Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 359-360

Chapter 359

Du Jiuniang tugged on her arm and said, “Lily, what are you talking about, the situation didn’t count.”

“Is that so? So the so-called Flying Daggers Sect are all a bunch of liars whose words don’t count, no wonder they were exterminated.” Ye Xing sneered.

Du Jiuniang’s face changed greatly and she was about to get angry when Qiao Baihe advised, “Sister, I have sworn by the ancestors of the Flying Daggers Sect that there is absolutely no way I can go back on my word.”

“Sister, why do you need to do so?” Du Jiuniang was extremely regretful.

Ye Xing growled in discontent, “What the hell, did you call me to come just to watch you two act? To make a sisterly love movie?”

“Hmph, you have bad intentions by taking my sister as your servant.”

“Whatever you say. I don’t care anyway, if you don’t like it, we can fight, I didn’t get my kicks before. I want to kick some more.”

Ye Xing still hated the Du Jiuniang sisters for putting poison outside the cave, so naturally he would not be polite with them.

Du Jiuniang’s face turned red, and the thought of being kicked in the chest by Ye Xing made her inwardly ashamed and angry.

“Master, I will definitely keep my vow, so don’t give my sister a hard time.” Qiao Lily was full of pity.

It had to be said that when a beautiful woman like Qiao Lily begged, men had to be soft at the sight of her, and she was indeed beautiful. Her face was extremely high and her body was extremely good, Murong Xue was not even a point behind compared to her.

But Ye Xing’s love for his wife was heavier than a mountain, so naturally he would not be charmed by Qiao Baihe’s beauty.

“Let’s forget what happened before, but from now on if you still dare to lay your hands on me, Du Jiuniang, I guarantee that next time you will be left dead in the wilderness.” Although Ye Xing was cynical, he was still very terrifying when he really revealed his hostility.

These words chilled the room, and at the thought of Ye Xing repelling a ruthless man like Shangguan Lan, Du Jiuniang’s scorn for him was deepened.

“Master, my sister and I have already thought about it, from now on we will absolutely obey your orders and dare not have second thoughts.” Qiao Baihe sounded delicate.

Ye Xing stretched his leg towards Du Jiuniang and laughed, “I was exhausted yesterday, just pinch my leg for me.”

Du Jiuniang stood up from her seat in anger, her eyes wide and frosty.

Ye Xing stared at her with a smile, and Qiao Baihe hurriedly walked over and squeezed her leg.

“You have to master the strength of this hand, if you use it lightly it’s not strong, if you use it heavily it hurts, learn more and watch more.”

Ye Xing said with his eyes fixed on Du Jiuniang, just wanting to see her angry and defeated look, who let you lay your hands on the snow mountain, I must teach you a lesson.

Du Jiuniang’s eyes were wide with anger, but when she saw that her sister had reached out her hand, she could only help to squeeze it. She could only help to squeeze it up, but she hated it so much that she wanted Ye Xing to be hit by a car, choked to death, slapped to death for eating women’s tofu, in short, to die as miserable a death as possible.

Ye Xing laughed and said, “Boss Du, with this gnashing of teeth, why do I feel that you’re not pinching my leg, you’re trying to pinch me to death?”

Du Jiuniang said with a charming smile, “Ye Xing, our sisters are all aggravated like this, don’t go too far.”

“Alright, no more leg pinching. I’ll take the person away.” Ye Xing withdrew his leg and stood up.

Du Jiuniang was stunned, then she asked, “You want Lily to go?”

“She’s my person, if she doesn’t come with me, should she come with you?”

“She’s not a thing, why should she be at your beck and call?”

“She swore an oath, besides, the Immortal Sect is not a vegetarian, a traitor like her, if Shangguan Lan caught the opportunity, it would be strange if he didn’t get her killed, otherwise why would you sisters be looking for me, it’s not because your identity is exposed and you are afraid of being retaliated by the Immortal Sect?”

Du Jiuniang was vicious in her heart. Everything she thought was guessed by Ye Xing, this kid was really a sneaky one.

“I’m not wrong, right? The family happens to be short of a bed warmer.”

Ye Xing smiled and looked at Qiao Baihe who was full of shy and red face.

Although Qiao Baihe had a high cultivation level, she hadn’t come into contact with men for years, and when she met a mixed-up, cynical guy like Ye Xing, she was really a bit overwhelmed.

No matter how fierce the tigress is, as long as you let her tame you. It will turn into a hellokitty!

Du Jiuniang slammed the table and roared, “I’ll go with you too, two sisters together to warm your bed.”

“Big sister, no, I should call you auntie, I’m not interested in you, I like young ones, you’re a handful of years old, I’m not on fire.”

Ye Xing smiled badly when he surveyed Du Jiuniang.

Du Jiuniang was really angry and wanted to fight for her life, Qiao Baihe advised, “Sister, I’ll go with him, I don’t believe he dares to do anything to me.”

