Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 357-358

Chapter 357

Like a lackey, after pacifying them, he looked at Ye Xing and said with contempt, “Don’t you hurry up and leave, do you want me to call security to blow you away?”

Ye Xing suddenly shot out his hand and twisted the agent’s ear, the agent still tried to resist, but soon the pain became unbearable and he shouted, “Let go, it hurts like hell, my ear is about to fall off.”

“To a dog-eyed guy like you, there is no need for me to be polite with you, you still judge people by their appearance these days, are you a stupid C*nt?”

Ye Xing laughed and scolded. At this moment, Murong Xue also got out of the car.

Her beauty was unparalleled, plus she had started cultivating, her temperament was extraordinary, like an empty valley orchid. Beautiful and cold.

The rich and powerful all looked dumbfounded, and some even made up their minds to go and strike up a conversation later.

“Ye Xing, let him go, there’s no need to bother with someone like him.” Murong Xue advised.

Ye Xing let go, the agent rubbed his ears in anger and pulled out his mobile phone to call the police.

Murong Xue walked over and drank, “Aren’t you just a house seller? What’s the big deal, if they can afford it, we can too.”

The agent looked at Murong Xue the same. The air was noble, the dress was extraordinary, especially her face made the heart feel good at a glance, just this kind of temperament woman, absolutely can’t be a small family.

“Beauty, it’s just buying a house, don’t do it, he’s about to twist my ear off.” The agent complained up.

Murong Xue sneered, “It’s not because you despise him, this time you are lucky, if it was any other time, you would have to suffer a big loss, I’m afraid.”

Ye Xing smiled, his wife’s disposition was quite good.

Murong Xue soon finalised a renovated villa with the agent, just turn up straight away.

Ye Xing sat on the villa sofa, suddenly the phone in his pocket ringing, take out a look at the unfamiliar number, or give to connect.

“Ye Xing, have you come out of the snowy mountains yet?”

The voice was a bit familiar, Ye Xing asked, “Are you Yan Ruyu?”

“That’s right, I’ve arranged for the person you asked me to bring out, she’s a bit weak, when are you coming to pick her up?”

Yan Ruyu was after all a disciple of an ancient martial arts sect, it was a bit inappropriate to be with Guo Dongmei all the time.

“Where are you guys, I’ll be right over.” Ye Xing got up from the sofa.

“It’s at a farmhouse at the foot of the mountain, you should grab it and come over. I’ll send you the location.” Yan Ruoyu hung up her phone after she finished speaking.

On the cot in the farmhouse, Guo Dongmei’s face was white and weak, although the poison had been lifted, she was too deeply poisoned after all, and her body was weak beyond belief.

“You can kill me, after all, many ancient martial disciples have died at the hands of our Immortal Sect.” Guo Dongmei said in a low voice.

Yan Ruyu bristled, “If Ye Xing hadn’t wanted to keep you, I would have killed you for sure.”

Guo Dongmei thought of Ye Xing again, the fifth senior sister had also been talked about by him, what on earth was this man capable of, and he actually dared to save himself, didn’t he share a hatred with his master?

Ye Xing smiled and approached Murong Xue to explain the situation. Murong Xue frowned and said, “You saved Shangguan Lan’s disciple, you’re not trying to take revenge by her hand, are you?”

“Pretty much, I want Shangguan Lan to turn against everyone, although you are the mother, she is also a terrifying female devil, breaking up our couple not to mention, just that paranoid streak of hers, if we don’t deal with her, she will have to go and open other ancient formations, then this world will still be in for endless havoc.”

Ye Xing finished speaking and was about to go out.

Murong Xue drank, “I can tell you, you have enough women around you, go and provoke another Guo Dongmei. I won’t spare you.”

“Wife, you have to be a*sured of me, I’m not a slag, how could I go around attracting peach blossoms?”

“It’s impossible to say, don’t think I don’t know about a Su Xiaoqiao and you.” Murong Xue’s face was full of anger.

As soon as Ye Xing saw that he couldn’t explain, he could only play Taiji: “Wife, at least you know Guo Dongmei, I can’t just watch her die, right?”

“She’s injured?”

“Yes. She was poisoned earlier, luckily I went to get the antidote back and she was fine, but she should be quite weak.”

“Alright, hurry up and get her back, I’ll keep an eye on her myself so you don’t have to be merciful at every turn again.”

Murong Xue finished and went upstairs, the villa she had just bought, she still had to take a good look at it.

Ye Xing ran out of the villa and could be considered relieved, then drove to the farmhouse at the foot of the snowy mountain.

After finding Yan Ruyu, she had a frown on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xing asked.

“My senior uncle is quite badly injured. The people from the Hidden Sect seem to say they have to find you in trouble.” Yan Ruyu frowned.

“I was afraid of them before, but now I’m not afraid, looking for trouble with me, keep coming if you’re not afraid of getting beaten up. Those master brothers of yours are not good people anyway, they want to bully women when they see them, their nature is bad and nasty.” Ye Xing cursed up.

