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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2121

It showed that the Feng family head wasn’t a fool, and she wouldn’t do anything detrimental to the Feng Clan.

“Ahan is right, Miss Feng can come whenever she wants to in the future, our whole family welcomes Miss Feng.”

Mrs Qiao welcomed Feng Qing over because she wanted her daughter to learn how to be a woman from Feng Qing.

Although there was little hope, Mrs Qiao still held out some hope.

Alas, regret.

I shouldn’t have raised my daughter as a son in the first place.

When the child was young, she thought it was fun.

Taking both children out, both dressed as boys, made people think she had twins.

When the child went to kindergarten, the daughter still insisted on a male doll dress, she thought the child is still small, it’s fine, also let her.

At the end of the day, she realised that her daughter was going to go all the way to black on the road of dressing up as a man, and it was too late for Mrs Qiao to turn it around.

Her daughter always called herself Qiao Shao to the outside world, and everyone thought she was a man.

When the child grows up, she has her own ideas and is so independent that she, as a mother, is no longer able to control her and can only listen to her.

She thought that if her daughter met a man she liked, she would return to being a woman on her own.

The appearance of War Hao Yu gave her this hope.

It was that the revolution had not yet succeeded, and War Haozheng still needed to work hard.

“Hao Yu, are we still going fishing?”

Qiao Dong asked War Hao Yu.

He also said to Feng Qing: “Miss Feng has a rare trip, stay at our house for dinner, Hao Yu and I will go fishing and then bake fish, let Miss Feng try Hao Yu’s baked fish, it’s especially delicious.”

Feng Qing smiled, again looking very embarrassed, she said: “This, this is not too good.”

“What’s not good about it, just stay and eat.”

Qiao Han also retained Feng Qing, she looked at her own brother twice more.

Qiao Xuan was emboldened by his sister’s look.

Was his sister unable to see him as good?

“Uncle Qiao still wants to go fishing, so I’ll accompany him.”

War Hao Yu was indifferent.

Anyway, Qiao Han couldn’t run away in the next two days and had to honestly stay in the old mansion for the weekend.

Feng Qing laughed: “I’ve heard that all the brothers in Third Young Master War’s family know how to cook, and Third Young Master War’s cooking skills are the most exquisite, so it would be an honour to taste Third Young Master War’s grilled fish, and a blessing for my mouth.”

War Hao Yu humbly said, “My cooking skills are just passable, as long as the dishes I cook can be enjoyed by the person who pleases my heart.”

He gazed at Qiao Han imploringly as he said this, and Qiao Han did not squint or look at him.

Qiao Dong laughed: “Miss Feng wants to try Hao Yu’s grilled fish, Hao Yu, let’s go fishing.”

“Dad, I’ll go too.”

Qiao Xuan was afraid that if he stayed at home, he would be pitied by his own sister and hurriedly followed his father out to go fishing.

Relying on the fish caught back alone, not much fish can be roasted, the housekeeper hears that Qiao Dong is going fishing again, and that there will still be no shortage of roasted fish tonight, so he instructs the kitchen to prepare a little more ingredients.

Soon, Qiao Dong father and son as well as war Hao Yu went out.

Inside the house, there was only Mrs Qiao, mother and daughter, and Feng Qing.

Mrs Qiao said to her daughter, “Ahan, it’s Miss Feng’s first time coming over, you take Miss Feng out for a walk.”

Feng Qing wanted to say something, but Qiao Han spoke before her, “Okay, mum, Feng Qing stays at our house for dinner, you ask the kitchen to cook a few more dishes.”

“Qiao Shao, I’m not a picky eater, I’ll eat whatever is available.”