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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2120

Qiao young as excellent, high value, war Hao Yu will fall, regardless of the world’s eyes, are to publicly pursue Qiao young, he is courageous, but also Qiao young charm is boundless.

Later on, she knew that her great aunt’s two daughters were in Guancheng, and the second daughter of the youngest daughter is still the war family’s great grandma Hai Tong.

Feng Qing then understood.

She might look similar to someone, and judging from the way War Hao Yu treated her, Feng Qing thought that she and Hai Tong were very similar.

Because Hai Tong was Zhaoyu’s eldest sister-in-law, it was said that the several young masters of the Zhaoyu family especially respected their eldest brother, Zhaoyin, and as they loved the house, they would naturally respect Hai Tong, their eldest sister-in-law as well.

Feng Qing also wanted to make a trip to Guancheng to meet Mrs Shang and the Hai Tong sisters.

She and Mrs Shang were cousins, while the Hai Tong sisters had to call her cousin aunt.

However, it was not the right time yet.

The Feng family head was also well-informed and knew that someone from the clan had gone to Guancheng to meet Mrs Shang.

Her mother immediately arranged for people to rush to Guancheng to intercept them, and not only did she succeed in stopping the clan from going to see Mrs Shang, but she also brought all those people back to Jiangcheng, where her mother is severely reprimanding and warning those people.

At this sensitive time, Feng Qing was naturally not in a good position to go to Guancheng.

Mother’s reaction on the other hand made Feng Qing more and more suspicious that back then, her mother’s rise to power was through improper means.

The deaths of her great-aunt’s family as well as her sister-in-law, Feng Qing believed that it was her mother’s handiwork.

But she had no evidence.

She had privately asked people to enquire, trying to gather evidence from people in the clan, and for the time being, she had found nothing.

The younger generation didn’t know anything about it, and the older members of the clan kept their mouths shut, even though they went to Guancheng to see Mrs Shang, they didn’t say a word about the deaths of her great-aunt’s family.

“Feng Qing, don’t mind him, it’s our freedom to come and go, you can come over whenever you want.”

Qiao Han gave Feng Qing her reply.

She also glanced at her brother.

Qiao Xuan:…… Look at him for what?

His sister isn’t dead in the water yet, still thinking of setting him up with Feng Qing?

Feng Qing well, Qiao Xuan think is very good, this girl is the best is to pretend to be a pig eat tiger, the surface of the soft and weak, timid and afraid of things, walking as if not dare to straighten up the waist like, in fact, are in the dark action.

I heard that she in the Feng Group is also often chastised by the Feng family head, scolded her rotten not on the field, so that many people are looking at her jokes, but also let the fake Qianjin Feng Ruo still hold hope, feel that they still have a chance to get to the top.

The Feng family’s several young masters and grandmothers are even more eager to move on.

Many people said that the power in Feng Qing’s hands, the achievements she made, were all her performance by robbing and hijacking her elder brothers’ labour achievements, to make a false impression for everyone to see.

But Feng Family Lord scolded her even harder, even harder to hear, the power that should be given to her, the things that should be given to her to do, all the same.

When the Feng Family Lord went to talk business, the person he brought with him was also Feng Qing.

Not only that, those old ministers of the Feng Group, recently, have also often been scolded by the Feng Family Lord, difficult, and Feng Qing always helped those old ministers to speak.

In other people’s opinion, that was Feng Qing not knowing the sky and acting as a good old boy.

In Qiao Xuan’s opinion, it was the Feng family head who was trying to gather people’s hearts and build up her connections.

The Feng family can heartlessly killed sister family, as well as sister, after sitting on the head of the family seat, the Feng family under her leadership to the operation, although not compared to the strongest several big families, but also has always existed in the Jiangcheng upper class society, the rankings have also advanced by two it.