“Lily, this boy is very bad. He’s also H**ny, it’s no good for you to go with him.” Du Jiuniang blocked.

Ye Xing shouted angrily, “Old woman, don’t tarnish my reputation, I haven’t lusted after you. I’ll sue you for slander.”

When there was a lot of noise here, a man came running outside the private room and said, “Boss Du, there is a group of strangers outside, they are not nice.”

Du Jiuniang frowned and said, “Hurry up and leave. I’m afraid it’s people from other ancient martial arts sects.”

Ye Xing laughed, “You’ve screwed so many people over, people should seek revenge on you.”

“Hmph, I also want to take revenge on the Immortal Sect, we all have the same purpose.” Du Jiuniang was not convinced.

Ye Xing also did not want to stay and fight with the people from the ancient martial sect, and quickly walked out of the private room and slipped away through the back door of the bar.

Du Jiuniang considered for a moment that she was not comfortable letting Qiao Baihe follow Ye Xing, but she not only had to face the threat of the Ancient Martial Sect at this time, but also had to hide from the Immortal Sect’s pursuit, and Ye Xing did not deal with her, so she considered for a moment and said, “Sister, you follow Ye Xing, I will hide alone.”

“Sister, why don’t we go together.” Qiao Baihe said.

Du Jiuniang shook her head and said, “He has a deep prejudice against me, it’s safer for you to go alone. Don’t dilly-dally, you guys go first.”

Ye Xing tugged Qiao Baihe and ran out of the back alley, I must say that Qiao Baihe’s hands were so thin, tender and cold that it was like tugging an iceberg.

Ye Xing put Qiao Baihe in the car, stepped on the accelerator and set off, of course not to the villa where Murong Xue was staying.

If she found out that Qiao Baihe was going back with her, she would have to fight again. So they had to arrange for Su Xiaoqiao’s place.

Anyway, there were many people there, so it didn’t matter if there was one more Qiao Baihe.

When Ye Xing drove the car to the entrance of the house, Su Xiaoqiao, who had gotten the news, ran out and was excited, but when she saw a beautiful woman in the pa*senger seat, her face immediately turned gloomy.

Ye Xing got out of the car and said, “Go in, find yourself a place to stay, don’t be polite.”

Qiao Baihe nodded and walked into the house, Su Xiaoqiao’s pink mouth puckered up and she asked, “Who is she again?”

“The servant I just took in, she almost didn’t poison me on the snowy mountain.” Ye Xing said with a frown.

“A servant? I think it’s the woman you just took in.”

“In the conscience of heaven and earth, you are the only one who has not received any other recently, she is really my servant, she can also be called a slave.”

“That’s too bad, she’s so pretty and has a great body, just like a big star, you’d let her be a slave?”

“Maybe she has a fetish for it?”

“F*ck you, the more you talk, the more unruly you are. Don’t touch your hands, it’s a shame if people see you.”


Chapter 360

The two of them went into the living room for a while, Ye Xing smiled and asked, “Cheng Yulin didn’t come to the provincial city with you?”

“She had a drama to shoot, I was recently free, that’s why I came to the provincial city from Tianhai, by the way, where is Mr. Mu?” Although Su Xiaoqiao did not want to ask, she still opened her mouth.

Ye Xing casually said, “She has her own business, anyway, you two can’t meet, if you don’t want to mention it. It’s fine not to mention it in the future.”

“I’m afraid Mr. Mu won’t be happy.”

“She has her own business to attend to now, she won’t care about these things, in any case I won’t let you down.”

Ye Xing said and pulled Su Xiao Qiao to the bedroom.

“It’s broad daylight. There are still people at home, can you be more decent?”

“I’m decent enough to do something to you without being in the living room.”

“The more you talk, the more ridiculous it gets… You’re not afraid of being overheard, are you?”

“Afraid of what? She’s my servant, and in ancient times had to wait on me at my bedside.”

“You’re too…don’t…be gentle ……”

Ye Xing quietly came out of the bedroom, Su Xiao Qiao had to recover a bit. So rested in bed.

Upstairs Qiao Baihe didn’t expect Ye Xing to mess around even in broad daylight at all, and was meditating at the moment.

Ye Xing called her downstairs and said, “Now tell me everything you know about the Immortal Gate, remember not to miss a single detail.”

“Didn’t Murong Xue tell you?” Qiao Baihe asked.

“Tell me when you’re told to, and don’t forget your oath.”

Ye Xing put his leg on the coffee table just waiting for her to speak.

Qiao Baihe held back her anger and began to describe what she knew about the Immortal Sect to the side.

About the Free Immortal, Qiao Baihe didn’t know much, anyway, she was the sect master with an amazing cultivation and usually didn’t show her face at all.

And it was their master, Shangguan Lan, who was in charge of the five of them within the entire Immortal Sect.

“Five? Who are the other two?”

“Xia Jasmine and Ruan Rose, they didn’t come to Tianshan together this time, Shangguan Lan sent them on an errand elsewhere.”

