Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 141-142

Chapter 141

The next morning, Blood Rose woke up to find a vague pain in her abdomen.

She opened her eyes and found herself lying in bed, her blood-covered clothes having been changed.

A nurse next to her, who was sitting on a stool and dozing, saw her wake up and stood up in a hurry.

“Miss, my name is Xiao Wei, Mr. Ye sent me over to take care of you.” The nurse said.

“The clothes I’m wearing, did you change them?”

“Yes, your clothes are covered in blood. Mr. Ye asked me to change it for you.”

Blood Rose sighed with relief, she was really afraid that Ye Xiong would change her clothes, after all, men and women were different.

Just at that moment, a figure walked in outside. It was none other than Ye Xing.

“Mr. Ye.”

“You go out for a moment.” Ye Xing commanded.

“Yes, Mr. Ye.” The female nurse retreated.

Only then did Ye Xing walk up to her and said, “How is it, is everything alright?”

“Good, much better.” Blood Rose nodded, gazed at him, and said, “Thank you so much for saving me.”

“Just one thank you and forget it?” The corner of Ye Xing’s mouth lifted up into a smile as he continued, “Aren’t you prepared to give your body in return?”

Inside Blood Rose’s mind. She couldn’t help but remember what he said last night when he was treating her injuries, he said: you will be my woman from now on, he wouldn’t really want her to be his woman, would he!

“You saved my life, I’ll be your man from now on, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

After last night’s battle, Blood Rose fully understood his strength and that he was capable of protecting himself.

“That’s what you said.” Ye Xing moved closer to her, sizing her up seriously.

The two of them were close together, and Blood Rose was a little uncomfortable being looked at by him like this.

“I want you …… to live well and not die afterwards.”

“I’m a killer, I’ve killed many people, if I die, I die, what does it matter.”

“Your life was saved by me with great difficulty, so, without my order, no death.”

Ye Xing reached over, took her hand in his and took her pulse.

“The pulse image is stable, rest for a while and you will recover.”

“You know the art of healing?”

“Nonsense, it’s not like you didn’t know when I helped you heal last night.”

“Then afterwards, Black Angel and Seven ……”

“They were both outside the door and didn’t come in. Apart from me, no second man has seen your body, so that’s a relief!”

Ye Xiong knew what she was worried about in her heart and explained.

As a woman, it was indeed quite uncomfortable in her heart if she had been shown her body by several men.

“Are your injuries alright?” Blood Rose’s gaze landed on his stomach.

Last night, Ye Xing fought with his injuries to defeat Qing Zhenzi in the shortest time possible, and she saw with her own eyes that he was injured.

“It’s fine, it’s just a superficial injury.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Let me take a look.”

“It’s fine.”

“I want to take a look.” Blood Rose said insistently.

Ye Xing had no choice but to pull up his clothes to reveal the injury on his stomach.

At the moment, the stomach was already wrapped in gauze. One could not see how heavy the injury was.

However, judging from the way it was wrapped, it should not be too heavy.

“You take a good rest, I’ll go out to do some business first.”

Ye Xing said and was about to walk out.

“Where are you going?”

“To kill the clown.”

There was a flash of cold killing aura in Ye Xing’s gaze.

“Even if I dig Huaijiang into the ground, I will turn him out and kill him with my own hands.”

Together with this time, the clown had already tried to kill him twice unsuccessfully.

That was before he had done it himself, the a*sa*sin sent over in between.

“Have you ever seen his true face?”

Ye Xing shook his head, every time the Joker appeared he wore a mask, he had never seen it before.

“But. I’ve seen the skin on his hands, he should be relatively young, no more than thirty years old, he’s around five foot seven, and I’ve heard him speak, for now, we can only go by these few directions.”

“There’s another direction you can rule out, there’s a scar on the Joker’s right wrist.” Blood Rose warned.

“Are you sure?”

“We work as a*sa*sins. Very attentive to details, and Joker always wears a mask when he meets with me, so I’ll pay attention to the details and can’t be wrong.” Blood Rose was firm then.

“Good, with those few directions, the target becomes smaller.”

