Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 367-368

Chapter 367

Ye Xing quickly settled the many disciples of the Hidden Sect, kicked open the door of the room and rushed in.

At this moment, inside the room, Qiu Huan was full of cold smiles, the two disciples next to him had already trampled Su Xiao Qiao under his feet, a sharp sword was placed on her neck, the whole person was already trembling and crying in fear.

Qiu Huan stared at Ye Xing and sneered, “Killing so many people from our Hidden Sect in one breath, you are really quite capable, but unfortunately even the most powerful people have weaknesses. How much is this woman worth the price you paid?”

As Ye Xing took a step forward in anger, Qiu Huan barked, “Stand still, or her neck will be cut by the sword. When the time comes, a brutal scene of blood spilling all over the floor will be staged.”

“Let her go, and you can live.”

Ye Xing gnashed her teeth in hatred.

“What a big mouth, killing many disciples of my Hidden Sect and injuring Daoist Sanyang, this debt has to be settled with you.”

Qiu Huan looked at Ye Xing’s face full of anger and knew that this woman was quite important to him. Since he had a hold on the other party, it would be a good thing to do.

“Such a pretty chick, it’s not bad to take your time and have some fun later.” The disciple of the Hidden Sect with the sword laughed smugly.

One of the men next to him laughed badly, “Senior Qiu, do you want to play with it in front of him?”

“That’s no problem, such a pretty chick, it’s not bad to play with her before killing her.”

Qiu Huan smiled smugly.

“Say, what do you want before you let them go?”

Ye Xing clenched his fists, veins bulging on his forehead, obviously already furious.

“Kneel down and kowtow to me and beg for mercy, then cut off your own hands and feet, and I can spare you all from death.”

Qiu Huan pointed at Ye Xing, his face full of fierceness.

Hateful, once his arms and legs were broken, I was afraid that he would have to die of humiliation.

“Good, you guys grab your hands and I can spare you all from death.”

Ye Xing laughed coldly.

“Senior Brother Qiu, is this kid crazy?” The sword-wielding disciple asked.

“Hmph, slash that chick’s face first. See if his heart hurts.” Qiu Huan drank.

The sword-wielding disciple sneered and immediately raised his sword to slash Su Xiaoqiao’s face on the ground.

Unexpectedly, a sharp ice lance emerged from the sword-wielding disciple’s stomach, and the disciple next to him twisted his head and was also pierced by an ice lance in his neck.

The two fell straight down, and Qiu Huan was so stunned that he forgot to hold Su Xiaoqiao on the ground.

He had just summoned up his inner strength when Ye Xing arrived in front of him, his face full of ferocity. Just about fangs emerged from inside his mouth to devour him.

“Go to hell.”

Ye Xing struck out a tidal wave fist of fifth power, Qiu Huan found a sharp pain in his abdomen, and the next thing he knew, his entire body flew out towards the back, like a ragged sack landing on the ground, his eyes bulging out, his mouth bleeding from the corners, and his face turning ashen, having died a tragic death on the spot.

Su Xiaoqiao on the ground cried and jumped into Ye Xing’s arms.

Ye Xing said comfortingly, “It’s alright.”

Su Xiaoqiao nodded her head as she cried. She knew that Ye Xing would come to her rescue, this had happened many times and she always believed that this man would appear in her time of greatest danger on a seven-coloured auspicious cloud.

This was love, a kind of absolute trust in a lover.

Leaving the villa, Ye Xing looked at Su Xiao Qiao and said, “I’ll take you to the hotel first, then go and do an errand. You wait for me to come back.”

“Are you going to seek revenge on them?”

Su Xiaoqiao asked at this moment as she leaned into Ye Xing’s arms and blinked her eyes.

Ye Xing nodded and smiled, “There are some troubles that must be solved cleanly, or else there will be endless consequences.”

“But I am afraid that you are in danger.”

Su Xiaoqiao said softly, “Can you not go?”

“Don’t worry, they don’t pose any threat to me, just stay at the hotel and wait, I will come back safely.”

Ye Xing patted the back of Su Xiao Qiao’s hand and smiled.

In the city of Guangnan province, inside the martial arts training hall of Hongmen’s headquarters, Fatty Huang was drinking congee and eating.

The seafood congee boiled by his young wife tasted very good. Many precious ingredients had also been used, and just this one pot of seafood congee was already worth over ten thousand dollars alone.

Fatty Wong was very satisfied with this kind of life. He was not willing to get involved in the power struggle within the Hongmen.

The Hung Clan branches were huge, with countless territories and forces both at home and abroad, and people outside claimed that there were thousands of Hung Clan disciples. This is really not bragging.

My wife muttered, “Honey, those people from the Hidden Sect went to deal with a kid, why haven’t they come back in so half a day?”

Fatty Huang chuckled, “I guess it’s a slow torture. I heard that the kid killed many disciples of the Hidden Sect, so it’s strange that he has to be given a good beating.”

The wife got up and wriggled to put the bowl away, and Fatty Huang couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

“What are you doing? So many people are watching.” My wife said unhappily.

