Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 317-318

Chapter 317

“Amitabha Buddha, I did not expect that at such a young age, young master has cultivated his internal qi to such a level, and his internal qi has transformed into a whirlwind, I sighed to myself.”

Heavenly Hidden Dragon Temple’s Patriarch Tian Long Shang Shi put his palms together and sighed to himself.

“Now in is the world of the young, even the Heavenly Dragon Superior does not dare to meet the fight, so I should not make a fool of myself.” Qiao Shan laughed.

“I’ll be a representative and come out to try out Little Friend Ye’s skills.”

Wu Kun, the Master of the Shape and Intent Sect, stood out from the crowd and arched his hand towards Ye Xing.

The people around them retreated, leaving a large space in the centre for the two to use their fists and feet.

“Sect Master Wu. Please do.” Ye Xing arched his hand.

Wu Kun posed a fighting motion fight, slowly approached, and the next moment abruptly scurried out, moving like a rabbit. It was exceptionally swift and fierce.

The wind of his fist whipped up a gust of astral wind, overpowering.

Unfortunately, in Ye Xing’s opinion, his strength was just about the same as Cheng Zizhi’s, or even still inferior, so how could he be his opponent.

He dodged sideways, stepped on the Military Body Step and met the fight for a moment.

A few minutes later. Ye Xing found his chance and sent him flying with a palm strike.

The strength rolled over, but did not leave the opponent injured.

“Brother Ye has an extraordinary stance and extremely strong internal strength, I am willing to bow down to him.” Wu Kun retreated.

“Who else wants to come up?” Ye Xing’s gaze swept down the surroundings.

With Supreme Lord Tianlong and Qiao Shan not fighting and Wu Kun defeated, only the Pavilion Master of Cloudy Sky Pavilion, the Southern Border Clan Chief and the Island Master of Kyushu Island were left.

“Pavilion Master Wang, will you go first or should I go next?” Lin Shuang, the Island Master of Kyushu Island, asked.

“I heard that Island Master Lin has newly cultivated a martial art and is ready to show off his divine skills, so why don’t you show it in front of us!” Wang Zhongyuan said.

“In that case, then I’m not at all polite.”

Lin Shuang came in front of Ye Xing with a calm gait, waved his sleeves, and half-crouched in a fighting stance.

Looking at his pedantic appearance, Ye Xing could not help but laugh secretly.

“What are you laughing at?”

Lin Shuang saw the mockery at the corner of his mouth and thought it was mocking him, and was instantly furious.

“Don’t misunderstand, Island Master Lin, I am not laughing at you, but I have thought of something good.”

Ye Xing had fought with Shangguan Lan a few times, that woman’s strength was unfathomable, she was as immovable as a mountain, she could take a person’s life without striking, but between her movements she could take a life. This was the terror of the Immortal Sect’s spells. And these so-called ancient martial arts sects were still posing in a half crouch. Making a Sh*tting motion, with this kind of strength, they also wanted to go to Tianshan to stop the Immortal Sect, sending them to their death was more like it.

“Surnamed Ye, do you speak of martial virtue, thinking of other things when the competition is such an important period.” Lin Shuang said angrily.

“Lin Island Master, that’s because people simply don’t take you to heart.” Wang Zhongyuan said grimly.

Ye Xing had injured two disciples of Cloudy Sky Pavilion when he came in, and a disciple had already reported it, so Wang Zhongyuan did not have any good feelings towards Ye Xing at all.

“Surnamed Ye, the old man is about to make a move.”

Lin Shuang’s right fist turned into a claw and gently grabbed out. The posture was very elegant.

Below the field, there was a burst of applause, and some of the disciples of Kyushu Island could not help but shout.

“Surnamed Ye, this is a divine ability I created in imitation of a sea eagle’s predation, named ‘Falling Eagle Technique’, beware.”

