Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 145-146

Chapter 145

“Long time no see big star, I thought you didn’t remember me!” Just after picking up the phone, Ye Xing laughed.

On the other side of the phone, no sound came out for a long time.

“Little Qiao, why aren’t you talking?” Ye Xing’s body sat up straight.

“I thought, it’s not connected yet!”

On the other side of the phone, Su Xiaoqiao’s voice was odd.

It was as if it was tinged with a crying voice, but it was as if she was suppressing it.

“What, aggravated?”

“No, I just feel …… a little stressed.”

“Did someone bully you?”

“No, it’s my own problem, maybe I’m too gla*sy-eyed.” Su Xiaoqiao didn’t seem to want to say anything more on the subject. Turning to ask, “”What about you, how are you doing now, have you got a license with Murong Xue yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Does that mean I still have a chance?” Su Xiaoqiao said cheekily.

Although she was smiling, Ye Xing could hear the forced smile inside her voice. It made Ye Xing’s heart, uncomfortable to hear.

A beautiful and simple girl like Su Xiao Qiao could not withstand the deceitful and stormy world of entertainment.

“Xiao Qiao, come back, being a star is not as good as you think.” Ye Xing couldn’t help but say.

“If you don’t become a star, you can support me!”

“Good. I’ll support you.”

“Raising me is not enough, you have to marry me.”

Ye Xing was instantly silent!

What a nice girl, if he didn’t already have Murong Xue, he would have agreed without hesitation.

“I’m just kidding, don’t take it seriously, I have to read the script, I’ll hang up first.”

“What script to read, are you going to do a movie?”

“Yes, the company thinks highly of me, a big production and has cast me in an important supporting role. You should know how rare and challenging this opportunity is for someone like me who didn’t come from a professional cla*s and has no acting experience. Without further ado, I’ll read the brush book first.”

After Su Xiaoqiao finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

Ye Xing was lying in the bucket of medicine, his heart empty.

Inside his mind, he was still imagining Su Xiao Qiao’s speechless and gulping appearance.

Su Xiao Qiao was very independent and strong inside, as she contrasted herself with Murong Xue Cheng.

Ye Xing tried to help her several times, but she did not agree, and this time she could not speak for a long time on the other side of the phone, so she was obviously in trouble.

The red face tears. It was as if they were dripping in Ye Xing’s heart.

He immediately picked up the phone and said, “Lawyer Zhao, book a ticket for me immediately to go to Tianhai City International State Fair.”


The next day at noon.

A large aeroplane, landed at the Tianhai International Airport.

Tianhai City was one of the most famous cities in the country of China and was internationally famous as a famous economic centre.

Tianhai is most famous for film and television, with a number of large film and television companies and several film and television bases.

Every inch of land is golden, with stars and big names galore.

I don’t know how many young men and women with dreams of stardom have set foot here. To pursue their dreams.

Unfortunately, less than one in 10,000 have fulfilled their dreams, and more have broken their heads and bruised their hearts.

As far as the eye can see, there are high-rise buildings everywhere.

But few people know how many sins, how much bitterness and despair are hidden behind the prosperity.

After Ye Xing got off the plane, he went straight towards Huangdian. During this period of time, he had been in contact with Su Xiaoqiao. He knew where her company was.

Su Xiaoqiao was signed to the Northern Entertainment Culture and Film Arts Company, which had several first-rate artists under its name and was very famous.

The company had prepared a place for all the artists under its name, and Su Xiao Qiao was in the Long Shan district.

Ye Xing took a car and headed straight for the Long Shan district. He was about to call Su Xiaoqiao.

It just so happened that a red Ferrari was parked at the entrance of the community and a well-dressed rich young man was standing there on the phone.

“I say Su Xiaoqiao, do you still want to shoot a movie or not, I tell you, the third female match hundreds of female stars are staring at, if you don’t come down now, you won’t be able to act for the rest of your life.” After the rich young man finished speaking, he angrily hung up the phone.

Ye Xing’s fists clenched tightly, he had wanted to go up and beat the B*****d until his mother didn’t even recognise him.

But after thinking about it, he held back.

He wanted to see how Su Xiaoqiao would handle it.

A few moments later. Su Xiaoqiao, who was dressed in casual clothes, came down from upstairs and came to the door.

Su Xiao Qiao’s temperament was just too good, especially that innocent smell that was innate in her body. It was so recognisable that one could remember it at a glance, which could also set her apart from the many net-face like women.

“Young Song. I’m really sorry, I’m really not free today, I have to read the script and prepare for the interview.” Su Xiaoqiao said just as she came down.

“What script to read, the director is my dad, I’ll talk to him and everything will be fine.”

Song Shao walked over and wanted to put his hand on his shoulder.

Su Xiaoqiao dodged it in a hurry, letting him hitch a ride.

“Young Song, I respect you and more so your father, and I want to fight for this role on my own.”

