Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 361-362

Chapter 361

Another man rushed out immediately afterwards, and soon did the same, struggling and wailing on the ground before he died.

Wooden Jiao and the others looked on with fierce smiles on their faces, none of them sympathising, after all they were all here to seek revenge on Du Jiuniang.

Soon out of the secret pa*sage ran a woman with a beautiful figure and wearing a gas mask, who else could it be if not Du Jiuniang?

She took a look at her men who had died horribly on the ground, and with a face full of resentment, she took off her gas mask and lunged at Mu Jiao and the others.

“A bunch of dog scum, none of them will be able to leave today.”

Du Jiuniang’s aura was terrifying, and she flew out with great speed.

The two disciples beside Mu Jiao went up to receive the move. As a result, they were sent flying to the ground by her punches and kicks.

Mu Jiao raised a mouthful of internal energy, his clothes bulging out, and then went towards Du Jiuniang to kill her.

Unfortunately, his methods were too ordinary and Du Jiuniang was not in any danger. A single kick sent him flying.

Mu Jiao roared, “Come together, kill this evil woman to avenge your fellow disciples.”

These people were all remnants of several major ancient martial sects, who had not gone to Tianshan together before for various reasons, and subsequently turned around to deal with Du Jiuniang when they knew of her poisonous plan and could not find the Immortal Sect to take revenge on her.

Du Jiuniang was not the least bit afraid and with a shake of her hands, four flying swords flew out.

The four disciples were pierced through their bodies by the flying daggers. They fell straight to the ground.

Du Jiuniang coldly shouted, “Today, I’ll send you all to your deaths.”

Mu Jiao twisted his head to look at the two middle-aged men who had not made a move. The two men nodded slightly, and the next thing they saw was that under their robes, guns emerged and started firing in puffs.

Du Jiuniang heard the sound and dodged quickly, but after some dodging, one arm still hurt hotly, and when she looked down, she was actually grazed by a bullet, and a bloody slit continued to seep through and bleed.

Wooden Jiao smiled triumphantly, “Look how powerful you are, they say two fists can’t beat four hands, this most advanced a*sault submachine gun of mine is equal to dozens of hands, today I will smash you into a sieve.”

Du Jiuniang’s heart was cold, thinking that it would be difficult to escape from this disaster today.

But suddenly two people came from afar, it was Ye Xing and Qiao Baihe.

“Sister, are you hurt?”

Qiao Baihe rushed over and checked.

Du Jiuniang shook her head and said, “I’m fine, why are you here?”

“How dare these people hurt you, I want them dead.” Qiao Baihe’s frown showed a murderous aura.

Du Jiuniang anxiously advised, “Lily, you guys go first, these people have very powerful weapons in their hands.”

“It’s no big deal.”

Qiao Baihe suddenly struck out, an ice spear coalesced in mid-air, and then flew towards the front breaking the air and stabbing.

Mu Jiao was dumbfounded, unable to resist at all. The ice spear pierced through his body and he fell to the ground dead.

Everyone else shouted in shock at the demonic art, a demoness from the Immortal Sect.

All of them turned their spears and attacked Qiao Baihe’s side like crazy.

Ye Xing hurriedly came in front of them, and a golden elemental air shield was released from his body, and the bullets spilled down frantically, but all of them were actually slowed down on the golden light shield and eventually fell to the ground one by one.

This scene made everyone dumbfounded, and Qiao Lily was just stunned, although her ice spell was very powerful, her defense was not strong enough, if she was frantically strafed by the other side. There was no guarantee that she wouldn’t be injured.

But once this defensive qi shield of Ye Xing came out, it was actually like a wild storm of bullets that could not hit in at all, it was really terrifying enough.

“I’ll go and kill them to avenge my sister.” Qiao Baihe drank.

Ye Xing stopped her and said, “There are so many people, you can’t kill a few, better take your sister out of here first, I’ll take care of the next thing.”

“You’ll take care of it?”

Du Jiuniang looked at Qiao Baihe and said, “Sister, let’s go first, let him take care of it.”

Ye Xing nodded down, and Qiao Baihe a*sisted Du Jiuniang and left quickly.

Ye Xing walked towards the group of disciples from the ancient martial arts sect, bullets did not come to him. When he got close, he naturally punched them one by one and took them all down.

Although these people were eager for revenge, they did not have a fatal conflict with Ye Xing, so he did not hit them to death, only that he had injured all these people’s internal energy, I am afraid that without a few years, it would be very difficult for these disciples to recover their internal guilt.

“Tell your people not to come to retaliate. Next time one comes and kills one.”

Ye Xing said and left, he didn’t want to add too many killings, that’s why he chose to spare the remaining people.

The Ancient Martial Disciples on the ground climbed up one by one, gritting their teeth and gnashing their teeth, their bodies in severe pain.

Looking at the death of Mu Jiao, all these people were a little sad and eventually hurried to contact others to collect the bodies, and as for the matter of revenge, I am afraid they no longer dared to make any extravagant hopes.

