Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 143-144

Chapter 143


Ye Xing ruthlessly slammed the yellow-haired man into the car and said angrily, “I say again, where is everyone?”

“I repeat, no one is there.” The yellow-haired man sneered at the two of them and continued, “The chair you said had a temperature on it, that’s because I have a dog that was there just now; I looked at him uncomfortably just now, so I stopped and threw him away.”

The yellow-haired man didn’t even acknowledge it.


Ye Xing punched the yellow-haired man in the face, knocking him to the ground.

“What should we do?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“It didn’t take us long to catch up with him, the clown must not have gone far.”

Ye Xing’s eyes looked in all directions and finally landed two kilometres away where there was a small village.

“If my guess is right. He should have got off there.” He pointed over there.

Ye Xing decided that no matter what, he was going to track it down.

“Hand over the phone.” Ye Xing ordered to the man.

“On what grounds?”

“F*ck you.”

Ye Xing kicked him twice viciously, sending him wincing. Only then did the yellow-haired man hand over his phone.

Smashing the phone on the ground and making sure that he couldn’t make any more calls, Ye Xing then got into the car.

“Xiao Yun, don’t follow, take this guy back and interrogate him slowly, and by the way, go to the surveillance centre and follow my command.” Ye Xing said.

“Okay, you must be careful.”

Luo Xiaoyun nodded and took out his handcuffs. Handcuffed the yellow-haired man and drove away.

Ye Xing left the highway and walked towards that small village, he had just seen the man dressed as a clown on the bus and knew his general appearance.

It was not the first time he had done something like chasing a murderer for a thousand miles.

This was still Huaijiang City, the Joker had not left Huaijiang’s territory yet, so he would definitely find a way to leave, then he only had one way to go, by going around this small village and heading towards the national highway.

Ye Xiong ran up and quickly crossed the village and far down the path between the villages, he saw a peasant woman picking two peddles of vegetables out.

“Auntie, please ask, did you see this man just now?”

Ye Xing took out his phone and opened the screenshot of the clown’s video just now to show her.

“This guy, right, just walked by.” The middle-aged woman took a glance at it and immediately recognized it and said angrily, “This guy knows he’s not a good person at a glance, he just kept staring at me, and I don’t know if he saw my husband working away and wanted to plot against me.”

Ye Xing took a look at her dark and strong body and almost didn’t throw up.

“He’s a rapist. Most likely he has his eyes on you, so tell me quickly, where did he go?”

The village woman was instantly frightened ‘out of her mind’ and hurriedly pointed to the pathway leading to the main road and said, “He’s heading that way, catch him or I’ll be in danger.”

“Don’t worry, I’m a policeman, I’ll catch him for sure.”

Ye Xing ran in the direction of the main road, using his fastest speed.

When he was almost at the national road, he saw a figure from afar, getting into a blue BMW car.

Due to the distance, it was too far away. The license plate could not be seen at all.

Ye Xing immediately took out his mobile phone and called Hong Xiaoyun.

“Xiaoyun, have you arrived at the surveillance centre yet?”

“Coming right up.”

“When you get there, immediately check a car for me, it’s a BMW 5 series, the distance is too far, I can’t see the license plate, the clown just got into that car.”

Next, Ye Xing told her the location of that car, before running to the main road.

It so happened that an older man was driving a motorbike over.

Ye Xing went up to stop it and said, “Uncle, I am a policeman. Commandeer your car.”

Regardless of whether he agreed or not, he snatched his car over and Ye Xing tracked it down.

At the turn in front of him, he lost sight of the BMW.

It was at this time that Luo Xiaoyun called.

“Ye Xing, I’ve tracked the BMW you mentioned, it’s driving towards the direction of the three neighbouring villages.”

Under Luo Xiaoyun’s guidance, Ye Xing tracked up towards that side.

He increased the car’s throttle to the maximum. The broken motorbike made a sharp sound.

Fifty minutes later, finally in sight, he saw the car.

“Finally, I found you.”

Ye Xing increased the throttle and rushed out, soon following the BMW car, side by side.

Suddenly, the BMW car’s window was pulled open and two black muzzles of guns were pointing at him.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Continuous gunshots came, hitting around his body.

In this situation, driving a motorbike to track the car would only lead to death. There was no protection whatsoever.

He turned the motorbike around and stopped next to a car on the side of the road.

“Police, commandeer your car.”

Before the driver could react, he was ripped off by Ye Xing.

Ye Xing started the car. Whistling away.

It soon caught up with the car and went with it.