“Actually, it was also because the Hidden Sect had suffered so many deaths and injuries that they wanted to take revenge.” Yan Ruyu explained up.

“Don’t give that Sh*t. If you really want to avenge your brothers and sisters, just kill the other side, why do you have to bully others, that’s just nasty and shameless.”

Ye Xing said with a scowl.

Yan Ruyu frowned and said, “Forget it, I’ll leave the man to you, I have to go back.”

“Be careful when you go back, if the people from the Hidden Sect bully you, remember to call me, I will go and help you.”

Ye Xing also did not want Yan Ruyu to be bullied in the Hidden Sect because of himself.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be in danger.” Yan Ruyu smiled and left after that.

Ye Xing went into the house to look for Guo Dongmei, only to see her leaping out of the back door, but unfortunately her body was too weak and she fell to the ground before she could run a few steps.

Ye Xing found her and joked with a smile, “Run, see where you can run to.”

Guo Dongmei twisted her head and gasped for breath before saying, “Don’t you mess around.”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to do you a disservice. I won’t spend so much effort to save you either, come back with me and I can help you heal your wounds.”

After Ye Xing said that he did not care whether Guo Dongmei agreed or not, he picked her up and went back to the car.

Guo Dongmei had never said a few words to a man since she followed Shangguan Lan’s training since she was young, let alone being held by a man. At this moment, her pale face had a hint of shyness and redness, and she could not speak with her eyes closed.

Ye Xing put her in the car. Laughing, he said, “What are you doing with your eyes closed, making it look like I’m going to kiss you.”

Guo Dongmei spat, “A dog’s mouth can’t spit out elephant teeth.”

“Just kidding, don’t be so serious.”

Ye Xing smiled and stepped on the accelerator and went back to the villa.

Murong Xue saw that Ye Xing had really gotten Guo Dongmei to the villa and asked in a small voice, “Will leaving her here attract Shangguan Lan?”

“Don’t worry, she told me about the entrance to the ancient formation, Shangguan Lan is so overbearing, I’m afraid she’ll have to be punished if she wants to go back, she shouldn’t be that stupid.”

Ye Xing said this very loudly, in fact, he was deliberately saying it to Guo Dongmei, so that she would not think of fooling around.

Guo Dongmei’s heart kept rising and falling, and various thoughts flashed by, but in the end, it was better to get well first.

Ye Xing got the Chinese herbs to restore her body and made a soup for her to bring into the house, but suddenly there was a loud cry.

“It’s just a change of clothes, what’s all the fuss about?”

“Get out.”


Chapter 358

Ye Xing ran downstairs to the living room, Murong Xue looked up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I saw a C*ckroach and shouted, didn’t they see any bugs on the mountain?”

Ye Xing casually babbled on.

Murong Xue laughed lightly and said, “It’s normal for girls to be afraid of C*ckroaches.”

Of course, Ye Xing would not say that he had inadvertently seen Guo Dongmei changing her clothes, if he did, Murong Xue would not be able to get angry with him.

Inside the living room, Murong Xue turned on the TV and watched it, cultivation on the mountain was equal to being out of touch with this society, and it was so easy to go back to Ye Xing’s side. She had to go back to her role as a little woman again.

While the two of them were watching TV, Guo Dongmei had already come down from upstairs, once her clothes were changed. Naturally, she was not as messy as before, and her whole body had turned into a proper beauty.

The women who cultivate are all very temperamental, whether it’s the cold temperament of an empty valley like Murong Xue or the exquisiteness of a waxing plum like Guo Dongmei, they just look good and have an extraordinary temperament anyway.

Guo Dongmei saw the two of them so close. It was as if she had eaten a large meal of dog food.

Murong Xue hurriedly broke away from Ye Xing’s arms and asked with a smile, “If you need anything else just tell me.”

“No need, I’m not disabled, I can take care of myself.”

Guo Dongmei was about to leave the villa after she finished speaking.

Ye Xing blocked, “I can’t let you go, in case you lure Shangguan Lan here, you’ll have to snatch Xue’er back again.”

“Didn’t you beat my master? Still afraid of her?”

“Of course I’m not afraid of her, but your Sect Master is someone I can’t beat for a while.”

“There’s someone you’re afraid of too, huh?”

“Don’t laugh at me, I’m an honest man, if I can’t fight, I can’t fight.”

“You’re honest my a*s, just saw me ……”

Guo Dongmei said all blushed.

Murong Xue asked curiously, “Saw you what?”

“Saw that she was afraid of C*ckroaches, so timid.” Ye Xing hurriedly snatched the topic away.

Guo Dongmei didn’t continue, after all, it was a matter of shame, and drank, “Don’t worry, I won’t go to Master, but I won’t stay here with you either.”

“I’ll believe you when you say so, huh?” Ye Xing still wouldn’t let go.

Murong Xue considered and said, “Ye Xing, let her go, I’m sure she won’t say anything to Shangguan Lan.”

