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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2104

I can see that he is really being pushed by his father to get married and is full of resentment.

The masters say to follow fate, when fate arrives, he doesn’t have to look for it, the girl who can turn him into a normal man will automatically appear and get to know him.

But his father is a hothead, saying that at his age, if he doesn’t take the initiative and wait for God to arrange it, how long will he have to wait? If God took a nap and forgot about him, wouldn’t he be single for the rest of his life?

Young Master Su is not convinced.

Why is he so old?

He’s only in his thirties.

Rounding up, he’s only forty. Forty is the prime of life, he’s very young.

People nowadays have a long lifespan, and judging from his health, Young Master Su thinks he will have no problem living to be a hundred years old.

Therefore, he is still single in his thirties, there is no need to rush.

Shang Wuhen couldn’t help but laugh, “I think Grandma War was also annoyed by your father to no end, which is why she pushed a grandmaster out to appease your father.”

The result was something that no one would have expected.

Who would have thought that that divine Su family head, who really urged for marriage, could make people’s scalps go numb.

No wonder the other young people in the Su family, as long as the marriageable age and no boyfriend or girlfriend, all slipped away, either on business trips or out of the country, anyway, do not stay in Guancheng.

They are afraid.

They were afraid that the Su family head would turn his gun on them.

Seeing the young master being urged to get married like that, even young master Su’s bodyguards had their hair tightened, afraid that the family master would even solve their lifelong matters together.

“Young Master Su, it’s a sympathetic thing for you to be recited by your father, the Tang Monk, but don’t transfer your displeasure to me ah, I haven’t touched any of the gifts that Young Master Su gave me. Young Master Su has come over today, why don’t you take them all back?”

Shang Xiaofei complained that Young Master Su himself was not doing well, and he didn’t let anyone else do well either.

“I’ve long wanted to return it to Young Master Su, it’s because I’m afraid of being known by your father, the Tang Monk, that I haven’t dared to return it.”

Young Lord Su said indifferently, “If you don’t like it, give it to someone else or throw it away, don’t ever return it back to my house, let my dad know, what he does, I can’t guarantee it haha.”

“Miss Shang, Jun Fifth Young Master, you don’t have to care what I do, you two should fall in love and break up, I don’t care.”

Shang Xiaofei and Jun Ran: “……”

“Young Master Su, where did I offend you, give me a clear explanation so that I can die in peace ah.”

Shang Xiaofei said with a headache.

If she made a mistake, she could use the law to sanction her, why let Young Master Su torment her?

“You didn’t offend me, I just look at you …… Well, it’s a bit smooth.”

There’s a two points for the truthfulness of the latter sentence of Young Lord Su, right?

“In the past, I always felt that Miss Shang you were capricious and savage, everyone said that you were a bad woman, and I hadn’t bothered to get to know you, so I really thought that you were just like that, after all, there were too many people who said that you were bad.”

“Now that I understand, I feel that those people are just jealous of Miss Shang it, they are deliberately smearing you because you are living a very dashing life.”

Shang Xiaofei: …… I don’t want your approval, I don’t want your compliments, I just want you to go as far as you can!