Bang, bang, bang!

The constant gunshots stopped coming and hit the front of the car.

Ye Xing was a soldier king in his previous life and was very familiar with firearms. Just by hearing the gunshots, he knew what type of gun it was and how many bullets it had.

He began to count up to see how many shots the other side had fired.

With eight bullets per gun, the two men had fired six shots each and stopped, not firing any further.

Ye Xing increased the throttle and rushed on, and the two cars were on the road, speeding along.

For a while, the traffic in the vicinity was in chaos!

Finally, the two cars, once again, were side by side.

Bang, bang!

In the BMW, the sound of gunfire started again.

Two bullets, one of them, grazed his hair.

There were still two bullets left.

Inside the car window that pa*sed through, Ye Xing saw the clown and a woman. In their hands, each was holding a gun, and the one that almost hit him just now should have been the clown’s gun.

Suddenly, the BMW car braked sharply and two people got down from the car.

It was the Joker and a woman with a tall body.

The woman had long hair and a cold gaze, if not for the icy murderous aura in her gaze. One would have thought it was a model!

Ye Xing also killed in a hurry, and the car stopped a dozen meters away from the other side.

He got out of the car and the three of them locked gazes.

“Surnamed Ye, you’re really a shadowy soul!” The clown said coldly.

Hearing the familiar voice, he knew he had found the right person, not a waste of hard work.

“No one can escape the person I want to kill.”

Ye Xing said as he walked over in big strides.

The tall woman suddenly raised her hand, and there was a bang!

Ye Xing’s body, as if growing eyes a little, twisted raw, dodged the bullet and continued towards the other party.

“Joker, you go first, I’ll stop him.”

The tall woman said while pulling out a sawtooth knife from inside her leather whip, her gaze locked onto Ye Xing like a poisonous snake.

The clown nodded and turned around to get into the car.

Ye Xing’s speed instantly increased and he scurried out like a leopard.

The woman was not faint at all, and the two collided with each other.


The sound of weapons colliding rang out, and then, only a bang was heard.

The tall woman fell to the ground, blood flowing out from her neck.

Killed in one glance, how strong was this.

“Drive quickly.” Joker said urgently.

The driver increased the throttle and crashed towards Ye Xing.


Chapter 144

Ye Xing originally wanted to dodge, but this dodge was not sure when, he could catch up with the other party.

He stared at the other party with a deadly gaze, and when the other party’s car was about to hit him, his whole body’s internal qi condensed on his knife and leapt up in the air.

The tip of the knife was pointed towards the car window.


With a loud bang, the gla*s of the front window of the car shattered directly, and Ye Xing’s knife stabbed at the opponent’s chest.

The car lost control and crashed into the bollards at the side of the road, cutting a long way out.

The two bodies jumped out from inside the car almost simultaneously.

“Joker, you can’t escape.” Ye Xing stared at him. Coldly, he said.

The clown knew that at this moment, there was no way to escape anymore.

Of the two, only one could survive.

“I really didn’t expect that you, someone who I didn’t even look at squarely before. Now you’ve actually climbed on top of me.”

The clown couldn’t have finished dreaming that within such a short period of time, the other party would be so much stronger.

“There are many things you didn’t expect, for example, would you expect that today next year will be the day of my death.”

Just as Ye Xing finished speaking, he charged up, his fist bringing up a gust of astral wind.

The clown drew his dagger. The two of them fought on the main road.

Ye Xing had a slight advantage in strength, but he still had some small injuries in his abdomen, and when he killed the driver just now, he was knocked away by the car, so his strength was not considered to be at its peak.

Besides, the clown still had the dagger in his hand.

Don’t underestimate a dagger, when two people are about the same strength, having a weapon will be stronger.

The two of them were fighting to the death.

Suddenly, Ye Xing felt a pain in his arm, which had been cut by the dagger.

With a jolt of his right fist, he blasted his opponent directly on the chest, sending him flying.

The trauma stirred up Ye Xing’s battle spirit, and he continued to move forward, his fist striking out with a tiger’s breeze, a punch that, if it hit, would be no less powerful than the dagger.

A moment later, Ye Xing punched again, hitting the clown’s back.

As opposed to an expert like Ye Xing, how could he give his opponent another chance when he scored a hit.

A storm of punches. The dense strikes landed on the clown’s body, and in a few moments, the clown’s body fell limply to the ground.

Ye Xing snatched his dagger over and said coldly, “Joker, you didn’t think you would have a day!”

