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Doting Billionaire Chapter 2103

Shang Xiaofei was aware that Young Lord Su was not sincere to her, plus she was also from a luxurious family, her family had money and never lacked those expensive things, so she did not fall.

And the gifts sent over by Young Lord Su, except for the bouquet, which Shang Xiaofei was sure to throw away, the other things, she piled them up and didn’t even move.

The intention was to return all the gifts together when Young Master Su was no longer mad.

Shang Xiaofei thought that at least she would have to get engaged or married to Junran before she could return the gifts to Young Lord Su together with Junran.

If she returned the things now, Young Lord Su would definitely know about it, and everyone in the merchant world knew about Young Lord Su’s madness.

He was now bent on saving his eldest son, if he knew that Young Master Su was interested in Shang Xiaofei, he would definitely come to his door to propose marriage regardless of whether Shang Xiaofei was willing or not.

Young Master Su’s behaviour had already given Shang Xiaofei a headache, if he added the Su Family Master to the mix, she wouldn’t be able to rest in peace.

Therefore, she endured.

Her family was also enduring.

Even Junran had no choice.

All Jun Ran could do was to double down on being nice to Shang Xiaofei and behave well in front of the merchant people.

Whenever Young Master Su sends over other gifts other than the bouquet, Jun Ran is bound to send the same gift to Shang Xiaofei as well, not allowing Young Master Su to steal Shang Xiaofei’s heart.

Young Lord Su soon came in.

He came in empty-handed, and all the gifts he had bought were thrown to the merchant’s maids to help him carry the things in.

“Hehe, there are so many people, it can’t be that they know I’m coming over and are specially waiting for me.”

Young Lord Su saw that everyone was there and smiled bashfully, he walked over with big strides, seeing that there were no more empty sofas, he was not polite and walked over to Jun Ran’s side and laughed, “Jun Fifth Young Master, let’s squeeze in.”

Jun Ran was sitting opposite Mrs Shang and her husband and wife.

Young Master Su sat with him in a squeeze, just so that Mrs Shang and her husband and wife could compare who was a little better between the two.

Jun Ran smiled and got up, “Young Lord Su, you sit.”

After he gave way to Young Lord Su, he walked over to sit next to Shang Xiaofei.

The butler walked in holding a large bouquet of flowers, while the servants were carrying large bags in their hands.

Soon, the coffee table was piled high with gifts from Young Lord Su.

In addition to the designer bags, clothes, cosmetics and jewellery for Shang Xiaofei, there were also two boxes of nutritional supplements for Mrs. Shang and her husband, in addition to a few sets of small clothes for Shang Xiaofei’s unborn nephews (daughters).

The housekeeper came over holding a large bouquet of flowers, but didn’t know whether to give it to her own young lady.

Seeing the butler at a loss for words, Young Master Su relieves him, gets up and walks over, holding the large bouquet of flowers from the butler’s hands, then also placing it on top of the coffee table as well, saying, “The flowers in the florist’s shop are especially beautiful today, so I bought a large bouquet to come over.”

Mrs Shang’s smile was a little far-fetched as she asked, “Why is Young Master Su free to come over today?”

“Alas, don’t mention it, I originally had nothing to do today, I could have a relaxing weekend holiday at home, but as a result, from the moment I opened my eyes, I was met with my father’s Tang Monk’s chanting, telling me to go and meet the girls that he had screened out for me, and to see if I had any reaction.”

“It really was a donkey’s rosary that made me dizzy, gave me a headache, and made me run away.”

“The main thing is, my dad is so powerful and omnipresent ah, even if I live in a house under my name, my dad will still find me, he is determined to sweep me off my feet, that disease of mine, I have to take it as it comes, and when I meet the right person, I can get well without needing injections and medication.”

“Can’t meet the right person, my life will be like this, I don’t care, mother’s foetus to now thirty years, no girlfriend is not also living quite well? Alas, it’s all because of Grandma Battle that I’ve been harmed.”

Young Master Su long and short sigh.