Lin Shuang rose up in the air, head down and feet up, his body transformed into the shape of an eagle, his five fingers of both hands transformed into eagle claws, and he quickly fell, using the momentum of his descent. Bringing up a gust of astral wind.

“Master Lin Island, what a great Falling Eagle Technique, this sea eagle hunting for food with an unrelenting aura, it’s too superb.” Qiao Shan couldn’t help but praise.

The people around them applauded, from the looks of it, this attack was truly superb.

Ye Xing’s feet stepped slightly apart, and his feet were as if they were rooted in the ground. They were steadily coiled.

Chaos internal qi coalesced in his palms and made a double palm resting on the sky.

Lin Shuang attacked again and again, but he easily bounced out.

To be honest, Lin Shuang’s movements were indeed graceful, but in terms of attacking power, they were not even as good as the previous Shouyi Sect Master.

The people around him, however, cheered, and that look made Ye Xing sigh inwardly.

It was not for no reason that the ancient martial arts had sunken into decline.

In ancient martial arts, the inner was the most important, the stances were only second.

However, the normal method of exhalation. It made true qi advancement very slow, and it was already remarkable that one could enter the inner jin realm at the age of twenty or thirty, after entering. It is even more difficult to deepen one’s true qi. With no alternative, they can only focus on the study of stances.

Essentially, it is not that the ancient martial arts are backward. Rather, this method of exhalation cultivation was already too far behind.

It was incomparable to their own dozing medicine.

“Island Master Lin, you are no match for me, back off!” Ye Xing shouted.

“Arrogant brat, now that the victory is not yet decided, you are talking big.” Lin Shuang shouted angrily and attacked with more vigour.

Ye Xing instantly moved right before his next attack and dodged an attack.

Lin Shuang’s right leg blasted hard on the ground, piercing a large hole in the ground and sending the marble floor flying with reckless abandon.

“Good ……”

There was another round of applause from all around.

The next moment, the cheers came to an abrupt halt.

This was because Ye Xing had already flown up and kicked Lin Shuang straight out, crashing into a pillar in the middle.

“Master Lin Islander, please accept my compliments.” Ye Xing arched his hand.

Lin Shuang stood up. Covering his chest, a mouthful of blood almost didn’t spit out.

He arched his hand in response, not even daring to speak for fear of spitting out his mouthful of old blood by speaking.

“Who else wants to come?” Ye Xing asked with his head held high.

Now, he could see clearly the strength of this group of rabble, saying that they were ancient martial arts sects, but at most they were at the second-rate level of the sects. There was no way to compare with the great sects like the Hidden Sect and the Nine Yin Sect, let alone compare with the Buddhist Sect.

At that moment, everyone’s eyes fell on Wang Zhongyuan and the Miao Clan Chief, leaving only theirs.

“Pavilion Master Wang, you do it!” Patriarch Miao shouted.

“Clan Chief Miao, I will not offer myself as I know I am no match.” Wang Zhongyuan actually conceded defeat and said, “In terms of martial arts, none of us can beat him, we can only rely on Clan Chief Miao’s witchcraft.”

Miao Yufeng, who was expected by the crowd, stood out and arched her hand towards Ye Xing.

She was around thirty-seven or eighteen, dressed in strange make-up and a long skirt that wrapped her body so tightly that she could hide many things inside her clothes.

This was the most remarkable feature of witchcraft, similar to magic in general, the more clothes you wore, the more things you hid.

“Chief Miao, please.” Ye Xing arched his hand.

At the same time, a white light shot out between his fists.

In the next moment, two seven-coloured centipedes and a small green snake fell out of Miao Yufeng’s sleeves, twisted and struggled on the ground, and finally died completely.

Miao Yufeng’s face changed drastically, she never expected that her bottom card would be discovered and annihilated before she could even make a move.

Without these witchcraft and insect magic, she is still as good as Lin Shuang and Wang Zhonglin.