Su Xiao Qiao finished and bowed to him very politely.

Beside him, Ye Xing’s fists clenched tightly.

I never thought that in order to survive. Su Xiao Qiao would stoop to such a level.

Young Song’s face chilled as he sneered, “Su Xiao Qiao, I’ll ask you once more, will you accompany me or not today.”

“Sorry, Young Song.” Su Xiaoqiao shook her head.

Song Shao spun in place for a moment and suddenly pointed at her nose and cursed, “Su Xiao Qiao, you don’t have to pretend to be innocent with me, don’t think I don’t know what kind of goods you are. If you hadn’t slept with Lu Cheng, he would have been so keen on you. What, Lu Cheng is good in bed, but I’m not?”

“Song Qiao, please speak with more respect, I respect your father as a big director, I hope you are also a person of quality.”

Su Xiaoqiao had repeatedly tolerated the situation, hoping that her opponent would be dissuaded, but unexpectedly, instead of being dissuaded, her opponent had gained an inch.


A slap was fiercely thrown at her face.

Several palm marks immediately appeared on her white and tender face.

“Su Xiaoqiao, I’m telling you, there’s no woman that I, Song Qiao, can’t get.”

“You have no background to enter this business, and you still want to clear yourself to get to the top, do your dream.”

Song Qiao cursed, an endless stream of obscenities spewing out of his mouth.

He was born with a privileged background, what kind of woman could he not get, but he did not expect to be rejected by a small woman from a remote and small city.

Su Xiaoqiao covered her face, her whole body was blinded, not knowing how to react to the scene in front of her.

She had never thought that Song Qiao would be so vicious.

Just as she was terrified and helpless, she suddenly noticed a familiar figure appear behind Song Qiao.

His face was frighteningly cold, as if he was about to kill someone.

“Ye Xing ……,” she blurted out.

Song Qiao turned around and before he could react, he received a punch to the face and a few broken teeth flew out.


Chapter 146

At this moment, Ye Xing’s heart was full of anger that he couldn’t even suppress.

He thought that Xiao Qiao was at most under psychological pressure here, but he did not expect that she was even beaten up.

Such a heartbroken woman, being beaten by a second man, was simply tired of living.

“Kid, you dare to hit me, do you know who I am?”

Song Qiao had never been hit by anyone since she was a child, so she immediately wailed.

“Do you know who she is, dare to hit her?”

Ye Xing walked over and punched and kicked.

“Ye Xing. Don’t be impulsive, he’s Director Ye’s son.”

Su Xiaoqiao was afraid that if he continued to fight, Song Qiao would have to be beaten to death alive, so she hurriedly came over to pull him back.

Ye Xing pushed her away. He lifted Song Qiao up from the ground and stared at him, “Didn’t you just say that there is no woman you can’t sleep with? I’ll let you never sleep with a woman in your life.”

A kick hit his span and the sound of eggs breaking rang out.

A miserable cry escaped Song Qiao’s mouth, that was the most vulnerable part of the human body!

However it wasn’t over yet, Ye Xing kicked several times in a row, turning all of him there into crumbs, before throwing him to the ground.

At this moment. Song Qiao’s voice had turned into a miserable scream, and he almost didn’t pa*s out from the pain.

“Take me upstairs.” Ye Xing said coldly.

Looking at his fierce look, Su Xiao Qiao did not dare to raise her head and obediently followed him upstairs.

When she got home, Su Xiao Qiao rang the doorbell.

Soon the door opened and a beautiful woman wearing pajamas with a vacuum inside appeared at the door.

“Su Xiaoqiao, you’re a dead man, bringing a man back without saying anything.”

“If the company finds out, you’ll be finished.”

The woman finished speaking and hurriedly ran into the room to put on her underwear.

Ye Xing walked in without saying a word and sat down on the sofa.

Su Xiaoqiao sat down opposite him, not daring to look up, peeking out of the corner of her eyebrows, not daring to breathe a word.

It was as if what was in front of her was not an ordinary friend, but her father.

“Why didn’t you tell me when you were aggrieved here?” Ye Xing asked.

“I wasn’t aggrieved.”

“Being beaten up and saying you’re not aggrieved, do you have to wait until you’re forced by someone one day to call it aggression?” Ye Xing said angrily.

With his status today, his own confidante, he had to suffer such aggravation, could he stand it?

Su Xiaoqiao lowered her head, tears welling up in her eyes.

Looking at her like that, Ye Xing’s heart ached again.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scold you.” Ye Xing suppressed his anger and said, “You have to rely on your own ability and make a future for yourself in Tianhai, I don’t blame you, but …… you should have given me a word when you were treated unequally and bullied.”

Su Xiaoqiao finally couldn’t help but cry in a low voice, tears sliding down like threads.

She wasn’t crying from being scolded, she was crying from being moved.

“I’m sorry, my words were a bit heavy.” Ye Xing said guiltily.

“No one is to blame, blame me …… Thank you, Ye Xing.”

