Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 321-322

Chapter 321

Wang Zhongyuan had just struck, and Lin Shuang and Miao Yufeng followed suit.

Only, Lin Shuang and Wang Zhongyuan were close attackers, while Miao Yufeng was weak in close combat and used poisonous compulsions to sneak in from afar.

The four of them fought in the same spot, their fists and palms flying.

The wind scattered in all directions and the heat wave hit the people.

The people around, retreated, and the whole hall was in chaos.

Ye Xing no longer collected himself, his clothes drumming without wind, pushing his Chaos Inner Qi to the limit.

Even Shangguan Lan he had the strength to fight. Not to mention these second-rate ancient martial sects.

Under the continuous battle, his internal qi and Tidal Wave Palm became more and more pure and worked together better and better. Under the combined attacks of the three, he was able to handle them with ease.

The people around him all looked dumbfounded.

At first, they thought that Ye Xing’s strength was just a little bit stronger than the major sects.

Only now did they realise. Previously, Ye Xing had not exerted all his strength at all.

At this moment, it was only at full power.

“After one minute, I will strike with all my strength, and then when the time comes, life and death will be determined, the three of you should respect yourselves.”

Ye Xing drank as he struck out.

The people around him were inwardly aghast.

Could it be that this guy, was still hiding his strength?

“Everyone. Don’t fall for his treachery, he is bluffing and messing up our closing technique.” Wang Zhongyuan shouted.

“Ten, nine, eight …… three, two ……”

The three Grand Masters instinctively contracted their attacks, using defence as an offensive, and their attacks were greatly reduced.

“Eat my palm.”

Ye Xing bellowed, his body scurried out like a fierce tiger, piercing through Wang Zhongyuan’s layers of attacks and blasting a palm at him.

Wang Zhongyuan’s body was like a piece of defeated gra*s and was sent flying a dozen metres away, falling hard to the ground and spraying three mouthfuls of blood.

Lin Shuang and Miao Yufeng stopped at the same time and left far away.

The disciples of Cloudy Sky Pavilion hurriedly ran over and helped Wang Zhongyuan up, each looking at Ye Xing with fear and anger.

“What rubbish, still wanting me to be your president, wasting my time. Boss lady, you should hire another person, I can’t carry these trash.”

Ye Xing clapped his hands and went away.

Fighting was so cool, pretending was so cool.

It didn’t matter if they were the president or not, they were all a bunch of rubbish, they could only be cannon fodder if they were brought to Tianshan. There is no use.


On the way back, Ye Xing opened his phone and checked Su Furong’s situation.

This woman was sitting obediently on the bed, looking at the camera at the door, expressionless.

It seemed to know that Ye Xing was spying on her.

Ye Xing had been thinking of some way to pry this woman’s mouth open.

If she did it the hard way, her body had not recovered yet, so she probably could not afford the torture. Besides, with the urbane nature of an immortal disciple, her willpower must be very strong, and torture was probably not that easy to force her to talk. Moreover, once the torture was used, then it would mean that the two relationships were completely broken. Only soft methods could be used. To deal with women, Ye Xing had his own methods, he did not believe that she could escape from his palm.

He went back as fast as he could and opened the room, Su Furong was still sitting in the same position as she was just now, as if she hadn’t moved.

“Hungry, what do you want to eat, I’ll get it for you.” Ye Xing asked.

“Whatever.” Su Furong said indifferently.

Ye Xing walked out and a few moments later, brought two bowls of rice over.

A very simple meal, BBQ pork rice with a fried egg on top.

Su Furong had long been hungry. She picked it up and wolfed it down.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll put poison in the dish?” Ye Xing asked.

“I’m not even afraid of dying, I’m still afraid of poisoning.” Su Furong coldly snorted.

“If what I put down is a charming drug, the kind that makes your body hot and swells with desire after you eat it, and you will do a strip dance.”

The chopsticks in Su Furong’s hand stopped.

“Just kidding, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before, it’s nothing to see.” Ye Xing laughed.


Su Furong thought of her injury on her chest, she must have been seen naked when she was healing.

The moment she thought of that. She was uncomfortable in her heart and especially did not want to see this man.

That feeling was even worse than being forced on by the other party.

Being forced on was something she couldn’t stop, after all, it wasn’t something she wanted, but the other man was saving her, and it wasn’t like she could accuse him.

“Do you know where I went just now?” Ye Xing knew she wouldn’t reply and continued, “Just now I went to the six major sects’, I wanted to be a president for fun, but guess what, those few sects actually disagreed. What the hell, I got angry and cursed them out for being trash. Then I beat them up and made them cry. I really despise these pedantic guys.”

Su Furong was still eating by herself, ignoring him and not saying anything. Leaving him to mumble to himself.

“By the way, do you know Murong Xue?” Ye Xing suddenly asked.

Su Furong paused for a moment and continued to eat with her head down again.

“You must know her, Shangguan Lan took her back. Surely you will be introduced to her …… She is my wife, Shangguan Lan has taken her away from me alive.” Speaking of this, Ye Xing’s eyes shone with tears inside.