“Ye Xing, you can’t kill me, if you dare to kill me, you will be subject to endless revenge.” The clown gritted his teeth and said, “I am a disciple of the Ancient Sect, the Ancient Sect know it, it is the most powerful ancient martial sect in China, my strength is only the weakest within the sect. If you dare to kill me ……”

Before he could finish his words, the dagger in Ye Xing’s hand had already stabbed him in the back.


Blood splashed up.

“I will kill whoever wants to kill me, no matter who he is.”

A white light flashed, and the clown only felt a chill in his neck as his body fell limply to the ground.

His eyes were still open, dead.

It was at that moment that the police car arrived.


Just after returning to the city, Luo Xiaoyun ran over and asked anxiously, “How is it, are you alright?”

“So nervous?” Ye Xing couldn’t help but smile and asked, “Luo Xiaoyun. You don’t have a crush on me, do you?”

“F*ck off, can’t you be more decent.” The concern on Luo Xiaoyun’s face instantly disappeared and she angrily said, “If something happens to you, how will I explain to Xiaoyun.”

Ye Xing took two steps forward and pressed his mouth to her ear, laughing, “Women many times don’t even know their own hearts. Be brave, it’s normal for a man like me to fall in love. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Throwing down these words, Ye Xing laughed loudly and set off.


Luo Xiaoyun looked at his back and stomped her foot fiercely.

After calling Murong Xue to report his safety, Ye Xing then went back inside the villa.

Black Angel went back to the company and Little Seven was inside the villa protecting Blood Rose.

“Mr. Ye.”

The female nurse, Xiao Wei, greeted Ye Xing when she saw him.

“How is her condition?” Ye Xing asked.

“Much better, in a few more days, she should be able to get out of bed.” Xiao Wei said.

“It’s hard work.”

When he walked into the room, Blood Rose was lying on the bed playing with her mobile phone, and when she saw him enter, she put it down.

“What’s so funny?” Blood Rose asked.

“The clown was slaughtered by me. You can rest a*sured from now on.”

Ye Xing pulled out his phone and handed it over, on the screen was a picture of the Joker, the scar on his wrist was particularly obvious.

Blood Rose took the phone and looked at it. After confirming that it was the Joker, her gaze looked at him in shock.

This guy, he had really done it.

She knew very well how cunning the Joker was. Not to mention killing people, many people could not even find his shadow.

He had actually managed to not only find the Joker out, but also kill him in just three days’ time.

Only then did Blood Rose realise that she had underestimated this man.

“As I said, whoever dares to come and kill you, I will let him come in sideways and go out lying down.”

“From today onwards, Huaijiang is my territory, the base camp of the Dragon Palace, no one will be able to run wild here.”

Ye Xing spoke resoundingly, his body exuding an incomparable domineering aura.

Blood Rose understood that he was qualified to say such words and had such an undercurrent.

Qing Zhenzi was dead, the clown was dead. This could already prove the strength.

The circle of killers and the circle of martial arts were small, and soon, the name Ye Xing and the Dragon King would spread out.

This time, he was considered to have become famous in one battle.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“A small injury, not much of a problem.” Ye Xing stepped forward and took her pulse before continuing, “Just take good care of your injuries, your safety. And the safety of your parents, leave it all to me.”

After saying that, Ye Xing then turned around and left.

Blood Rose took out her mobile phone and dialed an unfamiliar number.

“He did it, you can think about it again now.”


Walking out of the living room, he asked Xiao Qi to help him bandage the injury on his arm.

He might have bandaged it himself, he was just too lazy to do so.

After taking care of his injuries, Ye Xiong returned to his room and once again used his consciousness to enter that mysterious space to see if the second memory fragment had lit up, but unfortunately, it still hadn’t.

After the first memory fragment lit up, it was able to make him so powerful within a short period of time, Ye Xing could imagine that if the second memory fragment opened up, he would definitely be even more powerful.

There were still wounds on his body, and if they became infected, Ye Xing would only have to suspend his body forging.

However, the medicinal bath could still be taken, after all, there was medicine inside the bath to clean the wounds.

Lying in the bucket, Ye Xing took out his phone and looked at it.

The first thing he did was to open Dou Yin to see what Su Xiao Qiao had been up to lately.

Su Xiaoqiao’s videos, which had been updated a few more times, were all practicing songs.

Judging from the sound quality, she had gradually matured, and there were more and more messages.

“This little nippy, she will become a diva superstar one day.” Ye Xing muttered.

It was at this time that the phone suddenly rang, and it was none other than Su Xiaoqiao’s.