Next, the two talked for a few more moments and instructed her to rest well, before Ye Xing left.


When they returned home, Murong Xue and Luo Xiaoyun were both at home having breakfast.

As he was worried about Blood Rose’s safety, Ye Xing slept on the sofa there last night. Didn’t go home.

“Ye Xing, you’re back, have you finished eating breakfast yet?” Murong Xue asked as she stood up.

“Not yet!”

Murong Xue immediately went to the kitchen and brought out the dishes.

“You dare to treat my house as your home. Have you paid for the food yet?” Ye Xiong laughed.

“Not only did I eat your family’s food, I even slept with your woman last night, so what are you going to do?” Luo Xiaoyun barked.

“If you dare to sleep with my woman, next time I’ll sleep you back.” Ye Xing laughed.

“If you have the guts, you can sleep with it. Who’s afraid of who.” Luo Xiaoyun coldly snorted.

Thinking that he had a coloured heart and no guts, she dared to say that.

“Ye Xing, how is that friend of yours?” Murong Xue suddenly asked.

“Out of danger, it’s fine.” Speaking of this, Ye Xing’s face turned serious and said, “Luo Xiaoyun, I’m borrowing some police force from you to find that murderer.”

“Is there a photo of him?”

“No, he always wears a mask whenever he strikes, but his height and build, and age are probably known. Also, he has a scar on his hand that goes in several directions, the target should be narrowed down.”

Next, Ye Xiong told her what had happened.

“How do you want me to help you?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“I will send all my manpower out next to search all over the city for his whereabouts. Joker is no longer my opponent now, he won’t risk staying in Huaijiang. He will definitely find a way to leave, we just need to look for his whereabouts at the highway exit and the underground station.”

“No problem, let’s find him out together, this time bomb, we can’t get rid of him without getting rid of him.”

Ye Xing thought the same, he really couldn’t sleep or eat without killing the clown.

“Ye Xing, I can’t help you with anything. You have to be careful yourself.” Murong Xue said with some guilt.

“Silly wife, what are you talking about, you being well is the biggest help to me.

After breakfast, Ye Xing and Luo Xiaoyun went back to the police station and started to set up the police force to search for the clown.

The clown was the mastermind behind the disappearance of the young girl, so naturally the police master spared no effort in investigating.

Over the next few days, Ye Xing’s men, as well as Luo Xiaoyun’s men, searched the whole city for the whereabouts of the clown, and for a while, the whole city was at war.

One after three, the highway exit.

A police car was parked at the roadside, with two people sitting in it, none other than Luo Xiaoyun and Ye Xing.

At the highway exit, a group of police cars were setting up a roadblock to check the vehicles leaving.

“It’s been three days with no luck, that guy knows we are setting up a roadblock here, so he shouldn’t be on the highway, right?” Luo Xiaoyun said.

Ye Xing sat in the car, crossing his legs and gazing at the highway exit.

“Luo Xiaoyun, do you know why I waited here with you for three days?” Ye Xing suddenly asked.


Chapter 142

“You think there’s a good chance the Joker will leave from the highway, don’t you?” Luo Xiaoyun guessed.


Ye Xing dismissed her answer dryly.

“Then why?”

“To give the opportunity for you to be alone with me, in case we become affectionate over time and you suddenly want to have car S*x with me, then wouldn’t I pick it up?” Ye Xing laughed.

“F*ck off, do you think I’m that casual?” Luo Xiaoyun gave him a blank look.

Looking at Luo Xiaoyun’s proud figure, which jutted out in front and back, Ye Xing couldn’t help but think about it.

For a woman like Luo Xiaoyun, I guess not many grown men stayed with her. There wouldn’t be thoughts.

“Your gaze is so trivial.”

Luo Xiaoyun rolled her eyes and turned away to keep him from looking in front of her.

There was a bus right in front of them. Getting onto the highway.

“Tell them to check the bus.” Ye Xing instructed.

Luo Xiaoyun picked up her phone and ordered, “Xiao Zhao, go up and check the bus.”


On the other side, Xiao Zhao took two steps forward with his mobile phone and waved towards the bus.

