her body undulating non-stop.

“Duo Bao Court, right? Then I’ll show you who I am.”

Du Jiuniang took out her mobile phone and called out, cursing furiously.

Not long after, three people, all old men, came running ahead.

When the fat, greasy man saw the three of them, he cried and cried, pointing at Du Jiuniang and cursing.

As a result, they didn’t expect the three old men to come in front of Du Jiuniang. They knelt down on the ground in a poof and then slapped themselves and said, “The three disciples have met the Pavilion Master, they have not been disciplined properly, please forgive me.”

The fat and greasy man heard the words “Your Highness”. His eyes rolled up and he fainted in fear.

Du Jiuniang gritted her teeth and cursed, “Wake this fat pig up for me.”

The three old men looked at each other, but in the end, they could only let this guy take the blame, and gave him a fierce beating.

Du Jiuniang’s expression was indifferent: “What are the rules of this pavilion?”

“Keep a low profile, keep a low profile, and keep a low profile again.” The fat man cried out.

“Good to know, the three stewards should not stand still, bring the man down to the door rules to deal with. As for these followers, count one of them.”

Du Jiuniang viciously let out a mother tiger’s growl.

The three old men hurriedly called all the people away, the greasy fat man was already terrified and could not walk at all, he was dragged away as if he was a dead pig.

Ye Xing joked: “Hey, this pretending not to be a P***y but was said ah?”

“Humph, from now on, be virtuous in your mouth, and less molesting women.”

Du Jiuniang finished speaking and walked towards the front.

Ye Xing took a look around at the many people staring at him, with an embarra*sed face, he hurriedly called Qiao Baihe and went after her.

Qiao Baihe had been cultivating on the mountain and usually relied on hatred to keep her going. Now that she had come down from the mountain and was no longer following Shangguan Lan, she was instead relieved of the pressure and her whole being had become simple and lively.

When she saw Ye Xing and her sister fighting, she thought it was too much fun.

When they arrived at the Duo Bao Pavilion, the shop was not big, but it was rich in contents, from herbs to antiques, there was a wide range of goods, and many good things with real materials.

Ye Xing followed Du Jiuniang into the inner room, the private room was decorated in a very Chinese style, from Huanghuali to Xiaoye Zitan, to Golden Silk Nan wood. All the furniture is extremely heavy and atmospheric, from the hands of famous artists, just this room of expensive wood furniture, I’m afraid they are worth more than ten million, I have to say this Duo Bao Court is really rich.

It was so luxurious that it blinded the eyes of others!

After Ye Xing sat down, Du Jiuniang had already made arrangements, and his men brought a tray of red satin-bedecked large date red wooden plates, in which were placed a good herbs.

There were herbs ranging from ten years old to a hundred years old, and many of them had really become refined, their bodies resembling human forms and their lushness resembling five senses.

Ye Xing took a look. There were only three kinds that were somewhat valuable, after all, the herbs that the Hybrid Pill wanted were too scarce and not that easy to get.

“Can’t even look at a hundred years old yellow essence?”

“There’s also this fifty year old Three Life Gra*s, which is the best of the best.”

Du Jiuniang grumbled, “I think you just don’t know what you’re talking about, do you know how many rich people will grab these herbs if I throw them out, just this hundred year old yellow essence, rich people in their eighties and nineties will take it to make wine, usually drink a gla*s, prolong their lives and have no serious illnesses.”

“Big sister, this medicine of yours is even better. It’s useless for me to take it, just these three, another four are needed, see if you can help me think of something.”

Ye Xing said with a bristling mouth.

Du Jiuniang sneered, “Take three of my herbs and still want me to help you get the others, are you dreaming?”

“If I get all these herbs, I can at least not touch your sister, you have to think about it. If you don’t say yes, I’m impatient and I might give you another nephew and niece tomorrow.”

“You’re shameless.”

“If you don’t say yes, just be prepared to hold the baby in a year.”

“Say, want those four?”

Ye Xing laughed smugly, “That’s right, life just wants to xo, if you can’t resist you have to lie down and enjoy it.”

“Don’t challenge my patience, or I’ll have to fight you.”

“Stone marrow, chalcedony flower, tiannan incense and black sunken wood.”

Ye Xing got up after saying that, called Qiao Baihe and left, letting Du Jiuniang arrange a room to rest, he was really tired after driving all night.

Du Jiuniang gritted her teeth. There was still nothing she could do but let her men go and arrange it.

The room for rest was large, standard two beds, Ye Xing fell down and slept. Qiao Baihe asked in a low voice, “Can I sit down for a while?”

“You can sleep too, aren’t you tired from sitting in the car all night?”

“Can you not make me do things I don’t want to?”

“Is it hard for you to sleep and rest?”

“I may be your servant, but I don’t want to sleep with you either.”

“Holy Sh*t, two beds. You sleep in the bed next to your own, what kind of thoughts do you have all day long?”

Ye Xing said and closed his eyes to rest.

Qiao Lily’s face was red from the commotion and she sat on the bed and started to slowly cultivate her ice technique.

In the evening for dinner, Ye Xing experienced a special roast pig in Fenglai town.

The taste was really good, after eating and drinking, Du Jiuniang opened her mouth and said, “What you want, I guess it will only be available at the auction, the auction starts tomorrow, many rich people will have to participate, do you have that much money on you?”

Ye Xing laughed, “I thought it was a big deal, isn’t it just money? It’s a small thing.”

“Big mouth, I can tell you, if you don’t have money, I won’t lend it to you, this kind of herbal auction, when you meet everyone wants it. Often, they can be auctioned off at sky-high prices, and this time the auction is organised by a big shot, no one can break the rules by messing around, or else there will be no good consequences.”

Du Jiuniang explained up.

Once Ye Xing saw that this big sister was still not polite to herself, she deliberately said, “Qiao Baihe, come with me tomorrow, whoever dares to rob what I want, you will kill him for me.”

Qiao Baihe nodded her head. Du Jiuniang was trembling with anger and said through gritted teeth, “Didn’t I just tell you not to mess around?”

“This is a fairy of the Immortal Sect, a bodyguard with spells, whoever F**king dares to mess with me, I’ll let her destroy him.” After Ye Xing finished speaking, he called on Qiao Baihe and went back inside.

Du Jiu Niang was full of depression, she wanted to skin Ye Xing and draw his tendons.

When he returned to the house, Ye Xing laughed, Du Jiuniang still wanted to fight with himself, she was simply too young.

The next day, he stayed until noon and followed Du Jiuniang to the auction site in Fenglai Town.

An earthen building loomed over the town, in a state of disrepair, not knowing how many years old it had been built.

Above the earthen building was an exquisite and incomparable wooden loft, not small in size, and the wooden stairs going up from the side could make a creaking sound.

“It really sounds like the sound of a pressed bed.” Ye Xing laughed

Qiao Lily was confused, while Du Jiuniang was red in the face and cursed the B*****d in her heart.