“Patriarch Miao, still want to fight?” Ye Xing laughed.

“You bull.”

Miao Yufeng gave him a thumb up and dared not fight any more, retreating.

At this point, the six great clan leaders conceded defeat, and those who lost, all lost.

“Boss Du, you are the only one left.”

Ye Xing looked at Du Jiuniang and smiled as if he was smiling.


Chapter 318

“You misunderstand, I’m just an ordinary person, I don’t know martial arts, I can pay money, but I can’t fight.”

Du Jiu Niang opened her eyes and told a lie, not feeling shy and agitated at all.

“Really don’t know martial arts, how come I heard that Old Lady Du is a great master?” Ye Xing laughed.

“There are so many of you present, you can ask, do I know martial arts?” Du Jiuniang pointed to the people around her.

“Brother Ye, Boss Du doesn’t know martial arts, we all know that.” Qiao Shan said.

“Since you don’t know martial arts. Then, who else wants to challenge?” Ye Xing didn’t break her down either.

The people around looked at each other, and no one else stood out.

“Since there is no challenge, let’s follow the start ……”

“Who’s there. Come out for me.”

Before Du Jiuniang could finish speaking, Ye Xiong suddenly rose up to the sky and a white light shot out from his hand.

At the first floor window, a figure drifted back, bringing up a long silver bell-like laugh.

“It’s Su Furong.”

“How could someone from the Immortal Sect be on to us.”

“Don’t let her get away, we definitely can’t let them know about our convening.”

Above the main hall, a group of faces turned pale and chased after them.

Ye Xing stomped his right leg on the ground. His body was like a roc spreading its wings as he chased out, and in mid-air, he slapped out with a palm.

The woman sneered, turned around and flicked her five fingers, a small thumb-sized fireball rose against the wind and instantly rose into a large fireball, coming towards Ye Xing.

“Sure enough, it’s from the Immortal Sect, give me a break.”

Ye Xing let out a loud shout and blasted out his right palm with tidal wave power, layers of internal qi, blasting directly at the fireball.

Instantly, the fireball turned into a sky full of fire chips, drifting away in the wind.

“With a group of rabble like you, you also want to go to Heavenly Mountain to join in the fun, what a laugh.”

In mid-air, a woman of uncommon appearance levitated over there, dressed in a fiery red dress, looking very uncommon.

“She can actually levitate in mid-air.”

“How did she do that, it’s impossible.”

“It’s hard to say that she has reached the point of flying through the air?”

A group of people chased after her, looking at the woman hovering in mid-air like a fiery goddess, and each of their faces changed dramatically.

They had never seen such a bizarre god’s divine ability before, among the ancient martial arts. It was almost an impossibility.

“Everyone, don’t panic, it’s just a demonic technique of the Immortal Sect.” Qiao Shan shouted.

“She’s just one of Shangguan Lan’s disciples, what’s there to be afraid of, everyone don’t be afraid.” Lin Shuang shouted.

“You’re Shangguan Lan’s disciple?” Ye Xing stared at the woman with a gleaming gaze.

“That’s right, Shangguan Lan is my master, go to Tianshan if you are not afraid of death, I guarantee that none of you will come back alive.”

Su Furong laughed loudly, leaving a scurry of silver bell laughter, and wanted to leave.

“If you want to leave, have you asked me.”

Ye Xing’s blood rushed upwards, his body shot up like a cannonball and blasted away with a palm.

In the heat of anger. The palm wind appeared in triple waves as fast as the naked eye could see, blasting towards Su Furong.

Su Furong’s smile came to an abrupt halt, as if she hadn’t expected him to be so strong, as she flicked out several small fireballs in a row, turning into large fireballs that connected in a line.

“Give me a break.”

Ye Xing lucked his whole body and rushed out regardless, defying the large fireballs.

Under the wind of his palm, four or five large fireballs were directly blown to pieces.