Soon, the bus came to a halt. The door of the bus opened.

“Comrade police, what are your orders?” The driver, who was in his forties, asked.

“A routine check.”

Xiao Zhao said as he went up with his mobile phone and took pictures of the crowd of pa*sengers.

On the other side, Ye Xing and Luo Xiaoyun stood inside the car, watching the video Xiao Zhao shot through the tablet at the front of the car.

“In the whole car, there wasn’t even a single young, white man, they were all working people.” Luo Xiaoyun said as she watched the live video.

Ye Xing gazed at the live broadcast, his eyes not blinking.

Luo Xiaoyun was also convinced of him, this guy was so energetic, for the past three days, every suspicious car came out, he stared, not a second fell, she had long looked numb.

“Xiao Zhao, second row from the bottom on the right, the man in his forties. Check it out.” Ye Xing commanded.

Xiao Zhao nodded and walked up at once, came to the middle-aged man and said, “This gentleman, please take out your ID card for me to look at.”

The middle-aged man nodded, pulled out a worn wallet from his body, pulled out an ID card and handed it over.

Xiao Zhao took it over and looked at it, thinking there was nothing wrong with it. Then he gave the ID card back.

The man was accompanied by another man who never said much.

Xiao Zhao turned to leave and was about to get out of the car when Ye Xing suddenly said, “Xiao Zhao, wait a minute, I’ll go over.”

Ye Xing started the car and drove towards the bus.

Just halfway through the drive, an angry shout suddenly came.

At the same time, there was a live black whirring at the front of the car. Only a scream could be heard.

The surrounding police officers rushed up and suddenly a figure was smashed off the bus, the driver.

At the same time, the bus started up, knocking over two officers in a row and breaking through the roadblock. It roared away.

From killing Xiao Zhao, throwing the driver off the bus, to driving away, the whole process was done in one go, clearly a master.

“Stop, don’t run.” A crowd of police officers, got into their cars and chased after them.

“Joker the son of a b*tch.” Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but curse out.

“That carjacker is not a clown.” Ye Xing said.

“What, it’s not him, then who is it?” Luo Xiaoyun asked sharply.

“It was a plan to transfer the tiger away.”

Ye Xing gazed at the vehicle at the highway exit. Quickly jotted down the license plate numbers.

“Luo Xiaoyun, check the data of these license plates immediately.” Ye Xing said urgently.

Luo Xiao connected to the network and began to check up. Quickly checking on the cars.

When she looked up a license plate number, she found that the license plate on it was different from the car that had just pa*sed through.

“This one is a set of license plates. Let’s chase it.” Luo Xiaoyun said urgently.

Ye Xing immediately increased the throttle and sped straight on.

Unfortunately, his car had crashed through the villa’s iron gate when he saved Blood Rose a few nights ago, and the front end was scrapped and hadn’t been repaired yet.

Otherwise, it would have caught up long ago.

It didn’t take long for the police car to catch up, and Ye Xing sounded his siren, forcing the car back to the side of the road.

After getting out of the car, Ye Xing immediately ran to the car, and a man with dyed yellow hair got out of the car.

“Comrade police officer. What are you doing stopping my car, do you have any orders?” The yellow-haired man asked.

Ye Xing walked inside the car and looked inside, it was empty, no one was there at all.

“Driving license, driving license.” Luo Xiaoyun stepped forward and ordered.

“Officer, sorry. I was afraid of speeding in this car, so I covered the license plate, and this is my real license plate.”

The yellow-haired man walked to the front of the car and tore off the stickers, revealing the original license plate number.

“Comrade police, I confess my guilt and beg for mercy.” The yellow-haired man stretched out his hand and volunteered to be handcuffed.

Ye Xing pulled open the back door of the car and touched the seats in the back of the car, one of which was still warm.

The next moment, he walked over to the yellow-haired man and slammed him hard into the car, angrily saying, “Where is everyone?”

“Comrade police, I’m alone, where’s the man?” The yellow haired man said.

“How dare you lie, the leather chair is still hot.” Ye Xing said angrily.

Luo Xiaoyun walked over and touched it, and sure enough, the leather chair was still hot.