This was not pretend, the moment he thought of Murong Xue, no matter how joyful he was at that time, his mood became heavy.

He lifted his clothes up, revealing a chest full of tiny scars.

“These were inflicted by your master, I couldn’t beat her, but I won’t back down. In this life, even if I pay any price, I will defeat her and snatch my wife back.” Ye Xing said resoundingly.

“Give up, he will never be able to defeat her in this life.” Su Furong finally returned.

“Unless I die, I won’t give up.” Ye Xing coldly snorted.

Next, it was another one-man show for Ye Xing. But in his observation, he knew that Furong was listening.

As long as she could listen in, it would be useful, and the quantitative process would definitely cause a qualitative change in the end.

After finishing his meal, Ye Xing went back to study the fourth memory fragment.


Three days later, the villa area.

Du Jiuniang gathered together with the people from the six great sects.

“How are you guys doing with your investigation?” Du Jiuniang asked.

“I have checked on my side, Ye Xing used to be a fool who was bullied in the Murong family and had no power in his hands. It is indeed only in the past year or so that he has become powerful.” Qiao Yuan was the first to speak up.

“Must be pretending to be crazy and foolish, one year of true qi is so powerful, do you guys believe it?” Wang Zhongyuan snorted coldly.

“I don’t believe it either, it’s highly likely that Ye Xing has been faking it, outwardly being silly and actually secretly cultivating.” Lin Shuang said.

“Gentlemen, I’ve checked, Ye Xing had confronted the Hell’s Angels’ a*sa*sins back then and was almost shot dead. It was only after surviving death that he escaped death. Just ask, if he was really so powerful, how could he possibly a*sa*sinate?” Qiao Yuan said.

“It’s all pretend, I don’t believe it anyway, unless he practices an evil art.” Wang Zhongyuan snorted coldly.

At these words, the people around them froze.

Everyone looked at each other, all seeing the same signal in each other’s gaze.

It was impossible for an ancient martial art to advance so fast within a year’s time, but the Immortal Sect could!

“Do you guys think that what Ye Xing is practicing could be an evil art?” Miao Yufeng suddenly asked.

“If he’s not pretending to be crazy, this is extremely likely. I knew he wasn’t a good person.” Wang Zhongyuan said.

“As far as I know, the Yuan Qi of the Immortal Sect can only manipulate demonic arts, and cannot use ancient martial arts at all. The internal qi I saw Ye exerting was pure true qi, not yuan qi at all.” The Heavenly Dragon superior said.

The difference between ancient martial arts and immortal cultivators, apart from the fact that one side cultivated martial arts and the other side cultivated spells, there was also a difference between internal qi. The internal qi cultivated by immortal cultivators was Yuan Qi, while ancient martial artists cultivated True Qi. The source of Yuan Qi is different from that of True Qi. Yuan Qi is mainly through taking medicine and forcing it up, while True Qi is refined by absorbing the spiritual qi between heaven and earth through the method of exhalation.

This is the essential difference between the two.

“The Heavenly Dragon Master is right, he cultivates what is clearly true qi, and that burst of palm energy is a very orthodox ancient martial art.” Wu Kun said.


Chapter 322

“Inner Qi can’t deceive people, no matter what, I think Ye Xing’s cultivation progress is worth learning from us. Whether he has raised his strength to the point he is now within a year, or whether he is really pretending to be crazy and hiding his strength, it is an indisputable fact that he is better than us. There are many shining points in him that we should learn from. Therefore, I think he can be our president.” Du Jiuniang said.

“I agree with Boss Du’s opinion, I prefer that Ye Xing has a unique secret book that can be used within a short period of time. Make ancient martial artists’ strength rise greatly. If that’s really the case, then it would be very beneficial for us if he becomes our president. Think about it guys, if that is really the case. Then when we encounter the Immortal Sect’s people again, we won’t be afraid of them.” Qiao Yuan said.

“I also agree.” Wu Kun said.

“I agree to let him be the one for a while, if it really is, it will be beneficial to us, and if it doesn’t work, we can just change it when the time comes.” Miao Yufeng said.

“I agree too.” Lin Shuang thought for a moment and also said.

At the beginning, the six great sects. Except for Wang Zhongyuan, all of them agreed.

Wang Zhongyuan’s face was a little ugly, and since everyone had agreed, he said nothing more.

“You all agreed, but people may not agree, can’t you see that the day he left, he didn’t even look at you?” Sun Yi said.

“This matter, it’s wrapped up in me.” Du Jiuniang laughed.


Ye Xing was driving his car around to the major pharmacies in the city to see if he could find high vintage Chinese medicines.

The fourth memory fragment could not be opened and dozing off medicine became the only way to improve his strength now.

Ordinary pills were no longer useful, it had to be high vintage Chinese medicine, and without a hundred years or more, it simply wouldn’t work.

One hundred years would only have a weak effect, with significant effects, it had to be three hundred years or more.

In the current market, herbal medicines of three hundred years old are simply rarer than pandas.