Fatty Huang smiled, “You have to wash up tonight, I promise to make you comfortable.”

“F**k you, with your kung fu, I’m afraid you’ll put out the fire as soon as it starts.”

The woman left, twisting her crotch unhappily, leaving Fatty Wong with a depressed look on his face.

Suddenly, a car came outside the house and three people got out of it. Two women and one man.

All three were very young and when they entered the Hongmen headquarters, someone came up to ask questions and then the three were taken into the martial arts training hall.

The Hongmen advertised the martial arts hall to the public and usually specialised in teaching boxing to rich people, half-truths and half-fakes. The main thing is that it seems that the people who learn kung fu know what they are doing.

The three looked young and pretty, and were dressed in extraordinary clothes, so they were obviously rich children.

Fatty Huang laughed and said, “Here to learn boxing?”

Ye Xing grinned and sneered with a sweeping glance, “Here to collect debts.”

“Debt? We don’t have anyone here who owes debts, you kid don’t even look at what kind of place this is.”

Fatty Huang’s tone was heavy, and the surrounding Hongmen disciples gathered around.

Ye Xing nodded his head and said, “You are Fatty Huang? The hall master of the Hong Clan’s Guangnan Provincial City?”

“Young man, misfortune comes out of your mouth, is Fatty Huang also something you can call?”

Fatty Huang was displeased, but also proud, determined that he would be able to take Ye Xing down in a moment, so naturally he did not allow his disciples to make the first move, feeling out the bottom is the routine of these old jianghu.

“Then let me ask you, if your wife was bullied and killed, what would you do?”

“Kill the other party’s whole family, of course, leaving no one behind.”

Ye Xingdiao then said, “Then it’s done, in a moment this Hongmen branch hall is destined to be a bloodbath.”

“What a big mouth, someone take the three of them down for me.”

Fatty Huang roared angrily, and the surrounding Hongmen disciples swarmed up.

Ye Xing struck forward with both fists, and the five Hong Clan disciples flew out like they had been hit by an iron plate, falling to the ground in the distance spitting blood and breaking bones all over their bodies, unable to get up at all.

These Hong Clan disciples were not even as strong as the Hidden Sect, they were just a bunch of dogs and C*cks.

Fatty Huang was dumbfounded and jumped up and grabbed at Ye Xing.

His most proud tactic was the Hongmen Dragon Fist, which was also the longest inherited set of fist techniques of the Hongmen, rigid and powerful, wide open, with both offense and defence, and multiplying power.

Ye Xing quickly retreated backwards, easily deflecting the Dragon Fist attack.

After all, he was used to being lazy, and it had been a long time since he had last practised, and his internal energy had long since been returned to his master.


Chapter 368

Ye Xing was all amused, and Fatty Huang was actually trembling and panting after a set of fights, almost unable to stand.

“Still fighting?”

Ye Xing teased up, and Fatty Huang exploded with anger and once again threw a punch with hatred.

This guy’s face was red and he looked full of strength and tiger-like, but it turned out that he couldn’t even touch the corner of his opponent’s clothes.

With a bang, Fatty Huang finally exhausted himself and fell to the ground at once. One head was red and terrible.

“Cerebral hemorrhage.”

Ye Xing muttered, and the other disciples went up to check.

With a twist of Ye Xing’s head to signal, Qiao Baihe ran her Yuan Power with both hands, followed by rows of ice spikes appearing in front of her. She pushed with both hands.

The ice spikes flew forward, turning all the Hongmen disciples present into living targets, all being pierced by the ice spikes, each falling to the ground with their eyes wide open, not knowing what horrors they had encountered.

The fatty Huang on the ground was panting for breath, Ye Xing walked over and kicked him in the temple, the man’s head twisted. There was no movement at all.

When Ye Xing left, Du Jiuniang asked, “There are still quite a few people, should we destroy them all together?”

“Just about, the rest of the old and weak women and children will be spared.”

Ye Xing said and got into the car, and the three of them left quickly.

The news of the destruction of the Hong Clan and the tragic deaths of the people from the Hidden Clan spread out and instantly caused the entire ancient martial arts world to shake.

That night, a large number of disciples from the Hong Clan rushed to the city of Guangnan Province and began to investigate the murderer.

The same was true of the Hidden Sect. Daoist Sanyang lived in the tea garden, so of course he knew who killed Qiu Huan.

The senior management of the Hidden Sect was furious and sent four elders to Guangnan Province this time to make sure that Ye Xing was killed.

All kinds of news spread through the ancient martial world, all related to Ye Xing.

At the same time, on an island somewhere in the outer sea, a mountain where the Immortal Sect was located, where the vegetation was dense, the environment was pleasant and most crucially, pedestrians were scarce.

This mountain was also a landing place for the Immortal Sect. Since the opening of the Ancient Formation, the Free Fairy and the Tombkeeper Jiang Qin had a big battle, and in order to adjust her breath, she returned here to recuperate.

