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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2105

Young Master Su looked at the file bag.

After Mrs Shang noticed his eyes, she didn’t hide it and said to him, “Young Master Su, there is something that I would like to ask for your help?”

If the Su family was willing to help, Mrs Shang felt a little hopeful that she could search for the real cause of her parents’ accidental death.

Young Master Su smiled, “Mrs Shang don’t need to be so polite, if there’s something you need help with, just tell me, if I can help, I will definitely help. Recently, I’ve been bothering Mrs Shang all the time, in fact, I’m also sorry inside.”

“Being able to help Mrs Shang, I can feel better inside.”

Moreover, Shang Xiaofei and his sibling were good friends, for the sake of his sibling’s face, after Mrs Shang opened her mouth, Young Master Su would help.

Mrs Shang then told Young Lord Su about her own life and her suspicion that her parents and family died.

After listening to Mrs Shang’s words, Young Master Su immediately got up and wanted to leave.

Shang Wuchen and Jun Ran moved in unison, getting up at the same time to pull him back and press him to sit back down in his original seat.

Young Master Su said, “I’ve disturbed everyone, I’d better go.”

Mrs Shang cried and laughed as she said him, “Young Master Su is not going to help?”

“Mrs Shang, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but it’s only now that you’re looking for evidence after decades have passed, it’s a very tricky thing to do, even if you go to look into it, you may not be able to find it, and it’s impossible for the person who did it to leave traces, even if there were traces left from back in the day, they would have been drowned out by the years.”

“The people in the know are probably dead as well, this matter, it’s really not that I don’t want to help, it’s very difficult to help. I’m afraid that if I promise, I won’t be able to hand over useful information in the end, and fail Mrs Shang’s expectations.”

Therefore, it was better for him to stay out of it.

Young Master Su regretted that he looked at that file bag twice, why did he look at the file bag, it wasn’t stuffed with gold.

Shang Xiaofei asked him: ”Young Master Su, can’t you find out? Isn’t your Su family the best in this business? No one dares to call you number two.”

Young Lord Su smiled bitterly, “Miss Shang, our family is in this line of work, and the Su family’s reputation is also resounding, it is very powerful, but even more powerful we are still human beings, mortals, not immortals, we don’t have heavenly abilities.”

“If I were an immortal, I would have no problem travelling back in time to help you guys find evidence, but unfortunately I’m not an immortal.”

Shang Xiaofei stopped talking.

Human abilities were also limited.

Facing the merchant people who were looking at him, Young Lord Su thought for a moment before saying to Mrs Shang, “If I’m not bound by the results, I can help, what does Mrs Shang think?”

It meant that he would help with the investigation, but wouldn’t guarantee that he would find out.

It means that Mrs Shang should not expect too much from him.

After all, forty to fifty years had passed since the incident, and at that time, he, Young Master Su, hadn’t even been born yet.

Mrs Shang said, “I also know that evidence is not easy to find, I don’t dare to ask Young Master Su to definitely help me find the evidence, as long as Young Master Su helps out, it’s best if you can find the evidence, and you won’t be blamed if you can’t.”

“If my sister and I are really from the Feng family, even if there is no evidence to prove that it was my second aunt who harmed my parents, the position of the Feng family’s head of the family, I would like to take it back for my offspring or my sister’s offspring to inherit, just as well.”

The Feng Clan were all women in charge.