“I’m not even afraid of Shangguan Lan, I’m still afraid of a disciple of yours!”


The palm wind directly blasted Su Furong seven or eight metres away.

Su Furong landed from mid-air. Her face changed slightly, as if she didn’t expect that there was such a powerful figure among the crowd.

“Where is the Immortal Gate, say it and spare your life.”

Ye Xing’s mood, which he had been suppressing for a long time, exploded instantly and scurried out like a fierce tiger.

Chaos internal qi was destroyed to the extreme by him, and the wind of his palm was incomparably powerful.

Su Furong did not expect his opponent to be so fierce. Her body was as light as a swallow, dodging in all directions and occasionally striking out in defence.

“Who are you, dare to offend the Immortal Sect, aren’t you afraid of dying without a burial place?”

Su Furong was somewhat calm at first, but gradually she began to suffer, because the pressure Ye Xing was putting on her was too great.

Ye Xing ignored her, his attacks were getting more and more severe, he had to capture this woman alive and get some things about the Immortal Sect out of her.

Shangguan Lan he could not beat and resigned himself to his fate, but this woman. He had to take it down and ask for the location of the Immortal Gate.

“If you don’t know how to live or die, then I will send you to the Western Paradise.”

Su Furong’s face grew ugly as she suddenly pulled out a yellowing paper talisman from her body. Biting her tongue, she sprayed a mouthful of blood on the paper talisman.

“Brother Ye, be careful, this demon talisman is very powerful.” Qiao Shan warned loudly.

The power of the paper talisman Ye Xing had seen it before, when he had once been sent a talisman by a monk. It saved his life.

The paper talisman burned up in mid-air and the next moment, the light was so bright that it turned into a lotus-like flame.

“Be careful.” Ye Xing shouted.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the lotus flower flame turned into a rain of fire that covered the sky and came towards the crowd.

Ye Xing was in the middle of the lotus flower, and he only felt as if he was surrounded by flames, and the blazing waves of air made him almost unable to breathe.

He had no choice but to leap several times to escape from the sea of fire and came to the edge, patting out the flames on his body.

Next, Qiao Yuan, Lin Shuang, Wang Zhongyuan, Miao Yufeng, Tianlong Shangren and Wu Kun. The six great sects also fled from the sea of fire.

Some of the remaining weak disciples were not so lucky, those who died and those who were injured were miserable.

At the last count, four disciples were doused alive, leaving no more than a few seriously injured.

A mere paper talisman exploded with a power even more terrifying than a thirty-block building on fire.

The perpetrator, Su Furong, had taken advantage of their confusion to escape. She fled without a trace.

“You guys stay here and watch the disciples, Su Furong used a lot of essence blood to drive the paper talisman, her vitality is greatly injured, she can’t escape much further, I will go after her.” Ye Xing instructed.

“Brother Ye is right, that B*tch is seriously injured, she can’t escape far, let’s split up, Sun Yi, you take someone to treat the injured. Grand masters, let’s go after them!” Qiao Shan said.

Knowing that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, all the sect heads made their moves and fled from where Su Furong had fled.


Su Furong fled in desperation and kept escaping for several kilometres, coming in deep into the woods of a park, before she breathed a sigh of relief.


She spurted out a mouthful of blood.

She had already been injured by Ye Xing just now, and ended up using her essence blood to power the life-preserving fire talisman, and her vitality was greatly injured.

“Finally, you escaped, when you are encountered next time, you will not be spared.” Su Furong gritted her teeth and said.

“Do you have a next time?”

Suddenly, a voice came out from behind her, like a ghost.


Su Furong’s face changed greatly and she turned around in a hurry.

Only to see behind her, there stood a buxom young woman, looking at her with a grim smile.

“Who are you?”

Su Furong’s face changed drastically, she had also seen this woman earlier, only that she had little aura about her and thought she was just an ordinary person.

She never expected that she would actually be the first person to follow her.