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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2122

She grew up in her foster parents’ home, always being bullied, and was lucky to get enough to eat, so how could she dare to be picky about what she ate.

Even if she later earned her own money, became a big boss, there are millions of dollars, but also ate the sea food, she is still not picky about what she eats, tea and rice, she can eat, the sea food, she can also accept.

In the Feng family, the food is also very good.

But due to her not being picky, the kitchen did not prepare her favourite dishes every time she cooked.

She was not a picky eater, but she also had special favourite dishes.

The kitchen was ignoring her.

Every day when the whole family ate together, on the table, her own mother’s favourite dish must be there, then Feng Ruo’s, everyone else had at least one favourite dish, only she, the real Phoenix family’s daughter, couldn’t get the kitchen’s attention.

Feng Qing didn’t care, but she saw it in her eyes.

Nor was she in a hurry.

Let’s wait until she had full control of the Feng family.

People all have that side of snobbery.

She didn’t blame the kitchen people for seeing the wind and holding up her mother and Feng Ruo.

Mrs Qiao laughed: “Not being picky is a good boy, Miss Feng is a good boy at first glance, I like girls like you.”

They don’t even know what the Feng family head thinks.

He doesn’t even love his own daughter.

But he loves that Feng Ruo who is not related by blood.

Feng Ruoruo’s real father is also the culprit who switched the two children.

If it was her, she would have driven Feng Ruoruo back to her countryside home, which is Feng Ruoruo’s real home.

Feng Qing smiled sheepishly.

At Mrs Qiao’s urging, Qiao Han led Feng Qing out of the main house.

The Qiao family’s old mansion took up a large area, and both the front and backyard had a good view, much better than Qiao Han’s villa in the Royal Villa area.

Qiao Han led Feng Qing around the front yard before leading her to the backyard and said to Feng Qing: “The scenery in the backyard has a lot of trees, it’s shady and cool, and it’s not that hot when you walk on the forest path.”

“This weather is really hot.”

Feng Qing picked up the words.

“It’s almost October and it’s still hot.”

Qiao Han said, “Autumn tiger, autumn tiger, it’s not fake.”

As the two walked side by side, Feng Qing would from time to time incline her head to look at Qiao Han and laughed: “Young Qiao is really good looking, no wonder Third Young Master War likes you so much that he doesn’t even want to lose his face in order to pursue you.”

At the mention of War Hao Yu, Qiao Han had a headache look on her face, she said: “That piece of cowhide, he lost his face a long time ago, he doesn’t want face at all!”

War Hao Yu said something about not being able to chase after his wife if he wants to be shameless, their family brothers are all shameless when it comes to pursuing the women they identify with, making Qiao Han laugh and cry.

Feng Qing laughed: “Third Young Master War is also very good, if Qiao Shao is a woman, the two of you together, you really match well.”

“Third Young Master War is also very suitable for Qiao Shao, Qiao Shao has a calm and steady nature, a practical person who doesn’t love to talk much, but Third Young Master War is a chatterbox, the two of you together, complement each other to avoid boredom.”

Qiao Han:”……”

“It’s a pity, Qiao Shao is a man, I see Qiao Shao doesn’t like the same sex either, war third young master chased so tightly, I’m afraid that in the end, they will all be disappointed, there is also Qiao Shao’s parents, war third young master is taking down both of your parents?”

Qiao Dong’s husband and wife’s attitude towards War Hao Yu was like treating their own son-in-law.

This was taken down by War Hao Yu, right?

No wonder Qiao Dong’s husband and wife didn’t step in to stop War Hao Yu from pursuing and pestering Qiao Shao.

Qiao Han rarely complained a couple of sentences, “It’s not true, my parents are coaxed by him to the point where they don’t even remember their own surname, super like him, love him, when he comes over, my brother and I have to step aside.”