There are many ancient martial arts sects, these remnants are at best second-rate sects, they are too far behind the Hidden Sect, the Buddhist Sect and the Hong Sect, and Du Jiuniang had previously taken the main force into Tianshan. Having already left most of the backbone dead within Tianshan, these remaining ones saw that revenge was out of the question and could only choose to remain anonymous and stay away from all the rights and wrongs of the ancient martial arts world.

Ye Xing arrived outside the park. Du Jiuniang was looking at him with a face full of resentment.

Ye Xing laughed as he approached, “With that look on your face, do you want to eat me?”

“What have you done to my sister?” Du Jiuniang rose up in anger.

Ye Xing laughed, “Had a body check?”

Qiao Baihe blushed as Du Jiuniang drank, “Don’t pretend, she is now saying that you are her master. Not even listening to me, my own sister.”

“Not listening is right, we are the ones who are master and servant, we have no kinship with you, this time we went to save you for other things as well.”

Ye Xing said playfully as he walked away.

“What do you want again?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you, I said before that I like mature women, but I was actually teasing you, your heart is so malicious, I’m really afraid of falling asleep and being bitten to death alive by you.”

Du Jiuniang’s face was full of iron blue with anger, Ye Xing’s mouth was unstoppable, but it belonged to the kind of words that were not much and hurt greatly.

“If you have a fart, let it out.”

Ye Xing laughed, “I heard that there are still many outer disciples of your Flying Daggers Sect who are doing business while lurking. All the wealth you have was earned by them?”

“Playing with money?” Du Jiuniang laughed, “That’s a good deal, you let my sister go, untie whatever master-servant relationship you want, and I can satisfy you with any amount of money you want.”


“Of course it’s true.”

“Then let’s have 500 billion, make the richest man in the country.”

Du Jiuniang roared in anger, “Are you playing with me? You can even shout out 500 billion, why don’t you say US dollars. How about making you the richest man in the world?”

“If you want to change it to American knives, I’ll accept it, but I’m afraid that being the richest man in the world is too famous, and I’m a bit shy.”

“You’re shy? I think you have thicker skin than a pig.” Du Jiuniang scolded.

Ye Xing said, “You asked me to make an offer, and then you denied it, don’t be so big-mouthed.”

“You tease me, 500 billion, how many of them can take it out, burning it to you is almost the same.”

“You are the one who first gave me a joke, such a beautiful a big beauty to me as a servant, not only work for me, but also warm my bed, you offer more money, I can’t even let go.” Ye Xing said and took Qiao Baihe’s hand, deliberately stimulating to stimulate Du Jiuniang.

Sure enough, Du Jiuniang was going crazy, the thought of her ice-clean sister becoming Ye Xing’s B*****d’s servant was like eating a fly, no it was like eating a piece of sh*t.


Chapter 362

Halfway up the mountain in the scenic area of Guangnan Province, there is an ancient and huge building, the ‘Plum Garden’.

The plum blossom in this scenic area is one of the best in the region, and every time when it comes to the viewing season, the area is full of pedestrians.

The Plum Garden is a clubhouse that is not open to the public and the entrance fee is extremely high. It is known within the small circle that if one can enter the Plum Garden, it means that one has become a top person in Guangnan Province.

At this moment, in a branch courtyard in the Plum Garden, several people were sitting together discussing matters.

On the edge of the branch yard was the huge artificial lake. There was also a beautiful woman fiddling with a guzheng in a gazebo, and in addition the view was extremely beautiful, with a kind of heavenly realm of unity.

Among these people, the disciples of the Hidden Sect make up a large part of the group. There were also small families and sects that were dependent on the Hidden Sect.

Daoist Sanyang’s face was pale, his vital energy had not yet recovered, at this moment he could hardly even walk, let alone raise his internal energy, but fortunately there were healing pills within the Hidden Sect that would allow him to heal his injuries.

“You have all heard, right? The Wooden House was looking for that B*tch Du Jiuniang to seek revenge, but it was actually stopped by Ye Xing. This kid is in cahoots with the Immortal Sect’s demon girl, before several of our Hidden Sect disciples tried to kill the demon girl, they were all stopped by him, and he even backtracked and wrongly accused the disciples of evil, how hateful.”

Daoist Sanyang said viciously, resulting in an internal injury that caused his body to tremble with pain.

Next to him, a tall, well-built man, wearing a Zhongshan suit, smiled and then advised, “Senior Brother Sanyang, just take it easy, since I have come to handle this matter with full authority on behalf of the sect master, I will definitely make the murderer of my sect’s disciples to be caught with his hands tied.”

“Senior brother Qiu Huan, don’t blame senior brother for not warning you, Ye Xing is very odd in strength, not only is he good at our ancient martial sect’s internal energy, he can also perform immortal sect demonic arts, a bit of a dual cultivation of immortal and martial arts, although our Hidden Sect is full of experts, I’m afraid we will have to pay a high enough price to catch him.”

“Rest, senior brother, I will take care of the next matter, senior brother.”

After Qiu Huan finished speaking, he got up and left, taking a large group of people with him. Including which clans and sects that were dependent on the Hidden Sect.