This time the Immortal Sect had suffered great losses. Many disciples were killed or injured, and even Shangguan Lan’s sect lost two of its most powerful disciples, one being the exceptionally gifted, dual elemental Murong Xue, and the other being the eldest disciple Qiao Baihe.

The remaining four disciples were, more or less, inferior to the two of them.

When Shangguan Lan got the news, the corners of her mouth smiled, Ye Xing’s bad luck was a good thing for her.

“Earlier on Heaven Mountain, those stinking monks and the Hidden Sect turned on our Immortal Sect, this time it’s time for revenge.”

Shangguan Lan got up and looked around at her four disciples.

Guo Dongmei was the most frightened and lowered her head, not daring to raise it.

Shangguan Lan walked up to her. Touching her chin and raising her head she had a cold smile on her face.

“Master, I am willing to go through fire and water for you.”

Guo Dongmei immediately knelt down, sincerely afraid.

Shangguan Lan smiled smugly, “Alright, you don’t need to be afraid, although you disappeared above the Heavenly Mountain, I won’t suspect you of being a traitor, you have been with me for many years, if you were a traitor, there is no way I wouldn’t have noticed, but next is the time for you few to serve the Immortal Sect.”

“Disciples are willing to go through fire and water for Master.” The other three also knelt down and clasped their fists.

The corners of Shangguan Lan’s mouth lifted in a cold smile, “I want the four of you to go and stir up the Ancient Martial World, remember not to show up easily and leave clues. Put this black pot on Ye Xing’s back, I want him to become the public enemy of the Ancient Martial World, so that he will give the Ancient Martial World a head start before, and in the end I will watch him die under siege by the Ancient Martial World.”

“Hahahaha ……”

On the dock of the island, the four disciples had left in disguise, they took off their long fairy dresses and changed into the clothes of ordinary people.

After all, they were the Four Beauties, they looked good in anything.

Coming to the dock cruise ship. None of the four chatted idly up, without Shangguan Lan to keep an eye on them, the four of them were like little girls who had just entered the world, curious about everything.

“Two senior sisters, we’ve been to Yanjing before, it’s not bad there, this time we have to split up as well, so that we can better complete the task explained by Master.”

Second senior sister Ruan Rose said with a smile.

Third Sister Xia Jasmine nodded and said, “Why don’t I join Dongmei and I, and you two go and act separately.”

Guo Dongmei immediately said, “Third Senior Sister, it’s better for me to team up with Little Sister, while you and Second Senior Sister continue to move and have a tacit understanding.”

Ruan Rose then said, “We have no problem acting in pairs. This will reduce accidents, but we have to be in contact for a long time, the Buddhist Sect is not to be messed with, we will have to do it together when the time comes.”

“Then it’s a deal. Round in a week and kill the Buddha Sect together.” Guo Dongmei laughed.

The ship sailed to the shore and the four left in two groups.

Guo Dongmei was relieved and looked at her younger sister who had been sulking and yelled, “Hey. You’re too obsessed, aren’t you? You don’t know that Master is already wary of us, so if you show any flaws, it’ll be the end of you.”

Su Furong said awkwardly, “Senior sister, are we really going to plant Ye Xing?”

“What’s the matter, heartbroken and unable to give up?”

Guo Dongmei teased.

Su Furong blushed and shyly spat, “Nonsense, I just feel that I have been saved by him before and owe him a favour, so now I feel bad about framing him.”

“I’ve been saved by him too, so I’ll have to give my body in return?”

“Sister, yes, we’ve all been saved by him, so isn’t it a bit ungrateful to harm him now?”

“But Master’s orders are hard to disobey, if we go against them. We’ll have to be punished by the master.”

“Sister, we have already betrayed Master, if she finds out about this, we will be finished as well.”

“Then what do you think we should do?” Guo Dongmei was also worried about this matter and frowned.

“Senior sister, let’s talk to Ye Xing about it, if master really deals with us, with him around. He can also help us out.”

“You’re crazy, if we meet up with Ye Xing again, Master will find out and we’ll be finished.”

“But do you really want to be used by Master like this for the rest of your life? The slightest thing wrong and we’ll be just like Eldest Sister, Master doesn’t want to be as loving to us as he is to her daughter.” Su Furong retorted.

Guo Dongmei also got scared, Master was indeed too strong and did not show any mercy, she had not done any betrayal before, of course she was not afraid, but after being saved by Ye Xing, she had already betrayed the Master, if this was cleared up, she would not end up in a good way.

Guo Dongmei’s conflicted feelings made her think of nothing on the way, and she ghostly bought a ticket to Guangnan provincial city.

Fortunately, Guangnan is a first-tier city with a population of over 10 million, so not everyone can easily find it if they want to hide.

Not to mention that Du Jiuniang has been operating here for so many years, it is impossible not to have some hiding place, so Ye Xing sent Su Xiaoqiao back to Tianhai.

Everyone who knew about Su Xiaoqiao was dead, and Ye Xing was not worried that the Hidden Sect and the Hong Sect would find out about her.