Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 319-320

Chapter 319

“Who am I, go to hell and ask the King of Hell!”

Du Jiu Niang’s body abruptly rushed out, her hands scattering daggers all over the sky.

Su Furong’s finger flicked out a fireball, but a mouthful of blood spurted out of her just as the fireball sprang into flames.

The fireball failed to coalesce and the message was in mid-air, without the power to attack.

Poof poof poof!

Three consecutive flying swords, shot at her.

She rolled on the ground and dodged most of the flying daggers. Otherwise, she would have lost her power of movement.

Blood gushed out from her body and Su Furong lost her ability to fight at once.

“If you kill me. The people of the Immortal Sect will definitely be looking for you, and when that happens, you won’t be able to escape to the ends of the earth.” Su Furong scolded.

“If I kill you, who knows.”

Du Jiuniang’s gaze erupted with a steaming killing aura.

The next moment, she pulled out a pure red flying knife from her body.

The flying knife was two fingers long and had sharp wings on both sides. It looked a bit like a model aeroplane on the outside.

“You are ……” Flora’s face changed slightly.

“You guessed it right.”

Du Jiuniang’s flying knife shot out viciously, cutting a long lonely line in mid-air and shooting towards Su Furong’s heart.

Seeing that it was about to pierce her heart with a single slash, a white light suddenly flashed and a flying knife was in mid-air, blocking her flying knife alive.

“Du Jiuniang, she can’t die now.”

Ye Xing leapt a few times and stepped between the two, stopping Du Jiuniang from going out.

“Ye Xing, now is the best chance to kill her, don’t stop me.” Du Jiuniang said angrily.

“You can’t kill her now, wait for me to finish my questioning, then you can do whatever you want.” Ye Xing said.

“What if I don’t?”

“Then we’ll see if you have the ability to take the person away.”

The two gazed at each other in mid-air, flames shooting out, neither one letting the other go.

Suddenly, Ye Xing slapped his palm towards his back, and it was as if eyes had grown behind him.

Su Furong was about to take advantage of the chaos to escape when she was directly hit by Ye Xing’s palm and rolled on the ground for three and a half weeks.

“Dare to move one more time. I will snap all your hamstrings and hamstrings.” Ye Xing warned.

Su Furong obediently obeyed and did not dare to move again.

Only then did Ye Xing’s gaze fall on Du Jiuniang and looked at her with a smile.

“Brother, would you really prefer to tear your face off from me for a woman?” Du Jiuniang laughed.

It was as if she had regained her charming appearance, and her earlier murderous aura was instantly gone.

“Madam Boss, this woman is very important to me, give me some time, can you?”

“Fine. I’ll give you face.”

Du Jiuniang threw down a charming smile and turned to leave.

Ye Xing sighed in relief and turned towards Su Furong.

Suddenly, the sound of a concealed weapon breaking the wind came from behind him.

He hurriedly drew his dagger to block the concealed weapon away.


There was a thin sound.

He fixed his eyes and found that Su Furong’s chest was pierced with a bloody hole. Just now, Du Jiuniang was ostensibly sneaking up on him, but in reality, she was killing Su Furong.

“Du Jiuniang, you’ve gone too far.” Ye Xing roared.

“Brother, this woman cannot be kept, sister is sorry.”

Du Jiuniang’s cackling laughter was left in the wind. It disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Ye Xing hurriedly walked up to Su Furong and looked at her injuries.

She could only see that blood kept gushing out of her chest and could not be sealed, Su Furong pa*sed out, her life hanging by a thread.

“She can’t die, she absolutely can’t be allowed to die. We must ask for the whereabouts of the Immortal Gate from her mouth.”

Ye Xing picked it up and ran out fast, stopped a car on the road, kicked the driver away and drove himself.

The most important thing now was to find a safe place, and Ye Xing had no place to stay in the provincial city, so he finally had to choose the Zhao family.

Back at the Zhao family villa, Ye Xing carried Su Furong into the house.

“Haitang. Is there any alcohol and blood-stopping medicine and bandages at home.” Ye Xing asked urgently.

“There is.”

“Bring it to me immediately.”

Ye Xing carried Su Furong, returned to the room and put her on the bed.

He first used silver needles to seal the acupuncture points. Preventing excessive blood flow, then inspected the wound.

The wound was indeed on the chest, but it avoided the heart. It must be that Su Furong’s body moved at the moment of a thousand eventualities, avoiding the fatal blow.

Ye Xing was relieved, if her heart had been pierced, even the gods could not save her.

Throughout the night, Ye Xing treated her wounds.

Stopping the bleeding, treating the wound and sewing it up.

After it was done, the night pa*sed.

Seeing that the other party’s breathing had stabilised, Ye Xing was relieved.

“Who is that woman, is she alright?”

Haitang had been guarding the door and saw Ye Xing come out. Asked.