A few tissues were handed over next to her. But they were handed over by her friend who was in the same room.

“Thank you, Xiao Di.”

Su Xiaoqiao took the tissues and dried her tears.

“Xiao Qiao, this is your brother, right?” Xiao Di asked.

“No, he’s …….”

“I’m her boyfriend.” Ye Xing jacked in.

“Are there people who are boyfriends like you, Xiao Qiao is being bullied like this here and you’re just coming now.”

After learning Ye Xing’s identity, Xiao Di couldn’t help but speak up.

“Xiao Di, I don’t blame him, I never told him.” Su Xiaoqiao hurriedly said.

“It’s also true, it’s too hard for those who want to clear the air in our circle to do so.” Xiao Di sighed and murmured, “That’s why I don’t dare to have a boyfriend. It’s almost impossible to get to the top in this business without being submerged, just now, the a*sistant director of a film approached me, and I don’t even know what to do.”

The more Ye Xing listened, the more stifled he became, and walked out to the balcony to get some air.

“Blame me, didn’t think that much, I should have come over a long time ago.” Ye Xing took a deep breath. He said, “The good thing is that it’s not too late, don’t worry, from today onwards, there won’t be anyone in Tianhai City, who dares to touch you.”

His gaze fell to the entrance of the district, where several vans drove in and a group of people walked in aggressively.

“You guys wait here while I go down to the office to buy a pack of cigarettes.”

With that, he walked out.


After he left, Xiao Di couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Qiao, what kind of character is your boyfriend, he seems to be very powerful.”

From the time Ye Xing entered the doorway. Up to the moment he left, Xiao Di’s heart was still lifting, the other party’s kind of domineering aura of a superior person was definitely not something that could be faked out.

“He’s very powerful.”

“How powerful?”

“I don’t know how powerful he is, I just know that he is very powerful.” Su Xiaoqiao paused for a moment. Only then did she continue, “Just now downstairs, Song Qiao slapped me, and Ye Xing wasted him.”

“What, he scrapped Director Song’s son?” Xiao Di’s face changed greatly.

What kind of person was Director Song. No one in the whole of Tianhai, or even the whole of China, knew about it, no one knew about it, he did this, this was not tired of living.

Xiao Di hurriedly ran to the balcony’s and saw a dozen of punks, barging in from the entrance of the district.

“Xiao Qiao, your boyfriend is going to be finished.” She said.

“No, they’re the ones who are going to be finished.”


Ye Xing had just arrived downstairs when he saw a group of punks from afar, adding up to just over a dozen people.

At the head of the group was a very sturdy man, one meter tall, dark and strong, with a tall bull.

“Who hurt young Song just now?” The black and strong man asked.

“It was me.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

He glanced at the dozen people and really wasn’t interested in making a move.

This kind of feeling. What was the difference from playing a game where a 99 pole big boss, went to the novice area to abuse a few pole newcomers.

“Kid, if you dare to touch young Song, you are really impatient to live.”

Ye Xing took off his own own tunic and wrapped it around his fist, wrapping it round and round.

“What, only now do you know to be afraid. Wrapping your arm around it and you’re not afraid of being cut off?” The strong black man sneered and waved his hand, “Go on, beat him until his mother doesn’t even recognise him, then drag him to Young Song and let him deal with him.

At that moment, two punks rushed over!



The two punks were directly blown away by two punches and kept flying seven or eight metres before they stopped.

When they fell to the ground, they were foaming at the mouth and vomiting.

Everyone was all stunned and all looked at Ye Xing like a ghost.

It was still a fist wrapped around his clothes, if it wasn’t wrapped around, wouldn’t it have killed one person with one punch?

The strong black man had a cigarette in his mouth, which fell to the ground out of control.

“I’m so angry now that I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself to beat someone to death, so if you don’t want to die, get out of here right now.” Ye Xing roared.


A group of punks, instantly ran away without a trace.

The one who ran the fastest was the strong black man who was the leader just now.

First floor, balcony.

Xiao Di’s mouth opened wide, unable to close it for a long time.

“My God, Xiao Qiao, your boyfriend is too awesome, he knocked a man out more than ten metres with one punch, a car crash is not even that scary!”

Xiao Di couldn’t believe her eyes, if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would have thought she was filming a movie.

“I’ve said it all, he’s very strong.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“Unfortunately, so what if he’s strong, this society isn’t a primitive society anymore, can he beat the mighty any more?”

“The Song family is deeply rooted in Tianhai, your boyfriend will still be in trouble.” Xiao Di said here and sighed, adding, “A strong dragon cannot oppress a snake on the ground, what a pity for your boyfriend.”

Hearing this, Su Xiaoqiao was also a little worried, after all, this was Tianhai, not Huaijiang.

Although Ye Xing was strong, but could he, a dragon that had crossed the river, beat a snake at the head of the earth?

As they were talking, the doorbell rang.