At this moment, the phone rang, it was Du Jiuniang calling.

“Good brother, where is it?”

On the other side of the phone, Du Jiuniang’s voice that made people tingle came out.

“Hanging out, boss lady, what’s the care?” Ye Xing asked as he drove.

“Just now, I spent quite a lot of effort to finally talk through those ancient-eating guys. They agreed to let you be the president. How about it, come and take care of them, and when you go to Heavenly Mountain to seek revenge on the people from the Immortal Sect, there will be more people to help you.” Du Jiuniang laughed.

“I’m not interested.”

“Good brother, you’re not still angry with me about Su Furong, are you!” Du Jiuniang giggled and said in a delicate voice, “My sister apologizes to you, okay, Su Furong and I have a grudge against each other, he is the one who killed my husband ……”

“Boss Du, you don’t have to talk to me, I don’t even know now which of your statements are true and which are not. Even, I even doubt whether you have a husband or not. You are right. I’m just angry with you. I have clearly said that I want to get the words out of Su Furong’s mouth, and you still killed the man under my eyes, if you were me, would you be angry?” Ye Xing said angrily.

“How about this, my sister will give you a few gla*ses of top quality red wine, it’s absolutely absolute.”

“Not interested.”

“Then how can you forgive me?”

“Sleep with me once.” Ye Xing blurted out.

The atmosphere, for a moment, froze.

Du Jiuniang didn’t react at all, she wouldn’t have expected Ye Xing to make such a request, this was too shameless!

“Good brother, I am an old woman, you are surrounded by countless beautiful women, how would you look at me.” For a long time. Only then did Du Jiuniang laughed and said.

“I’m tired of playing with young women, I’d like to try a ripe . Women. Du Jiuniang, don’t think that I don’t know that although you have never come out, you have always led me to that meeting. Even my becoming the president was expected by you. Although I don’t know what medicine you are selling inside your gourd, but if you want to use me, you have to pay a price anyways!” Ye Xing said.

“Like cooked . Women, it’s not easy. I’ll arrange a few for you, they are guaranteed to have much better posture than my sister, and they are also sociable, so I guarantee that you will be comfortable.” Du Jiuniang laughed.

“I don’t want other women, I want you, think about it and then find me.” After Ye Xing finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

To fight with Laozi, you are still a bit young, you really think I am only in my twenties.

Du Jiuniang probably wouldn’t have dreamed that inside Ye Xing’s body, which was only in her twenties, lived a soul that had been reborn more than a thousand times.

When it came to scheming, she was far from it.

Since she wanted to use herself. Let’s play well with her and see who plays who.

I drove around for a whole day with no luck.

It was at this time that the phone rang. It was Luo Xiaoyun calling.

“This little ninny, why did she remember to call me, nothing happened, right?”

In Ye Xing’s heart, Luo Xiaoyun didn’t have anything important to do. It was absolutely not going to call him.

She had always acted as Murong Xue’s bestie, spying on his actions and keeping a distance between her and him even more, and would not call if there was nothing wrong.

“Ye Xing, where are you?”

The phone had just been connected when Miss Luo’s voice came from the other side.

“I’m in the provincial city, what’s wrong?” Ye Xing asked.

“Received the latest news, Basil has infiltrated into the territory, I don’t know what kind of mission he is going to carry out, his target, could it be you?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“Hell’s Angels, Gold Medal Killer, Basil?” Ye Xing froze for a moment.

If Luo Xiaoyun hadn’t mentioned it, he almost forgot about this so-called fated opponent.

In his last life, Ye Xing’s reborn Red Dragon had died at Basil’s hands.

“That’s right. It’s him, you have to be careful.”

“Do you think I would be afraid of him now?” Ye Xing couldn’t help but smile, cloudily, “I’ve still been trying to find the time to go abroad to settle scores with him, it’s just as well that he’s here, I don’t have to go looking for him.”

How to describe this feeling now?

It’s like, once the two best basketball players at the same junior high school, one of whom was ????? selected to shine at the highest level. And the one who used to be in junior high school finds him and wants to fight him one on one.

The drop-off, it was too great.

“Although your strength has increased greatly now, but, you’d better be careful, after all, you can’t stop a bullet even if you’re powerful.” Luo Xiaoyun admonished.

“Do you know where he is now?” Ye Xing asked.

“We don’t know yet, there is a possibility that he is in the provincial city.”

“Thanks for your concern, I will be fine.” Ye Xing smiled.

“Who cares about you, I am afraid that Xue’er will be sad if you die.”

Luo Xiaoyun hummed, before hanging up the phone.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded and laughed.

It was already evening when he returned to the residence, he had not come back all day since he had fed Su Furong a meal in the morning.

Su Furong had long been hungry.

“I’m a bit busy today, so I’ll cook for you now.”

Ye Xing went down to the kitchen, cooked a nest of seafood noodles, brought them into the room and ate with her.

“By the way, why did Du Jiuniang have to kill you?” Ye Xing asked as she ate.