“Haitang, prepare a car for me, I will move her away. Remember, no one must know about her.” Ye Xing instructed.

Su Furong’s identity was too important, and he was afraid of bringing ruin to the Zhao family.

Seeing how serious he was, Haitang dared not ask any more questions. Connect went down to make arrangements.

As the day dawned grey, Ye Xing arranged Su Furong to a safe place, which was the residence of one of Haitang’s friends, who had left the country and asked her to keep it for her, so that no one would know.

Ye Xing feels that he must have a few more properties here in the provincial capital in the future, so that when something happens, there will be a place to fall into.


The first thing that happened was that Su Furong woke up and felt pain all over her body, and her chest was even more leaky.

She coughed gently, but the more she coughed, the more it hurt.

“Bear with it, if you cough again the wound will open up.” A familiar voice came.

Su Furong opened her eyes and found a familiar figure standing in front of her, the very young man who had severely injured her.

Combined with her own body, she immediately understood what had happened and that it should be him who had saved her.

“It was you who saved me?” She asked.

“If not me who else?” Ye Xing snorted coldly and continued, “Your life was saved by mine, how do you want to repay me?”

“How do you want me to repay?” Su Furong asked rhetorically.

“I want to know the location of the Immortal Gate.”

“Impossible, the location of the Immortal Gate is a secret, no one in the disciples of the sect is allowed to pa*s it on, that is a capital offence.”

“If you don’t tell me, you will die now.”

“Then you kill me.”

Ye Xing drew out his dagger and put it on her neck, saying angrily, “Do you think I wouldn’t dare?”

Su Furong closed her eyes and looked as if she was ready to die.

Ye Xing was so agitated that his chest rose and fell fiercely, and it was only after a long time that he put the dagger away.

“If you don’t tell me, I have a hundred ways to dish it out.”

“I’m not even afraid of death, I’m still afraid of your interrogation.” Su Furong coldly snorted.

Ye Xing did not dare to use silver needles on this woman now, that kind of pain, with her current physical condition, she would not be able to bear it.

Su Furong snorted coldly and no longer paid attention to him.

Ye Xing picked up a chain from the ground and locked her hands and feet tightly, securing them to the wall by the security net.

Su Furong had not yet recovered from her injuries, so it was impossible for her to escape, and the chains would be enough.

Besides, he had placed several cameras in the room, so he could immediately see the other party’s movements through his mobile phone.

After doing all this, he threw down a box lunch and left.


Chapter 320

Back at the villa, a group of ancient martial arts experts gathered together.

The crowd discussed Su Furong’s trail, but none of them knew about it.

Ye Xing looked at Du Jiu Niang and saw that she never said a word, listening with a smile.

“Ye Xing, what about your side, have you found the whereabouts of that demon girl yet?” Qiao Shan asked.

Ye Xing looked at Du Jiuniang before saying, “No, couldn’t catch up.”

“Su Furong is not badly injured, we don’t need to worry about her, the most important thing now is to put the anti-immortal matter on the agenda.” Du Jiuniang’s gaze fell on Ye Xing before she continued, “Ye Xing has already gotten first place in the tournament. It is only logical that he becomes the president of the Alliance, do you all still have any opinions?”

The people around, one after another, discussed, with voices of doubt coming out from time to time.

“Boss Du. I think that to be the president, not only do you have to be highly skilled in martial arts, you also have to be wise and have extraordinary experience. Ye Xing is so young, I don’t think he has the ability to be competent to be the president one.” Wang Zhongyuan stood up and objected first.

“I agree with Pavilion Master Wang, Ye Xing is too young, I don’t think he has the ability to lead the team well.” Lin Shuang stood out and agreed.

“There is wisdom not in being young. Although Ye Xing is young, he seems to be very resourceful as a person, I think he is capable of leading the team well.” Qiao Yuan stepped forward to support Ye Xing.

“Old ca*sock observes that Master Ye has an extraordinary aura, and his eyebrows are full of heroic energy, I believe he is a man of righteousness.” Lord Tian Long said.

“Old monk, does your Tian Long Temple look at people just by their faces, from what you say, do the people around here, who are good looking, get to be this president?” Wang Zhongyuan immediately retorted.

“This ……” responded Heavenly Dragon’s superior, speechless.

“Good looking is not enough, you also have to be able to fight, and good looking and able to fight, is there a second one here?” Ye Xing laughed.

Having been reborn for more than a thousand lifetimes, what team had he not led, what people had he not seen, he could not even lead a bunch of guys who ate bitterness, he would simply go and crash headlong to death.

“No matter what you say, I just don’t agree.”

Wang Zhongyuan turned his face away, his nostrils pointing skyward.

The atmosphere around him was a little strained, no one had expected such a situation to arise.

Most of the people looked towards Du Jiuniang, after all, she was the one who had called the meeting.