Guo Dongmei bristled and said, “Master didn’t see me helping you. It won’t suspect me, besides the Immortal Sect has made such a big mess this time, they don’t have the effort to find me at the moment, you are keeping a burden instead of letting me go back.”

Ye Xing could only gamble, but seeing that Murong Xue trusted Guo Dongmei, he eventually let go.

Guo Dongmei ran out of the villa, although her internal energy had not fully recovered, she was already much better than before. In her heart, she marveled at Ye Xing’s methods which were really powerful, actually brewing a top-notch medicinal soup to treat internal injuries, and wondered what this person’s origin was, very mysterious and powerful like.

In the evening Ye Xing yawned and laughed, “Wife, isn’t it time to rest?”

Murong Xue got up and stretched, then went upstairs, and Ye Xing hurried to follow.

As a result, Murong Xue turned her head and said, “The villa is so big, there are so many rooms, you can just find one to rest.”

Ye Xing was dumbfounded. Emotionally downcast, he asked, “Aren’t we going to sleep together?”

“After being apart for so long, I’m used to cultivating and meditating at night, I’m not too used to having someone next to me, so give me some time to get used to it.”

“Ah, then won’t I have to stay alone?”

“After all this time, I don’t believe you’ll be alone all the time. Let me get used to it, good night.”

After Murong Xue said that, she went upstairs and even closed the door to her room with a bang.

Ye Xing received a call from Su Xiaoqiao early the next morning, asking when he would go over.

Ye Xing reluctantly agreed and then quickly hung up the phone.

Murong Xue made some fruit to eat, and Ye Xing went down and picked up a grape and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Are you just going to stay at the villa with me every day like this?” Murong Xue asked.

Ye Xing nodded, “Yes, I haven’t been with you for such a long time, I have to make up for the lost time.”

Murong Xue smiled and Ye Xing took the opportunity to get on top of her. A hand wrapped around her.

While the two of them were being intimate, the phone in his pocket kept ringing again.

Ye Xing was getting annoyed and was just about to turn off the phone. He found that the number was unfamiliar again.

“Answer it, maybe it’s some confidante looking for you again?” Murong Xue squeezed up.

After Ye Xing picked up, an anxious voice said, “Ye Xing. My sister wants to see you.”

Ye Xing heard that it was Du Jiuniang’s voice and rushed to Murong Xue and explained, “Wife, it’s not an outsider, it’s Shangguan Lan’s enemy, the companion we joined together to go up the mountain to stop the ancient formation from opening before.”

Murong Xue nodded her head down and continued to eat the fruit.

Ye Xing ran out of the living room with his mobile phone and said, “Why are you calling me? What kind of tricks are you trying to pull again?”

“Didn’t you take in my sister? Now you want to go back on your word?”

“What did I take your sister for? I didn’t even touch her.”

“I’m talking about you taking her as a servant, forcing her to swear loyalty to you, and swearing on the ancestors of our Flying Daggers.”

“Startled me, I told you I hadn’t touched your sister and thought I had forgotten.”

Ye Xing laughed badly.

“Just know how to take advantage, you will die sooner or later at the hands of a woman.” Du Jiuniang said discontentedly.

“You mean I have to die on your stomach?”

“Cut the crap, coming out or not?” Du Jiuniang asked.

“OK. Say the place.”

Ye Xing hung up his phone and went back to the living room to report to Murong Xue.

“Although Qiao Baihe hasn’t had much contact with me, she is usually very lonely, I didn’t expect her to be from the Flying Daggers Sect, Shangguan Lan has taught her for so long, but she actually taught an enemy.” Murong Xue laughed.

“Wife. I have to go and meet the sisters, although Shangguan Lan didn’t win in Tianshan, but the ancient formation has already opened one, several others are in her plan, besides I have made a big feud with her, I have to go and contact more other helpers, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Ye Xing analyzed it up.

Murong Xue nodded and said, “You go, be careful in everything, don’t go out on impulse.”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely return safely.” Ye Xing finished speaking and looked out of the window in surprise.

Murong Xue also quickly turned her head, found nothing outside the window, and quickly turned her head again, only to touch Ye Xing’s face at once.


Murong Xue said shyly as she wiped her mouth.

Ye Xing laughed and ran outside, pointing at his cheek and said, “I won’t even wash today, this kiss will bring me luck.”

Murong Xue really couldn’t do anything about him, he was really like an overgrown child, he just loved to fool around.

Ye Xing drove to kill a bar in the city, this daytime bar are only people cleaning, but as soon as Ye Xing arrived, the waiter at the bar whispered, “Inside the bakery.”

Ye Xing walked towards the private room and pushed open the door to see a S*xy Du Jiu Niang sitting with Qiao Baihe.

Ye Xing sat down boldly and Du Jiuniang said coldly, “I’ve been waiting for you for half a day.”

Ye Xing glanced at Qiao Baihe and sneered, “Aren’t you afraid that the ancestors of the Flying Dagger Sect will not have peace in the ground?”

Qiao Baihe’s face changed and she got up and came to Ye Xing’s side and obediently said, “Master, I…”