Ye Xing frowned, the Immortal Sect was really mysterious, Qiao Baihe had been in the Immortal Sect for so long, she actually didn’t know much, she only knew something about Shangguan Lan, and she usually couldn’t go anywhere except for cultivation.

“What do you think Shangguan Lan and the girls will go to next?” Ye Xing asked.

Qiao Baihe frowned and then said back, “The ancient formation has been opened. But the aura hasn’t revived, so they should still want to go and open other ancient formations.”

“Is there a landing place?”

“I’m not sure about this, although Shangguan Lan took us as his disciples, he gave us all orders to do things and wouldn’t tell us the whole plan at all.”

Ye Xing nodded down, Shangguan Lan kind of overbearing paranoia, only believed in herself, definitely would not let others know her next plan.

“Master, I would like to make a request.” Qiao Baihe said boldly.

Ye Xing said, “Wanting me to dissolve my relationship with you. You are afraid you are thinking too much, if I had used one more point at that time, there would no longer be a person like you in this world, and in that situation at that time, it would have been appropriate for me to kill you.”

“Master, don’t worry, you gave me this life, I am naturally loyal to you, only I want to beg master to help my sister.”

Qiao Baihe was filled with sadness and fear.

“Du Jiuniang almost killed me, and I’m going to help her. Isn’t that a bit of a crime?”

“Master, she is my sister after all, this time she has offended so many ancient martial arts sects, not only will she not be able to do business, she will also have to be caught up, I hope that for my sake. Can keep her safe, although my sister took a shot at you, her main purpose was also to silence Guo Dongmei, she didn’t really want to do anything against her master.”

Ye Xing considered for a moment, Qiao Baihe was not wrong in this, their sisters’ target was indeed not themselves.

“You have value, what value does she have?” Ye Xing was not willing to do it for nothing, after all, although the ancient martial sects had different strengths, they were also afraid that they had deep relationships with each other. Offending one would easily offend a large group of them.

“Although our Flying Daggers Sect was destroyed, there were still many outer disciples left behind, and these disciples specialized in collecting medicinal materials and heavenly treasures for the sect back then. All the wealth that my sister had at her disposal came from there, if you are willing to protect her. These riches are yours to squander.” Qiao Baihe said.

Ye Xing stared, he didn’t have much interest in money, but if there were really medicinal herbs of good vintage, this was right up his alley.

“Wealth won’t help me much, medicinal herbs are more useful instead.” Ye Xing laughed.


Deep in the People’s Park in the provincial city, a large group of people were searching for Du Jiuniang’s downstairs here.

The disciples of these ancient martial arts sects had come in pairs, and had also captured a few of Du Jiuniang’s minions.

The minions all decided that deep in this park was one of Du Jiuniang’s hiding places.

One of them was an inch-headed man in his thirties with thick eyebrows and short cheeks, his whole features looked as if they had been squeezed together with great force, and he also had a Chinese face.

The man barked, “If you few lie, this place is where you will be buried.”

“This is the place. I’ve been here once before with Boss Du, I really don’t know the rest of the place.” One of the minions cried out.

Another one also pointed deeper into the park and said, “Yes, I’ve been here before too, look carefully.”

The inch-head shouted, “Search this place carefully, all of you, that b*tch might have some secret pa*sage here.”

Dozens of people spread out like a spider’s web and searched the place. They soon found a pa*sage behind a rockery.

Inchpin laughed and said, “This time we’ll make that stinking b*tch pay.”

“Vice Sect Master Mu, this should be where that stinky b*tch is hiding, but she is not weak, so if we go in rashly, I’m afraid we will be killed or injured.”

A bald, burly man with a tattoo on his neck walked out and frowned.

The inch-slab head sneered, “I’ve brought something good this time, it will definitely force that smelly b*tch to show herself, you all just need to be ready to capture her in a moment.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the head of the board beckoned, and the two disciples next to him lifted out a leather case, carefully, and immediately afterwards the case opened, inside were actually black orbs, each set on a fixed plastic plate.

The bald strong man was astonished, and after thinking about it he said, “Could this be the divine lightning of the Wood House?”

“That’s right, but the power can’t be compared to the real divine lightning, we have added a lot of poison powder to it, once it explodes, the poison powder will diffuse out, the more closed the caves and pa*sages are, the more powerful this poison lightning is, the more ordinary people will be enveloped by the poison mist, they will bleed to death in seven orifices within a minute.” The inch-head introduced it.

The others were pleased with themselves, with these poisonous thunderbolts, I was afraid that Du Jiuniang would lose a layer of skin even if she didn’t die.

With a wave of Mu Jiao’s hand, the disciples threw boxes of poisonous thunderbolts towards the entrance of the secret pa*sage.

As soon as the thunderbolts fell, there was a violent explosion, followed by a wave of poisonous fog towards the pa*sage.

Within a minute, a man rushed out of the secret pa*sage, drenched in blood, and fell to the ground dead on the spot.

Wooden Jiao laughed and said, “This is the end.”