“Pavilion Master Wang, we had agreed earlier. The competition would determine the president, and now you disagree, so if word gets out, it won’t have a good reputation!” Du Jiuniang said politely.

“It wasn’t made clear before, people from our six sects can, but not outsiders.” Wang Zhongyuan was very stubborn.

“In that case, let’s vote! The six great sects plus me, a total of seven people, four against three, if the vote pa*ses, Ye Xing will be the president, if the vote doesn’t pa*s. Let’s choose another president, how about that?” Du Jiuniang proposed.

The people around nodded their heads, and the several great sect heads had no opinion.

“Since there are no opinions, then let’s start voting, those who agree with Ye Xing being the president raise their hands.” Du Jiuniang shouted.

Qiao Yuan and Heavenly Dragon Superior raised their hands first, while the rest of the people hesitated.

Wang Zhongyuan smiled coldly, and just when he thought he was sure of winning, Wu Kun, the Sect Master of the Form of Will, suddenly raised his hand.

“Wu Kun, what are you raising your hand for, is there something wrong with you?” Wang Zhongyuan said angrily.

“Old me likes to raise my hand, none of your business.” Wu Kun cursed, before continuing, “I don’t know about anything else. At least Ye Xing has strength and martial virtue, he could have clearly seriously injured me, but withdrew his hand. I don’t think any of those present are more suitable than him, picking generals out of short men, he’s the most suitable.”

“BullSh*t, I think Lin Shuang is more suitable than him.” Wang Zhongyuan retorted.

“Lin Shuang is a martial arts fool, always studying martial arts, what does he know about leading troops into battle? All said and done. You still want to choose yourself. Hmph, if you don’t even dare to answer the battle, what qualifications do you have to be the president.” Wu Kun retorted.

“I never wanted to be the president, I think there are many people who are more suitable than Ye Xing, and Master Qiao has the ability and strategy to be much better than this milquetoast brat.” Wang Zhongyuan scolded.

The two great sect leaders argued in front of everyone, arguing to the point of being red in the face, close to fighting.

“That’s enough, have they all finished arguing?” Ye Xing let out a loud roar.

The voice with internal qi turned into a roar like a lion’s roar, and the voices around them instantly quietened down.

When they were no longer arguing, Ye Xing then continued, “Do you know. How long have I been practising martial arts?”

The people around them looked at each other, not knowing what she meant by this.

“With Master Ye’s internal martial arts cultivation, he must have cultivated for at least fifteen years or more.” The Heavenly Dragon Superior said.

“Wrong, keep guessing.”

“My guess. It has to be at least twenty years, cultivating from a young age.”

“Eighteen years.”

“Seventeen years.”

The people around were guessing, after all, they were all curious about Ye Xing. Wanting to know how he could cultivate to such a profound level of inner strength at such a young age.

“If he’s not faking it, he should have been cultivating for a year.” An unfamiliar voice rang out.

The crowd looked at the voice and the one who spoke was Sun Yi, the second leader of the Hai Sha Clan.

“Sun Yi, how is it possible to cultivate to such a level in a year, could you be mistaken.” Immediately, someone questioned.

“These are just legends, there is no telling if they are true or not.” Sun Yi said back.

“She is right, I have indeed only been cultivating for a year.” Ye Xing said.

This statement set off another big wave.

“A year ago, I was just a mortal, I didn’t know martial arts and had never cultivated internal qi. In a year’s time, I have cultivated to the point where I am now. Do you guys know what that means?” Ye Xing paused for a moment before continuing, “It means that this group of rabble of yours is a bunch of trash in front of me.”


These words were like a huge stone thrown down on the surface of the lake, rushing up monstrous waves of water.

This was a wild statement. It was simply insane to the point of being incomparable.

If they weren’t inferior in strength, they would have rushed up to fight.

“Trash is just a term for now, in a few years’ time, you may not even be as good as trash in my eyes.”

“I came here by accident and never wanted to be the president, because I didn’t have to bring a bunch of trash like you to your death. I know you guys are very defiant, come up and F**k me if you don’t like it! No need to come one by one, it’s fine to come together.”

Ye Xing hooked his finger. Made a provocative gesture.

What’s all the bickering about, just F**k if you don’t like it.

“Did you all hear that, he’s treating us like trash, can you stand it?”

Wang Zhongyuan yelled, incomparably angry, his body was like a roc spreading its wings, landing in the middle of the hall.

Lin Shuang, and Miao Yufeng couldn’t help themselves and jumped out at the same time, the three great sects standing side by side.

The three opposing Sect Leaders confronted Ye Xing.

“Any more?”

Ye Xing gazed around and sneered, “Disciples are fine, too, together.”

“Teach him to be a man.”

Wang Zhongyuan bellowed, his five fingers slightly flexed, his finger bones facing outwards, ruthlessly attacking towards Ye Xing.