Daoist Sanyang was furious and spitting blood, but there was nothing he could do but wait until he recovered from his injuries before he could give his opponent a good look.

Outside the Plum Garden, three Rolls-Royces were parked and Qiu Huan got into one of them, the car was fragrant and accompanied by a beautiful woman.

Qiu Huan pressed the privacy button and the entire rear compartment gla*s instantly rose up, followed by him wrapping his arms around the beautiful woman and laying hands on her.

After some lingering, she laughed and said, “Don’t be impatient, you’re here now. There are plenty of opportunities.”

“Sister-in-law is getting prettier and prettier, I wonder how Brother Huang’s health is these days?” Qiu Huan said with a bad smile.

The beauty was in her early thirties, a bit mature, beautifully and delicately dressed, smiling charmingly, “Your big brother is old and has many vixens outside, so he doesn’t have the time to look for me there, but this time I heard it’s very troublesome, the whole Hong Clan is very nervous.”

“The Hong Clan has a longer heritage than our Hidden Clan, so naturally Brother Huang as the head of the hall in Guangnan Province has to worry about many things, so it’s better for my younger brother to keep my sister-in-law company in the evening and talk.”

“Nasty, you’ll have to stay for a few more days this time. You naughty monkey.”

“Sure, sure, when the time comes, sister-in-law will have to open her mouth, I’m coming out.”

“Haha, I don’t know where you learned that skill, teasing people to death with joy.”


The location of Hongmen’s headquarters is within the old residential area of Guangnan provincial city, where the houses are old, the alleyways quaint, and there are stone pagodas and lion dances and other customs.

And not far away are the high-rise buildings. Normally many office workers work within the skyscrapers and once they get to the restaurants they all enter these old districts in search of good food.

In the most prominent place on a busy old street are the four big words ‘Loyalty and Righteousness’, and this is the headquarters of the Hung Clan.

It is said that there are thousands of Hung Clan disciples, and because of its long heritage, the Hung Clan has become a famous and great sect of martial arts transmission in the ancient martial arts world.

At this moment, in the wide open space of the headquarters, there were still many youngsters practising martial arts, while in the innermost hall, Qiu Huan was leading an exchange with Huang Dagong, the local hall master of the Hong Clan.

Huang Dagong is a local celebrity, many of the shops in this neighbourhood were bought by him. He usually just wears practice clothes and a Tang suit, as if he is an amiable old man, but knows the bottom line all too well. Not only does he control the Hung Clan, but he also has many businesses and a large family of children. He also has numerous wives.

Huang Dagong is balding and slightly fat, with a slightly rotund nose and a smile like a smiling tiger. With a smile, he said, “I was supposed to go with some of the masters of the sect on the trip to Tianshan, but because of the constant strife in the provincial city, I, the Hall Master, was afraid that if I left, it would damage the power of the Hongmen, so I did not go with them, but I did not expect that a brat would suddenly appear and not only spoil a lot of things, but also injure many of our men and horses from both sects.”

“Hall Master Huang, I came here this time because I was ordered to deal with Ye Xing, I hope Hall Master Huang can cooperate well and provide Ye Xing’s residence.”

“You are trying to make him throw in the towel?”

“That’s right, Ye Xing has many confidants, as long as he captures one or two of them, there is no way he won’t give in.”

“It’s no problem, I’ll mobilise the Hongmen disciples. I believe there will be a clue soon.”

When Ye Xing took Du Jiuniang to the villa, Su Xiaoqiao saw another person coming and was a little jealous again, but she was picked up by Ye Xing and instantly forgot about it.

“I have to return to Tianhai in a few days to shoot another movie, you have to behave yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I’m the most honest, I’ll only mess around with you alone.”

“Bummer. Go out and greet your friends.”

Su Xiaoqiao finished speaking and went back to the bedroom with the fruit tray.

Ye Xing came to the living room and rushed to Qiao Baihe and ordered, “Make some tea and cut some fruits, when you are a servant you have to behave like one.”

“Ye Xing, don’t go too far.” Du Jiuniang snarled.

“Joke, my servant doesn’t work, I hired her to be a flower vase, huh?” Ye Xing crossed his legs and said, “Besides, I have always envied those pretending masters in TV dramas, the people are not powerful, but the bodyguards they bring are really powerful, they have to kill dozens of each other in one shot, this is the most deadly invisible pretending.”

“All you do is pretend all day long, I wonder if you’ve thought about how to deal with the Immortal Sect.”

“I have thought about that, but it’s useless, the earth is so big, the people of the Immortal Sect are so godlike, they really have to hide elsewhere, no one can find them, unless ……”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you know the exact location of the next ancient formation.”

“You think I’m a know-it-all and know everything, huh?”

“If you don’t know, just go and find out, besides do you have a clue to the precious herbs in your hand?”

“You want to buy herbs? Kidney deficiency?”

“Deficiency or not, don’t you know?”

“Ye Xing, you big rascal, what are you talking about?”

“I don’t know who dressed so S*xy to flirt with me before, fortunately I held back, sin sin sin ah.”